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[As before, everyone here is 18, and whether it is real or not, is up to you to decide. I won’t deny it, but I won’t admit it either, since I have no desire to get into trouble.]

It wasn’t long after finally seducing my parents, that I found out for sure about the affair between my brother, David, and my Mom. I had finally gotten into my Dad and Mom’s bed, and the freedom to be as sexy as I wanted was a powerful aphrodisiac for all of us. Dad and I were constant sexual partners in the evenings, and with Mom off work for the summer, it was almost always a time for some kind of play. I certainly stopped worrying about wandering around the house in a lot of clothes, and I hadn’t worn a bra in weeks. So, when the phone rang I didn’t think much about it.

It was my brother, who was doing what he does on almost a monthly basis, and that is call Mom to get a favor. He is in the Army Reserves, and sure as the world was turning, right before drill he was calling to get his “free” haircut. This was a normal ritual, which happened usually a day or two before he had to show up for his military duty. The haircut itself, ever since we were kids was usually done outside on our rather secluded back deck. This made sense because the deck was perfect to accommodate the cleanup from all the hair flying around.

Mom warned me, to “dress appropriately” and that David had no idea about what we were doing together. I was admonished to be on my best “behavior” around him. Clearly, the last thing she wanted was for David to know that I was “doing” Mom and Dad on a daily basis. He also didn’t need to know that I had all but moved into the bed with Mom and Dad, and that the only thing I was using my bedroom for was to store my clothes.

Forced into some sort of a basic modesty, I opted to change from my skimpy bikini bottoms to a sleeveless sundress, specifically one that did not require a bra. I then waited until Dad came home, so I could immediately flash him my quite naked ass. Just because I had to wear a sundress didn’t mean I had to wear underwear, so I didn’t bother with it. Instead, I was waiting on Dad as always to show him that his “baby girl” had been waiting on him all day with a serious case of the “hornies.” When Dad came in, I immediately gave him a huge hug and deep kiss, while placing his hand on my quite naked ass. We were in this position when Mom found us as she walked into the room.

Not impressed that I was still playing games with “company” about to show up, she walked by and smacked my bare ass very hard! Looking at both of us, she advised Dad that David would be home shortly, and that we were to “Knock that crap off!” Not happily, with my ass still stinging, we broke the “clinch” and started to get ready for dinner.

Like a precise watch, David showed up on the doorstep just before dinner. This is part of what he does, since in addition to a free haircut, he was scrounging a free meal. We sat down, ate, and then we all headed our separate ways. I watched Mom, strip down to just her panties, while David got down to his boxers. This too was pretty standard, since when the hair started to fly, it made clean up a lot easier the less you had on. Believe it or not, all of us got haircuts this way, and during the summer months, being out on the back deck half naked was taken for granted.

Suspecting, or at least hoping, that there might be more happening, I decided to take a different track. Especially since I had somewhat suspected that Mom and David weren’t exactly “strangers,” I did what every horny little sister does when she is curious. I spied on them. Making sure Dad went into his home office to take care of some work, I ducked into Mom’s sewing room, which has a pretty good view of the back deck.

I crawled over the couch, and got comfortable, leaning over the back and staring out the window. At first, it looked to me like the standard haircut. Mom was cutting his hair, and moving around him trimming him up with the clippers, türbanlı porno as he sat patiently getting his “ears lowered” as Dad calls it. I almost didn’t pick up on it at first, but then I noticed that one of David’s hands was on Mom’s waist. Then to get to something around his ears, she almost straddled his right leg, and he lifted his knee up to where his thigh was now lodged between Mom’s legs. Her grinding was barely perceptible from where I was perched, but that didn’t last for long.

All at once, I noticed her arms drop to her sides, still holding the clippers, and her grind became a little more obvious. Finally, she just dropped the comb and tossed the clippers to the side, and as I watched, David was obviously leaning in and sucking on her titties. As he moved back and forth between them, Mom was now openly grinding on his leg.

While I was perched and spying, I heard Dad walk by, and within a few seconds, he moved beside me on the couch looking out the window. I never will forget him saying, “What are you look… OH,” then silence. We were now side by side on the couch, on our knees and leaned over the back, watching the show. Dad says that he saw me moving in the semi-dark, and that when he came in I was “playing” with myself. He was right! When Mom started moving against David’s leg, I started fingering myself with my right hand, while my left one already had my boob out tweaking my nipple.

