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Big Ass

Roommate’s girl.

This is the story of how, Hannah, my roommate’s girlfriend, became my anal slut. This is when I was living in Nashville.

This I was in the middle of the week because I remember Amy had come over after work to fuck, but I got caught up with paper work so got home about 30 minutes later than I normally did. I walked into my apartment and on the couch was my roommate, his Korean-American girlfriend Hannah and Amy. The women seemed to be having a lively conversation. My roommate looked like he was already drunk and judging by the bottling of vodka on the coffee table I’m sure he was.

Amy is an army wife. She had a kid about a year ago and lost most of the baby weight, but her body was incredible. Her husband was in my last unit before I got out and we knew each other. I had met Amy separately and she introduced me to her husband and we had a conversation about me being here approved side piece. So basically whenever she didn’t have mom responsibilities and I was available we fucked. And this happened a lot. Her friends and her brother knew the deal.

When I walked in Amy came over gave me a hug and grabbed my hand leading us into my room. She just wanted a quickie before she had to go pick her daughter up from her moms house. My bed was still a mess from fucking my guitarist’s the night before after a song writing session.

Because this was a quickie I knew that she wasn’t going to want to have any kind of foreplay and just get down to me pounding her to fill her with my cum before sending her in her way. She got out of her skirt and pulled off her top and took off her panties as she crawled up onto my bed and spread her legs beckoning me to get on her.

I grabbed the lube from my nightstand and applied it to my cock after I stripped down so I could slide I to her more smoothly since I knew she would be wet, but without foreplay her pussy just wouldn’t be fully prepared for me. I put my cock into her and pounded away for maybe 7 minutes tops and when I felt her starting to cum and her legs wrapped around me and she did the uncontrollable grinding it pushed me over the top. I stayed in her until she relaxed. I put on shorts and got us water and some paper towels while she dressed. My roommate and Hannah weren’t in the living room anymore when I made my way to the kitchen.

Amy left me her panties on my night stand and thanked me for the cum. I walked her to her car, kissed her good bye and went back in to clean up, wash my sheets and cook myself dinner. I crashed around 9 that night after making my bed.

I woke to a soft knock on my door and creaking open. I was up and out of bed before it opened all the way because no one had a key to the apartment other than my roommate and my roommate knew my room was off limits. It’s not that I disliked my roommate. He was alright in small doses, but he was the kind of guy that was inexplicably angry at life, but he had a nice life based on what I could see.

When I turned on the light I saw it was Hannah. Her mother was Korean and her father was European mutt American. She looked Asian, but could probably pass for Eastern European. She looked like she had just finished showering and she was weeding the same clothes as when I saw her earlier.

I looked at my clock and saw it was just a little past midnight. I asked her what’s up. She told me Mike was passed out from the vodka so wouldn’t be able to lock up behind her so if I could bahis siteleri do it. I told her there’s a turn on the inside knob that can lock it as she leaves as long as she pulled the door closed firmly. Then she said she needs someone to walk her to her car that’s in the visitor parking area.

I pull on my shorts and an old band shirt. I didn’t think to close the door as I got dressed. It was already too late she saw me naked when I jumped out of bed and turned on the light. I grabbed my keys and lead her to the door, slipped on my flip flops and we walked out into the chill night air. Before we got to the stairs she asked me to stop. I assumed she forgot something.

She asked me if we could talk. I could see my breath when I exhaled so I told her we can go back into the apartment or in her car to talk, but I’m In flip flops and as much as I’m acclimatized to the cold it doesn’t mean I like it. We walk back into the apartment. And into the kitchen. I offer her water and she takes it. Her purse on the counter and she’s leaning by the sink.

It takes her a while to speak and it’s bothering me because I have to be up at 5 to get into work early to take care of some paper work. She finally spills it. She’s been with Mike for about two months. She knows it’s new and wasn’t expecting much, but he’s not even making an attempt to please her in the bedroom. She waited to sleep with him so she wouldn’t feel slutty after a string of very short flings. But now she was finding that the sex was all about him and his style of sex was just pounding away until he came.

Can confirm because we have bother fucked the same women on occasion after gigs and he’s got no finesse or any kind of technique. And for having just 5″ below the belt you’d think he would have been forced to learn to be more selfless.

I tell her simply if there’s no chemistry there she doesn’t have to stick around. Just that simple. I asked her if she’s actually talked to him about this and she says she has and he will try to make the attempt only for that night, but goes back to just pounding away like an animal.

She then proceeded to tell me she loves anal, but when there’s trust and the guy doesn’t think it’s like in porn when the guys just pounding away because unless you’re very prepared it hurts. She never told him she loves anal because of the way he fucks. She doesn’t want to be in pain for something she loves.

I shrugged and told her she’s got a decision to make. I’ve walked away from bad sexual chemistry even if the person was really cool outside of the bedroom. If that person cannot meet you half way what’s the point.

I finish my water and I try to reach around her to put the cup in the sink when I feel her hand grab a hold of my shirt. At first I thought the shirt got caught on to one of drawer handles, but when I looked at her I could see her eyes staring into me.

This is wrong. This is my roommate and band mate. If things went south it turns into a shit storm. This is a bad situation. I tell her I think she should leave. She pouted to me and asked me why. I told her because this is a recipe for disaster. As much as I would like to help her I couldn’t unless he knew and was okay with it. She tells me she knows I’m fucking Amy and she knows Amy is married. I shoot back that Amy’s husband knows the deal. Then she tells me she knows Lynn, my band’s guitarist, has a fiancé. I also tell her that her fiancé is aware that we fuck.

