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Sailing Chapter Three

The next morning I awoke to find Linda and Janice no longer in bed and the covers were no longer on the bed as I lay there naked in the middle of the bed. The sounds of the boat resting in the harbor as the sunlight streamed through the portholes helped bring me fully awake as well as the erection between my legs. I rolled off the bed and walked out into the galley not to find them and I went topside through the cockpit and found Linda sitting spread eagle on the cushions with Janice on her hands and knees with her ass in the air eating her out.

I sat down next to Linda on the bench and pulled her lips to mine as I used my left hand to caress Janice’s hair and to encourage her to continue going down on Linda. Linda leaned against me as we kissed and our tongues danced with each other as her hands went to my lower belly just above my hard cock. I had the view of Janice licking Linda’s cunt as we kissed each other. Linda was gasping for air as our tongues play with each other and I reached down with my hands and softly pinched her erect nipples as Janice continued slipping her tongue in and out of her cunt and used her fingers to play with Linda’s clit.

Linda removed her hand from above my cock and reached down with both hands and grabbed Janice by the hair as she spread her legs wide and arched her back as her chest and neck were flushed bright red. Janice never slowed down as she continued licking Linda’s pussy and soon Linda was screaming out into the air as she had a powerful climax. Janice’s face was covered in Linda’s cum and she leaned back on the far side of the cockpit. Linda laid there with her legs wide and her cunt still wet as she caught her breath. Janice laid back and used her fingers to clean her face while we laid back and watched.

My cock was hard and Linda looked down at it and asked me if I wanted to fuck her again before we set sail for the day. “No, I think I need to start getting us underway soon. Janice was the supplies reloaded like the water and food we needed?”

“Yes sir they were and the owners also threw in a pound of some of our best-grown weed for the two of you to enjoy while at sea.” Janice signed as she sat up and started to stand up.

“Janice one last thing before you leave make sure you give your hosts a generous thank you from us and we will return in the future,” I said before I kissed her.

Linda watched Janice as she bent over and untied the yacht and I started the engine and motored our way out of the harbor and back out into the open waters. Linda sat next to me as I used the powered equipment to raise the sails and then cut the motor and we were on our way out into the ocean with fair to partly cloudy skies and the air in the lower eighties. The waves were small and soon the island was far behind us as Linda went forward and sunned her naked body out on the fore-deck and I relaxed in the cockpit sailing the boat out into the sea.

The morning went smooth and now out of the sight of land, I set the sea anchor and grabbed my mask, snorkel, speargun, and fins before slipping into the warm waters below the boat to see if there were any fish below to catch for dinner later in the evening. The warm water flowed over my naked skin and I swam in the depths and I waited till a school of red snapper came come closer as I floated near the surface of the water. Linda was aboard and her routine as I dove for fish was to start making the rest of the meal all the while being nude as aboard there were never any clothing worn now.

I was able to spear two nice size fish and swam back to the ladder at the stern and pulled myself up unto the fantail and pulled off my gear and quickly scaled and gutted the fish before filleting them for dinner. Linda walked up from out of below with a bronze glow to her skin after sunning her body on the deck during the day as I sailed the boat.

Linda handed me an ice-cold beer and she had a nice fat joint rolled for us to smoke as I lay out on the fantail and let the sun dry my bronze-colored flesh. We lay there smoking the joints and sipping the cold beer as we touched each other’s bodies while we lay with each other out in the warm sun. I pulled Linda to my body and kissed her as my strong arms wrapped around her slender waist as we kissed. Her breasts were mashed against my chest as she laid down in my body and spread her legs open over my hips. Our torsos pressed against each other as the sun warmed our bodies. I had become so natural to be like this with one another now and as Linda rocked back and lifted herself onto her hands I looked down between our bodies and saw her breasts free and felt myself becoming erect as the head of my cock was rubbing between her labia as she pressed herself back further against my cock.

