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The church was deserted. Brad ushered us into the dark confessional. The smooth wood gave off a soft, soothing scent. I nestled onto Brad’s lap, and he held me against him. His palms traveled over my body in slow exploratory movements.

Someone opened the window on the other side. I couldn’t see who it was through the mesh.I sat up quickly and cleared my throat, feeling suddenly nervous. The guilt of what I had been doing crashed over me in waves as I realized that it might be actually helpful to confess. I had never actually confessed before, though, so I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned,” I said. It was what they said in the movies.

“Tell me your sins, my Daughter,” he said. His voice was soothing. Brad’s hands circled my body tantalizingly. When the priest said “Daughter,” Brad nibbled my ear, making me gasp.

“I… I have sinned in thought and deed.”

The priest didn’t speak, so I continued. “I have been having lustful thoughts about a man who is not my husband.”

“Tell me of these thoughts, Daughter.”

“They are fantasies, Father. They possess me at the strangest times. Two weeks ago, I was driving home from school when I suddenly felt a strong desire for someone to touch me.”

“I see. You must be very specific, Daughter. In what ways did you wish to be touched?”

My face was flushed now, partly from embarrassment and partly from arousal. Brad’s breath was a soft ragged pant against my ear.

“I was wearing a low-cut blouse with spaghetti straps, Father, and I have large breasts. I was showing over half of my cleavage to anyone who wanted to look, and I wanted someone to touch my breasts.”

“Touch them how?”

“I imagined that someone was hiding in the backseat of my car, and that when I started the engine and began driving, he would look over my shoulder and stare down my shirt. I wouldn’t know he was there, but I wanted him to look at my half-naked breasts, Father.” The angle of Brad’s breath against my neck told me that he was currently fulfilling my fantasy, and a shiver went down my spine.

“Go on, Daughter.”

“Yes, Father. I would turn onto a deserted road, and the stranger would tell me to take off my shirt. I would be frightened, but I would do it anyway.” Brad’s hands tugged at the straps of my dress. I wriggled against him to let him know how crazy he was making me.

“Then he would reach down and grab my breasts,” I continued. Brad wrapped his hands around my tits and began fake hospital porno to massage them. The soft strokes of his hands became harder as I talked, and my voice came out in a breathy murmur. “My nipples got so hard when I was imagining the way he would grab them. He would be so rough, pulling on my skin and twisting… OHHH!” Brad had just jerked my right nipple, and I couldn’t restrain the cry.

“Are you in pain, Daughter?” The priest sounded concerned.

“No, Father. I just realized I forgot to mention that when I imagined this stranger fondling my breasts, I also imagined that I begged him to twist them HARDER.” Brad grasped my nipples in both hands, pulling and twisting so violently that my tits began slapping each other. The soft whisper of flesh on flesh reminded me of how it sounded when Brad fucked me, and I almost lost my train of thought.

Apparently the priest couldn’t hear the sounds. “What else did you imagine this man doing to you?”

I swallowed. “I imagined that he would reach between my legs and start fingering my clitoris.” Brad’s hand found my clit, and it was a struggle to continue. “I wasn’t wearing any underwear, Father, and I knew that if he could get his hand between my legs he could just rub me until I came and I wouldn’t be able to stop him. Oh Father, it would have felt so good, I never wanted him to stop.” My legs were spread lewdly on either side of Brad’s lap as he fingered me. I shuddered as I realized that this was the same position Jeff had put me in the first time I noticed Brad watching me. I had a sudden wish that the priest could see what a dirty girl I was being.

“You’ve stopped talking, Daughter. Is there more to this confession?”

Brad chuckled in my ear. “I wanted him to stop playing with my clit and start penetrating me with his fingers. I imagined that he would move to the front seat and shove his fingers into me.”

Brad positioned his fingers at the opening of my cunt, and I squeezed my eyes shut with expectation.

“Did you imagine this penetration would feel good, Daughter?”

Brad rammed his fingers home, and I almost screamed, “YES FATHER! GOD, YEEES!! SO GOOD!”

Orgasm overtook me with such force that I couldn’t breathe. The strange situation I was in, being finger fucked by my father-in-law while a priest was inches away, made me so wet. I was helpless to tell Brad specifically what I wanted him to do to me, and I was completely in his power as I rode fake taxi porno his plunging hand.

“Daughter,” the priest said, “This fantasy sounds intense. What did you do to release the desire you aroused in yourself?”

