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Big Dicks

This is a story about Gina and Ron. Ron is Gina’s husband and plays a supporting role in this story. Not surprisingly, Gina has a strong sex drive, much stronger than Ron’s, so we introduce Gina’s son, Michael. It’s not our intention to downplay Ron’s contribution to Gina’s sex life, but he was her husband, and a husband’s function is not only to provide stud service for a wife. Without a husband you don’t have a marriage. Michael, 19, will play an active role in our narrative, so be patient.

As luck would have it, Ron is stuck in Tokyo, not being allowed to leave the country. Air travel has almost been suspended. The good news is, her son Michael is available, and only too anxious to fill his Mom’s immediate needs. Like most young men, he kept in shape. He played tight end on Cal’s football team. The San Francisco 49’ers were his favorite team.

Women are in their sexual prime during their 30′ and 40’s. Moreover, women are able to enjoy sex well into their 80’s, due to a long exponential decay. The flip side is, the male libido diminishes from his teens until when he’s in his fifties. This appears to be a cruel joke perpetrated by nature, but if all a man wants to do is fuck for 50 or 60 years, he wouldn’t get much accomplished in life, now would he?

That was the situation with Ron. He met Gina at the Harvard Club. Situated along the Charles River in Cambridge, the Harvard Club had monthly dances for MBA types and of course Gina wanted to nab herself an MBA. Ron was good looking, he was well dressed, could hold an intelligent conversation, and was not covered in tattoos. That in itself made him stand out from the crowd.

Gina was an extrovert, with a good figure and she loved to cook. This is important because we don’t intend to portray Gina as a simple minded slut. On their first date, Gina invited him to her home for a home cooked dinner. That exposed Ron to Gina’s mother who had to read his palm first. Gina’s mom did astrological charts as well, and she used these charts to filter out Gina’s potential suitors.

Being athletic and graceful, Gina had studied ballet and had the legs and solid ass of a dancer. Ron was much taken by her personality; Gina was impressed by his letting her talk. In short, Ron didn’t bore her to death by talking about himself and his job. Ron was a scientist not an MBA. When Ron did speak about his work, Gina didn’t understand what the hell he was talking about.

They got married, and Gina was surprised by first, her own voracious sexual appetite, and second by Ron’s love for eating pussy. He was fascinated by a woman’s vagina — its appearance, and its functionality. He would get down on his elbows and tell Gina stories to turn her on. You could call it pillow talk. While he was down there between her legs, he’d watch her labia swell, and open, and then viscous liquid pumped itself out and down her thighs. It was amazing to him. When her clit appeared from under its hood, he blew on it, touched it tentatively, and encouraged by her moaning he rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. It was then that he applied his lips to her vulva and literally worshipped at her temple of Venus.

Ron literally fell in love with Gina’s pussy and spent hours using his mouth on her, driving her to the point of screaming and begging him to stop. He ate Gina for hours at a time, causing her to experience hysterical climaxes until she passed out. Gina was multi-orgasmic but there was a limit to what her heart could endure.

No one ate pussy better than Ron, which was surprising. He seemed too cerebral and never asked her to suck his cock like other men did. Of course, most other guys were high school dropouts and had such low self esteem that only a cocksucker could temporarily restore their self worth. A guy with a PhD doesn’t ask a woman to suck his cock.

Ron did not propose to Gina. Gina proposed to him, because it’s not every day you meet a guy who loves to eat pussy. And in the first year they were married, it was like heaven for Gina. They had to call 911 once because Ron thought Gina had a heart attack. After the first year the novelty of Gina’s pussy began to wear off, and Ron had to come up with more creative ways to get her off. He hired male escorts for Gina, not so much to take her out, but to fuck her. She went along with the arrangement for a few weeks, but those guys were ordinary big dicks — and expensive — hustlers. They did it for the money and didn’t give a shit about Gina. She felt cheap and unappreciated.

Their marriage was good, he never thought of cheating on her. She was a devoted wife, and cooked wonderful meals, and they had predictable sex — nothing kinky, no swapping with other couples, and they didn’t watch porn together. They just enjoyed each other.

After two years of marriage, Michael was born. He weighed over nine pounds at birth and the delivery nurse joked about Michael becoming a football player. He was a beautiful baby, not ugly like some babies.

