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I suppose this should have some background so that this story makes any sense, I’m 6’2” brown hair, brown eyes, with broad muscular shoulders. I’m in pretty good shape, not as good shape as I would like, but I’m constantly working on it. I’m kind of the shy person when comes to girls, I can be confident, its just that once I get to a certain point, I’m not quite sure if its okay for me to keep going, so generally in any relationship that I’m in, the girl is usually the first to start anything.

Anyway, my friends and I took out my friend John for his birthday, and of course since he had a girlfriend, she came along too. We had spent most of the night clubbing, and basically getting a little shitfaced, when my friend Dan had the brilliant idea of getting some NON-alcoholic drinks to try and sober us up.

And finally we found a grocery store after making various stops to get pizza and do other various businesses.

“Aw shit!” I said. “I tried to warn you…” said my best friend John, “sorry about that, well at least it matches the other tomato stain on the other side of your shirt.” As he leaned into the canned foods section grinning.

He smiled as he had said it, but I didn’t care, it was one of my favorite shirts and I had just madeanother stain on it, so I started to pout justever so slightly. “Its ok, I’m just pissed cause I like this shirt so much!”

John’s girlfriend, Kelly, then said “Its ok, we’ll just get some club soda and get that stain right out. Come on.” She said as she grabbed my hand and led me away from the rest of my friends.

I guess I should describe Kelly somewhat. She’s average height, around 5’5” with brown hair, and one of the sweetest smiles I’ve ever seen. She has what I would guess as a B-cup size chest, and long slender legs. Her hips and ass are perfect as bahis firmaları she keeps herself in great shape.

The next five minutes were spent looking for club soda. You’d be amazed at the different types of soda that are around, but somehow when you’re looking for club soda it’s always where you would never expect it. I guess the storeowners just don’t care about it enough. Either that or it’s a truly sick game of watch the customers stumble around a lot.

“Found it,” I heard Kelly say, “We’d better get that stain out quick, take off your shirt.”

Now I’m a shy kind of guy, but I’m also horny as hell when it comes to girls, best friend’s girlfriend or not. Still, I knew the danger, and it wasn’t looking good, or rather, she definitely was, but this was bad. I definitely didn’t want to betray my best friend. One of the many reasons that I don’t like to be around with Kelly is the because of my major bad luck with girls, which make me, like I already said, horny as fuck. Still, it was an innocent thing to ask, she is just trying to help me out after all.

“Okay,” I say as I take off my top shirt. It was one of those button down shirts that looks real nice especially if you’ve got a white undershirt to go with it. “Damn. My undershirt got it too…” I said as I looked at it, falling more and more into despair.

“Its fine, its fine,” she said ever so gently as she moved me into the corner of the grocery store away from any cameras vision. “This will get it right out. “She said opened the soda bottle and worked the stain out of my over shirt and put it up on one of the isles. “Now let me see what I can do with this.” She said as she took the now wet towel and started to apply it to my chest.

I blinked at her for a few seconds. Being naked with my best friend’s girlfriend? Okay, okay, not kaçak iddaa naked, but by know I think you can tell that I always take those extra couple of steps. This was definitely in the danger zone of self control. But still, it was innocent, nothing seemingly wrong there.

“Wow, you’re really well built, your muscles feel so strong against my me” I must have grunted or moaned slightly because she moved herself closer to me to the point where I could feel her breasts and their hard nipples.

“Do you like this?” She cooed as she put her hands on my head and brought her lips to mine and passionately kissed me. I could feel her tongue probing my lips as I parted them so that she had more access. She moaned slightly as I started kissing her back and moved my hands to her ass, and I could feel her start to gyrate slightly against me as I stroked her.

Suddenly she stopped the kiss and said “I want you Jason, I want you right here, right now.”

Well, I didn’t know what to say, but I damned sure knew what to do as I bent over and started kissing her in earnest. I slid my hands all over her ass and up her shirt where I felt her oh so soft breasts. Her nipples felt like little jewels that reacted to my every touch. I broke our kiss and started sucking on each breast starting with the nipple, slightly biting it making it stand out straight, and every time I did that she moaned slightly. As I moved down her planting kisses all the way, I undid her pants and brought them and her panties down to her ankles.

I positioned myself under her and started liking her hot sex as fast as I knew how. Her love juices started flowing as I stuck my finger in her and flicked her clit with my tongue. She was pushing back against my face on every upstroke and I could tell from her shaking that she was nearing climax so kaçak bahis I put 2 more fingers in her and sucked on her clit for all that I was worth.

She came with an intensity that I’ve never seen as she collapsed on top of me. I held her for a minute knowing full well that soon my friends were going to start looking for us.

“That was the hardest I’ve ever come before,” She said as I held her facing away from me in my lap, with my raging erection pressed up against her ass crack. “I want to return the favor.” And she turned around in my lap and undid my pants till my cock leapt free of its very constrictive confines. “oooohh” she cooed as she started to suck on the head of my manhood. I could feel the come rising in my balls as she sucked up and down the shaft of my engorged member, getting closer and closer to climax. She looked at me as she was doing it, and I could tell that she was enjoying every minute of this.

“I’m going to come”, I said, and she started to suck even harder on me, going faster and faster and faster until I couldn’t hold back any longer!

“Arrrrrrrrggggghhhh….” I groaned as I shot my hot cum into her mouth, it felt as if my balls were emptying themselves of everything they ever had, and she swallowed every drop.

“Mmmm” she said as she looked at me, “delicious.” And I leaned in and kissed her, “tasting my own cum in her mouth as I continued to play with her tits. “This was great Jason, I really enjoyed this,” As I heard John call out, “Kelly? Jason?”

“I guess we’d better get back then, huh?” she said with a wink.

“Yeah.” I agreed. Definitely way past time to get back to them, John must be suspicious as hell, as I watched her pull her pants back up and fix her shirt and hair. We walked back to where we left our friends in silence

“Hi honey,” Kelly said as we got close to them, “sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Its ok, “ John said, “So did you get it all out?”

She grinned as she looked at him and said, “Yup, pretty much emptied the bottle doing it too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32