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*Disclaimer – Every sexual participant is 18 years of age.


Once I heard that my cousin Carter would be staying over I immediately got excited! Not from anything weird or because we were like exceptionally close or anything. We were close just not like…brother sister close, ya know? Anyway, I was excited because I had been asked to come to this invite only party and while I kind of expected something like this at the end of each school week, it was still an awesome feeling whenever someone reached out like that to me.

The only problem was that I had three younger siblings and also today was the first Friday of the month. My parents had these country club soirees that they’d been taking me to ever since I was fourteen and even though I had begged them for four years since then to please let me stay home because I loathed going to those things, their only response was ‘come with us or watch your brothers and sister’. So obvi, I kept going.

It wasn’t that the men at the place were creepy or anything. Whenever I dressed up, I never really looked quite as young as I was. And yes, there were stares from the older men as well as their sons from time to time, which didn’t bother me. I’ve never thought of doing anything with them but I definitely didn’t mind being eye candy either. Going to those functions is actually what gave me the idea to go and start my secret-from-family social page. For their sons, not for like…the grownups but I’m sure once I turned 18 and not a minute later they subscribed to my page. Some probably even before. I could tell by the looks in the eyes of the guys and the masked envy from their wives or significant others that they wished to be able to look for longer without having to feel guilty or their overbearing aforementioned partners vying for attention. It became a little secret game that none of the wives or girlfriends knew about and especially that none of my family knew about. That was the rule whenever I told anyone about the page. None of my family knows and it should be kept that way.

The page was a smash! I never thought that some low cut shirts and high cut shorts would get me so much attention and yes, I’ll admit, there were some times when I got bolder than others. If a guy that I liked turned out to be a douche, then I’d turn up the heat on my page. But mostly I was just revealing enough. I would get messages all of the time that my ‘sweet face’ was an erotic contrast to my ‘killer body’. I’d never thought my body to be much special but I’ll be honest, their compliments helped to boost the confidence I already had. I never changed as a person and no one ever said that they noticed any change in me, which was amazing. I didn’t want to be that person. Even with 1.2 million subscribers. I was still pretty humble.

But now back to Friday, the party and my cousin Carter. They all go hand in hand. As I told you before, my parents would only let me stay home if I watched my sibs. Now that Carter was going to be staying with us for a short while I knew that I could have my cake and eat it too. He wasn’t a scrub or anything but he could be a pushover. I’d known that ever since we were little. Even though my dad had married into his family, it had happened before either Carter or I could really grasp the memory of what was before. So we’d always grown up as cousins and I’d always been able to get him to do as I pleased. Well not always, a bit of hyperbole but the times I needed it most, I was able to.

I convinced my parents to let us stay home. Carter and I could catch up as we weren’t like, buddy-buddy in our high school and we could also watch my younger sibs. As an added bonus, they wouldn’t have to worry about paying a babysitter as we were volunteering (and also family). Babysitter’s were getting pretty expensive now-a-days and everyone likes saving money so it was a no brainer as to what their answer would be. Plus they knew that they could get completely sloshed and wouldn’t have to worry about their oldest daughter being witness to it. They were funny sometimes, I’d give them that. As soon as my parents told me yes, I immediately sent texts out to my three closests friends that I always rode everywhere with and went to plan out my outfit for the night. A tight black, deep plunge v-neck long sleeved shirt (that my parents absolutely did not know that I owned) and a simple pair of short pink fringed shorts. Very simple but I knew that it would turn heads. Again, I never did mind being eye candy. I wasn’t serious with anyone and I didn’t plan on being that night either. I know girls say this all of the time but I really just wanted to hang out with my girls… ..and also boost my social media subscribers but I mean, mostly to hang out with my girls lol.

As soon as I saw my cousin’s car, I casually (and hurriedly) made my way down the steps, out the front door, down the porch steps and down the walk to my cousin’s beater of a car. The faster I could get him inside of the house was the faster that my parents, my sibs and I could have dinner and then my parents could leave. Then I too, could leave. The plan was simple, I just needed to get Carter mofos porno on board with it too. I uh… hadn’t quite told him about his volunteering yet.