Ron’s work took up more of his time, as he moved up the corporate bursa escort ladder, and Gina was left with mixed emotions. Sure it was great for Ron, but she found herself alone a lot. Gina’s sex drive was getting stronger and she either had to get a hobby or spend more time toying with her pussy. She decided to take up photography.

She attended a university class on photography, and bought herself a mid-level Nikon. The emphasis was on seeing and Gina noticed things she never saw before. Like homeless people, and cops busting black people over the head with batons, and tattooed hookers standing on street corners. She took pictures of dog shit and dumpsters and alcoholics sitting in dark doorways. She didn’t need a darkroom because she was shooting only digital. She asked her friend Rebecca to pose for her and all Rebecca wanted was someone to lick her pussy. Photography was depressing.

From Ron’s perspective, he could have taken a high paying manager’s position but decided to take a cut in salary and travel all over the world. He knew his wife would find a solution to satisfying her insatiable need for hot sex. Initially Gina felt Ron could get it up if he wanted to. She’d always accuse him ‘who are you saving it for???’ To many of you, this may sound familiar.

To Ron, it wasn’t love making anymore. There was no kissing, no foreplay. She’d just lay back, spread her legs and tell him she was horny. Sometimes, Ron stuck his finger down his throat and told her he was feeling nauseous; it must have been something he ate, and he immediately rushed to the bathroom and vomited. He barely made it on time.

When this story begins, Ron was away on a trip to Japan. Ron seemed to be traveling all the time. From Texas, he ‘d go to a foundry in Australia, then meet with people in Osaka. They lived in Silicon Valley in California. As the wife of a semiconductor engineer, she knew there would be nights like this –nights of longing, and sexual hunger.

It had been four weeks since that big, hard cock had burrowed inside her pussy and filled her with his warm cum. Gina’s cunt was throbbing. “Oh … Ron,” she whispered softly as she spread her long, shapely legs. “Why don’t you come home?” She had the sneaking suspicion he didn’t want to come home. Judging from current events, he may never come home.

Gina gave another moan and slipped her fingers across the creamy texture of her thigh to the mass of auburn hair that fringed her oozing, throbbing cunt. Slowly she played at the tight opening, exploring the sensitive membranes. When her middle finger came in contact with her pulsating clit, she flinched. Carefully she pulled back the loose folds of skin to fully reveal the tiny nub and ran her fingertip over the satiny surface. Immediately spasms of delicious agony swept around her cunt and melted toward the base of her spine.

“Oh … God,” she grunted, half-sitting.

She increased the pressure of her finger, then slipped it deeply inside. As her vaginal muscles sucked around her finger, she squeezed her knees together. The pleasure was intensified, yet more agonizing. Her finger could never compare to that big slab of meat Ron had. Eight inches of rock-hard cock, almost as big around as her wrist. Of course, she missed Ron’s tongue mostly and how he made her clit bob in a samba motion.

She closed her eyes and could see that glorious prick, the purplish veins, the slippery foreskin that totally covered the mushroom cock knob , and the hair that covered his big balls.

Her body convulsed suddenly, causing her head to jerk to one side. As her orgasm peaked, she rolled to her side, then lay on her hand. She began humping wildly up and down, flexing and unflexing her vaginal muscles, drawing her finger in and out of her spritzing hole. And even when the ecstasy swelled her insides, she knew she would be left empty, probably worse off than before. This was the horrible part. She would lie in bed, drained, craving cock until she finally collapsed in a fitful sleep.

A few moments later, she rolled back over and looked up at the ceiling, a pained expression on her face. She tried to empty her mind of all thoughts, but it was useless. Every shape in the room seemed to remind her of her husband’s massive affair. She shot a glance at the dresser, her eyes searching out something — anything that would relieve the desperate itch she was feeling. Quickly she leaped off the bed and grabbed her new silicone dildo. These days dildoes were available in a vending machine at Starbucks.

She began thrusting the dildo in and out of her cavity so quickly her hand became a fleshy blur. At last she climaxed, causing her to scream and almost fly up off the bed.

She shook her head and fought back the tears. It wasn’t fair, she thought. It simply wasn’t fair to want something so much. She couldn’t concentrate on her housework, the needs of her family — anything. Not when her pussy was aching like this.

She was about to remove the dildo and try to get some sleep when the door opened suddenly. For a long bursa escort bayan moment she couldn’t even react. Her son, Michael, stood there, his mouth hanging open, his eyes glued to the area between her thighs.