“I pulled over and pleasured myself, Father. I sucked on my own breasts, and then I sank my own fingers inside myself. Oh Father, I know it was wrong, but it felt so good.”

“You did this in public, Daughter? On the side of the road?”

“Father, I imagined that someone would drive past and see what I was doing. It made me feel even better.”

Brad froze and then pulled me tight against him so I could feel how hard I had just made him. I shivered. I had to feel him inside me again.

“You must kneel at the altar and pray, Daughter,” he said.

“Now, Father?” I asked. “But I haven’t finished confessing.”

His voice became rough. “You will, Daughter. But you must first atone for your lewd thoughts. Go to the altar and kneel.”

I looked at Brad. In the dim light, I could see him smirking at me as he straightened my dress. I opened the door and went to the dimly lit altar. I knelt and rested my forehead on my hands, but all I could think of was how much I needed Brad’s cock inside me.

A man in black stood in front of me. His face was obscured by the darkness, but when he spoke I realized it was the priest. “You have certainly been guilty of wanton thoughts, Daughter. I can smell the musk of your arousal even now as you confess them. You will atone for them.”

His hands went to the fly of his black pants. As he unbuttoned them, my stomach lurched with a mad desire to touch any cock. His hardening dick bobbed inches from my face, and I looked up at it with longing. “Father,” I moaned.

“Bare your breasts to me, Daughter,” he said. “You have made them objects of lust to any man who sees you in that dress. Now you will experience the consequences.”

With trembling fingers, I pulled the dress down to expose my tits.

“Your nipples are hard, Daughter. Are you having lewd thoughts now?”

“Oh yes, Father,” I said.

“What are they?”

“I want you to touch them, Father.”

He seated himself and beckoned me closer. Then he engulfed my tits in his large hands. It was heaven as he squeezed and pinched.

“You are very responsive to my touch, Daughter. Much more responsive than most women who confess to me. You must atone for your promiscuous behavior.” He released my tits. family stroke porno There was a quick glint of metal in his hands, and a sharp pain pierced my right nipple, then my left.

It was a pain that quickly translated itself into a spasm deep in my cunt when I realized the priest had applied nipple clamps to my breasts.

“Thank you, Father,” I said. “I know I am full of sinful thoughts. Instead of chastising my wanton thoughts, you have only intensified them.”

He grasped my tits again. The metal bit deeper into my breasts, and I screamed sharply, breathless with painful pleasure. “Daughter, I’m going to fuck these tits until The Spirit moves me to stop.”

“Yes, Father,” I moaned.

He squeezed my tits together and held them so tightly that I didn’t know how he was going to force his cock between them. The pressure of the head of his dick against the bottom of my cleavage made me squirm against him. He drove into them so hard that the head of his cock slapped the bottom of my chin. My tits shook with the impact as he forced his heavy dick between my breasts over and over, and the clamps bit harder into my nipples.

“Daughter, tell me why the juices of your arousal are dripping down your legs while I am using you in such a disgraceful way.”

“You feel so good,” I moaned. “Oh, Father, you feel so good. No one’s ever fucked my tits so good before.”

“You are a whore, Daughter. That’s why it feels so good.”

He abruptly released my tits and plunged his cock into my mouth. I was shocked for half a second before I responded to him, sucking him deep into my throat. I cupped his balls gently as I licked and sucked his cock. I ran my tongue underneath his prick and felt him shudder.

“Your mouth tells me that you are sorry for your sins, wayward Daughter. Now drink and be cleansed.”

He shot his load into my throat, and I swallowed again and again. He pulled out in time to spray a rope of his cum across my tits, and then he was finished.

I felt his eyes devour my body. I knew what I must look like, half naked with his jizz glistening across my body. He sounded satisfied as he spoke. “Lick the rest of it up, Daughter, if you are truly repentant.”

A wave of pleasurable humiliation went through me as I dipped a finger into his cum and then licked it off of my finger.

“You can get it off more efficiently than that,” he commented.

I raised my breast to my lips and licked. A shiver went through my body, and then I sucked the tender flesh into my mouth. Then I moved my mouth to envelop the nipple. With the clamp still on, flicking my nipple with my tongue left me in a gasping pile on the floor.

“We may resume, Daughter,” he said. “Return to the confessional.”

With a shiver of anticipation, I returned to the dark booth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32