I rocked my hips up and the head of my cock slid between her lips and found the opening of her wet cunt as Linda lowered herself further down my body and soon I was filling her cunt with my meat as Linda sat up on her knees letting the sun shine down on ardahan escort her well-tanned flesh. I had my hands on her hips and was thrusting in and out of her cunt as her tits swayed back and forth in front of me. Her nipples were hard and wrinkled with her excitement as we fuck with total abandon out under the sun on the deck.

Our breathing had become fast and shallow as we increased our speed of fucking and being out where no one could bother us or moans and screams of lust grew louder and louder as we climaxed with each other. Gasping for air Linda fell to the side as I sat up and rolled her over with her back on the deck and her legs spread wide. My cum was oozing out of her cunt as she ran her fingertips up and down her slit as I stood up and started the gas grill so I could cook our lunch.

Standing on the stern of the boat with a warm breeze blowing I looked out into the ocean and there was nothing to be seen as I stepped over and picked up the fillets and kissed Linda as she sat up and welcomed my kiss. Linda quickly went below and gathered up the spices to put on the fish and came back with them and some drinks for us as I cooked the fish. Linda poured the drinks as I cooked and already had the salad and baked potatoes are done from when I went diving. The fish was finished quickly and we ate sitting out in the cockpit with a bottle of chilled white wine and smoking two joints before just laying back and having a nap under the cover of the cockpit.

I awoke to find Linda gone and I stretched out on the stern and let the hot afternoon sun warm my body and I could hear Lind below deck taking a shower and cleaning up from earlier so I laid there on the deck and tanned my already bronze body. Linda came up from below after a while and laid down next to me and wrapped her body along my right side with her right arm across my chest causing her right breast to press against my chest and her right leg over mine as with my legs spread wide her hand was on my stomach just above my crotch. The smell of her freshly washed hair in my nose as we just let the motion of the boat rock us to sleep out on the deck.

The birds in the sky cried out as they flew by and as the afternoon went by I got us up and made sail to get us back underway to the next lagoon where we could drop anchor for the night. The sails filled with wind from the brisk breeze and we were making way with the wake behind us as the afternoon flowed past the bow of the yacht and behind the stern with a froth.

Linda jumped up and grabbed the binoculars and pointed off to the starboard side and in the distance, I spotted a bright yellow object low in the water. Tacking hard to the starboard I turned the boat towards whatever it was and saw a lone figure waving its arms as we dropped sail and engaged the engine so I could make a straight path towards whomever it was in distress. It took longer than expected as the person was further away than I had expected, but as we approached we saw it was a large inflatable lifeboat with a single female aboard.

I marked our position on the GPS for a reference point if it was needed in the future. Her long hair was wet and matted and her skin was a deep red as she had no shelter while she had been adrift. Linda threw her a rope and she grabbed it and held onto it as the lifeboat bumped against our yacht.

It was a young woman who had been stranded and as Linda and I were nude she saw us and tried to cower on the far side of the lifeboat. Linda finished tying off the lifeboat and jumped in and went to the girl who could have been no older than her mid-twenties. Her shirt had been torn and her shorts were in tatters also as Linda went to her.

I went below and grabbed several bottles of cold water and as I was coming back up out of the hatch Linda waved me off and took the girl with her girl below deck and into the bedroom and closed the door behind them. I went to the cockpit and lifted the sails and as I cut the engine the lifeboat fell in behind the wake of the yacht as it was towed behind us.

I did not see the two of them for some time and made my way to the nearest small lagoon sheltered from the wind. Even late in the afternoon, the lagoon was empty of boats and I dropped anchor and went fishing for something for the three of us to eat for dinner. The water felt nice as I swam and speared a good-sized sea bass that was enough for the three of us to share and as I came up I saw Linda on deck next to the ladder waiting for me.

“Marica is below and she is in pretty bad shape as she was adrift yesterday without food and just three bottles of water. The owner of the ship she was on set her adrift after finding out something very personal about her, but she did not want to say what it was yet. I think it best we let her do as she pleases and since the weather is nice we can sleep in the saloon or spend most time out here on deck.” Linda told me as she looked over her shoulder now and again towards the ladder leading below.