“Mom!” the boy said finally, flushing beet-red. “I … I thought you … that is, I heard you scream and … and … “

His voice sputtered to a halt, and he took a step backward, almost knocking over a large oriental flower vase. Ron had shipped it from Japan.

Michael swallowed hard, and tried to look away from his Mom’s gaping pussy. But a wet, pulsing vagina fringed with hair was a magnet; he could feel its power pulling on his eyeballs, so he was going nowhere. He tried to speak, but only a rattle escaped his lips,

“Michael,” Gina finally gasped, “I thought you were out with Betty.”

“She … she had to bring her dog to the vet, ” her son replied, feeling ridiculous. Here he was carrying on a conversation with his Mom while she lay there naked, and a dildo sticking out of her pussy.

“I … I’m sorry,” he added. “I guess I should have knocked.”

The thoughts that raced through Gina’s mind were more shocking than what had happened. She suddenly saw her son in a new light. He was over six feet tall, taller than his father, and the shock of raven-black hair that curled around his angular face set off the flashing, brown eyes to full advantage. Years of football had made his body taut and muscular. He was a jock, not like his father. Her eyes dropped to the thick bulge in his jeans, and she wondered if he had taken after his father in that department.

“I was missing your father,” she finally stammered. “I guess you think I’m pretty awful,” she added, squeezing her legs together and trying to hide the 12-inch dildo behind her hands.

“No, I don’t,” Michael said simply. He knew exactly what it was like to want sex and not get it. In fact he had a bad case of blue balls; just looking at his Mom was almost enough to make him blow his wad. “I … I know exactly how you feel,” he added, licking his lips.

Gina knew that she shouldn’t entertain the thoughts that burned in her mind, but she couldn’t help it. She could picture her son’s naked body fucking some younger girl — Betty she imagined — and almost feel the cock stab in and out of her own slick pussy.

“No,” she whispered, trying to drive the thoughts from her feverish mind. “Oh God, no!”

“I guess I’d better leave,” Michael said, although from the tone of his voice, it was obvious he didn’t want to. His Mom was still one of the best looking women he’d ever seen. She had long, auburn hair, eyes green as emeralds, and the body of a twenty-year-old. And those tits! Full and ripe! They were tipped with coral-pink nipples that made his mouth water.

“I … I’m sorry,” he said again, moving backward more carefully through the door.

“Don’t go,” Gina said, wondering why she’d said it.

“Huh?” Michael said, freezing in his tracks.

“I’m lonely,” Gina said. “Stay with me a while.”

“Then you’d better get some clothes on,” Michael said. “I wouldn’t trust myself around you like that.” He was kidding, of course, but she wasn’t sure.

Gina’s heart skipped a beat. What was she about to suggest? She clamped her lips tightly to cut off any further words, but they came out anyway. When she head them, she was as shocked as her son, almost as if someone else had said them.

“I want a cock so bad I can taste it,” she said, her eyes widening for emphasis.

“Taste it?” Michael repeated, his eyes locking into hers.

“Can I see your penis?” Gina asked, her voice barely audible over the roaring in her ears.

As in a trance, Michael began undressing. When he was down to his socks and shorts, a band of sweat beaded on his forehead and upper lip. Quickly he pulled off his socks, then yanked his jockey shorts down. As he did, his massive cock slapped upward, hitting his stomach.

“My God!” Gina gasped, locking her eyes on his cock. “It’s … it’s huge!”

Again Michael turned red with embarrassment. What was he doing, for Christ’s sake? Standing in front of his Mom, naked as a jay-bird, and with a cock like a stallion.

“Let me … touch it,” Gina said, sitting up on the bed and reaching towards him. “Come here …”

How do you say ‘no’ to your Mom? The distance from the door to the bed seemed a mile to Michael. And as he approached the bed, he felt his balls swell, as if they would explode. He grabbed his cock with his right hand, and squeezed the base. That made it surge forward another inch.

“Oh, it’s beautiful,” Gina whispered, grasping his shaft. “You’re as big as your father. Mmmmmmm … even bigger …”

Although she was still horrified with what she was doing, she couldn’t stop. Not now! Nothing seemed to matter but that massive prick, and the heady aroma of his firm, lanky body.

“I want it!” she murmured, moving her face toward his crotch and parting her lips. “I just want to feel it in my mouth. Just for a minute …”

“Mom escort bursa … this isn’t right,” Michael whispered, trying to make some sense of the situation. “We can’t,” he added weakly, knowing they would. From the look in her eyes, and her fingers toying with her pussy lips.

