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Day 6 — Wednesday

Miami, Florida 2012 — But not our universe

The next morning Ray had a new plan of attack.

He woke up early and headed into town to rent a car. This time he was going to stake the beach house out from the road instead of the beach. When Christine went out in the car he’d be ready and could follow her. This time, nothing could go wrong.

Ray grinned as he parked the rented car a couple houses down from Nick and Christine’s place and began his stakeout. Today was the day he was going to catch the gorgeous cheerleading captain alone and fuck her brains out. He was sure of it.

A couple of hours later and Ray was starting to get seriously bored. He wished he’d brought a book or something. There was absolutely no sign of life from Nick and Christine’s beach house.

Another hour later Ray saw the neighbour’s wife coming out to check the mail. She was wearing a short black silk robe that left her long tanned legs bare and on display, and Ray could see the swell of her bust and a hint of cleavage even from the next house down where his car was parked.

Making a quick decision, Ray jumped out of the car and approached the woman.

“Hi there,” he greeted her warmly.

“Hi,” said the woman suspiciously in surprise. Ray had to admit that it probably looked like he was stalking her from his parked car, but after several hours of sitting there he was bored and needed a diversion.

“I like your robe,” Ray told her coming closer. “I just want to have a quick look…”

“Um, okay then,” agreed the woman as Ray reached up and pulled open the front of her short silk robe. She wasn’t wearing a bra beneath the robe and Ray was rewarded by the sight of her ample bare breasts. They were impressive, firm, high placed and well rounded.

“Are they real?” asked Ray as he licked his lips, staring at her big boobs.

The woman shook her head. “My husband bought them for me a couple years ago,” she glanced back over her shoulder towards the front door to her house. It stood open but there was no sign of her husband.

“Nice,” breathed Ray, reaching up and cupping the woman’s ample melons in his hands. He gave them a squeeze, feeling the firm flesh well up between his fingers, her nipples hard against his palms.

Ray gave her big tits a shake, watching the flesh jiggle across her chest. Keeping a plump breast in one hand, he reached down with his other hand, running his fingertips up the inside of the woman’s bare thigh, making his way up the soft skin to the juncture of her thighs.

She was wearing panties and his fingertips brushed across her cotton covered mound, feeling the heat there. Ray gave a small moan as he gave her bare breast another firm squeeze.

“Um, what the heck is going on here?”

Ray looked up to see the woman’s husband coming out from the front door of the house. Just like yesterday he was smoking a cigarette and didn’t look too happy to see Ray. Perhaps Ray wasn’t the only jealous husband in the world.

Ray dropped his hand away from the woman’s crotch, but kept his other hand on her tit. He knew his rights here. “Hi there, I was just wandering past and saw this lovely lady alone at the mailbox.” Ray squeezed the woman’s boob, enjoying it’s firmness. She looked up sharply at him.

“He was waiting for me in the car Dave,” she told her husband. “I didn’t really want to, but it would have been rude not to let him have a feel when he asked me for one.”

Her husband Dave frowned grimly and started walking down the path. “Don’t you think it’s a bit rude sweeping in like this? She’s with me today.”

Perhaps he had a point there, it was considered very rude trying to steal a woman away from someone, which was why it was always unaccompanied women that were obliged to provide sex on request. If a woman was with a man then she was off limits. But even a married woman would agree to sex if she was alone, and technically Dave’s wife had been alone when Ray started feeling her up.

Ray ran his thumb across the woman’s nipple before reluctantly releasing her big breast. He was about to apologise to the man when he heard the sound of a car engine from next door. Christine was on the move! Shit! Why did he always miss her?

“Sorry…I’ve gotta go,” Ray said hurriedly as he saw Christine’s car pull out of the driveway and a flash of her blonde hair in the drivers seat.

Ray hesitated for one moment, reaching up and giving the neighbours boobs a quick squeeze before running back to his car and jumping inside. He didn’t want to lose her this time.

As he pulled out he saw Christine’s yellow Corvette disappearing left around the corner at the end of the street. Ray slammed his foot down on the accelerator and gave chase, zooming past the Cooper’s neighbour Dave who was glaring angrily at him as he sped away.

By the time Ray got to the intersection on the corner, Christine’s car was well off in the distance. Ray was forced to wait for two cars and a truck to go past before he could pull sincan escort bayan out in pursuit and by then she’d disappeared out of sight. She was headed in the direction of the small boutique shopping area not far from the beach house so Ray prayed that was her destination.