“Just make ardahan escort bayan sure she has enough food and water and look in on her from time to time. I will do what I like to do on deck and enjoy the warm night.” I softly told Linda.

“Let me get the grill going and then we can fix dinner. I gave her some of my shorts and halter top as I am not too sure if she wants to expose herself to us, but I think it best we did not bother covering up as she already has seen us naked and this is our yacht,” she said as she kissed me as I pulled myself up the ladder and dropped the sea bass on the stern deck and pulled my dive knife and cleaned the fish quickly before coming up onto the deck with it.

Linda had already had the salad made for two, but adding a little more to it and the size of the fish there would be more than enough for the three of us for dinner. Linda took a large plate and a small bottle of white wine below deck to the girl and returned and sat next to me as we ate our meal. The fish was filling and we drank a large bottle of wine with the meal and after dinner, we sat out on the deck as the stars came out as the sun fell below the horizon. I heard the girl crying below deck and Linda asked me if we should do anything.

“You may be better at helping her as she may have been abused from the look of her clothing when we found her and I may seem a threat to her in her state. It may not be a bad idea to let her know we do not judge or hold anything secret from her and if there is anything we may do to help her while she is with us.” I said as I softly swatted Linda on her hip as Linda stood up and walked away. I watched her naked body and even after all this time alone with us being naked I still enjoyed the way her backside swayed as she walked.

Linda turned and saw me looking and smiled as she turned back and stepped down the ladder to go below. I laughed at the thought of having her again that night upon the deck no matter what the young woman had gone through and I laid down and looked up into the evening sky to see a shooting star cross from the western sky towards the east.

The night itself was silent except for the sounds of the ripples against the side of the yacht as I lay there waiting for Linda to come back up onto the deck. I could hear her moving down below and then the sounds of them talking and the sound of the freshwater pump as the shower went on before either her or the girl took a shower. I could hear the girl protesting about undressing, but Linda would have none of her protests as Linda continued trying to undress her from the sounds of what was going on below deck till I heard splashing in the shower and Linda came up on deck looking a bit shaken.

“I found out why she was put adrift, but you may not be ready for this,” Linda said.

“Why?” was all I asked.

“She is transgendered. She has breasts as you saw, but once I got her shorts off of her I found out she also has a penis and testicles like you. I told her it does not matter to us and if she wanted to come out on deck after her shower she could wear one of my bikini tops and a wrap-around her hips.” Linda told me as she looked me in the eyes trying to judge my emotions.

“I hope she does come up on deck as I want her to feel at ease with us and enjoy our company. Do you think I should put on shorts or just stay the way I am now?” I asked Linda.

“Marica is her name and she said it is our boat and for us to do as we please, so I think it best we stay naked and do what we would do right now!” Linda went to straddle my hips.

“Linda how can we have sex in case she comes up on deck. It might make her uncomfortable seeing us make love as she was just thrown off a ship as you told me.” I questioned

“Baby let me be the judge of that, She is an adult who knows the ways of humans and if we make love in front of her how can we be a threat to her?” Linda said as she reached back and fondled my hardening cock. I hardened quickly and Linda sat herself down onto my cock as I heard the door to the main cabin open.

I looked over and saw Marica coming up the stairs and her eyes locked onto mine. I looked away back to Linda who had closed hers and was moaning as Marica came further up the stairs and I saw she was topless. I was stunned by how beautiful her face was once cleaned and with a little makeup on and she continued climbing the stairs till she was out of the hatch. Marica had on a loose wrap around her hips to hide her other parts, but it would not have bothered me as Linda opened her eyes and looked at Marica and then back at me.

“She is so pretty, now be a good boy and fuck me till I cum and then you fill me full. I know she is watching so be nice and fuck me hard.” Linda moaned as she laid herself onto my chest.

I wrapped Linda in my arms and rolled over with her on the bottom and Linda spread her legs as I pressed myself up onto my hands and started slipping my shaft in and out of her wet cunt. Linda wrapped her ankles around escort ardahan my ass and used them to help set the timing of my thrusts as her breathing was quick and shallow as her head rolled from side to side and moans of pleasure escaped her lips. I was a bit uncomfortable for some reason as Marica sat on a cushion watching us with her pert firm breast flushed either from the sunburn or from lust watching Linda and I make love nearby.

