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The is the second chapter of Eric and Katie. Again, I am just sharing parts of my life with you. All names have been changed to protect those that I love. Please enjoy as I continue their story.

* * *

Katie smiled after our morning together. Though we crossed a line, we acted very much the same. That and we agreed that we needed to keep appearances. There wasn’t any agreement beyond that. But, while we were taking the subway ride into Manhattan, in a car full of strangers, she didn’t act like my sister.

Autumn in NYC can be a mixed bag. It is either so cold that you freeze where you stand, or it is like an Indian summer. To our luck, it was the latter. She wore tight jeggings that showed off her curvy hips and shapely legs with a pair of canvas shoes. She had her dark brown almost black hair with streaks of blonde tied up into a high pony tail that she liked to swing as she walked. The very act of swinging her pony tail made her amazingly curvy thighs shake with a sexuality I have never encountered before. She wanted to keep a ‘light vibe’ by using my hooded sweatshirt as a jacket while wearing a very revealing blouse underneath in case we go somewhere fancy and she wanted to look pretty for me. On the train, we had to stand against the subway doors being there were no seats available. Katie was pressed up against me and relied on me to keep her from falling when the train made jerking motions through the tunnels. She would rest her head on my chest and under the protection of my unzipped jacket; she would draw little circles on my chest.

She looked up and pulled me closer to her mouth, “Did you miss me when you were away?”

“Well, of course I did.” I answered her. “When dad told us about you, the entire family was shocked. But, I looked at it as having a sibling and she turned out to be a cool little kid.”

“I missed you too.” Katie said smiling, “More than you can imagine.”

I was flattered by her crush at an early age. The train made a jerking stop, Katie was tumbling with the force of the train and I caught her around her waist and held her tight. There were young men looking at her and sending me icy stares of envy. I laughed to myself; I don’t think I was ever envied for my selection in women. I must have been thinking too long; I looked down to find Katie staring at me.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Nothing, I was just wondering what you were thinking about at the moment.”

I leaned close to her ear, “I am thinking about how all these guys are jealous that I am with the prettiest girl that they have ever seen.”

Katie looked around the subway car and found random men throwing looks over at us and she giggled. She made little fists and thumped them on my chest. I pulled her chin up and kissed her lightly on the tip of the nose. I looked at up can see that the train was about to make it to the station we wanted to get off at. “Are you ready for a fun day?”

She gave me the biggest smile and clapped her hands happily, “I can’t wait!”

* * *

The day in the city was a blast. I don’t think I can remember a time I had that much fun trailing someone as they shopped and frolicked about, it made me feel young again. We went to store after store. She gave me impromptu fashion shows of things she wanted to wear for me or just wanted in general. But, Katie wasn’t a girl of substance. She didn’t need material things. As much as I wanted to buy whatever she wanted, she only came away with the city with a new scarf that we found from a street vendor. When given the choice to go to a nice restaurant, she opted to just have a slice of pepperoni pizza and continued to walk along the streets of Manhattan, taking as many selfies with me as possible.

When we got home, I quickly opted to take a shower first. I stood quietly in the shower and I let the hot water wash away the aches and pains in my knees. The water was running down my ever softening pectorals. I laughed out loud knowing that if I don’t start hitting the gym again, my stout figure that I worked hard for to play semi-professional sports as my hobby, will soon fade into a blubber filled mess. I quickly washed and got out of the shower. Dried and dressed in my usual basketball shorts and a t-shirt, I opened the bathroom door just in time for Katie to be standing there in a bathrobe and a towel under her arm.

“Save me any hot water?” she asked cutely as she peered into the steamy bathroom.

“Maybe.” I answered.

“Selfish jerk.”

“Hey, you may need a little cooling off, young lady.”

We both moved at the same time and bumped into each other. Standing under the doorway, she was pressed up against me. She looked into my eyes and smiled. She leaned into me and kissed my chin.

“Dad and your mom come home soon, Eric.” She said sadly, “I don’t want what we have to go away.”

“Katie…” I protested, “I liked what we did this morning. And, I loved sleeping with you. You don’t know how great it felt, but this? I don’t think anyone bursa escort else in the world will understand or accept it, especially our parents.”

