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He was cute enough, thought Ramsay as she studied what’s-his-name’s profile in the dim light of the hallway. He was a philosophy major, which meant that he was probably moody. He certainly didn’t seem like the frat house party type, but here he was at a Phi Delta Theta party, and Ramsay was becoming rather fond of his dark, thick-rimmed glasses and the blond stubble along his jaw. At the moment he was looking at her the way Seth had looked at her the night of her eighteenth birthday party–as if he wanted to swallow her whole. But thanks to the slight buzz her rum and coke had given her, she couldn’t for the life of her recall his name.

“Ramsay,” he said, his gaze traveling quickly from her hair to her mouth. “Tell me how you wound up with a name like ‘Ramsay.'”

“It’s my middle name, actually,” she replied. His eyes were quickly glazing over. His mouth was only inches from hers. He would be moving in a for a kiss at any moment. She felt her stomach turn a flip. “I’m not all that fond of my first name.” She looked away and took another sip of her drink. She would play coy until he grew impatient.

He tentatively stroked her forearm. “You could make any name beautiful,” he murmured. “But for the record, I think ‘Ramsay’ is a pretty sexy name.”

She smiled. Perhaps this little conversation about first names would save her from having to admit that she had no idea what his name was. She looked at his mouth. It was different from Seth’s; the lips were thinner, less sensual. But she wondered what kissing them would feel like nonetheless. “What about you? How do you feel about your first name?”

“Hi, Ramsay.”

Ramsay stiffened instantly and nearly spilled her drink on what’s-his-name. It was Seth. Had she not been (mostly) sober, she might have questioned her senses. How on earth had he known where to find her? She blinked at him, mouth agape.

“Are you okay?” he asked as he placed a warm hand on her shoulder. She went on looking at him. “Would you like to introduce me to your friend?” He looked affably at what’s-his-name, whose smile had vanished the moment Seth approached.

Oh shit, thought Ramsay. She was going to wreck her chances with the philosophy major–or at least whatever chance Seth’s appearance hadn’t already wrecked. She looked helplessly at Seth, who seemed to find her silence amusing.

“Hi, I’m Seth,” he said, holding his hand out to what’s-his-name. “Ramsay’s boyfriend.”

Ramsay stiffened again and shot Seth a fierce glare. Why her sister’s 25-year-old ex-boyfriend was calling himself her boyfriend was a complete mystery; at any rate, her chances with what’s-his-name were shot, and she couldn’t figure out why Seth was being so possessive. True, she had slept with him a week after he’d dumped her sister–she had run into him at a bar on the night of her birthday party and drunkenly begged him to relieve her of her virginity–but even though he had made a habit of seeing her nearly every day, he had not so much as intimated that he wanted to pursue a relationship.

“I’m Brett,” said the philosophy major.

“Hey, Brett, how do you know Ramsay?” His tone had suddenly grown icy.


“Are you study buddies?” Seth’s arms snaked around her waist as he continued to grin at Brett, who was now scanning the room for an escape from this pickup attempt gone awry.

Ramsay slapped ineffectually at Seth’s arms. “You’re embarrassing me,” she snarled.

Seth appeared not to hear her. “Yeah, man, Ramsay here just turned eighteen a couple of weeks ago. Wanna know what I gave her for her birthday?”

“Seth, shut up!” She clawed at his forearms and landed a sharp kick to his shin. He hissed. “I’m sorry, Brett, just go enjoy the party.” Brett chuckled nervously and started to step away.

“I fucked her, man!” said Seth. A clique of nearby sorority girls turned to look. “Hey, Brett, I fucked her until she could barely fuckin’ walk!” Brett was beating a hasty retreat to the kitchen.

Ramsay kicked him again. The vise grip on her waist tightened. Seth’s hot breath was on her ear.

“You don’t want to make me any madder, sweetheart.”

“Seth, let me go,” she said, attempting a conciliatory tone. “Please.”

The iron grip loosened. She turned back to look at him. He grabbed her hand without another word and led her to the nearest exit. They walked to his car.

“Are you okay to drive?” she asked, scanning his face for signs of drunkenness. She’d never known him to drink heavily, but then she’d never known him to cause a scene at a party, either.

