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After five years in yoga class together, I was having coffee with Cerise, another one of the impossibly beautiful, insanely sexy, seemingly unselfconscious forty-ish year old moms who populate that class. Cerise is a mother of two teenage kids, a health educator and yogini and a pretty compulsive exerciser, kettlebells and so forth. I have had a crush on this woman since the day I first laid eyes on her. She’s tall, 5’8″ or so, with luscious, full brown hair and lovely brown eyes. She’s very lean, with smallish breasts and narrow hips; not my usual type, but there was something about her that I found incredibly attractive. I all too often found myself tongue-tied around her, and I’m sure by now I’ve embarrassed myself more than once. Some days we’d talk a bit, but most days we came and went with just a bit of hello or a quick talk when we walked to our cars. So it was unusual to find myself in an extended after-class conversation with her. I was enjoying it, while at the same time noting the unusual nature of it. When she suggested we continue the conversation at a café a few blocks away I began to have the feeling that she had an agenda, but when she came out it with it she absolutely blew my mind.

“This is going to sound very strange to you after so many years,” she said, “and its kind of embarrassing to ask, but how would you like to make love to me?”

To say I was shocked was an understatement. The shock was immediately followed by a furious blush, a raised heartbeat and useful tinglings in my cock; but I somehow muddled through to saying “Cerise, wow, I’d love that! I’ve had a total crush on you since the first day I saw you in the studio. But you’ve kept your distance. Why now? Did something happen?”

“Yes, indeed it did. Reuben, my husband, had an affair. With his co-worker, Ruby Claire. He couldn’t resist her red dress. Its over, he says, but not for me. We talked and talked and fought and I screamed and threw things and cried for a week and was ready throw him out, until I saw him with our kids. And then we saw a counselor and he was really contrite, but how do I trust him again? I haven’t wanted to make love to him, even though I still love him.”

Suddenly, this was the only thing that mattered. Take it easy, I said to myself. Open the door and let her walk through it. “Cerise, I would love this so much, but I don’t want you to get hurt or to end up really wrecking things at home.”

“Things at home already are hanging by a fingernail. If I can’t get sex back it’s going to blow up anyway. I have to feel safe and protected. Part of the reason I chose you is knowing that you’re mature enough to understand this. You don’t know anybody that I know, other than in the studio and people are used to seeing us talking. No one will guess. And you’re married, so you’re not going to like fall in love me or anything like that. Plus its just once.”

My brain was turing cartwheels, but I said, rather formally, “This is a great honor and a privilege. I will not abuse your trust, and I promise to show you a really, really good time.” I extended my hand. “May I take you to Ventana for the weekend?”

“Wait. Maybe. Probably not. I don’t know. Shit.”

I saw the whole thing become real in her eyes. I began to temper my excitement a bit.

“This is going to be harder than I thought,” she said, “but I’ve thought a lot about it. Let me explain to you what I’ve got set up, here.”

She wanted to torture him a little and humiliate him a little, but not enough for permanent damage. He had to give her three windows with no home responsibilities and no expectations; she would utilize them as she wished, but he wouldn’t know if she was getting her hair done, meditating in a cave, or getting her brains fucked out by the entire Giants starting rotation. Just as she had been in the dark about him he would never know about her; her hope was that she’d want to fuck him again after getting jump started with me.

That seemed like specious reasoning, to me. I hope they didn’t pay too much for that counselor. She just wants to hurt him back, take back the power he had torn from her, and it sounded like it could make things even more complicated for her. Especially if she ended up liking me. Not my problem, I guess. My wife, though . . .my problem. But to have a chance at every man’s fantasy with my

fantasy woman? Sorry, dear.

She actually got quite a bit of usable time in the way she negotiated the terms. Window number one was a weekday, beginning as early as she got up and out, until six PM, when he would bring the kids and a pizza home for dinner and find her there. Window number two was a weekday overnight, from one morning when she dropped the kids off at school at 8am to the next afternoon, when she picked them up at 5:30. Window number three was a weekend day where he took the kids on an all day excursion; she would send them off early in the morning and could come home whenever she wished, as long as she was home (and functional) by the time the kids woke up the next morning.

“Okay,” bahis siteleri I said, quickly tabulating, “sixty hours. That’s a lot of choice. Have you scheduled them already?”

“It is, but he was with her twice a week for two months. God dammit. Dammit!”