“So, what are you saying?” she asked with looks of worry in her beautiful brown eyes.

“Listen, you are an amazing young woman. Pretty, smart and funny, there is no way that there isn’t a man out there that won’t kill to have you.” I said as calmly and as steady as I could. “If life was different, we would have a chance together. Maybe this is just life playing a big ironic joke on us both. Even if we weren’t related, our age difference is just so big that I don’t know if it would be fair if I were to let this continue and lead you onto a path that isn’t right for you.”

“Eric, I am a big girl. I can make my own decisions. In fact, I have made my decision.”

“But, this should be our decision.”

“Please…” Katie said as she stepped into me more. “I’ve never felt anything for anyone else. I have longed for this. I had dreams about this. Us. Us being together.”

I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed her away a little and moved away from her. “I’m sorry, but you have to think about this like a big girl, Katie. I love you, but you are my sister. That is as far as the love will go, ok?”

Tears welled up in her eyes and she nodded like a child that had just been scolded at. She was visibly shaking and she pulled away and stepped into the bathroom. She looked up at me one more time and shut the door. As I walked away from the bathroom, away from Katie, I can hear her sobbing softly. My heart was tearing itself apart.

* * *

It has been several hours since I told Katie what I needed to. I sit in my room, it is barely lit. Just the string of white LED lights I had strung up with her help along the edges of my ceiling provided any source of light. I sit in a recliner that my father didn’t want to move to the second story and I take deep inhales from my vaping mod. Katie hasn’t made any effort to talk to me, nor has she really moved around the first floor at all. I tried my best to listen for noise coming from her room, since we were only separated by the bathroom. Nothing. It was hearing nothing that was bothering me. The silence was truly deafening. I took an aggressive inhale from my mod and exhaled. The room was getting cloudy from my vaping and I closed my eyes setting aside the mod and wished I never said anything to her. I was riddled with regret and remorse. But, was it rightful regret? Was it rightful remorse from stopping what is essentially taboo in many more ways than one?

I hear a soft knocking at my bedroom door. I snap out of my thoughts of regret and opened my eyes.


It was Katie.


“Can I come in?”

“My door is always opened to you. Come in.”

My door opened slowly. Katie was standing hesitantly in the hallway looking into my room. She then made a face at how cloudy it was. “Jesus, Eric, do you vape much?”

“It’s better than chain smoking cigarettes.” I admitted and waved her into my room.

Katie stepped into my room, looked around and decided to sit at the corner of my bed. She folded her hands neatly onto her lap and took a deep breath as if she was summoning courage to speak. There was a long pause before she spoke, “Eric, I’m sorry.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. She had finally come to her senses, thusly, I have to as well. But, before I can say anything, she continued.

“I have to get this off my chest. It has been bothering me ever since what you said earlier.” She said softly. She started playing with her fingers trying to find her words. “I am a love child that was conceived from just lust, an accident that was never meant to have existed because two people made a mistake that they shouldn’t have. I wasn’t raised with love. My mother resented me. I was part of a past that she could never let go of. Our father was never around. He made appearances when the holidays dictated. I got presents, a kiss on the cheek and that was it. I realized that love was not going to be part of my life at a very young age. You don’t know what it is like being six years old and knowing that no one will really love you. When dad finally brought me into this family, everyone hated me. Everyone, but you Eric. You showed me kindness. You showed me how to laugh. I felt like there was hope for me. I felt like there was something good out there. Eric, you were that something good in my life. When you moved away, my world ended. For those few months, my world was dark. It was dark with hatred, fear and that vacant feeling of never being loved by someone ever again. When you came back to visit, it was as if life was being forced back into my lungs. You were…no, you are my everything. My purpose, my will to thrive was all learned and given to me by you.”


“No, listen.” Katie demanded.

I nodded and watched as she got up and got a little closer to me and sat back down on my bed. “What happened last night? bursa escort bayan Whatever happened between us from this morning may have just been a vehicle to get some release in you, but it was something much, much more dear to me. It was almost a validation. You may think of me just being a silly girl not knowing what life and love really is, but as wrong as us two doing what we did, it felt right to me. You can resist it. You can fight it. But, it cannot change how I feel towards you. When dad told me that you needed to move back home, I went to my room and cried form hours. It was as if I won the lottery. In sense, I did. I was getting you back in my life. Even if you came back down with someone, I would have loved you the way I would love you now, but from afar. This is just me being me, Eric. I can’t change it. I don’t want to change it.”