When I saw him sitting there in his car, he had this like, dazed look on his face. I knew that was his deep thinking face. Whenever his parents or my parents would ask him something that required more than just surface level thinking, he would make that face. There was once or twice where we tried to think of ways to get ourselves out of some deep, teenage shit and he made that face those times too but it was usually reserved for something major, which is why I didn’t understand why he had that face now.

It was kind of annoying, he always had fun at our house. He always stayed in the same guest room where he’d hole himself in to game. Carter loved our pool and spa in the backyard, he was pretty simple. Nothing bad ever happened here. Unless he had somehow figured out my plan but no, there was no way…I hadn’t told anyone except my parents. Maybe they called his parents and so his parents had told him. Uh oh…maybe he was trying to think of a way to tell me no or worse tell my parents no. Then they would know that I lied and…no, no, what was I thinking? He was Carter, my very first cousin. He wouldn’t rat me out…right?

As soon as I got to Carter’s car I called out his name and knocked on his window. It was a little louder and harder than I’d anticipated but it legit looked liked he’d shit himself once he came out of his stupor. It was everything I could do to not fall out laughing right in front of his face but I had to be as nice as possible, just in case he knew what I was planning. I backed up fully expecting him to get out and I don’t think he noticed that I noticed but I definitely saw him staring at my chest. The time spent looking was maybe two seconds which in the grand scheme of things isn’t an eternity but a girl can always noticed those kinds of things.

I wasn’t wearing anything special. I’d intentionally worn my comfy clothes which was a comfy t and some joggers. I purposely wanted it to look to my parents that I had nothing planned but a long night of watching my brothers and sister. That’s when I remembered that I wasn’t wearing a bra.But I never did around the house. I could get away with an entry level c-cup when my girls swelled up a bit but I was normally about as full as a b-cup would allow. As I’ve said, I never thought my body was anything major. I’m a solid 5’4″, full b-cup, about 119 lbs, light brown skin, shoulder length jet black hair, full lips (my favorite feature), light freckles that are barely noticeable across my medium sized nose and oh yeah, I do have a nice butt. I will admit that, it’s one of my absolute favorite features on me. A very nice, above average, medium sized butt. And I did like to show it off whenever I can.

Once he’d gotten his luggage from his trunk, which I was surprised opened that time, I told him the plan but omitted some facts. As in, I told him that I volunteered for us to watch my siblings and that was the reason that they allowed, to stay home. He looked pretty indifferent about it which was fantastic, no one had said anything to him. Before he could answer one way or the other, I dragged him into the house where the normal stuff happened. Familiar yet respectful entry, the younger ones were happy to see him, Carter putting all of his stuff in the same exact guest room that he always stayed in and then dinner. Oh the look on his face when my parents spoke of how thankful they were that he’d volunteered too was classic. I gave him a wink in response to the evil look he shot me but it was all playfully natured. At least to me. After dinner and I mean right after dinner, my parents driver was there and they were gone. Leaving just myself, Carter and my sibs.

Poor Carter, once he found out that I had other plans, I could literally, almost see his little heart drop to the pit of his stomach. It was cute but I knew that it was also a little wrong of me. I also knew that he was right, I did owe him and I promised that somehow I would make it up to him but my girls were outside waiting for me and I couldn’t really have a long discussion about it. My night awaited and so I gave him a quick cousin-ly peck on the cheek and a hug. That’s when again something out of the ordinary happened. I didn’t know if Carter had something in his pockets but something was definitely poking me.

I’d never really felt the need to do the like, waist-out-hug with him, so I’ve always hugged him tight and nothing had ever poked me before. Ever. When I pulled back I looked quickly and saw that he in fact did not have pockets and that yes, I could see the outline of his dick. Which was weird. Not because it was a dick. I’d had more than my fair share dm’d to me but because it was my cousin. I didn’t really have time to evaluate it though, I heard a honk again and had to go. So I rushed out the door but still wasn’t quite able to shake what I’d just felt and had seen. My cousin had gotten a boner but maybe it wasn’t because of me. Maybe he had been in the middle of watching something when naughty america porno I’d come downstairs, or maybe he was like, just a horny teenager or something. Just then was when I remembered the look he’d given me when I was outside of his car. How he’d watched my braless titties underneath my shirt. The thought made them slightly hard or maybe it was because it was getting cooler outside. Anyway, I hope cousin Carter got his rocks off before I got back home for the night.

