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As the final guests left the house, Calliope was fast asleep, curled in a ball like a sleeping kitten on the couch, their father had retired to his den with a glass of whiskey and his business partner. Daphne and her mother cleaned. Her family could more than afford a maid, or butler, but they always felt it kept them grounded by not flaunting too much of their wealth.

“Thank you dear, I appreciate you helping out.”

“Of course mom, I mean I’m only here two more days, and I want to spend as much time as I can with you and help out where I can.”

“You’re such a good girl.”

“Oh?” Daphne glanced over her shoulder at her mother. “Can I be your good girl mommy?” she asked in a child-like voice.

“Daphne please.” she glanced to the kitchen door, and back to her daughter, “Not here, not now.”

“But mommy.”

“I’m not sure we should even continue that whole thing.” she said nervously stacking dirty plates in the sink.

Daphne approached her mother and pressed her large chest in her mother’s back and whispered in her ear, “I think you’d love what I can do to you, and I know you’d love what Calliope can do to you.”

“Daphne… please.”

“Please what? Please make you cum harder than you ever have in your life? THAT, I can do.”

“No Daphne,” she spun around, their breasts pressed together as the young girl and her mothers’ faces were merely inches apart. Daphne’s lust-filled eyes absorbed her mother’s beauty.

“I never noticed just how sexy you were until our little encounter upstairs. I get wet just thinking about what you might taste like.”

“Daphne, please stop.” She bit her lip.

“Give me a chance and you’ll be scream don’t stop.” Daphne replied as she reached up and gently stroked her mother’s face.

“Please don’t do this, it’s wrong.”

“Wrong?” Daphne leaned in and kissed her cheek, “No mom, it’s perfectly right.”

She tried to get away, but Daphne grabbed her tightly by her waist and pulled her back close. “Just let it happen, it needs to happen.”

Again she pulled away, and Daphne let her go. She moved to the door, and looked out into the great room. Her youngest daughter still slept on the couch, and she could hear the faint voices of her husband and his business partner talking in the den. Suddenly she felt Daphne behind her again. She wrapped her arms around her mother’s waist and nibbled her ear. “Please mommy.” she whispered and kissed her neck. The older woman sighed and pushed slightly back against Daphne, feeling her daughter’s ample breasts press into her back. Her mind raced. She wanted to touch her, kiss her, taste her, but she was conflicted. I can’t do this, she’s my daughter! I gave birth to her, I nursed her, I can’t cross that line. As Daphne continued to kiss and nibble her neck, her head fell back against Daphne’s shoulder and she moaned audibly.

“That’s it mommy, just enjoy it.” Daphne breathed into her ear. A chill ran down her mother’s spine and Daphne’s hands slowly slid up her torso. Her hands snaked up and her fingers curled around her mother’s breasts and squeezed them gently.

“Wonderful!” Daphne declared and her hands continued to explore her mother’s chest.

“Daphne, please.” Her mother groaned, “Stop this now, we… we can’t… we shouldn’t.”

“But we will!” she replied.

Her mother turned around again, and took her daughter’s face in her hands. She looked into Daphne’s eyes, then to her full, slightly parted lips. She licked her lips and pressed them against the young girl’s. Daphne whimpered as the two women kissed. Daphne’s lips opened to allow her mother’s tongue in to explore her mouth. Daphne’s hands slid up under her mother’s blouse and gripped her full, heavy breasts firmly.

“I want to fuck you so bad mommy.” Daphne whispered.

The older woman pulled away, wiped her mouth off and smirked at her daughter, “Daphne…”

“Yes mommy?” she looked to her beautiful mother with wanting eyes.

“We’re done. Never again, I cannot have sex with my daughter.”

“What the fuck!?”

“Quiet down young lady!”

“How can you tease me like that and then say no more?”

“It’s wrong, yes, it feels good, but you shouldn’t do something just because it feels good.”


Male voices could be heard coming closer. The women straightened themselves and went back to straightening up the kitchen. The two men entered and set down their glasses.

“Samantha, always wonderful to see you again.” the first man said with a smile.

“Of course Alex, nice to see you as well.” They gave each other a polite hug.

“Daphne, good look with the rest of your schooling, and tell Calliope I said goodbye.”

“I will Mr Clark, and thank you.”

“Samantha, I’m going to see Alex out and head up stairs, are you okay down here?”

“Of course darling, I have Daphne to help me finish up.” she replied.

“Goodnight Butterfly.”

“Good night daddy.” Daphne replied with a warm smile.