Hot tears came to her eyes. I reached across the table and held her arm.

“You have a right to be angry.”

She flipped my hand off her arm, squeezed her hands together, and took a deep breath.

“I know. I guess that’s why I’m here, too.” Guess so, I thought to myself. She sat straight up in her chair. “I haven’t scheduled them, I didn’t have a guy yet. Now I do.”

“Wow. Are you inviting me to all three? That would truly be flattering.”

“Let’s see if I can do it once and not dissolve into a quivering mass of guilt. We’ll have to play it by ear. I do know I’m only going to see one guy, though, and you’re the guy for as long as this adventure lasts. We’ll set all three dates but I probably will only do the first one.”

“Cerise, even if we spend the entire day walking on the beach it will be the highlight of my year.”

“Well, don’t you worry about that,” she said. “You’re definitely taking me to bed. What about your wife?”

“We can talk more about that as we develop our friendship, but I’ll say now I love her and am very committed; on the other hand we are in different worlds sexually. I need this as much as you do. It just has to be incredibly secret and incredibly fun.”

We shook hands on that. The touch sent quivers right up my arm and right down to my cock. So then we did the calendar dance. We scheduled the full day on Wednesday of the next week, the overnight for the Thursday two weeks after that and the Saturday for the week following that one.

“Cerise, I’ll see you next Wednesday; we’ll meet in class. We’ll use your car. I’ll arrange the day, and I will do my best to make it both honorable and memorable.”

Honorable for her, at least. I was about to turn my back on thirty-five years of monogamy to go bed once with a forty-eight year old woman. And I was excited! Our sex life is OK, and there is so much love being made that it’s fulfilling emotionally and spiritually. On the other hand, its been ten years since she got herself off in front of me, twelve since we fucked all day, and more than fifteen since I came in her mouth. She hears my needs as coercion; I see her as defended and invulnerable. Mars and Venus, for sure. I couldn’t make myself seek an affair, but when one waltzed into my life I was going to dance.

Wednesdays my wife works until eight, so I thought we’d use the basement guest suite at my house rather than get a hotel. However compromised my sense of honor was becoming at least I wouldn’t fuck her in my wife’s bed. On the big day, we practiced on opposite sides of the room. After class we rendezvoused in the lobby and walked out together, as if coincidentally. I was dressed in a sport jacket and slacks; She was still in her yoga clothes. Nothing looked amiss.

“You look very nice, Sam. I have a couple changes of clothes; what are we doing?”

She was nervous as hell, I could her it in her voice. I turned on the charm.

“I thought we would have brunch at the Cliff House, then maybe take a little walk on the beach if the weather’s nice out there.”

“Sounds lovely.”

“We have all day.”

She had parked her car around the corner, and after ensuring there were no prying eyes, I took the keys and started driving.

“Give me a minute.” She climbed into the back seat and I heard a lot rustling around.

“I’m ready,” she said. I pulled over and she got back into the front seat. She was wearing a beautiful silk wrap dress, sleeveless, patterned in flowers with greens and yellows. It floated on her body like she was covered in butterflies.

“Wow,” I said. “You look absolutely gorgeous. May I?” I touched her shoulder. “What beautiful fabric!” I ran my hand lightly down her back, and felt no bra. I lifted her hand, and kissed it. “I am a lucky man.”

She blushed crimson beneath her tanned skin, but crossed her leg and let the wrap fall open, revealing a long expanse of bare leg.

“I’m really nervous, but really excited, too. Thank you for being so thoughtful.”

“The thanks are all mine,” I said.

There was a silence, then conversation began in fits and starts. Knowing where we were going to end up today created a fantastic sense of intimate honesty, and I could feel the barriers melt away with each passing sentence. I parked in the Land’s End lot and we walked down to the restaurant. The wind blew her hair, kept opening her dress and plastered the bodice against her breasts; the body I knew so well from class, no longer the object of my fantasy but transformed into a deeply desirable woman I soon would possess.

It was a wonderful date. We talked about our kids and our parents and our spouses and about what we wanted from our marriages and where we were today, and we still were talking when I paid the check and escorted her out.

“Shall canlı bahis siteleri we go to the beach?” I asked

She stopped and looked into my eyes.

“Can we go to where we’re going? I don’t need a walk.”