The night was by far one of the best nights that I’d had in a very long time. I had no worries really about when to be home. My parents were going to be out for a while and even when they did get home, they’d definitely probs be drunk and also Carter was there watching my sibs, so I didn’t have anything to worry about and I definitely lived the night like it. I danced with a few guys that were bold enough to try and penetrate the female circle I was in with my girls and oddly enough they reminded me of Carter. Except their boners were unashamedly raging when we were dancing and I was unashamedly grinding on them trying to make them bigger.

There was this one guy who actually blew his load in his pants while dancing with me and the poor guy was wearing grey sweats. I felt something wet on the back of me when he was holding me close. His hands were just grazing underneath my boobs and I know he could feel that I wasn’t wearing a bra. I whispered to him that the song was almost over and all I heard him say was,

“Just a little bit longer.”

And that’s when I felt the first spurt. I knew what it was, I’d never had sex but I’d done other things. I knew that I’d been edging him kinda and that’s why I didn’t act all disgusted and put him on blast. I simply pulled away from him just enough to slip a hand down the front of his grey sweats and without anyone noticing, I placed a couple of fingers on the base of his dick and moved them up and down as he pulsed out cum. I didn’t take my hand too far down though. I didn’t want any of his cum leaking on me. I glanced down every now and again and man, was the cum spot ever growing. I waited until he stopped cumming, which didn’t take too long before I removed my hand and he pretty much ran out of there. If he was going to be embarrassed at least he had gotten something out of it.

The whole way back home I was checking my phone and my socials were BLOWING up! I had so many new friend requests and subscriptions. I did have a message from Carter but I didn’t even see what it said. I was a bit into myself and looking at all of the pics and videos that people had tagged me in. Most of them were pretty tame. Just of me partying, I hadn’t realized that many guys knew about my ‘secret’ page but it was fine. More subscribers meant that I could probably start monetizing soon. There was one where one of my nipples was out but you could barely see it, so I didn’t trip.

I hadn’t even finished checking them all by the time that we’d pulled up to the front of my house. I knew the drill about sneaking in at this point. To the back of the house, up the siding to the awning over the back deck. From there I would go into the second guest room window which was on the opposite hall of my youngest sister’s room (and that I always left unlocked). Then I could slip into my room and pass out for the night. It was a little wet outside, I don’t remember it raining but it was a wonder I was able to carry out my routine without a hitch. I was getting to be a pro at this.

It was once I snuck into the hallway that I realized someone was up…Quietly and I mean as QUIETLY as I could, I looked out into the hallway to ascertain where the noise of someone being up this late was coming from. This was the only negative to sneaking in through that room. My room was all of the way at the other end of the hall on the complete opposite side but the room that I’d snuck in was the only one that gave no creaks whatsoever. We’d found that out on a few of the many occasions we’d played hide and seek as kids. It was a goldmine for getting in or out undetected.

Once I saw that the doors to my parents room was closed and I could see the glow from underneath their doors of the lights that helped them sleep whenever they had headaches I knew I was pretty much safe. But where was the disturbance coming from? I ventured further out into the hallway towards my room, this time a little bolder in my movements and saw that there was another glow coming from another room. It was the guest room that Carter always stayed in. He must’ve been playing his game and it struck me then of the message that he’d sent me which I hadn’t yet answered. I pulled out my phone and messaged him back. He was asking for the wifi and I know it was late but I also had forgotten to let him know that it’d been changed recently. Still, if he was playing his game already then he wouldn’t have needed it but I could at least answer back. So I did. He responded quickly and my phone started to go off. I put it on silent and held my breath…no one had heard it. And if they did no one stirred. I double checked that it was on silent public agent porno and that’s when I noticed that Carter and I had a memory saved from my social so I sent him that as well and kept walking down to my room.

