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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 29 The revenge of the Mexican breakfast

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup


29 – The revenge of the Mexican breakfast!

When I woke Monday morning it took me a bit to remember we slept in the living room. I had Nicole on one side and Brittany’s ass on the other, it must have been those soft lips on my cock that distracted me.

“Good morning ladies…”

Nicole was about to say something when the office phone went off. She gave me a quick kiss and dashed to answer it. I looked back down at Brittany licking me. She grinned, then opened her mouth to take me in slowly while looking me right in the eye, a couple more like that and she wasn’t going to be able to take me in all the way.

I smiled back at her and reached over to cup her ass, caressing it and giving it a bit of a squeeze as she enjoyed herself with my cock. I’m not sure what was better, the feeling of her enjoying my cock, or watching her expressions as she was enjoying my cock. I’ve had my share of ‘I’ll suck it as long as you fuck me with it’ women. But between Nicole and Brittany they really enjoyed seeing what kind of reaction they would get out of me.

A shadow appeared, and I looked up to see Maria standing above my head in her apron… and only her apron! Her tit and nipple escaping on one side, her legs disappearing under. I could just make out her mound in the shadow. “I kept some breakfast warm for you…”

“Works for me!” and reached up to grab the edge of the apron and pulled her down and forward, her knees landing on either side of my head. I slid my hands up to her hips, bringing her delicious pussy to my lips. Sliding my tongue between her wet lips and up around her clit, feeling her shudder when I did.

I kept enjoying her pussy, running my tongue around and around, sucking her inner lips in and tugging on them. I was throoughly enjoying my breakfast, her juices running into my mouth, while jumping and twitching as I played with her clit. All of this action accompanied by a running; and sometimes struggling, Spanish dialog. Maria was starting to tremble, and the Spanish was getting a bit intermittent, so I pulled one hand from under the apron and reached up for that tit I remembered escaping and cupped it, feeling the heat from her milk filled tit in my hand.

With a hand around her thigh and the other squeezing her tit I did my best to get my tongue as deep into her as possible, my chin rubbing on her clit. Evidentially it was a good combination as she rotated forward and ground her clit into my chin and began flowing into my mouth, a few good flows might have even been the beginnings of a squirt!

I slowed my assault on her pussy, and just laid there for a few seconds. Her dribbling pussy was still on my face while Brittany was still slowly licking me. A few moments later she rolled back up and then stood over me again shaking her finger and saying something in Spanish.

I licked a bit of her milk from the hand that had been giving that filled tit a squeeze. “You’re only saying that because you know I can’t understand a word you’re saying.”

Maria looked like her eyes were going to pop out of her head watching me lick her milk from my hand and threw her hands up “¡Hombres!” as she went back to the kitchen… Okay, maybe I did understand a little Spanish.

Brittany turned around and shared a nice Maria flavored kiss before getting up and heading for the kitchen. I found bacon and eggs on a plate, … no Maria. Brittany popping toast in as I came up behind her and reached around to cup a tit, rolling her jewelry between my fingers, “You girls are too good to me…” and kissed the back of her shoulder.

She turned to me still in my arm, put hers around my neck, licked my still wet lips, then gave me a soft kiss. “But we let you make it up, don’t we?” She plastered herself against me and pushed in hard for a deep kiss while I let my hand drop to her ass and give it a squeeze.

Sam and Maria came downstairs…with clothes on! I was about to say something when they went right past us and out the front door. AND LET A COLD WIND IN!

DAMN! What happened to that nice warm air? As they went out only then did I notice Nicole was in her robe in the office. I watched them cross over to the sorority house, and caught a glimpse of Jean feeding wire into one of the pool camera ‘skimmers’.

What is it about beautiful women in jeans and a t-shirt…knowing that’s all they had on…or at least imaging it so?

Well if Jean is out there feeding wire that means that Dean is downstairs. Feeling like the odd man out, I snarfed my food down, and grabbed a robe bahis firmaları before heading down to talk to him.

“So how did you manage to be inside?”

“She may be outside, but I’m the one doing the pulling.” He talked over his shoulder chuckling as he did.