After the men left, Daphne turned to her mother, this time angry naughty america porno and bitter, “Mother, why would you do that? Why would you kiss me then say never again?”

Samantha approached her daughter and spoke in quiet tones. “You told me the other day, you and your sister are in love.”


“I will not risk your affection for each other by being ‘the other woman’ or coming between the two of you.” she explained.


“No, Daphne. If you are truly in love, then having sex with me would be cheating and wrong.”

Daphne paused and thought about her mother’s words. She sighed deeply and glanced into the living room, where she saw the true object of her affection, her younger sister Calliope.

“I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I am dear. So why don’t you go take your sister up to her room, and get some sleep?” she suggested as she kissed her daughter on the cheek. Daphne turned and headed out to the living room. Back in the kitchen, Samantha watched her daughter walk away with hungry lustful eyes. Stop it! She’s your daughter, you can’t have sex with her, no matter how much you want to. Plus, she and Calliope… Her mind raced to the two beautiful girls having sex, and she felt a dampness between her legs grow. Dammit!

In the living room, Daphne sat carefully on the couch next to her sleeping sister, and stroked her hair. She looked at her sister’s face, blissfully sleeping like a kitten, and smiled. I DO love her, all this outside ‘activity’ needs to stop. If we’re going to make this work we need to discuss boundaries, and limits. I’m going back to school in two days and we need to know where everything stands. I’m not so sure I want her fucking Sarah or any other girl while I am gone. She’s mine and I am hers. I don’t want to share her with an outsider. Calliope stirred, and stretched, she looked up through barely open eyes, “Hey sis.” she smiled.

“Hey there.” Daphne replied.

Calliope slid up and rested her head on Daphne’s lap, and before the older girl could say a word, he little sister fell back asleep. Daphne chuckled to herself and stroked her sister’s arm and side. Calliope nuzzled her face into Daphne’s tummy and was back to dreamland.

Their mother appeared from the kitchen, “She won’t wake up?” she whispered.

“Naw, she’s just tuckered out, I guess.” Daphne replied.

“Okay, well goodnight sweetie.”

“Night mommy.” She replied. Samantha shook her head, and headed off to bed. Daphne sat with her sister’s head on her lap until she too fell asleep. The sisters slept as one, soulmates and lovers.

The next morning Daphne awoke to a seemingly empty house. She rubbed her eyes and looked to her lap, but Calliope was gone, and she was taken aback as to how sad she was to wake up and not find her dear sister with her. She wandered into the kitchen, no sign of anyone ever being there. It was cleaned as if the maid had been in. As she wandered through the house she began to go over the last week of life. I’m so glad I came out to Calliope, and her response has been nearly perfect. But this whole hang up on the word ‘incest’ has been a real sticking point for her. It worries me that she may change her mind and decide that word overwhelms her desire to be loved by the one person who will never stop loving her. I can’t shake the feeling she’s going to shut me out once I go back to school. How will I be able to focus knowing she really doesn’t want to be with me anymore? Or possibly never did, and just played out this week because she thought it’s what I wanted her to do.

Daphne ascended the stairs and poked her head into Calliope’s room. She surveyed the messy teenagers room and stifled a chuckle. What a slob! What a sexy, sweet, delicious slob. She thought as she continued down the hall to her own room. She stopped at the door and looked to the end of the hall, to the master bedroom. What will we do about her? She seemed so into being with me…us, and then she stated we shouldn’t and we couldn’t. He body told a completely different story, but what can I do? She IS right about ‘cheating’ if Calliope and I are together and she and I have sex. I want to so bad, but I must maintain my loyalty to Cali. She sighed and wandered into her room. She looked around wishing her little sister would be there, waiting to hold her, kiss her, and just be with her. She dropped down into her chair overlooking the back yard and drifted away in her thoughts. I hope Cali comes home soon, we really need to figure this out. We’ve been having sex so much, we’ve hardly had enough time to really discuss what ‘this’ is, and where we want it to go. I hope she doesn’t plan on fucking every girl she sees now. Sarah is her best friend and that was her ‘experimentation’, but now we need to focus. My love for her runs so deep, and now that it’s out there, it needs some sort of… definition, I guess.

Later, Calliope and her mother returned from the store. They had been doing some shopping for a party they wanted to throw for Daphne as a going away party. Even nubiles porno though she’d only be gone a couple of months this time, Cali had talked their mother into a small gathering for Daphne. After unloading everything Cali dropped onto the couch next to her mother, and cuddled up to her.