His heart racing with the thrill of the chase, Ray floored it and dodged through the traffic to try and make up some ground.

He slowed a little as he reached the small township, his eyes scanning parked cars and side streets. If Christine had continued past the shops or turned off onto another street he would never find her.

Fortunately, about half way down the main street he spotted Christine’s distinctive yellow sports car parked by the curb. As Ray drove past he saw the gorgeous blonde disappearing into the shop she’d parked outside.

Ray quickly found a park of his own about twenty metres down the street and jumped out. Christine was definitely alone so this was his big chance. He didn’t care if he ended up fucking her on the shop counter, he would have his revenge.

Ray took a deep breath to settle his nerves and approached the shop. He was surprised, a little bit excited to see that the shop she’d entered was a lingerie store. With a grin Ray entered.

The bell chimed as Ray entered and scanned the shop for Christine. He quickly spotted her standing outside the changing rooms holding a couple of lacy items of lingerie. Unfortunately she was not alone. The gorgeous blonde was chatting casually to a chubby looking middle aged man with a shaggy brown beard and a pony tail.

Ray cursed silently to himself, it wouldn’t be polite to interrupt and have his wicked way with the former cheerleader. Ray stood there in the doorway, staring intently at his prey. He would have to wait until she parted ways with the fat old guy.

“Can I help you sir?” asked a husky voice from his left.

Ray turned to see a busty sales clerk, beaming warmly in greeting. She was dressed only in lingerie, a sexy crimson satin bra and g-string, complete with black fishnet stocks and suspenders. Very sexy.

“Um, I’m just browsing,” murmured Ray in reply, he was unable to help himself from glancing down admiringly over the voluptuous shop assistants impressive figure.

“Perhaps I can help you with your purchase?” purred the woman, “Something for your girlfriend of wife is it?”

“Ah, yeah, something like that,” replied Ray brusquely. Over by the changing rooms he saw that the middle aged guy was now groping Christine, fondling her big hooters through the tight fitting blue blouse she was wearing. As Ray watched, the bearded man moved one hand up under the hem of Christine’s skirt, reaching up between her legs as he continued to grope her big tits with his other hand.

“You really should try our new spring collection,” the busty, lingerie-clad sales clerk told him, bringing Ray’s attention back to her.

The clerk reached out and took Ray’s hand, bringing his fingers between her thighs to the silky satin crotch of her g-string. “Feel the material of my panties, it’s incredibly soft.”

“Mmm,” murmured Ray distractedly as he stroked the woman’s crotch with his fingertips. “Very nice.”

“The brassiere is very supportive as well,” continued the clerk. Without needed to be asked, Ray reached up with both hands and cupped the girl’s ample breasts, feeling the smooth texture of her bra against his palms.

“Nice,” he muttered as he squeezed the clerk’s substantial boobs.

“What size is your wife?” asked the clerk, smiling affably as Ray started to massage her breasts through her bra.

“Umm…” Ray shook his head, snapping himself out of his daze. He released the girl’s breasts and glanced back over towards the changing room. Christine was gone!

“Shit!” swore Ray, leaving the confused young clerk and hurrying across the shop to where he’d last seen Christine and plump guy with the pony tail that had been feeling her up.

Ray yanked open the changing room curtain. Inside a startled older woman gasped in surprise. She’d apparently been trying on a bra as she stood there topless, holding a lacy black bra in one hand. She looked about forty, but was in pretty good shape, with a nice sized pair of probably fake knockers.

“Oops!” said Ray in surprise, he’d been expecting to find Christine.

To cover his mistake he reached out and gave the woman’s breasts a quick squeeze. They were definitely fake, but still felt pretty good. Nice and warm and soft against his palms.

Ray winked at the older woman and then pulled the curtain shut again, moving over to the next changing room.

Ray yanked the second curtain open and was greeted by the sight of Christine on her knees with her top off and the middle aged guy’s cock in her hand. They both looked at Ray in surprise.

The guy frowned at the interruption, clearly not happy. “What the fuck?”

“Shit, sorry, I thought the stall was empty,” stammered Ray, kicking himself for being so impatient and jumping eryaman escort the gun.