“Yeah, I’m totally sober.” He fastened his seatbelt and looked across the street bahis firmaları at the line of freshly trashed fraternity houses. “I could never have found this fucking place drunk” He fastened his seatbelt. “Now how the hell do we get out of here? Jesus, I hate driving on campus.”


Ramsay waited until they were back in the business district to talk. “Seth, how did you know I was at that party?” She refrained from asking the really pressing question, which was why he had introduced himself as her boyfriend.

“Not important. You shouldn’t have been there.”

“Where are we going?”

“My place.”

Ramsay felt her stomach drop. She needed time to think, to process what had happened at the party, and she knew that very little thinking would take place at his apartment. “Uh, no, we’re not.”

“Uh, yes, we are,” he mocked.

She looked at his profile. His dark brown stubble was thick. It reminded her of the whisker burn she had discovered all over her chest and between her thighs the morning after her birthday party. The sight of his face nestled between her legs had been almost as arousing as the almost unbearable jolts of pleasure his tongue had given her. The memory of it made her stomach turn somersaults. She didn’t dare look at his lips.

“See anything you like?” He looked over at her and winked. She blushed, almost fearing that he had read her thoughts, and remained silent.

“So, how ’bout that Brett?” he asked with mock cheerfulness.

“Can we just drop the whole thing, please?” She turned away and looked at the brightly lit shop windows, many of which were already decked out for the holidays.

“No problem.” He reached over and squeezed her leg gently. “Just tell him that if he ever touches you again, he’ll very much wish he hadn’t.”

“I don’t even know him. I didn’t even know his name.”

“And yet you were planning to fuck him.”

Ramsay felt her blush deepen. “That’s none of your business.”

“Oh, I think it is.” His grip on her thigh tightened.

“You’re creeping me out.”

“And you’re pissing me off.”

“So let me out of the car.” She hoped the next streetlight would turn red so that she could hop out–although she doubted she could get away with it.

“No.” His tone was flat.

“Why not?” The light had turned red. Seth was pushing the brake.

“Because I haven’t fucked you yet.”

Her stomach turned another somersault. “I don’t want you to.”

“Yes, you do.”


Ramsay had barely walked into the living room when she felt herself being spun around so quickly she nearly lost her balance. Seth’s face was inches from hers. He was staring at her mouth.

“I wanted to kill that little fucker.” He pulled her more tightly to his chest.

“I know you did.”

“Is that why you were with him? Huh? To drive me crazy?”


“Then why?” His hands had traveled down her back and were now gripping her ass. She felt his erection pressing against her abdomen.

“Let’s not talk about him.”

“You wanted to get fucked, didn’t you?”

“Seth, drop it.”

“Tell me.” He pushed her back against the living room wall. She bumped her head against the exposed brick. “Tell me what a fucking nympho you are.”

“No.” She was suddenly breathing a little harder.

“Tell me how hungry you are for cock,” he growled.

“Seth, I don’t–“

Her words were cut off by a crushing kiss. He grabbed her hands and pinned them to the cold brick behind her. His tongue invaded her mouth at the first opportunity. Ramsay moaned.

Seth was breathing hard. “You like it when I’m rough? Huh?” His gaze rested on her cleavage, which Ramsay had chosen to showcase with a dark purple wrap blouse. He licked his lips. “Look at what a slut you are. What a fucking whore.” His hands closed over her breasts and squeezed them roughly. Ramsay kept her hands up against the wall, sure that he would shove them hard against the brick if she dared move them. She closed her eyes.

“God, I want to shove my cock between these tits.” He brushed his thumbs repeatedly across her nipples, and she moaned. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Yeah, you’d love it, you dirty slut.” He pulled the neckline of the blouse down, exposing her lacy bra. Ramsay felt goosebumps spread across her chest.

Seth began fumbling with the sash that kept the blouse closed. “Take this fucking thing off,” he barked. Ramsay immediately untied the blouse, pulled down her skirt, and tossed them on the couch. Seth’s hands were instantly roaming over her lace-clad breasts. She looked at him. The sight of his eyes locked lustfully on her kaçak iddaa breasts aroused her.