Katie stood up from the bed. Walked over to where I was sitting. She leaned into me and kissed me lightly on the lips. When she broke the kiss and looked into my eyes, she said, “And, I am not going to change.”

Before she could pull away, I grabbed her arm and looked up at her, “No, don’t go.”


“Stay with me. I have something I need to say.”

Katie stopped from leaving my room and stood still.

I took a deep drag from my vape mod and exhaled. My head was spinning from what she said and I didn’t know what to say, but I needed to express myself in one way or another. “I can’t lie to you and tell you that I don’t regret what we did. But, I only regret it in the way a brother regrets hurting a sibling. I felt like I took advantage of the situation and that was my fault. I am the adult here. I am more than double your age and whatever I did was out of line. But, there is a part of me that was glad we got to experience what we did.”

“But, I wanted it!” she exclaimed. “I am old enough and strong enough to have stopped you if I didn’t want it!”

“I wanted it too. I still do.” I said reassuring her, “You are an amazingly beautiful girl. If I wasn’t who I was and a boy your age, I would be shaking in my shoes trying to talk to you. I haven’t ever been good with women, Katie. I must admit I was surprised I got Gwen to marry me, but little did I know we were both very broken people. I could never find a woman that liked what I liked. I never found one that was just as laid back as I was and at moment’s notice, was ready to go. And here, in Brooklyn, in this very house, was a woman that I knew was into all the things I was into. She was everything I wanted. She was everything I desired for in a woman. But, she was my sister. The irony of life sickens me. It really does, Katie.”

“Eric, don’t-“

“No, Katie,” I said. I stood from my chair and wrapped my arms around her. I held her tight. I felt her warmth. She was soft to my touch, yielding and desirable. I leaned into her ear, “I love you more than I thought I could love another person.”

Katie pulled away, “Don’t mess with me, Eric. Don’t say what you are saying and not mean it. Please, I can’t take it.”


“No! Eric, don’t say it if you don’t mean it!” She yelled. “Our parents will be home soon. We don’t have the luxury to be yelling at each other about our love or hatred for one another. Don’t do this to me!”


Katie stood there. Tears were streaming down her face. She tried her best to wipe them away with the back of her hand. Even in my cloudy, dimly lit room, I can see how striking she was. She was nothing like the little girl that I remembered. She was something that was as close to perfection for me than I can ever have imagined. Katie stood there, sobbing softly and played with the fabric of her yoga pants. Every ounce of strength I had to resist this situation was crumbling. Every ounce of strength I had to resist her was crashing down into an ocean of emotion. I pulled her towards me. I touched her bare shoulder that was sticking out from the oversized t-shirt she wore. She gasped at my touch. I pulled her against me and held her as if my life depended on keeping her as close to me as possible.

“Katie,” I said as I fought and fought internally. But, my desires, the hurt in my past, the love that she radiated and my longing for someone like her made me relent to the tidal wave of thoughts within me. “I love you.”

I can feel her body crumple as she reached around and grabbed at my back as hard she could. She was sobbing loudly. “Damn it, Eric.” She said sobbing. “I love you so much. I love you. I love you. I love you more than anything!”

I couldn’t help it anymore. I pulled her down to my bed. Almost a little too roughly, I laid her down on her back and nudged her into the center of the bed. Katie’s eyes were filled with joy, sadness and desire. We were both overcome with emotions we couldn’t control. I climbed on top of her. I kissed her soft, wet lips. I can feel her tongue meeting mine as we slipped between her mouth and mine. My hands roamed her body, but unlike before, escort bursa I did it with reckless abandon. I did it with a sense of urgency and desire. I reached underneath her oversized t-shirt and caressed her amazing breasts. They were firm, but so supple at the same time.