“Well fuck off, because I was just about to get a blowjob,” snapped the man angrily. He looked like he was about to punch Ray.

“Martin?” the woman from the other changing room, the one that Ray had previously interrupted and groped opened her curtain. She was still topless. “What’s going on Martin?” she asked the bearded man.

“I was just grabbing a quick blowjob from this young lady,” explained the man called Martin, nodding down at Christine, who was still on her knees holding Martin’s penis in her hand. His big belly was overhanging his waist making it hard to see his cock though.

“Why on earth did you ask her to suck your cock, when I’m right here and available?” snapped the woman irritably.

“Well…” the man stammered a little, shooting Ray a black look, clearly pissed off about his blowjob getting interrupted.

Ray stared down at Christine, the topless cheerleader looked even more gorgeous than he remembered. He took a step towards her but felt a soft hand on his arm.

“Look sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” It was the lingerie-clad sales clerk.

“Hang on,” protested Ray, not happy at being told what to do by a woman.

“Sorry sir, but you can’t go barging into the changing rooms like that,” said the woman. It didn’t look like she was going to back down. “You need to leave the store.”

“Wait!” protested Ray, reaching up and grabbing her right boob and giving it a hard squeeze, causing her to wince in surprise. “I still want to buy something.”

The girl narrowed her eyes suspiciously. “I’m going to have to call security, and you’d better be gone by the time they get here.”

Ray released her tit. “Fine! I’m leaving.” He’d have to wait outside for Christine.

Muttering angrily under his breath, Ray left the store. In truth he was pretty mad at himself for rushing in and messing things up. If he’d just waited for Christine to suck the fat guy off then he’d probably have his cock in her ass by now. As he headed out the door he heard the sounds of the husband and wife still arguing. It sounded like the fat guy was not quite ready to give up on his blowjob from Nick’s gorgeous blonde wife.

Apparently today was not his lucky day though. As soon as he stepped outside the lingerie store he saw that his rental car was being ticketed by a parking warden. He’d neglected to put money in the meter in his rush to catch up with Christine.

“Damn it!” he swore, hurrying over. Hopefully he’d be able to stop her before she issued the ticket.

The warden was actually a rather pretty young brunette, and as Ray got closer he couldn’t help but admire the tight fit of her parking warden uniform, especially how it stretched taut across an expansive chest and clung to a deliciously round looking posterior.

Ray had always wanted to fuck a parking warden. After all, how many times in the past had they fucked him with their expensive tickets? To actually come across an attractive one was a first for Ray. A very attractive one indeed.

“Excuse me miss!” called out Ray as he got close. He saw that she had just tucked the ticket under his wiper blade.

“Sir?” asked the warden. She was quite short and petite, but had a decent sized rack and a trim little body. Over one ample breast was a nametag reading ‘Warden Betty’.

“I was only parked there five minutes Warden Betty,” he complained.

“I’m sorry sir,” Betty replied professionally. “But you need to put money in the meter, even for five minutes.”

Ray scowled. “Fine then. But I’m going to have to fuck you back.”

“Excuse me?” asked the pretty warden.

“I want to have sex with you Warden Betty,” clarified Ray, undoing the front of his pants. He’d have to make this quick if he was going to catch Christine on her way out of the lingerie store. But he was pretty sure he’d have no problems there.

“Oh, very well,” agreed Betty as Ray grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around.

Betty gasped as Ray pushed her forward, bending her over the hood of his car so that her nice round ass jutted out towards him, clad in her tight fitting parking warden uniform pants.

Ray gave her lovely round ass a hard slap, the smacking noise causing a passing couple to look over at them in surprise. “That’s for giving me a ticket,” snapped Ray, spanking her other buttock even harder.

He saw a young guy, about twenty or so arrive at the pickup truck parked behind Ray’s rental. The guy cursed as he saw the ticket on his windscreen. He looked over at Ray with the parking warden bent over his hood and gave him an approving nod and grin.

Ray turned back to the warden and yanked down her pants and underwear, unveiling a very nice looking round ass. Her buttocks were smooth and flawless, her soft, olive skin slightly reddened on both cheeks from his slaps.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” he murmured as he reached down and gave the young warden’s ass a firm squeeze.

Ray etimesgut bayan escort gave the young parking warden’s firm ass another hard slap and then lined his cock up with her cunt, rubbing the head of his erection against her moist pussy lips.