“Well while you’re in here lazing about, think about a phone system.” I held up the gate manual. “According to the book on the gate controller it will interface with some phone systems. Take a look and let me know.”

“Will do.”

I went back up and thought I should throw something on and start taking a look at the sorority house set up for the cameras… At least that was the original idea.

As I walked across I realized we ( read I ) still have to do something about an outside bathroom for the herd of naked women. I detoured back to the garage and grabbed a tape measure.

After a bit of in and out, and in and out, and in and out,… I got a rough spot figured for the penetration points. The shower and sink would be no problem with everything coming in under the stairs, just put the traps inside and use freeze proof valves through the wall…that just left the stool.

I was going in and out some more, trying to figure out how to keep a stool from freezing when there was a shout from behind me, “You trying to wear my new concrete out already?”

I stopped to see Martin standing there with his arms crossed and a grin. “No, just trying to figure out how to put a bathroom out here. I have the sink and shower figured out. Just can’t seem to figure out how to put a stool out here and not have to worry about it freezing.”

“Well not that it gets below freezing very often, but use an RV stool, that’s what they do out at the scout camp.”

From the grin on his face I must have had quite the look on mine. I just shook my head and went back to measuring as he went into the sorority house.

I did some rough measurements before hooking up the trailer and starting on a parts run. The first and most comical stop was an RV service shop. After going around with the kid behind the counter, who needed a make and model of RV to look anything up, and couldn’t seem to get his head around what I wanted. I finally got him to get someone more experienced.

The guy listened to me, and then waved for me to follow him. We walked around several RV’s waiting on service and found a MUCH older RV that looked like it had been well used. Inside you could tell it had seen better days and was being robbed of what ever was useful. He pointed into the bathroom, “You take it out, and for twenty bucks it’s yours.”

I stuck my head in and chuckled. I was looking at a harvest gold stool with an avocado lid. “You have a deal.” and shook his hand before handing him a twenty dollar bill. After practically standing on my head to get the back bolt out, I had my treasure.

The rest of the trip at the home store was almost a let down, just gathering plumbing fittings, lumber, and plywood. The final stop at an automotive store to get some plastic paint to make the stool all white and I was all set.

I backed the trailer in next to the sorority house and got set for my MANLY stuff… POWER TOOLS!! Since it was just a long rectangle it didn’t take too long to get the lumber cut. But after a while I was wishing for an air nailer, I hadn’t done this for a while and I was feeling it in my shoulder.

I saw Maria and Sam heading back to the house about the time I was getting the last board in place, so it was a good time for a break. And there they were, all my girls around the island.

Sam, Maria, and Brittany in t-shirts and jeans. Sam and Brittany obviously braless, and from the looks of Maria she was in her usual shelf bra. My little chocolate pixie in her robe, gaping open letting me have some nice glimpses at her chest. She grinned at me looking, never missing a beat in their conversation.

I grabbed my plate of sandwich and cottage cheese with chips and just listened to the girls. Primarily Brittany and Nicole telling Sam about their ‘escapades’ as flight attendants on the previous trip, with Maria just listening and getting behind on her sandwich, as much as her mouth was hanging open absorbing what was being said. Only Maya crying out for her lunch interrupted them, and then only long enough for Maria to lift her top and let Maya latch on!

As soon as Nicole realized I was finished with my sandwich and was just listening, she began to strip me down, rubbing her nipples on my chest as she pulled my shirt off. Working my jeans down, trying to trap my feet in the legs by not taking my shoes off. Luckily they were slip-ons. While she was coming back up for my boxers I managed to kick my shoes off and free my feet, making her grin.

And then just as quickly as they came, they disappeared, leaving me with my little chocolate pixie. I pulled her to my lap and was getting into some nice groping and kissing with her squirming on my hardening cock when Dean and Jean came up from the basement.

Nicole turned to them, kaçak iddaa “Hey Dean, have a question for you.”


“I need to make a conference call later and I don’t have a headset for this computer.”

“What program? Depends on what input it’s looking for.” Nicole rattled off a program name. “Oh that’s easy. It’s the same one I use to talk to my sister in Hawaii.”