“Ohhh,” Katie moaned out loud as she broke our kiss. She pushed me back and pulled her shirt of in one full motion as if she was a practiced professional. She laid there and looked me right in the eyes. Without breaking eye contact, she pulled her legs up from under me and slid her yoga pants off. Katie tossed her pants off to the side of my bed and positioned her legs back underneath me. She placed her hand on my t-shirt and pulled it off slowly. When it was off, she stopped me for a moment, “Look at me, Eric. Look at all of me. I have always been yours. This? My body. My heart. My soul. All of it has always been yours. I am yours, Eric.”

I looked her over as she asked. She was lying on my bed with nothing on but a pair of lacey panties. Her skin was almost shining in the light of the LED bulbs. Katie took a deep breath as she felt me take her in. I leaned in and kissed her erect nipples. I twirled my tongue around each one and softly palmed both of them in my hands. She took hold of my head and pulled me up to her to kiss me deeply. I was fully aroused by now and my head spinning from the pace we were at. We embraced like lovers. She giggled. I looked at her puzzled.

“You didn’t want this?”

I cocked my head, “What do you mean?”

She reached down and took hold of my erection through my shorts. “This. This betrays you, Eric.”

We both laughed. I playfully smacked her hand away from my erection and parted her legs. Katie’s eyes were wide with pleasure as I kissed from her flat, young stomach, down one thigh and then the other. As I kissed my way back up and stopped at the waistband of her panties, I can hear her breathing quicken. With both hands, I slid her panties off. She was dripping with anticipation. She parted her legs and begged, “Please…”

I leaned in. She smelled amazing. She was glistening from excitement. I placed my lips on her clit and kissed it softly. She tasted like sweet apples. My tongue ran around her, licking and tasting every inch of her. She shook and moaned. I reached up with my hands and caressed her breasts as my tongue was flicking her clit at a rapid pace. I pressed on and on. I wanted to taste her more. I wanted to feel more of her. Katie’s legs shot up with nearing orgasm and wrapped themselves around my shoulders and my neck as she pulled me into her more.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she cried out.

As I felt her beginning to shake, I slid my index finger into her hot, wet pussy.

“OH MY GOD!” she yelled.

I fingered her slowly and softly in a ‘come here’ motion. Her body exploded. Her muscles in her pussy clamped down on my finger as she came hard. Her body shook. Her legs tightened around me so hard that I thought she was never going to let go. Spent, she dropped her legs from my shoulders and looked at me.

Panting, she said, “Oh my god, Eric.”

I didn’t say a thing. I pulled my basketball shorts off and then my boxers. She stared at me as I freed my erection. I positioned myself between her and angled my dripping cock. Katie nodded as she began to bite on her fingers waiting for me to enter her. The tip of my dick nestled right between the lips of her pussy. The heat coming from her was amazing. It sends bolts of electricity down my spine. I couldn’t hide my urge and need for her anymore. I slid my dick into her slowly. She was so tight and still pulsating from her orgasm. Katie’s free hand slapped the covers of my bed as I entered. Her eyes bulged as she felt me in her.

“I will go slowly.” I said to her and slid into her more. There are no words to how good she felt. As I pushed slowly and deeper into her, there was a slight resistance and then a break. She winced in pain but reached around me and pulled me into her more. It was then and there did I realize that I had taken her. I was her first. I knew deep down, knowing such a thing should have deterred me. Taking my half-sister’s virginity was wrong, but it brought out this deep lust for her in me. I started fuck her. Slowly, gently at first. Her moans of pleasure dictated my rhythm.

“Oh god, Eric, you feel so good!” Katie exclaimed as she grabbed at things around her. She pulled some of my covers loose and bit into it. Her eyes rolled from ecstasy as I pushed faster and faster.

I leaned down and kissed her firmly on her lips as I quickened my pace. I can feel her pussy tighten up around my dick. I can feel her pulsating. Every time I looked down at her, she only nodded and mouthed the word ‘more’. Every time I pushed into her, I felt like I was relinquishing all my pain. Every time I pushed deeper and deeper, as if she was my portal to happiness. I quickened my pace, and was now fucking her with everything I had. Every time our bodies met, there was so much force behind me that it lifted her slightly off the bed. I can feel myself close. I didn’t stop. I wanted her to feel every bit of desire I had for her. I pushed harder and harder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32