Marica was watching us as I turned and looked towards her and she blushed as Linda reached an orgasm and I leaned back and pulled out of Linda. “Marica I am sorry to make you uncomfortable if us making love bothers you I will stop,” I said

She looked at me with her dark brown eyes and there were tears on her cheeks. “It does not bother me as you two are so in love and it is natural for you to make love. I am just in the way. I will go back below till you finished.” she said as she started to stand up.

“Stay please stay!” Linda almost shouted. “You need someone to put the first aid cream on your sunburned skin.”

Marica looked shocked at how loud Linda had been and sat back down.

Linda got off of me and reached into the first aid kit nearby and took the cream and started to apply it to Maricas back as the burn was red, but not blistered from the time on the lifeboat.

“I know it may be difficult for you, but please remove the wrap from around your waist as we both do not mind who you truly are and we welcome you to join us being nude. We hold no secrets from one another and we both feel it would be good for you to be free and just enjoy our company tonight.” I said as I wrapped my left arm around Linda at the waist.

Linda had a few joints already rolled and in a dry box within reach and I stood up and stepped past Marica to go below to retrieve two bottles of chilled white wine for the three of us to drink. I stopped next to Marica and let my fingers brush through her hair as she looked up at me and I smiled as I stepped down the ladder to go to the galley.

I reached into the fridge and pulled out the bottles and opened them both and did not bother with glasses as I thought we would simply share the bottles as we passed around the joints we were going to smoke. Carrying the bottles topside I saw Linda had lit the first joint and was offering it to Marica as I sat down between the two of them and handed one bottle to Linda and the other the Marica as Marica handed the joint to me.

We smoked four joints and polished off the wine in short order and It was obvious the three of us were more than a little buzzed. I tossed the ladder over the side and Linda dove headfirst into the water. I stood up and offered my hand to Marica and helped her stand up and as she did I pulled the wrap from around her waist to expose her body. Marica looked every bit the woman but had what looked to be a four-inch penis and small testicles.

I jumped in and pulled her with me as she squealed as we hit the water. We swam and played around in the water as the three of us were wasted and played tag. We all played with each other’s bodies as we swam and there was no feeling odd or different as we swam in the dark water. The stars and moon shone in the night as we played. Linda went climbing out of the water and I reached out and patted her ass as she makes it up the ladder. I allowed Marica next and did the same to her and she turned and smiled at me as she made her way up onto the deck. I was the last one up and saw Marcia alone on deck as Linda must have gone below for something.

“Marcia you are a wonderful and sexy woman. I hope you do not mind me saying this?” I said as I moved to kiss her.

Marica looked at me for a moment as I watched her expression and then she closed her eyes and tilted her head back as I did kiss her. Linda popped up out from below with a bottle of red wine as I felt Marica lean against me and her cock rubbed against my right thigh. I hugged her harder to my body as Linda tapped me on the shoulder.

“Looks like the two of you are getting a little more than close. Should I go below and give you two time to enjoy each other a bit better?” Linda laughed.

“I am so sorry I was overwhelmed and he is so handsome I am so sorry to have kissed him.” Marcia stammered.

“It is fine with me, but I think before we continue the fun and games we may want to take a step back and think about if the three of us are ready. Marica are you quite sure you want to have sex with us or could this be a natural emotional reaction of being afraid of being set adrift. We will not do anything you do not wish, but I think it wise for tonight just to have a nice buzz and in the morning after breakfast, we may talk about the living situation aboard the ship. The rest of the evening we drank and talked about our lives and how Marica had become to be aboard the ship.

She told us there was a man who had come to the club where she and several of her female friends were drinking and dancing and started to buy them all drinks most of the night till they were very drunk. He was a tall stocky man well-muscled by the cut of his silk double-breasted suit and he only sipped his drink while they partied the night away. He had very long raven black hair pulled back in a leather band well past the middle of his shoulders.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32