In short, I was jilling like a fiend! I always had a “feeling” that Mom and David were awfully close, but I now was confirming it. GOD that was hot!! Here was my brother, messing around with our Mom!!!

Anyway, when Dad moved beside me, Mom’s arms were stiff and down at her side. As we watched, her back straightened, and she started to rock back and forth quivering. I was really beginning to lose it, and told Daddy, that “OH my GOD! Look David is finger fucking Mom!” Then as we watched, Mom dropped to her knees in front of David, and pulled his already stiff cock out of his boxers. As she went down on him, I couldn’t help it. I was cumming like crazy, and unfortunately, I’m not exactly a quiet cum. Dad was looking at me, and I had my sundress pulled down from my boobs, and there is no question that it was pulled up around my waist. All I could do was look at Dad and then back at Mom, who was now really going down on David.

Mom’s panties had come off at some point, and I was now watching my naked Mom giving my brother a blow job from hell with his boxers now down around only one ankle. The mere sight of this was more than I thought I could handle, but then there was more. Blissfully, there was much more.

Mom’s head was going up and down on David, and I was back to rubbing myself like crazy. Dad did help, but I just couldn’t turn my head from what I was watching. Finally, I reached over and grabbed Dad’s crotch, and yes I begged him to “Daddy please give me that COCK! NOW! I want to suck it!” Trying to keep one eye out the window, I was now doing my best to emulate what Mom was doing to David. The more she sucked David’s cock, the more I had to suck Dad’s. While I was going to town on Dad, I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. Mom had shifted and was straddling David’s lap, and sitting down on his cock.

Watching my brother’s cock slide into Mom was incredible. I let go of Dad’s cock and we both watched as Mom was doing it big time out on the deck. Mom was now bouncing up and down, and with each bounce, her titties would bounce, as David was thrusting up deep into her with his cock. My last view of it was when David literally picked Mom up, while his cock was still impaled in her pussy, so he could lay her down on the deck. She was now out of sight, but from where we were watching, I could see the top of David’s head, and there is no question that he was fucking Mom with all he had in him.

That last view was all I needed, and yes, I went completely over the top. I started cumming almost continuously, türk porno and now it was my turn for that good fucking. I literally begged Dad to give it to me, and he did, repeatedly. I was now straddling Dad and fucking him for all I was worth. With each push of his cock into me, I was begging him to “fuck me harder Daddy, please fuck me harder.” I was kind of controlling it, and with each bounce, I would land even harder against his cock.

I think Dad decided the same thing David had decided, and that was to get me on my back against a hard surface. Picking me up, just like David had Mom, Dad put me on the floor, and began to really pound me. I’m not sure how long we were fucking, simply because my cums were so intense and frequent, I kind of lost all track of time. When Daddy finally came inside me, it was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had in my life. Feeling him splash his load deep within me, triggered a cosmic cum for me. We fell against each other in a heap on the floor, pretty much spent. Holding me closely, all I could do was to whisper how much I loved my Daddy, and how he made me feel.

I’m not sure how long we were lying like that, but we finally heard the back door from the deck slide open and then close again. We pulled ourselves together, and went down to see how they were going to act in front of us, not knowing that we’d seen most of the show. I was smug as hell, and had hoped that it would get even wilder with David, but that wasn’t going to be the case. At least, not this time around. Instead, it was all pretty nonchalant. David thanked Mom for the haircut, gave her the normal Mom kiss on the cheek, said a few words to Dad and me, and then he just left.

As soon as David pulled out of the driveway, I told Mom that we’d watched them from upstairs, and that we’d seen ‘everything.’ Mom laughed and said she had a feeling that I was probably spying on her, but that I still wasn’t allowed to say anything to David.

Mom then asked me what I thought about it, and all I could do in response was to grab Mom. I gave her the deepest kiss I knew how to give, and then I thought I would go for something else. Pulling Mom’s panties aside, I had made up my mind to see what David tasted like, by going right for the source. With Dad looking on, I was on my knees lapping at Mom’s pussy with all I was worth, licking and sucking until I got almost every drop of David’s cum from her. She held my head while I cleaned her out, and when I stood back up, Mom gave me the deepest kiss possible.

Watching all this, did exactly what Mom and I hoped it would. Dad was now hard as a rock again. Mom then told us to have a seat, so we did, except when Dad sat down, I put my now quite naked self into his lap. With Dad’s hard on pressed into my ass, Mom decided to tell us about her evening from her perspective, and she was right, we’d missed some stuff. (I probably should say that when she told it to us, we then later made her write it down for the tumblr blog).