Ewe I DO NOT want to see a pic of my cousin in a swimsuit

Confused I went to the pic again and saw what he was talking about. I hadn’t even noticed it at first but yep, he was right. If you looked close enough you could definitely see my ass in my two-piece. It was funny but also, I did look very nice or my ass did anyway. As I’ve said, it’s a great feature probably top two. I was just at the doorway to the room that never closes when I got an idea. I would scare the living daylights out of him. He always got so into his gaming whenever he played and I was safe, I was inside of the house already. I knew my parents were knocked out and when they slept they could not be disturbed. Just as I was about to round the doorway and rush in to give him a good shake, I saw through the part of the door that connects to the wall that he was in fact not on his game but on the laptop. Furthermore he wasn’t…Carter…my cousin wasn’t wearing anything. There was a towel on the chair but he was definitely not wearing that. He was sitting there staring at the screen…jacking off.

“No…way…” I whispered as I watched him.

I don’t know why but I’d always kind of been drawn to seeing a guy jacking off. But this wasn’t just some guy, this was my cousin. This was Carter. I looked a bit closer to see what he was looking at and I was utterly mortified. It was me! He was on my secret page. How had he found out about my secret page?! Why was he jacking off to me on my secret page?! This was a line that should not be crossed and immediately I thought back once again to him checking out my chest and the boner that he’d gotten while hugging me a little while after that.

Those thoughts led me to the guy who I’d kind of help jizz in his own pants and how big of a spot he’d left on the front of his pants. I could still almost feel the wetness on the back of my shorts. Curiosity got the best of me and I looked back into the room and that’s when I saw his cock for the first time. Okay, okay before I go any further, I know full well that he is my cousin. My very average, not full blooded cousin, with that being said, his cock was a very nice size. Not monster but still a very, very nice size.

“Oh no…” I looked down at my chest and saw my girls starting to come to life, poking my shirt. I could also feel myself getting a little wet.

But it didn’t make any sense to me. He was stroking his dick to me and at the same time he’d been messaging me that he didn’t want to see me in a bathing suit. It was one of the biggest contradictions that I could remember him being a part of. And I still couldn’t understand why I was getting so turned on watching him.

“Fuck.” I whispered and then whimpered a little once I realized that one of my hands had begun to rub one of my titties as I reached in through my low cut shirt. His cock was big…no not cock, dick…his dick was big…my cousin has a dick not a cock…I looked back to him stroking it. No, it was definitely a cock. Something was kicking in more now…I got bold.

I can’t tell you why I did it but I wanted him to see more and I also wanted to see his genuine reaction when he got something from me. I started scrolling through my saved photos. I knew that I had a particular one of me in that swimsuit. Once I found it, I wrote some hashtags and a crying laughing emoji then sent it to him. It was me with my ass showcased by having pulled in the sides. It was a solid pick and it got him even more solid as well. His eyes got so big that it brought a smile to my face.

He sent a short message of ‘ewe’ back and some laughing emojis and then went back to his phone but the dork had gotten out of the pic. It was gone forever to him and it wasn’t like I could just resend it to him.He would know something was up. I saw the frustration on his face but then he quickly typed something on his phone and before I knew it, there was my secret page again, casted back onto the laptop. He was mostly staring at the one I’d posted early the previous morning of me being braless. I had a shirt on but you could clearly see that I had no bra on. He’d go to the other two that were there as well but he mostly was spending time on that one. It gave me another idea.

I slid to the floor in a seated position up against the wall, I still had a clear view of him. Then I slowly and very carefully, I can’t even believe I’m saying this but I very carefully peeled my shirt off and let it drop to the floor. My nipples were so hard and I knew that it was not because of the cold. It was never cold in my house. This was because of my cousin’s cock…it had turned me on. I held my phone up to take a pic and was just about to snap it when I stopped. I couldn’t let him see all of me right? Right? That would be too far. Right? I mean just because he was jacking off to me didn’t mean that he was purposely doing it in front of me. So I brought my free hand up and covered my tits just enough. It was arguably one of the hottest pics that I’d ever taken…so I saved it. Remembering what happened last time, I sent him a message first about wishing that I could see how disgusted he looked, sent that message, then found the pic in my saved and sent it to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32