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Alexis pressed her hips back up into her brother’s body as he thrust forward into her depths. His cock was at full strength again and its length fulfilled an indefinable need. Alexis had always heard size mattered, but she was able to truly appreciate the wonders of a large penis beneath her brother. Its length was perfect for sliding fully into her and stretching her pussy, just beyond the limits of comfort. But as it evacuated its post an onrushing sweep of pleasure would storm through her body before it hammered home again. Time seemed to stand still for her as the wide head of his dick stroked in and out, allowing her to savor the multitude of sensory experiences that came with passionate sex. The sounds of his breathing mixing with her own, lacing over the undertone of the wet slap of her pussy against his balls blended into the scents of their sweats and sexual release.

She studied the straining face poised over her body as Ryan sought to control the timing of his release. His pace was urgent and frenetic, hoping to get her to cum before he succumbed to his own excitement. The short fast thrusts were perfect to hit her G-spot and her clitoris, and she quickly found her body twisting back beneath him, trapped on his intruding rod. Her orgasm was swift and powerful and her pussy flooded their joining with fluid.

At the sound of her loud cry of release, Ryan lost control of his ability to keep from cumming. His cock once again leapt to life inside of his sister’s pussy and he rammed home once more, his semen shooting forth into the hollow of her womb. A seemingly endless flow jumped to her depths and filled Alexis with an indescribable warmth. Ryan’s arms folded beneath him and his weight came pressing down onto her body. Alexis stared up at her brother as he panted to catch his breath. Her arms cradled him in a firm embrace, knowing that if she released him some semblance of guilt would return. But with his penis’s heat still filling her, and her own orgasm just beginning to fade, all she could think about was how much she loved these moments with her brother, and how fully satisfied she felt afterwards.

This recent round of screwing had begun simply enough. Ryan had taken her to a small hostel off the main square to administer her injection. But being around her naked had its toll and he quickly found himself fighting to restrain the urge to take her again. He had failed to a certain extent- the soft stroking of his fingers over her naked backside and the gentle dip between her thighs of another had caused Alexis to respond positively. With the injection done she had rolled over, her young breasts filling her brother’s field of vision, and had slid into his lap. The press of his erection through his shorts had been enough to encourage her on and to cause her to forget the societal taboo their love betrayed. Her hands had worked quickly to free him of his imprisonment, drawn on by the need of her pussy’s crush against him. The sex had started urgently and gradually slowed to a steady caress until need had once again driven them on.

The brother and sister were quite happy with themselves for now. Both were still blissfully unaware that her regular injections included powerful aphrodisiacs and chemicals which suppressed inhibitions. Perhaps even if they had known they would not have cared.

Across the island, in an ancient ceremonial site, Allyson and Sandra strolled. They had missed the entirety of the fertility and harvest rites as they had plunged deeper into the undergrowth, only to emerge hours later in this sacred primal site. Both women had removed their tops in the safe anonymity of the green foliage, sweat completely drenching their shirts and causing the collars to chafe uncomfortably. Sandra had been a little surprised at first to find that Allyson wore no bra or bikini top beneath her shirt, but had quickly grown accustomed to the full breasts that peaked the other woman’s torso. After a good forty five minutes of hiking that way, she had also removed her bra, finding the sensation of her bare breasts being caressed by the indiscriminate hand of an ocean breeze quite refreshing. Allyson had teased her a bit at first about overcoming her soccer mom mentality and her conservative background but had given up when Sandra did not respond.

The two women found their conversations to be quite lively, coming from such differing viewpoints. Allyson tip-toed a fine line of truth and falsehood as she sought to maintain her persona of a small business owner and captain of the yacht. But she still had some distinctively liberal ideas which were unique to the middle-class mother of two. Allyson always argued from a very intelligent and informed viewpoint and Sandra found herself appreciating the flawlessness of the woman’s mind. When they arrived at the ceremonial site, she was surprised to find herself breathless.