“Hawaii?” I said.

“Sure, it’s all ones and zeroes when it hits the network, and it’s a WHOLE lot cheaper than paying Ma Bell!”

“So do you have one I could use?” Nicole asked.

“Sure, we’re heading out to pick up a few things and some lunch, I’ll grab one while I’m at the shop.”

I was going to pull her back for some more groping and kissing when the office phone went off and she jumped up leaving me there all by my self again in the middle of a pile of my own clothes. I was enjoying the sight of her running along with her short silky robe billowing behind when the house phone went off.



“Hey Danny.”

“Hey Bob, what’s up?”

“Heads up, we got another one. You should be getting a delivery any time.”

OK, I see a truck coming down the driveway. I’ll call you in a bit.”


The driver was already walking up to the front door, so I grabbed a robe and answered it just after she pushed the bell.

I opened the door to a busty brunette. “Hi, I have a signature delivery and wanted to make sure I was at the right place.”

I glanced down at her name tag, enjoying a hint of cleavage, “Well Denise, you’re at the right place, I just got the call you were coming.” I glanced back down at her chest about the same time she was glancing down at my robe. Seems I was tenting the robe a bit after Nicole left me high and dry. Hmmmm, a bit of a nipple lump, she must like what she sees!

“Okay, let me run back out to the truck and get the box.” She turned to go, nice ass too!

“Actually, if you could bring it around the garage to the downstairs door, that’s where these deliveries need to go. I’ll go through and unlock the door.”


She bounced back out, and I closed the door, dropping the robe and grabbing my boxers before heading downstairs.

I unlocked the door and sat down at the console to fire it up when she came to the door. I waived her in, and then my girls descended on me, not a stitch of clothing besides Maria’s half cup.

Brittany didn’t skip a beat with the delivery girl standing there open mouthed. She plopped down in my lap, gave me a nice kiss, wiggled her ass against my hard cock, and batted her eyelashes at me. “Can we have a Halloween costume party? PAAAALEEEASE?!”

I looked at Sam and Maria, both looking like they were going to burst at what ever idea they had. I looked back at Brittany, now leaning back a bit to flaunt her jewelry at me. “What kind of party? PG, R, or X?”

Brittany just giggled, “Oh X at least!” doing the shoulder shake to make her bells ring.

“The weekend after I’m assuming?” she bit her lip and nodded like her head was going to come off. “Okay…”

I got another nice kiss along with some wiggling on my cock hardening up under her. She hopped up, and MUCH to the delivery girls surprise, I got just as nice a kiss from Sam with her own shoulder shake and bell ring, followed by Maria’s kiss and wet nipples across my lips! Before the three of them dashed back up the stairs.

I turned back to Denise enjoying a bit more cleavage than she had when she came to the front door, seems to have undone at least one more button. “Sorry about the interruption.” And took the box and clipboard from her, my cock tenting under a wet spot from Brittany. I didn’t even have to look feeling her moisture on the tip of my cock.

She watched me sign, and then asked quietly, “Are they always…

“That energetic?”

“Well I was going to say…naked…”

“Denise, are you the regular delivery person for this area?”

“Most of the time, sometimes Victor fills in when I can’t cover it all. Why?”

“Is it possible for me to request you to be our designated delivery driver?”

She looked at me with a wondering look, but answered, “Well I know you can request a driver NOT to be your delivery person. I’m not sure about the other way around.”

“Well, as you’ve probably already guessed, we have an unusual situation here. The girls convinced me to have a clothing optional residence.” Here eyes went wide with that bit of news. “We only throw on a robe or shorts to answer the door for someone not part of our group.”

She glanced down at my still tented boxers and back up at me wide eyed. I smiled at her, and she grinned turning beet red, having been caught checking me out. “Now pretty shortly that gate at the end of the drive will be operational, and will require a code or someone from the house to open it.”

She nodded in understanding. “There will be two lights on it, one red and one green. On red light days our guests will have to cover up a bit, but kaçak bahis on green light days, we, and a few dozen of our friends will be running around in our birthday suits.”