“Calliope, don’t start with me.”

“Start with you? What ever are you talking about?” Calliope replied sarcastically.

“You know exactly what I am talking about. The other day in Daphne’s room.”

“OH! You mean when Daph and I tried to fuck you?” Cali replied and she snuggled her mother’s arm.

“Shhh… Cali!”

“What? Dad’s not here, relax.” Calliope replied as she wrapped and arm around her mother’s torso just under her large breasts. Her thumb stretched up and stroked the bottom of one of Samantha’s breasts.

“Stop that.” she replied and grabbed Cali’s wrist. She went to move her hand but Cali’s fingers managed to graze her mother’s nipple, which sent shivers up her spine.

“Ooh, mommy liked that!” Cali cooed as she rotated and lay across her mother’s lap on her back.

“Calliope, what do you think you are doing?”

“Putting myself on display for you mommy.” Calliope replied as she reached up and stroked her mother’s face. With her other hand she slowly pulled her shirt up, “I want to show you something special mommy.” She whispered.

“Cali, please don’t do this, I already when through this with your sister last night.”

Cali stopped and sat up. She turned to face her mother, “What do you mean?”

“I mean your sister attempted to seduce me, and I told her no. If you two are truly in love, and I completely support you. You should be truthful and honest about what each other wants.”

“Yeah, I suppose you are right.”

“Just please be careful with how open you are about it, people will not understand.” She explained as she stroked Calliope’s hair.

“I suppose you’re right mom.” Calliope sat quietly for a few moments, “But I still want the three of us to…”

“Stop right there.” Samantha sighed, “Sweetheart, let me tell you something. I will admit that I am attracted to the two of you, and I am trying to come to grips with that, but we shouldn’t follow through on that because I am your mother, and I am married to your father.”


“I can’t cheat on him, I love him.”

“I get that, but we’re family… it’s not really cheating.”

“Oh sweetheart, it IS cheating. If you two are entering into a relationship, you must decide if you want to be monogamous or open.” she explained.

“I suppose you’re right.” Calliope pouted for a moment, “I wonder if Daphne is home, I guess we have a great deal to talk about.”

“It certainly seems as though.”

“Hey mom.”

“Yes dear?”

“I have something I want to talk to you about before I go find her.”

“Alright, feel free to talk to me about anything.”

“Okay, here it is…” Calliope swallowed hard, and continued, “I do love Daphne, I do want to be with her, but…”


“There’s one thing I am having a huge hang up about, and it’s something I know bothered you as well.”

“Which is?”

“Incest.” she stated flatly, “That word pounds in my head. I don’t know how to let it go.”

“Well honey, that is a tough one.” She thought for a moment, “Okay here are my thoughts on this subject. Who can tell you who to love? No one. You won’t have children, so there’s no issue there.”

“No way! I would never want a kid… like me.” Calliope grinned.

“Agreed.” her mother laughed, “The moral code is this country is widely influenced by religion… sadly. And those people, or rather their leaders instill this belief that it is wrong, and it has carried on for generations and worked it’s way into our laws.”

“So, really, if you don’t THINK there’s anything wrong with it, there isn’t?” Calliope questioned.

“I think so sweetie.” She paused and stroked her daughter’s cheek, “If you and Daphne truly love each other, and want to be together, then by all means please give it an honest try.”

“We will, thanks mom.” Calliope declared. She kissed her mother on the cheek and raced upstairs.

I love those girls, and I want the best for them, but this does worry me. I hope, no matter their decision that they are safe and happy. Samantha touched her cheek where Calliope kissed it and sighed. I need to get these thoughts out of my head, it’s so wrong for me to desire my daughters…isn’t it?

Calliope crept into Daphne’s room to see her sitting in her chair staring out the window. She made her way top her sister, and paused. Do I scare her, do I-

“Hey Cali.” Daphne greeted her sister.

“How did you know I was here?”

“I saw your reflection in the window dork.”

Calliope came around to the front of the chair and admired her sister. She is so beautiful.

“Sit.” Daphne patted her lap. Calliope gleefully settled onto Daphne’s lap and put her arms around her.

“What’s up baby?”

“We have a lot to talk olgun porno about.”

“What do you mean?” Daphne asked.

“What I mean is, your doubts.”

“My doubts, I have no doubts.” Calliope replied annoyed.

“Incest.” she said flatly, “You seem to be hung on that word. It’s going to hold us back if you can’t let it go.”