The ancient society which had built up the site had obviously done so with brute human strength, moving large stones and statues many hundreds of feet up the steep jungle hillside. The carvings were immaculate, and despite dvd full porno their age, seemed to be fully legible. Much of the undergrowth had avoided intruding upon this site, it seemed to stand back, wary of encroaching on some god’s territory. At the center of a large ring of heavy stones sat a small four foot wide pool that was roughly two and half feet deep. Allyson told her guest that the site held a spiritual significance important for ritual cleansing. The people would annually send a virgin up the hill side to be taken by the shaman in the pool. The union would take place after the first large rainfall filled the basin in springtime. The natural water would act as a cleansing for the people so that they would not suffer during the coming year from crimes or sins against the gods.

Sandra was a bit surprised that at the culmination of this little history lesson, Allyson removed the rest of her clothing as if nothing was wrong in the world. Again, the guide and captain had neglected to wear underclothing and her body stood gloriously naked before it slipped into the shallow pool. Once again, there was a gently teasing smirk from Allyson, as Sandra visibly struggled as to whether she would join her partner in the small pool. With a mental, what the hell, Sandra removed her hiking boots and socks and pulled her cargo shorts down her tanned sweaty legs. She stepped free of them and approached the pool, her bikini bottoms still firmly in place between her legs and over her waist. Allyson’s smile did not flee at this sudden act of boldness, but she obligingly slipped to a side of the pool so that Sandra could lay out similarly.

Atop the mountain side, the sun beating down on the cool rain filled basin, the women discussed more of what life had taught them. The conversation had turned at some point to Sandra’s husband and his absence from the family. The divorce had been messy and had related to differences in sexual opinion. Ryan and Alexis’ father had desired to have a very liberal and experimental sex life with his wife. He had managed to get her to allow them film their sexual encounters. Then he had tried to pressure her into sleeping with some of his guy friends while he filmed. Sandra had firmly refused, but had become aware that some of his poker buddies had seen the tapes.

As the relationship had continued to suffer and it became apparent that her husband was going elsewhere for his sexual desires, Sandra had given into one of his demands. For his birthday, the last year they were together, she had a threesome with him and another woman he claimed to have contacted through the web. The experience was good, so they had made arrangements to meet again. Sandra told Allyson how she had later found out that the woman was actually his girlfriend of several years and that had been the killing blow in their relationship. Within months the divorce papers were finalized and he had disappeared into the red lights of his fantasies. Sandra was a bit uncomfortable with the line of conversation and some of the memories it aroused, but before she could shift the conversation topic, Allyson interrupted.

“Did he ever give in to any of your fantasies?”

“No. It was always about his. Some of the early attempts we had at spicing up our sex life were mutual desires, but as they got more extreme, they were really just his,” Sandra replied.

“But you did like the threesome,” Allyson quizzed.

Sandra nervously gave her an honest answer to the affirmative.

Allyson continued to press onward. “Did it hurt badly, because it had been so good, and then you found out that you were being played? Or was it because you felt like you were being tossed aside for this other woman?”

“I guess it was a little bit of both,” Sandra surmised. “It had been totally scary for me at first, but when we actually did do it, it was a lot of fun! I mean, I hadn’t experienced that intense of stimulation ever in my life. The other girl was beautiful, young, energetic, and very talented. My husband knew what I liked, so between the two, I found myself just all caught up. But when I found out that he had been cheating on me all along, I felt betrayed by him, by her, and by myself.” She was a bit surprised to hear herself voicing the long buried emotions. She had never told anyone this. She had never had anyone to tell.

Allyson took a big risk and asked a question which she had not intended to, but had been thinking about ever since she had first encountered Ryan’s family. “Have you ever thought about doing it again? With a woman, I mean?”

Sandra’s head jerked up and she became infinitely conscious of her semi-nudity and close proximity to the attractive woman beside her. Two sets of wheels churned in opposite directions in her mind. One screamed to her that this was an opportunity to break free of the monotony of being a single mother. The other part of her screamed that she had responsibilities, that she would be devastated if anyone found out. She had already started to lose ground on the negative front when Allyson wiped any argument ensest porno for her mind.

The water rustled as Allyson’s body shifted closer to Sandra’s side. One wet, gentle hand slipped up to the mother’s cheek and turned her head towards her. Sandra’s eyes watched wide open as Allyson leaned in closer and closer until their lips met in a soft caress. Immediately, Sandra felt her opposition melt. Her own hands moved to pull Allyson in closer, her mouth hungrily pressing into the older woman’s. Allyson was much taller than Sandra and her long legs snaked through Ryan’s mother’s, entwining their bodies together. Sandra took the next step, her tongue slipping out of her mouth and into her bathing partner’s. Allyson shifted her weight, her body sliding over Sandra’s hips, taking the dominant position on top. Sandra’s hands moved accordingly, drifting down Allyson’s naked back. Before she could reach any uniquely sensitive areas, Allyson struck first.

