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The sun is rising on the ocean as I stand watching it from the shore. The breeze promises it will be hot today as I point my face into it. I left you sleeping so peacefully. I dared not to disturb you.

The remnants of our love making last night play over and over in my head as I let my mind wander.

I am lost in a memory when I feel your arms slide around my waist. Your lips find the spot on the back of my neck that you know drives me wild. You run your hands over my stomach and down across my hips as you whisper. “I missed you; I have not slept like that in ages”.

I turn to face you and bringing my arms up, locking them around your neck I kiss your lips lightly. “Well I have always found you do sleep better after a workout.” I grin.

Taking your hand in mine we start walking along the beach. No particular place in mind only the two of us alone in the world.

We come upon a place where we see a path that leads off into the brush. Turning towards it we start into the denseness having no idea where it will lead us. The morning is rising and the sun shines through the leaves of the palms. Even with the cool underbrush it is warming up fast. I feel a bead of sweat run down the small of my back as I cast a glance at you and notice you are sweating as well. A dip in the ocean would be nice right about now I think.

Just then we hear the sound of falling water and step out into what can only be described as the most beautiful place in the world. Looking up we can see the top of a huge waterfall, cascading down over rock ledges and spilling into a lagoon filled escort sincan with flowers and birds calling all around.

I step to the waters edge and slip a foot into the cool clear water. “This is wonderful, care to join me?” I quickly kick off my shoes and slip my shorts and t-shirt over my head. Standing naked before you I smile just before I slip into the cool water. Swimming out to the middle of the water I turn only to see you as you jump in behind me. Watching for you to swim closer you catch me off guard underwater as you swim up to me grabbing me around the waist and pulling me under. Playfully we wrestle in the cool water letting the heat of the day caress our bodies.

We swim closer to the falls and dip under them, feeling the pounding force of the water as it beats against us.

Surfacing, I swim close to you and bring my arms around your neck and circle my legs around your waist.

Feeling your chest pressed against mine, “The heat of the day isn’t the only thing hot at the moment.” I tease as I brush against your hardness. You chuckle seductively and say” You keep that up and we both know how hot it can get.” You cup my butt and pull me closer to you as we glide over to the waters edge. Looking around you see a rocky ledge where the water runs into the lagoon. Still holding me you ease up onto the ledge, placing me on the slippery rocks. You are still waist deep in the water below me with your hands resting on my thighs. The look in your eyes tells me you are up to something. You bend and kiss my kneecap, letting your lips play over my skin ever so softly.

Brushing ankara escort along my leg you move your hands to graze over my stomach. Inching your way up along my inner thigh you bite gently and playfully. Causing my breath to catch and quicken. You draw nearer to me and your hands move to my breasts, caressing them with your fingertips you find my hard nipples. Your mouth is moving higher, your tongue is like liquid fire to my skin. My moans can be heard over the rushing waterfall as you dip your tongue into my wetness. I arch my back up to meet your touch. Slowly your mouth works away at me. Circling the tiny bud of my clitoris, drawing me higher and higher to the brink of ecstasy. Licking and sucking faster and harder now you work your sexual charms on me. Closer and closer I climb to the top of the wonderful feelings you are stirring inside me. Sweating and moaning I can’t take it no longer as I feel the first waves of my climax hitting me. Straining to meet you wave after wave of fulfillment takes me. The pounding of the water can’t match my cries of enjoyment as you slow your movements.

Kissing my thighs you rise up and glide your body over me. Settling over me we kiss deep and long. The taste of me mingles with you arousing me once again. You move to seat yourself beside me on the rocky ledge and taking my hand you pull me up to set astride your hard cock. Moving toward you I take you in my hand and guide you into my hot wetness. The feeling is overwhelming as you place your hands on my hips and pull me down as you thrust up to meet me. I cry out at the intense etimesgut escort bayan sensations rippling through me. You groan and roll your head back, resting it on a rock.

I move to glide up and down on your hard cock, the wetness from me creating a sensuous feeling for you. I feel your cock growing harder and with each squeeze I give you and I can tell by the moans that you are enjoying it Faster we move together. Our hips grinding as we come together with each thrust. My hands slip behind me to cup your balls gently. I knead them and caress them with my fingernails. They tighten at my touch. Your moans are getting faster as we move. Your hands come up to untwine in my hair, pulling my face to you, our lips meet. Your tongue searching for mine, tasting, exploring, yearning for more.

I feel that familiar quiver stirring in me as my climax nears. My breathing hard and fast I say to you “Come with me now I can’t hold out much more. I want to feel you cock coming inside of me now”. My words are all it takes to drive you over the edge. A low deep animalistic growl escapes from your lips as you drive into me one last final time. Arching up to drive into me as you pull me down, grinding into me I feel the hot spurts of your semen blasting up inside of me. Screams of passion overcome me as my own climax tears at me. Wave after wave it shakes me. Taking me on the ride of a lifetime.

Breathing hard and sweat pouring from me we embrace. Arms encircling each other. Our mouths tasting once again the sweetness. We hold each other tightly letting the feelings subside. Slowly I raise my face to yours. Your eyes meet mine and we smile. Your hand cups my face. I move to slip into the cool water once again and taking your hand you follow me back to have some more fun in the water. After all the day is still young.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32