Just as he was about to penetrate her he spotted Christine down the street leaving the lingerie store.

“Shit!” he swore, momentarily torn between fucking the hot warden and chasing Christine. But his revenge won the internal struggle.

Ray hurriedly stuffed his erection pack into his pants and hauled the young parking warden off his car. She stumbled backwards with her trousers and panties around her ankles, almost tripping over.

“Sorry, I’ve gotta go,” he told her as he hurriedly got into his car.

The young guy in the truck behind him approached the warden just as she pulled her pants back up, and as Ray started his engine he saw the young brunette again dropping her trousers and bending over. “I’m never going to hit my ticket quota!” she complained as the guy grabbed her by the hips and started to thrust into her.

Ray couldn’t help but chuckle at the wardens misfortune as he drove after Christine’s yellow Corvette, turning down a side street a couple of blocks along the road.

Christine pulled into a park about a hundred metres along the street, outside a shoe shop. There were no other parks so Ray was forced to do a quick U-turn and park not far from the main street. At least he knew exactly where she was this time.

His heart racing from the thrill of chase, Ray quickly made his way back to the shoe store, praying she wasn’t already getting jumped by another horny customer like she had done at the lingerie store. Ray promised himself he wouldn’t make the same mistake this time and cause a scene this time though.

Inside he quickly spotted Christine. She was talking to a young, pimple faced teenage shoe salesman who was holding out a strappy black stiletto heeled shoe and explaining something to the lovely blonde cheerleading captain.

Grinning to himself, Ray purposefully strode up to Christine. “Excuse me ma’am, but can I please have a…”

“Hold it buddy!” interrupted the young salesman, holding up one hand. “She’s with me right now.”

Ray’s eyes narrowed angrily. “I think you’re a little young son. You’ve got no rights here.”

“I’m eighteen buddy!” retorted the clerk, waving one of the high heels heatedly towards Ray.

Ray frowned, looking the kid up and down. “No way.”

The teenager raised one eyebrow in challenge. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, flipping it open to display his drivers license.

Ray’s frown deepened as he squinted down at the license. Sure enough, the salesman was eighteen, he’d had his birthday just a couple weeks ago from the date on the license.

Ray was about to argue the point when he remembered what had happened back in the lingerie store.

“Fine. I’ll wait,” he snapped sullenly. Ray sat down on a nearby bench intended for customer’s trying on shoes.

The eighteen year old shoe clerk grinned in victory, putting an arm around Christine’s waist. “Would you like to try these on perhaps miss?”

“Definitely,” agreed Christine as the salesman led her over to another bench. She sat down as he knelt at her feet, helping her remove her current heels.

As he placed the black heels on her dainty feet, Ray jealously watched him slide his hands up her smooth calves, admiring the silky skin of Christine’s toned legs.

“They’re nice,” said Christine, twisting her ankles to admire the shoes side on. “Do you have them in red?”

“Certainly miss,” replied the clerk, walking over to grab another pair of shoes.

As he retrieved the second pair of heels, Christine looked thoughtfully over at Ray. “You were in the lingerie store too right? Do I know you?” she asked. “You look kind of familiar.”

Ray nodded, he didn’t see any reason to deny it. “Ray Williams. We went to the same high school.”

Christine’s brow furrowed as if trying to recall him. “Oh yeah, that name sounds kind of familiar.”

The clerk returned and knelt down again at Christine’s feet, swapping her black heels for the red one’s.

“How are you anyway Ray?” asked Christine as the clerk ran his hands up her smooth calves and along her firm looking thighs.

“I’m great,” replied Ray. “I’m married, no kids. I still live in L.A., but I’m here on vacation.”

“That’s nice,” Christine replied with a warm smile as the eighteen year old shoe salesman ran his hands up and down her bare legs. “I married Nick Cooper from high school. He’s become and actor now and we’re really rich. It’s great. We’ve even got two houses.”

“How are these one’s miss?” interrupted the clerk.

Christine looked down at them critically. “I think I prefer the black. Have you got another style in the red?”

“Sure,” he nodded, moving off to collect another pair of shoes.

“I was in the lingerie store buying my husband a treat,” explained Christine. “Were you there getting something for your wife?”

Ray’s cheeks reddened a little. “Um, yeah, that’s right,” he lied.

The clerk returned with another pair of shoes and started helping Christine try them on.

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