Calliope began to giggle.

“What? This is serious Cali.” Daphne snapped. Calliope hugged her sister tightly, and kissed her cheek.

“Oh Daph, I have, or rather am.”


“I had a talk with mom downstairs.” she took Daphne’s face in her hands, “I understand now what it is, and where it comes from, and it’s hardly worth worrying about.”


“Yeah! Mom says the stigma of incest comes from an old religious indoctrination that is very out of date and antiquated.”


“Yeah, if people have an issue with us, then it’s their issue, not ours.” Calliope explained.

“Well, I am certainly happy to hear you say all of this. I was worried your hang up with that might sabotage us before we really get going.” Daphne explained.

“Well, I am happy to put you at ease.” Calliope replied with a smile and a kiss.

“Okay, one other thing.” Daphne paused and stroked her sister’s face, “We need to talk about a few things with ‘us’, and our relationship.”

“I think I know where you are going, mom and I talked about this as well.”

“Wow, you and mom apparently had a long, and in depth conversation.” Daphne replied annoyed.

“Well, she was just trying to help you and I out.”

“Well, what did she say?”

“She said we need to define some parameters of our relationship.”


“I’m not sure what exactly you want, but I was thinking about it, and I want us to be monogamous. No more Sarah, no more anyone else. I want to be with you, and only you.” Calliope explained.

“I have to say, I am a little shocked.”


“You are being very mature and take charge about all this.”

“Hey! I can be mature.” Calliope declared.

“I’m teasing you.” Daphne laughed, “I am happy to hear you say monogamous, I think that’s a great thing. I mean, I don’t want to be with anyone else but you.”

“That makes me happy.” Calliope purred as she cuddled close.

“Me too baby.”

The girls cuddled happily for awhile, until their mother entered.


“Hey mom.” Calliope called out.

“Is everything okay? It’s awfully quiet up here.”

“Yeah, we had a nice talk, and I think we’ve gotten everything discussed and we’re in agreement.” Daphne explained.

“I am so happy to hear that.” She said as she sat on the sill in front of them, “I want you girls to be happy and safe, and the things we’ve discussed are very important to your ongoing happiness.”

“I think we’re going to be good.” Calliope responded. Daphne whispered in her little sister’s ear, she in turn giggled and nodded her head. Calliope rotated on Daphne’s lap to face their mother. Both girls looked at their mother with lusty eyes.

“Whaaaaat?” Their mother looked at them suspiciously. The girls flanked their mother and each kissed a cheek.

“One time mommy.” Calliope whispered.

“Please.” Daphne sighed.

“Girls, I thought-“

Daphne grabbed her mother’s face and turned it toward her. She smirked at her and kissed her hard. Calliope’s hands began to wander over her mother’s body. Samantha pulled away from her older daughter, “Girls, I thought the two of you…”

“Shhh.” Daphne smiled, as Calliope kissed her cheek, “We agreed, monogamy except for you.”

“Yeah, mommy can be our third.” Calliope agreed as she and Daphne kissed. Then turned their attention to their mother. The three women had a tongue tangling three-way kiss that got all of them going. I can’t believe I am going to do this. Samantha thought as she reached for her daughters.

“Fuck it.” Calliope blurted out and pulled her shirt off. Her small breasts hidden by a flowery pink bra. Samantha reached out tentatively to her youngest daughter’s chest.

“Go ahead mommy, touch them… please.” she said with childlike innocence. Daphne tugged off her shirt as Samantha took her daughter’s breasts in her hands.

“Do you like them mommy?” Calliope asked.

“Y-yes, they are very nice.”

“I know right!” Daphne declared as she tugged on her mother’s blouse, “Let’s get this off.” Calliope stared at her mother’s large breasts, “Wow mommy, you have beautiful breasts!”

“Thank you dear.”

“They are great!” Daphne stated as she unhooked her mother’s bra. As it fell to the floor, Calliope’s hands found them and gripped them firmly. She ran her thumbs of the nipples and “weighed” them in her hands.

“Mom, you have the most beautiful breasts, now I see where Daphne gets hers.” Calliope declared.

“Speaking of which, lets get those bras off girls.” Their mother directed and she reached around her youngest and unhooked her bra. Daphne quickly took hers off as well.

“See? Almost the same.” Calliope said as she took one breasts from each her mother and her sister in each of her hands, “So nice, I wish mine were bigger.”

“Oh honey no, you have lovely little breasts.” Samantha stated as her hands found their was back to Calliope’s chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32