Anyway, what she told us was that she was mostly done cutting David’s hair, and was moving around in front of him to finish the job. While she was getting the hair on his forehead even, he began to stroke Mom’s legs, running them up and down her thighs, while at the same time, he was gently teasing her pussy with his other hand. As she was finishing his haircut, David plunged his finger inside Mom and began to finger fuck her to oblivion. She said she warned him that they had to be careful, since I might be spying on them, but that he felt so good she lost her own self control.

She then told us that after her first good cum, was when she got on her knees and pulled his cock out. After a very few strokes and kisses to get him nice and hard, she proceeded to give him her best efforts at a blow job. She said that when he was about ready to shoot his load, was when she stood up and he leaned forward and buried his face in her pussy. We didn’t see that well, but apparently when she had another türkçe porno cum is when she sat down facing him on top of his cock. She said it was great to kiss and fuck her little boy, since it had been a while, and that they changed positions several times as David “gave her pussy a good fucking.”

I guess we missed that while I was on the floor getting royally fucked by Dad, and I have to admit to getting a pretty awesome fucking myself. According to Mom, they ended up with David fucking Mom on a lounge chair with her feet pushed back way over her head. I thought that was kind of funny, since that is almost how Dad and I finished on the floor upstairs!

While she was telling this, I was now fidgeting in Dad’s lap, and his hard on was wedged between the cheeks of my ass. There was no question how it was impacting Dad, and I know from hearing Mom tell her side of it, that I was about as wet as humanly possible. Mom then got almost a glassy eyed look when she said she’d cum quite a few times, and that David’s training was now paying off.

Mom laughed watching me squirm on Daddy, and then she admitted that the reason they’d waited to come in was because her legs felt like they were made of rubber, and she had to take a few minutes just to “work shit out.” I told Mom that I figure David was probably a little drained too, especially based on what I’d just eaten out of her. Mom again laughed and when she finished telling us about her side of it, Dad and I both were worked up and ready again. So was Mom!

Staring at us, Mom got this gleam in her eye, and then came over to where we were now sitting. Dad was the only one dressed, since my sundress had come off, tossed and forgotten in the corner, when I was eating David’s cum out of Mom. Mom’s panties were in the same corner, and we both decided that Dad was definitely over dressed. Mom kind of took charge, but it didn’t take long before Dad’s shorts were off, and I was doing a reverse cowgirl on him.

Mom decided it was her turn to seek out a creampie, so as I bounced on Dad’s cock, Mom was between our legs lapping at my pussy and Dad’s cock, as it went in and out of me. Mom knew her stuff, and had her tongue flick over my clit, my slit, the cock, then down to Dad’s balls, and then back again. I looked down, and my Mom looked beautiful, as she ministered to both Dad and me. Her long flaming red hair was hiding nothing as she was cradling Dad’s balls in one hand, and fingering herself with the other. My cums were definitely continuous now, and the only break I had was when Mom and Dad lifted me off Daddy’s cock.

They both shifted me gently onto the floor, where Mom and I then got into a heated 69 with her on top. After a little while, we rolled over with me on top, and it was then that I felt Dad’s cock pushing against my pussy again. Raising my ass a little higher, he entered my extremely drenched pussy without any effort at all. Here I was having my pussy eaten from below by my Mom, while at the same time I was eating her sweet pussy. Then to add the real pleasure, this was all happening while my Dad’s cock was steadily pounding into me from behind. This time the cums came virtually all together, with Mom’s hips thrusting up against my face, and her thighs clutching at my head, I completely lost it. I mean an “almost passed out” kind of lost it.

Seeing this was probably too much for my Dad too, since I felt him splashing his cum deep inside me again, which put me even further over the top. When I finally felt Dad’s cock slowly slide out of me, Mom took over to completely get that creampie she wanted.

This was my introduction to what has honestly become my favorite sexual position. The “doggy 69” is perfect for threesomes, and if you haven’t tried it, you have to at least once in your life. This was only the first of many things I’ve learned from my parents, and apparently like David learned skills from Mom, I was now learning skills from both my parents. It would be a little while longer before David learned about my being intimate with Mom and Dad, but the time was pretty well spent for me. Yes, eventually he and I would do things together, but there is no question that for him, the greatest thing was, and still is, simply fucking Mom whenever possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32