She was standing there a bit stunned. “Now I will have to admit it is about ninety percent women, and of the remaining ten percent of men probably better than half are attached somehow. But we all enjoy helping each other get oiled up.”

She was still absorbing what I had sad. “Just think about it, you can be our designated delivery person, or be designated to not be our delivery person, your choice.”

“Okay.” She said slowly, thinking about what I said about the men from the way her nipples were trying to stand out inside her bra. Either that or she was into girls and …

“But either way, remember one thing. If your figure is half as delicious as I think it is. There will be times when the people will reach out to touch you, and it is a compliment, not a put down.”

I never knew a woman could gasp, blush, and get ROCK HARD nipples all at the same time. “But it’s time for me to get to work.” I handed her the clipboard and ushered her to the door. When I turned back to the console I could see her still standing there just outside the French doors in the reflection of one of the dark monitors. I grinned to myself and then shucked my boxers, giving her a decent look at my ass. I mean she didn’t mind my glancing down at her nipples right? And I hoped she at least had some interest in men…

I watched her watching me for a few seconds so it looked like men were the preferred flavor, then turned to get the box of tapes. I saw her dash away as I turned, making me chuckle wondering what was going through her mind. Crazy guy and never come back, or come back and get a peek at some naked men…

I loaded up the tapes and called Bob. We went back and forth for over an hour when a call from Chuck beeped in. Somebody else figured it out. Well, back to ogling women… such a rough life.

I came back up to find Dean and Nicole at her computer, her with a headset on and Dean on the phone. She did the finger wiggle wave and then pointed to the sorority house, so evidentially my services were needed over there.

I got over to find the girls running around naked. ABOUT TIME! I was still getting used to Jean in her wide red collar, but I also noticed it wasn’t the same one I bought for her. She definitely was where she needed to be.

They had started boxing in a header to run all the phone and camera wire, Sam and Jean were up on the ladder with Maria handing them parts. I came up behind Maria, reaching around to cup her tits, roll her nipples between my fingers, and lay my cock against her ass.

She laid her had back against my shoulder quick after handing Jean some screws. “You make it hard to concentrate…”

I nipped lightly at her neck, “You just make it hard…” all three of them groaned at that. I pulled away from her and walked to Sam up on the ladder and planted a nice long kiss on her mound, letting my tongue dart in to flick her clit.

She tried to pull away a bit, but for some reason the hand on her ass wouldn’t let her right away. “Mmmmm Mmmmm, Mmm. Delicious as always Sam.” She shook her finger at me, but grinned the whole time.

Brittany came out of the bathroom and Maria handed off her parts, then Maria darted back into her workroom. The soft lilting Spanish singing and the hum of sewing machines soon followed.

I started to reach for Brittany, but she grinned and scooted back, handed me the handful of screws and went back downstairs. I was watching her ass swing as she descended the stairs when I heard Jean clear her throat above me. I smiled up at her, handing her some screws, and leaning over to give her mound a quick kiss, I wouldn’t want her to feel left out now would I?

She squeaked and grinned before going back to work. Too bad I couldn’t have had a crew like this back on The Boutique remodels! They got that piece in place about the time Brittany was coming up with the next one. I leapfrogged the ladder around Jean, and Brittany put the end of the board to me, and up the ladder I went.

I about fell off the ladder when Brittany grabbed my ass and inhaled my cock down to my balls! She squeezed and played with my ass as my cock was hardening in her while she hummed around me, then came off me with a ‘Pop’.

Sam thought it was funny, giggling at me on the ladder like that. And just as I finished putting the first screw in place Sam did the same, but not down her throat, I was too hard for that, but she was enjoying my predicament up on the ladder none the same. Squeezing and playing with my ass as I stood there with a board in one hand for balance and screws in the other. She too came up off me with a ‘Pop’.

They left me alone long enough to get the last of the screws in, and I thought I was home free, when there were hands on my wrists. “Turn around Master.” I heard from Brittany behind me. I turned on the ladder, and was confronted by three women in white collars with ornery grins on their faces.

Sam and Brittany took a wrist in one hand and my knee in the other, essentially pinning me to the ladder where I stood, my hard cock standing straight out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32