“Kiss me,” she said before fully realizing she’d said it.

He came at her mouth so hard that her head bumped against the brick wall again. She opened her mouth submissively and his tongue immediately ravished hers. Meanwhile his hands had peeled the lace cups of her bra off her breasts, and his nimble fingers were wreaking havoc on her nipples, pulling and teasing and rubbing. Ramsay felt herself growing wet.

Seth broke off the kiss at last. “Are you getting all wet for me, baby?” he asked, having apparently read her mind again. “Is your pussy begging for this hard cock? Huh?” He leaned in and whispered hotly in her ear. “You’re dying for it, aren’t you? Sluts like you just want to get fucked.”

Ramsay’s hand traveled almost involuntarily down her body. She didn’t find the epithets that Seth spat at her demeaning. They turned her on, made her feel deliciously objectified. The thought of existing solely for his pleasure was painfully arousing. She looked at his lust-bleared eyes as her hand slid down her stomach and sought her pussy. She wanted to vex him by pleasuring himself, wanted him to show her how much better he was than she at stroking her womanhood.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he growled as he wrenched her hand away. Ramsay smiled at how brilliantly her plan had worked. She was a fucking nympho, said Seth as he cupped her pussy and shoved his middle finger past the thin fabric of her panties and into her wetness. She ground shamelessly against his hand. “God, you want it so fucking bad,” he whispered hoarsely. He withdrew his finger and licked it clean as Ramsay watched in amazement. “I remember that taste,” he muttered to himself.

“You want to lick my pussy, don’t you?” said Ramsay breathlessly. It was her first attempt at dirty talk, and she wondered whether she sounded as silly as she felt. Maybe Seth would tell her that her role as his plaything was to be silent as he gruffed in her ear and ravished her body.

Seth’s eyes darkened and narrowed. Apparently she had struck the right chord. He knelt down and abruptly shoved two fingers into her pussy. Ramsay arched her back reflexively. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” She nodded and arched her back again as he pumped his drenched fingers in and out. “God, if I had known what a slut you are….”

“What would you have done?” she purred as she moved in rhythm with his fingers.

“I would have fucked you mindless a long time ago.”

“You can fuck me mindless now. I–unh!” Seth’s fingers were pushing faster and harder, and Ramsay struggled to catch her breath.

“I can fuck you mindless any time I want, slut.” He gripped her ass hard with his other hand. “You don’t get to say no.”

Ramsay moaned loudly as she raised her hands submissively above her head. She looked down at Seth. He was licking his lips and staring intently at his fingers as they pumped slowly, then quickly, in and out of her pussy.

“But,” said Seth through clenched teeth, “nymphos like you never say no, do they?” She could only groan in response. He removed his fingers as abruptly as he had shoved them inside her and again licked them clean. “Your wet little pussy wants it all the time.”

Ramsay closed her eyes in anticipation as she watched Seth’s mouth approach her slit. She held her breath as she waited to feel his tongue work past her lips and barely graze her clit. After several agonizing seconds, she finally felt the sensation she’d remembered as she looked at his profile in the car. Her pussy, so swollen with desire, contracted almost painfully as his tongue teased the edges of her engorged clit. She moaned so loudly she wondered whether Seth’s neighbors could hear. He responded by licking all along her slit. Her arousal was growing almost painful.

“You gonna come for me, baby?” he groaned, his mouth just inches from her pussy. Even in the dimness she could see a light glaze of her moisture on his chin. Without waiting for her answer, he returned to licking her. She reached down and tangled her fingers in his hair. The sound of his tongue lightly lapping at her made her nearly grit her teeth in raw desire. He was so good. He would ruin every other man for her.

She needed to be fucked.

“Seth, stop.” He continued licking as if he hadn’t heard her. Ramsay realized that her request, preceded and followed by breathy moans, sounded more like an encouragement. “Stop,” she repeated, more firmly this time. Again it was as if she hadn’t spoken; his tongue continued to nuzzle and tease her clit.

“Seth, fuck me now,” kaçak bahis she moaned, “please.”

