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I hope you all like this shorter chapter. I promise you that there is a reason it is shorter. I’m hoping you all might decide to help me out here. Typically, the scenes I write tend to lean on the darker side. I’m trying to get a feel for if people want to see super Dominant bordering on Sadist big brother Dylan? Or Dylan who seems to be a tad scary, but it all actuality is sweet and loving and slightly Dominant in the bedroom. Thanks in advance for helping me out! Learning what my audience likes is the whole reason I am here!


“Tsk, tsk little sister.” Dylan’s warm breath caressed the side of Ashlynn’s face, sending a delicious mix of fearful and erotic chills through her body all at once. The grip Dylan had on her hair burned her scalp, but the pain was something Ashlynn knew she craved. She craved anything her older brother had to give. The chase, his stern gaze, his touch…

“I was going for a run, Dylan. You don’t have to be a dick about…ow!” Ashlynn whimpered as Dylan forced her to start walking unsteadily over the ballast of the train tracks and into the tree line of what had looked to be thick woods beside the tracks. Ashlynn could not help but feel a bit sheepish upon realizing there was a dirt road just beyond the patches of trees.

“He was probably able bursa escort to see me most of the time I was running,” Ashlynn felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment when her thoughts stated the obvious and set her mind to work planning the next time she ran.

Dylan’s car was parked a few feet away when he dragged her from the woods. Ashlynn’s pleas earned her nothing but a tighter grip on her hair and a jerk of her head when she made as if attempting to yank from his grasp and run again.

Before Ashlynn had time to think, Dylan had shoved her into the passenger seat and rounded the car. Ashlynn flinched when his door slammed and the locks engaged. They drove home in silence, allowing Ashlynn the time to question the wisdom of her plan when she cast a glance to the irritated ticking in her brother’s jaw…and time for a nervous pit to form in her belly.

“Maybe I went too far this time. Maybe he’s just going to tell me to pack my shit and go back to mom and dad’s place.” Ashlynn felt her stomach flip nervously and pushed those thoughts away.

Before she knew it, Dylan had pressed the button to open the garage door but did not drive the car in. Ashlynn cast a glance his way just as he ran his hands through his hair. “Dylan, I’m sorry…” Ashlynn began, in a hopeful attempt to bursa escort bayan keep him from sending her away the way she’d convinced herself he planned to do. Dylan tensed, and the ghost of an almost cruel smirk appeared on his lips.

“This is the last choice I am giving you, little sister,” Dylan lifted his hand to trace a lazy design over Ashlynn’s wrist. “This will go one of two ways, either I park the car, and we agree that this isn’t working out and you go back and live with mom and dad,” Ashlynn opened her mouth to protest, but Dylan lifted a hand into the air to tell her to be quiet. This time, Ashlynn obeyed. “Or, I park the car, and you go to my bedroom, strip, and kneel at the foot of my bed. If you do this, you’ll kneel in place, un-moving until I get there,” Dylan circles Ashlynn’s small wrist with his long fingers and squeezed, releasing his fingers only when Ashlynn’s face screwed up into a wince of pain.

“What will you do to me?” Ashlynn’s voice trembled, only slightly in fear but mostly with pure want. Her brother’s eyes flashed with a darkness Ashlynn had never seen before. “If you choose the second option, it won’t matter what I plan to do to you, Ashlynn. If you make that choice, you’ll be mine from then on. I’ll do what I like when I like. I’ll punish you, and escort bursa I’ll reward you. I’ll hurt you, and then kiss it all better once you’ve taken what I have to give you.” Dylan returned the painful grip to Ashlynn’s wrist, but this time did not release the pressure when Ashlynn’s face showed pain.

“If you make this choice, sweet sister, you will be mine. There will be no boyfriends, no partying, no more revealing slutty clothing at school. I’ll be a tyrant in your life. You will not make a move without asking permission first. On your knees. Make your choice, Ashlynn.” Dylan released his grip on Ashlynn’s wrist, the pulse of pain there feeling like a brand and making Ashlynn instantly miss his touch.

The remnants of the pain sent desire shooting through Ashlynn, straight down between her legs and pooling in the black lacy underwear she had regretted wearing the minute she had taken off running hours earlier.

Without another word, Ashlynn stepped from the car and made her way inside. She stopped only when she had come to the door leading inside to look back at her sexy big brother, who appeared somewhat worried that she hadn’t given him an answer. Opening the door, but making sure she had stepped inside just enough for him to still be able to see her but far enough in that the neighbors wouldn’t get an eyeful, Ashlynn pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it at the threshold. Ashlynn turned, catching her brothers eye once more and just in time to see the merciless, satisfied smirk plastered to his face…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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