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One summer I was driving across the country to visit my family that lives out of state. I was driving alone with my girlfriend of two years.

We were driving though the middle of nowhere when she curdled up in a little ball in the passenger seat to sleep. Her ass was facing me perfectly which made it hard to focus on the road, but it looked so nice in her cute tight sweatpants. I jokingly put my hand on her butt cheek then pulled away because I knew she was not really into the whole “ass” thing. But once I pulled my hand away, I was caught off guard by what happened next.

She gave her butt a little shake. I kept putting my hand there and then pulling away, because i did not know what to do. She started sliding her pants down until her ass pointed directly at me. Her Bare, perfect ass hole was a target for my hand, and she told me in a sweet voice “Come on baby, you can touch, I know how much you like it”. I tried to focus on the road and at my girlfriends nice tight buttthole, so with my eyes going back and forth i reached my hand over and started massaging her anus. I went back and forth teasing her pussy while i massaged her ass, She moaned in pleasure. My cock could not take much more as it was pressing against my basketball shorts. erotik film izle I have never been so turned on in my entire life.

“Come on baby, I know you want to put your Finger in my tight ass” she said to me as she cuddled up in the passenger seat.

I licked my fingers and spit in her ass so i could slide my fingers in. She went crazy!Her ass was now a sweet mixture of pussy juice and my spit and I wanted to have her!

I quickly pulled over to the nearest truck stop and we hopped in the back seat. I told her we didn’t have any condoms, and she did not care.

“Fuck me in my ass, with your big hard dick” We laid down next to each other in the back of our car, and i did not waste another second. As i stuck my bare hard rod deep into her warmed up ass she let go the sexiest moan.

“Fuck me Baby””Fuck Me”

It was so unlike her to demand such kinkyness, but I was not complaining.

Her ass was so tight, and so perfect. I grabbed her hair and fucked her nice and deep.

“Pound me baby!, pound me!”

I fucked her tight, wet, asshole for as long as i could until i couldn’t hold back much longer.

I told her “Baby, I’m gunna come in your ass!”

“O yes baby, I want your cum in my film izle fucking ass!”, as she reached back with one hand to hold me close.

I reached with my right arm and started rubbing her engorged clit. I have never felt her clit so big, It was so sexy. I touched her clit,and what seemed as soon as I said I was going to cum, Her pussy erupted, soaking my backseat in her sweet liquid.

Her butthole tightened around my hard cock, which made my orgasm even more intense, I came for what seemed forever, unleashing spurt after spurt of hot warm cum deep into her hot naked body.

I held her close to me as we shivered in ecstasy. We laid in the truck stop for a few minutes, until she finally gained control of her legs and stood up in the back seat to put back on her sweats. At that moment I had a clear view of her nice goey hole as it dripped my cum. The cum slowly oozed out and being the ass man I am, I became instantly hard again.

I maneuvered my way around her and sat in the middle seat, and as she was trying to put on her sweats, I grabbed her and sat her back down on top of my dick. My nice warm cum mixed with her soaking pussy juice made the best lube as I fucked her ass as she road me in reverse cowgirl.

“O baby, seks filmi izle I didn’t know you were ready to go again” she said to me as i fucked her again in her used hole.

After every few thrusts, I couldn’t help but lift her ass up and look into her pink gaping cum soaked hole.I wanted to touch, but I didn’t know what she would think. My girl sensed I wanted more , so the next time i lifted her up to admire, she pressed her wet ass against my face and bent over and started licking her juices off of my dick. I licked her sweet hole while she deep throated my rock hard shaft. She pressed her fingers beneath my balls, and hit all the right spots. I licked and fingered her ass so good, making her butthole shiver in pleasure. I had no idea i could cum so fast, but with her pulsating hole around my tongue, I could not refrain. I busted my load into her mouth, causing her spit it back out all over her chin and my cock. It was such a turn-on eating her ass, I could not help but cum in her pretty mouth.

She sat down next to me with her cum covered chin and proceeded to lick and tease my cock, until I i had to get her to stop.

She whispered in my ear ” That was for you making me cum earlier”

She slid on her pants and got out of the car, to go to the bathroom to go clean up before we hit the road again.

I sat back in disbelief, I never would have thought my girl would do this, and let’s just say it led to a very interesting rest of the roadtrip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32