Ramsay had said the magic words. He immediately stopped suckling her clit, wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand, and rose to his full height. “Do you want it standing up?” he drawled, staring at her naked breasts, which still spilled over the underwire of her bra. His hot hands closed over her breasts and squeezed almost roughly. Ramsay hissed. “How do whores like you like to be fucked, huh?” His thumbs circled her nipples and brought them to stiff peaks. “What’s it going to take to get you off, slut?” He gently pulled her left nipple.

“You can take me any way you want,” she breathed.

“Fucking right I can,” he retorted before kissing her hard. Ramsay knew she would awaken the next morning with swollen lips–if Seth let her sleep. His tongue plundered her mouth again. She gasped as he bit her bottom lip gently. After a full minute, he broke the kiss off and looked at her. “Get on the bed,” he said peremptorily.

Ramsay walked quickly into Seth’s dark bedroom and lay on the bed. She closed her eyes as she listened to Seth unzip his fly and kick his jeans off. “Spread your legs,” he barked. Her eyes snapped open and she obeyed immediately. The instant Seth had thrown his black t-shirt aside, he clambered onto the bed and knelt between her legs.

“I should have made you suck my cock,” he gruffed as he pinned her arms above her head. “I bet you’re a good little cocksucker.” He smiled so devilishly that Ramsay’s stomach turned another flip. “But I need to get into that wet pussy of yours too fucking badly.” And with that, he thrust into her. She was so wet that it took him only two strokes to bury his cock to the hilt. “God, what a dirty fucking whore,” he hissed as he moved in and out of her. Ramsay longed to cling to his back, but he still had her arms pinned almost painfully to the bed. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and he moaned.

“That’s a good little whore. You like being my little fuckslut?”

“Yeah,” she purred. Seth began to fuck her more quickly, and she moved her hips in time to meet his thrusts. She doubted she’d be able to come this way, but knowing that Seth was taking her the way he wanted to take her kept her fully aroused. She moaned with every jolt of pleasure he gave her.

“You like that? Huh? You like having your tight little pussy pounded?”


“You fucking want it all the time, don’t you?”


Ramsay suspected that Seth’s questions were meant to be purely rhetorical–posed purely for his own delectation–but she scarcely cared in any case. The sensation of being possessed and objectified–of being called his fuckslut–was what she liked best about having sex with him.

“You gonna come, slut?” Seth asked through gritted teeth. “I’m fucking close.”

“Then come inside me,” she purred.

Her words nearly pushed him over the edge. He grunted and gripped her arms until she feared he’d leave bruises. She watched his face contort and then relax as his orgasm washed over him, each wave of pleasure punctuated by a loud, deep moan. His eyes were closed, and he was smiling. Ramsay breathed a sigh of relief as he finally released her arms.

“You didn’t come,” he said as he rolled off her.

“No,” she replied. She slowly brought her arms back down to her sides. “That’s okay.”

Seth laughed and rubbed his eyes. “No, it’s not.” He rolled onto his side and looked at her. “I want to make you come.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I know I don’t have to. You’ll take whatever I give you.” Seth’s tone had again taken on a lascivious edge. Ramsay looked at him and wondered whether he was already thinking about taking her again. The way he was starting at her mouth certainly suggested it. “But you’re the best lay I’ve ever had. I want to make you come.”

“Kiss me,” Ramsay said. He laid a light, almost chaste kiss on her lips–not the sort of kiss that his gaze and words had led her to expect. She looked at him quizzically. “Why did you hunt me down at that frat house?”

Seth sighed and rolled onto his back. “I told you. I didn’t want that little fucktard touching you.”

“But how did you know–“

“What the fuck else happens at frat parties?”

Ramsay looked up at the ceiling. Seth’s possessiveness pleased her. But mostly it puzzled her. She had no idea whether he was sleeping with other women; she only knew that he was determined to keep her from sleeping with other men. Since he had certainly given no indication of being in love with her, she wondered why he wanted her all to himself.

The feel of Seth’s hot hand between her thighs roused her from her reverie. He had rolled back onto his side and was stroking her pussy so lightly it tickled more than anything. She giggled.

“You ready to come, baby?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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