The two long delicate hands of the woman who had guided her to this point reached out to clasp her full breasts in her hands. Their touch was gentle and smooth, so soft that they seemed to barely glide over the surface of her large chest. Finely groomed nails tweaked the quickly hardening pair of nipples that stood proud atop the breasts. Allyson’s kiss did not halter a moment and Sandra knew that she was experienced in this kind of foreplay. Sandra’s own hands shifted downwards to Allyson’s bare buttocks and the nails urgently carved small red impressions on her tan flesh. Allyson’s lithe body once again slipped into motion, one knee rising and falling between Sandra’s legs. It would gradually creep upwards until its firm flesh came into contact with her submerged crotch. The pressure was soft but constant and Sandra knew exactly what the knee and thigh were intended for.

From the shallow depths of the water, her waist rose, grinding her covered pussy lips over the provided appendage. Sandra repositioned her grip on Allyson’s ass to better allow her to control her slow grind. She and Allyson’s kiss broke apart as the taller and shorter women peered down to the erotic encounter of their bodies together. Sandra’s body had long been devoid of another’s touch and it immediately responded with intensity. Sandra quickly found her eyes and mind slowly focused on the quick pace her cunt was making over Allyson’s thigh. Her breasts were still being gently fondled and her nipples stood proudly erect from the cool water. There was a gentle splashing noise that timed the rhythm of their foreplay as water spilled over the lip of the basin. Sandra felt herself nearing her first orgasm with another human being in quite a while. It started as a familiar tremble in the depths of her body and came rushing down her channel and to her pussy lips were her clit ground through the fabric. Her whole body tensed and her crotch ground impossibly high on Allyson’s body as she cleared the water. A loud cry escaped her lips as she came. She could feel the powerful grip of her pussy clamp down on itself as she shuddered to climax.

An emotional panic struck her so forcefully that Sandra became afraid of what she had gotten herself into. Strange combinations of guilt and fear and loneliness collided within her and she began to pry herself forcefully from beneath Allyson’s body. Allyson was unsure of what had brought on this sudden attack of conscience but she found that even her quick reflexes were a little too slow to catch the woman turned rabbit. Sandra gathered her belongings at lightning speed and raced down the thinly marked trail, her bare feet whipping through harsh branches and underbrush. Allyson raced after her, bewildered by the sudden change of attitude.

Sandra’s legs would not give out until she had reached the jungle floor. A small vine lacing over the pathway provided just enough snag to cause her to stumble and go sprawling forward into the muddy ground, her bare upper torso slapping into the soil. Sandra was not injured by any means, but she felt so unsure of herself, of who she was, that she found herself unable to get up. As her breathing slowed and her heartbeat returned to normal she realized how foolish she had been. Something about the passion of the moment on top of the hillside had set her off. But the cool jungle floor helped restore a hint of sanity to her and allowed her a chance to analyze her reaction. It was bizarre even by her standards and she was unsure if she could face Allyson again. Seconds later, the soft thud of feet across the moist ground would tell her that she was about to have the opportunity.

Allyson came to a skidding halt beside the sprawled form of her briefly sexual partner. Sandra was sitting on the jungle floor, splayed out like a fallen leaf: her legs, arms, naked chest, and face all covered in dark black splotches of dirt. There were lighter streaks that hinted at recent tears, but that was not enough to stop Allyson’s reaction. She doubled over laughing. A joyful peal of laughter tore from her entirely nude body and spilled off of tree trunks and brush. fake agents porno Sandra stared up at her, stunned by the seeming insensitivity, before she too realized the bizarreness of her appearance. Then her softer more delicate laughter tumbled into the mix. Allyson sunk down into the dirt beside Sandra, ignoring the dirt that seeped up her backside.