She used her right hand to hold him. It seemed heavy to her, but smooth and not totally solid. She liked it flexible like this, so she could play with it. She used two hands now, one to slide his foreskin up and down. She loved his foreskin. Gina gently stuck her tongue against his cock knob, under the foreskin, licking the precum that had already appeared. She opened her mouth wider, slipping her lips over a third the length his cock.

“Oh … shit!” Michael murmured, placing his hands on her shoulders.” I… I know we shouldn’t, but it sure feels good … “

Nothing on earth could have kept Gina from what she was doing. The back of her throat was like a magnet, drawing his cock hungrily. And as more of his prick slid across her tongue, she felt the burning ache in her body intensify. When the thick, meaty cock head almost reached against her tonsils, her cunt convulsed with an electric jolt.

“Uhhhhh!” she groaned, closing her eyes and digging her nails into the muscular flesh of his thighs.

“Jesus …” Michael muttered, watching his prick disappear completely inside her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked deeply. Her hand caressed her own nipple as she felt she was on fire. When she moved to palm his big hairless balls, he thrust his hips forward. “You… you took it all! I don’t believe it!”

“Mmmmmmm …” his Mom hummed, then pulled her face away. She let his shaft slip from her mouth and bounce upward. “A woman would be crazy not to want to suck on this monster … ” she added, licking the underside of his prick.

“Do it more,” Michael whispered. “Don’t talk about it, just suck it, Mom.”

“Don’t worry,” Gina responded, “I’m gonna suck you so dry you won’t believe it.”

She pulled him down on the bed and crawled between his legs. She then held his prick at a right angle to his body and again clamped her lips around the tip of it. At the rubbery shaft entered her mouth she gave a low, throaty groan of pleasure. She could almost taste the cum, and knew from experience she was going to swallow whatever he unloaded at her. In just a few minutes — she wanted to hold him off if she could.

“Faster!” Michael whispered suddenly, feeling his ball sac burning, “Do it as fast as you can.”

Gina did as he asked, bobbing her head up and down, rolling her tongue in loops over his shaft. Her hair was wild, a mess, but she didn’t care. Who needs nice hair when you’re blowing someone? And every time his huge cock slipped in and out of her throat, her cunt responded with a small squirt. Suddenly she felt the length of his prick throb then expand; the sperm load was stronger than she expected. She swallowed most of it, spurt after spurt, with some trickling out of the corners of her mouth.

“Mmmmfffff!” Gina choked, unable to believe the enormous amount of jizz he had squirted down her throat. Some of the thick, creamy juices blasted upward, into her nostrils, and leaked out from there. She was having mini climaxes as he’d pumped his cum at her.

“All … of it, Mom,” Michael grunted, feeling the bulk of his load burst from his cock head. “Gargle it down and lick me dry …”

As his Mom worked on his prick like a starving animal, Michael felt a release like he’d never known before. Most girls had to be coaxed to do this, and when they did, they most often wouldn’t swallow it. But his Mom! Christ, she was gulping that stuff down like it was ice cream.

Gina sucked the last drop of his jizz, then crushed her face fully into his sweaty crotch. She twisted her head around and squeezed her knees together, milking one last spasm of pleasure out of her orgasm. Finally, she relaxed and closed her eyes, moaning around the now limp cock.

“Wow,” Michael gasped, “no wonder Dad is so crazy about you. You suck dick better than anyone!”

His words brought Gina back to reality. My God, she thought, what has happened? I’ve blown my own son! I just swallowed a massive load of cum!

She jerked upward and sat back on her haunches, feeling ashamed, unable even to look him in the eye. How would she ever be able to face him again, to face her husband? She felt dirty temporarily, but what the hell. It might give her a decent night’s sleep.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Michael asked, touching her arm. “You sorry we did it?”

“Yes,” Gina answered very slowly. “Aren’t you?”

“Hell, no,” he laughed. “Shit, I’d like to do it again.”

His smile was so carefree, his look so innocent, that Gina felt a surge of pity for him. He had a lot to learn.

“I’m … I’m your Mother,” Gina whispered.

“Yeah, and it was wonderful. How many guys can say they were just blown by their mothers?” Michael grinned.

Gina laughed, feeling as if a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Her son’s attitude had changed her own. She felt alive, desired. And perhaps she would regret her actions in the morning, but there was tonight. And with any luck, there would be more nights.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32