I kissed her lightly on the lips, then offered her my arm and we walked back up the hill to the car, talking nonstop. I drove home and slid the car into the garage. As the door closed I came around the car, took her bag and escorted her into the room, pointing out the bathroom and sauna as we passed. It was sparkling clean and full of flowers; an ice chest with wine and sparkling water sat quietly in the corner. The wall of books made it feel solid, established, a place where something real could happen.

“This is nice,” she said.

“Thank you. Do you like saunas?”

“I do.”

“I’ve always wanted to make love in the sauna.”

“Joan never gave that to you?”

“Once, but there were circumstances. Neither of us were happy about it.”

“I’m so sorry. Perhaps we can, later.”

I very gently wrapped my arms around her. She buried her face in my shoulder and convulsively squeezed me. I could feel how frightened she was. I kissed her on the top of the head and on both cheeks, whispering, “its OK, Cerise, its OK. This is what you wanted; we’ll go slow. I’ll be very gentle.”

Gentle, perhaps, but inevitable. I put a finger under her chin and lifted her face to mine, kissing her on the lips. Her body relaxed and she kissed me back. I pulled back and looked at her, gently caressing her face. I sat her on the edge of the bed, looking out the window to the garden. I knelt behind her and massaged her shoulders and back, making soothing sounds. She leaned back into my hands. I brought my body against hers, wrapping my arms around her waist and bringing my hands to her breasts, covered only in thin silk, lightly touching her hardening nipples.

“You are a beautiful, strong, attractive woman. Reuben should be counting his blessings, not causing you suffering. You deserve all the pleasure I can give you this afternoon. Come.”

I lay her down and ran my hands up and down her body, sliding the silky dress up and down. She put her arms back above her head. I slid my hand between her legs, rubbing the inside of her thigh. She spread her legs as I lightly touched her clit through the satin thong. A light moan escaped her lips.

“This feels so wrong and so right.”

“Don’t be afraid, honey. This is totally for you.”

I put my hands on her thong and she raised her hips to let me remove it. I retuned my hand to her clit and lower lips, touching, feeling the heat rise off her as she filled with hot, hot blood. I leaned over and blew on her pubes, and her body quivered in response.

“Give me your dress, honey,” I said. “We don’t want it to get dirty.”

“Okay.” She untied the belt, sat up and slipped it off her shoulders. She handed it to me, then watched as I carefully hung it on one of the hangars I had pre-placed up on the coat hook fastened to back of the door. Turning back to her, I paused to look at her She was naked and magnificent, and I told her so. I massaged her feet, then so slowly moved up the inside of her legs, still fully clothed, opening her until I reached the top and began to softly lick and suck on her clit. She started with a sigh, but soon her breathing quicken and small moans escaped her mouth

“Oh. . . Sam . . Oh god. . . This feels so good . . .”

“It’s all for you, honey,” I said. I believed, it, too.

“Really?” She lifted her head to look at me.

“Yes, Cerise, you are all that matters right now.”

She convulsed and came. I kept on.

Oh my god, don’t stop.” I didn’t. Again and again I took her there; finally, she reached down and brought me up to her.

“You still have your clothes on,” she said, surprised.

“This is your day,” I said. “I’m in no hurry.”

“Please take them off now,” she said.

Cerise rolled onto her side to watch me. I took off my shoes and socks. I stood next to the bed; I undid my belt and removed my pants, then turned and hung them up. I unbuttoned my shirt and hung it over the pants. My hard cock was outlined in my underpants. I pulled them down and my cock leapt out. She reached out and touched, and it jumped in response.

“That feels great. Do you like what you see?” I said.

She was examining me. “I do, actually. Come.”

She pulled me on top of her and my cock slipped soundlessly into her very wet pussy. We both groaned.

“Oh God,” she said. “This is it. I’m actually doing it. I feel great. Make love to me Sam.”

So I did. It was fantastic. I took all the time in the world, gently staying just inside of her, then a slow, inevitable rhythm, then some real hard pounding with her legs on my shoulders. She was wide open and vocal, and when I filled her with my come she collapsed with a great sigh.

“Oh wow,” she said. “Wow. That was so great. Wow. What should I think about it?”

“Try to turn that off, sweetie,” I said to her. canlı bahis “Just enjoy the moment.”

We lay there for a while, fluids crusting onto our bodies, the sticky sweat binding us together. It was only one o’clock.

She rolled over lazily. “How about a sauna?”