As canlı bahis siteleri I set my cup down in the sink and go to step back he pulls me in and kisses me. That’s all it took. I would fuck Hannah behind my roommate’s back. We shuffled back to my room closing and locking the door she stripped down out of her jeans and t-shirt I got out of my shorts and shirt.

We were still making out she she stopped and said wait wait wait. We have to have rules. I stepped back and said. Yeah I can agree to that. She looked down at my cock and her eyes widened before she continued.

Her rules: The only penetrative sex would be anal. Oral was fine both ways. But vaginal penetration wasn’t going to happen because she felt like that was cheating. Anal was more about her getting off than having a connection.

My rule: was Mike never knows even if thinks don’t work out for either of us and that this would be the only time it goes down in the apartment.

After months the only rule we didn’t break was Mike never knew.

She lay on the bed and spread her legs for me to go down on her but rather than focus on her pussy I went straight to her ass. I could tell she either shaved or washed because her pussy and ass were hairless. Usually hairless pussy makes me uneasy, but this was very nice. I rimmed her ass and tongued it getting her ready for my cock. I use my fingers to play with her pussy and clit.

She tells me she needs to feel my cock in her ass. So I start to move up and tell her to get the lube and a condom out of the night stand. She reaches over and only grabs the lube. I ask her again to grab a condom, but the s he tells me she cums harder when she feels the cum inside of her and she can hold on to it.

So he proceeds to help her legs back as I put lube on my cock and at her entrance and inside of her using one then two fingers. While I’m doing this I’m playing with her clit and then I get into position. The look on her face was a mixture of fear and smiles. I’m thick enough for women to hesitate when I fuck their pussy. This was going to be in her ass.

I slowly worked my cock at her entrance and I could feel her ass muscles working to open up for me. The little pulsing feeling just as my head penetrated her and her eyes opened up and she smiled telling me to go slow I dripped more lube as I kept sliding in. I was maybe about half way i when she asked me to pause.

She lay there. He hands holding her knees to her chest and her gaze boring into me. What felt like an eternity before she nodded and told me to keep going. I started to rub her clit again making her ass spasm as I kept sliding forward until I was balls deep inside her. I made my cock jump inside her and she gasped before smiling again. I slowly pulled out just a couple of inches and then slid back in.

She closed her eyes now and turned her face. She was in heaven. Each slide out and slow thrust making her tremble and moan. Once I felt her ass relaxing more and becoming accommodating only getting really tight on the full penetration and gripping me when I pulled out a bit.

Her ass had a mind of its own. Once I felt like she was adjusted to my girth fully I started to thirst more assuredly. Deep inside her and then pull out almost until my head was at her sphincter before thrusting all the way back into her. Her whispering broken by gasps and moans. Occasionally she would tell me how good my cock felt in her ass. I canlı bahis was so focused on fucking her as and playing with her clit I didn’t even pay attention to how cute her little tits and pink nipples where. They were being neglected tonight but in the future I would have to pay more attention.

I could feel her ass start to spasm before she did. I was balls deep in her and it started. She became to grind her hips hard and she released her legs as they came back to wraps around me. She lifted her hip off the bed and told me to fuck her hard. I started to really use my position and weight to pound deep I but o her as she began to cum. Her legs holding me and almost restricting me. I grabbed her by the shoulders from under her arms and just rammed into her biting her shoulder and neck as she came and then it happened for me.

I began to cum and we kissed so hard out touches exploring each other as my calls emptied into her ass. Just over and over I could feel the feedback cycle of our orgasms feeding each other. After the waves of pleasure stopped I was still deep in her ass. And we were both nearly out of breath. I carefully got up to go clean myself off and she did the same.

I got us water and went back into my bedroom and she told me she wanted more. I was already rock hard. I warned her that after cumming it takes me a much longer time for me to cum and she told me that’s a good thing. I disagree because my body will give out before my cock does.

She told me to lay back in bed. So I did. She went down on my and it was a sloppy blow job so wet and full of saliva. She grabbed the lube and added it to my wet cock and her ass again then she turned around and mounted me reverse cowgirl with her ass. This wasn’t a thrusting. This was her using her weight to take all of me in her ass and then she ground her hips and lifted her legs, planning her feet on the bed and just gyrated her ass with my cock deep inside of her.

She leaned back and then forward as she did it like wanting me to explore every possible angle of her ass. I was in heaven. I felt her cum and collapse at least twice l, but she kept working my cock in her ass until she couldn’t anymore and collapse on the bed next to me I was still so hard but unable to cum and it was a bit upsetting for me and her. She told me later she thought I wasn’t enjoying it. I really really was, but it was just not happening.

We cleaned up again and then I walked her to her car for real this time.

For the next few times it was always just anal. She was obsessed with my cock in her ass. She craved it to the point that when my roommate went to visit his family in Iowa for a week she spent the week in my apartment and if one of my FWB wasn’t there I was in her ass. That was also the first time I fucked her pussy.

It was kind of an accident. I had been ducking Amy one night and though she was still in bed with me when I woke up so so went to wake her up with my cock in her pussy. Hannah woke up and I realized my mistake, but rather than push me away or guide my cock to her ass she pulled me into her pussy. I didn’t cum inside her because she wasn’t in the pill and we weren’t using a condom.

Eventually she and mike broke up and that made it so her coming over to the apartment wasn’t something she could explain away. We still made time for each other, but eventually we just grew apart. Last time we had sex was at an after party. I was with Amy and Lynn and were planning a threesome when I saw her.

We ended up having a quickie in the parking lot in the back of my car. She was now on the pill and asked me to cum in her pussy. I did and then never saw or heard from her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32