Sandra grew more playful as the uncontrollable laughter continued to escape her efforts to cease. She grabbed a slimy handful of mud and splatted it right on Allyson’s chest. For a moment the wealthy woman stared up in surprise than she threw a clump right back. Within seconds, dirt was flying between the two women as they wrestled around on the jungle floor, quickly becoming as dark as the ground in which they rolled. Sandra gained the upper hand as she grabbed Allyson’s wrists and rolled atop her. Peering down at the attractive, albeit dirty, woman pinned beneath her, Sandra suddenly lost interest in laughing any more. Her mud covered head ducked down quickly her lips tapping Allyson’s before she beat a hasty retreat. An equally surprised Allyson stared up at her, before lurching her body back on top, where she had last been abandoned.

This time Sandra knew she had no intention of fleeing into the rainforest. There was something about being covered in mud beneath a gorgeous naked woman that just screamed once in a lifetime opportunity and she recognized it for what it was. With her arms still pinned beneath Allyson she darted forward, hoping for another kiss. Allyson’s head quickly retreated to a safe distance before bobbing back within reach. This game played for a little while until Allyson grew tired.

She slipped her knees down over Sandra’s elbows, firmly burying them three inches deep in the mud. A playfully trapped Sandra tried squirming for freedom once more but she found herself unable to escape. Allyson reared up and slid her dirty pussy into place just over Sandra’s face. She hovered there, one hand buried in the brunette’s hair, until Sandra offered no more resistance, playful or otherwise. Then with a handful of hair, she guided her toy’s pink lips up to her pussy. Sandra was too horny by now to care if it was covered in dirty tropical soil or not. Her tongue quickly wiped it clean of any extra soil as it raced over its folds. The first few licks were accompanied by momentary head turns and spits, before it returned full time to its passionate meeting with Allyson’s cunny. Allyson rolled her hips over Sandra’s mouth, riding her face like it was a well trained animal.

Sandra’s tongue did only what it remembered it enjoyed. It delicately dug into her twat, pressing the soft pink folds to the side as it explored deeper and deeper. Once it was burrowed satisfactorily in the sweet wet tunnel it began to flip and twitch over the various sensitive walls. Allyson’s rocking increased in pace as Sandra skillfully worked her oral muscle over her pussy. Her right hand kept Sandra’s face buried in her crotch as she leaned back and snaked a hand beneath the now black set of bikini bottoms. Dirty fingers found a clean and hungry twat to plunge into. Sandra added moans and vocal vibrations to the stimulation she was giving her rider as the long digits pressed deeper into her need. Her hips bucked up against the curve of the fingers’ thrust as they delved within her. Sandra’s mouth was working overtime as she sought to let out primal cries of pleasure and bring pleasure to Allyson.

Allyson’s breasts bounced as she rocked back and forth atop Sandra’s mouth. The little tongue within her was now fucking in and out. Its stroke was firm and precise and the heavy texture of Sandra’s taste buds was exquisite. Allyson was unable to refrain from filling her desire to return the favor for any longer. Her legs quickly shifted from their current position atop Sandra’s arms and twisted as she spun until the two women were locked in a sixty-nine position. Sandra knew exactly what was being asked of her and Allyson would have provided plenty of clues if she had waited a moment longer. Sandra dug her hands once more into the firm naked ass of her lover and pulled her head back into her crotch. Her tongue continued its eager fucking as Allyson fished her bottoms off out of sight. Sandra soon felt the naked caress of air on her clean shaven pussy lips as the bottoms disappeared into the jungle. She had the sensation of hair trailing down her ticklish inner thighs before it pooled in her crotch.

Then came the sudden and intense pleasure of penetration. Allyson’s fingers once again furrowed deep into her pussy. They had a new maximum depth in the recently formed position and they took full advantage. The fingers stood straight out as they hammered in and out of Sandra’s pussy, her light pink center a stark contrast from the surrounding soil that reached the peak of her thighs. Taking that as a cue, Sandra returned the favor, two of her own fingers pressing into the tight embrace of Allyson’s twat. Her tongue continued its dance around the new intruders upon the game. The tongue lapped over the sensitive nub which guarded the entrance to the delightful blossom. Allyson picked up on this new game as well, and soon her tongue joined the double digits already buried in Sandra’s twats. The two women played at this intense game with each other’s bodies and lust for another five minutes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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