Great, I said. “Lets take a shower first.” I turned on the sauna and the water, and we bundled into the shower, soaping each other, touching the sensitive parts, laughing, kissing, until the hot water started to run out, and then into the sauna. We lay on the top bench, legs intertwined, facing each other.

“You are a beautiful woman, Cerise,” I said to her. “How do you feel?”

“I feel beautiful. Happy. You certainly know how to treat a lover.”

“I’m proud to be called your lover.” I reached out and began lightly massaging her clit.

“Oh,” she said. “I’m so ready!”

“Touch your nipples,” I said, and soon she was orgasming again, and I was hard as a rock.

“Let me do something for you, Sam.” She knelt on the lower bench, and, taking my cock in hand, drew it into her mouth.

“Oh God,” I moaned. “I love this.”

She looked up and smiled. “Good!”

She wrapped her lips around me and sucked fervently, going up and down, using her hands and lips, taking me to the edge and then squeezing hard to keep my cum inside.

“I bet you’d like to cum in my mouth, wouldn’t you?”

“I would, but I’d really like to fuck you some more first.”

We left the sauna, and returned to the bedroom, sweat slipping over each other. Rather than lying down she bent over, bracing against the bed, and I pushed fully into her, hammering in and out as heat poured from our bodies. I slowed my pace and she arched, taking me even more deeply inside.

I’m cumming soon,” I said, leaving it to her. She turned around and attacked me with her mouth and hands, I soon was shooting into her mouth. I finished, and she slipped me out of her mouth and continue to gently stroke me with her hands. I sat her down and gently pulled her onto the bed, seeking her mouth with my lips, kissing, making myself open to my cum on her tongue. She really seemed to love that, and painted the inside of my lips and tongue with her cum covered one.

Finally, we lay together, skin slowly drying, cuddling under the silky comforter.

“That was incredibly satisfying,” I said. “Thank you for being so generous and welcoming. It’s a very intimate thing for a woman to give to a man, and don’t think I don’t appreciate it for even one second.”

“I’m pretty oral,” she said. “I loved Reuben so much when we first met, and I wanted to taste him. I would go everywhere with my mouth, even rimming, but he actually slowed me down. He wasn’t so oral and I think he felt like he couldn’t keep up. Even when he did do it he wouldn’t kiss me after, not like you just did.”

We lay there for another hour, casually stroking each other and talking about marriages; ours, our parents, our friends, celebrities . . . softly, the alarm rang 5PM.

“It’s getting time for you to go. Would you like to resume this next week?”

“I don’t want to stop this moment, but I don’t know right now.”

I thought she did. Know, that is, but I said, “This was a truly memorable day, and I will treasure it forever. Just call me when you know; I have a reservation for us at Ventana. Joan is going to be away. We could be here if you’d prefer, but I think you deserve some luxury.”

* * *

She called me the next day. “If you’re still up for it, we’re on for that overnight.”

“Certainly. Did anything happen at home?” I asked.

“No! or maybe yes!” she said. There was a combination of anger, wonder and ruefulness in her voice. “I’m not sure. I left you, picked up the kids, Reuben came home, we had dinner, I put the kids to bed, sat with him for a bit and watched some TV and went to sleep. We sat close and held hands and things seemed calm and easy. He asked me if this was one of my days and I said that it was, and that I had been very relaxed and enjoyed my personal time very much and that I wouldn’t say anything else about it just now, and he said that he accepted that but that he was worried that he was going to lose me, and in that moment I didn’t want to lose him at all and I told him not to worry, and this big piece of tension went out of the room. He came on to me just a bit, but I just said that we should try to keep things mellow between us and lower the stakes bit, he said that the stakes were extremely high but that he’d respect where I was. The hardest thing for me, in that moment, is that I didn’t want to fuck him because I wanted to fuck you.”

“What do you think that’s about?”

“I’m not sure. That’s part of why I need to be with you again. I was happy it was relaxed at home, but it also felt incredibly strange. Supposedly it’s this big drama, adultery. It sure was for me when he did it, and it was for him, too, at least that’s what he told me, that he felt guilty and kept thinking about me and the kids and ultimately ended it and told me about it because of that, but I don’t feel guilty at all. What’s happening between you and me seems completely irrelevant to what’s happening between me and Reuben, except it obviously isn’t because I want you and not him.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32