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Chapter 98 — A small Birthday Party with Hanh

I hadn’t known that it was Hanh’s birthday last week. She was 20 now and had already celebrated her big day with her family but sent me a message that I should come over for lunch and ‘cake with cream’. As she was blind, she spoke her messages into small device, which converted them into writing, first, and then into English, but her messages were always slightly garbled, of course. She was aware of that and usually send me the same message twice, just to make sure I got the gist.

Last week, I had finally seen my most beautiful former student Anna again, whose friend had discovered the story I had dedicated to her here on Literotica and had shown it to her. Anna had confronted me with a printed copy of the story at a small restaurant at the beach, which had led to some intense discussions about our relationship and writing in general, at first, before we had driven to a small hotel and consumed our lustful energy for each other. We had agreed to see each other again, but this week she was menstruating and, thus, not feeling well.

In the meantime, Nguyet had given her lovely colleague Thuy a voucher for a pussy massage with Hanh, which Thuy had redeemed almost instantly, Hanh told me. The two had gotten along splendidly during the tender treatment, Hanh elaborated further; Thuy had ‘a sweet, round butterfly’, she said, and they had chatted amiably all through the massage. Eventually, Hanh had even taken her clothes off, just because she had ‚felt like it.’ Yes, I agreed with Hanh: Thuy was a kind and lovely person, and I couldn’t wait to hear more details about the charming afternoon over ‘cake with cream’. Nguyet was amusing herself with Vu, her young lover, back at her office in the ‘burbs, as the old vintage hotel was being checked out by workers from the Vietnamese investor group that had bought it. So, right now, we couldn’t meet there.

A while back, Hanh had sent me a few pictures of herself in a new outfit, which she presumably had received or bought for her birthday. I was curious if she would wear it today, even though we would just meet at her home, where she lived with her mother and aunt, who was also a masseuse. I had promised to take Hanh to a cafe or restaurant in her new clothes, but the current Covid-19 restrictions had put a blanket of lethargy over everything. Vietnam had sailed splendidly through the first 15 months of the malaise, but now the case count was going up every day, and even though it was mainly Saigon that was affected, many other provinces had gone into some semi-strict lockdown. But one person visiting another household was still permitted.

And so I went over to Hanh’s house around 12:30. I shaved, clipped my fingernails and dressed up a bit, even though she wouldn’t be able to see it. But, like I said, I was hoping to see her in her new outfit and wanted to match her efforts. So far, I had only seen her in polo’s, jogging pants, underwear, and her one-piece bathing suit with a miniskirt attached to it, which she wore when giving massages. Even though I had been invited to have lunch with the family, I suggested to skip lunch and just show up for ‘cake with cream’ as Hanh had put it so endearingly, since I usually had a late breakfast. On the way to her house, I had bought a small vial of perfume as well as some chocolate and then hammered on the metal harmonica-door of her domicile.

Her mother let me in and then pushed her own motorcycle out onto the sidewalk; apparently she was going somewhere in a minute. Enthusiastically, she invited me in and pointed through the vestibule towards the kitchen in the back. Hanh’s aunt came out of her massage room here on the ground floor and greeted me as well, before she rang the bell that told Hanh upstairs to please descend from her bower. Perhaps Hanh was putting on her new clothes, though, as she hollered that it would ‘take another minute.’ Anyway, I sat down in the kitchen, and her aunt brought half of a carefully-precut birthday cake. On the icing, I could still see remnants of Hanh’s name, date of birth, and some words, which had certainly been wishes. Or her nickname at home, which every Vietnamese person had.

When Hanh didn’t appear immediately, her aunt put two small plates and spoons next to the cake, as well as four little satchels of instant coffee with sugar and cream. She put the kettle on and said goodbye–perhaps she had a customer lying on her massage table. Hesitatingly, Hanh came into the kitchen a minute later, feeling the furniture to find her way. I cleared my throat and said ‘hi’ to let her know where exactly I was seated and then helped her sit down. Just like hers, I turned my chair by 90 degrees, so that we were facing each other at the edge of the table. Just like Nguyet and I four years earlier on that fateful day our affair began.

And, yes, Hanh had decked herself out: she was wearing a snow-white top with spaghetti straps and a nice, soft, black miniskirt that also looked brand-new. Unlike most days when I visited her, eryaman otele gelen escort she was also wearing a spiffy silver bra, which had two straps on each side, like Hanh’s tiny bosom, which was only marginally bigger than Anna’s, was too heavy to contain otherwise. The kicker, though, were her cute, black jump boots. Normally, it was practically forbidden to wear footwear in the house here in Vietnam, apart from flip-flops, but since Hanh was blind and it had been her birthday, she would definitely get away with it.

Since we didn’t have her speech-detection device down here in the kitchen, the conversation would probably be bumpy and clumsy, but I was hoping anyway that, after some cake, we would go upstairs for a more sensual hour. Hanh had already told me that she had another customer at two o’clock. Of course, I wished her ‘Happy Birthday’, first, and handed her the small gifts, before I poured the instant coffee powder in the glasses and went over to the stove, where the kettle was. In the meantime, she opened the flacon and dabbed a drop of perfume onto her collarbones. She smiled in my direction when I was pouring the coffee from the other side of the table.

When she had heard that I must have sat down again, she was holding the chocolate in my direction and asked if I wanted it to be opened. Well, we had a lot of cake, so I thought she should keep it for now.

“But, then, it’s yours, so open it if you want …” I added.

She thought about it for a moment but then said I could get some ice cubes from the freezer for the coffee. It wasn’t as hot as the previous week, but iced coffee was actually a great idea, I agreed. I asked her how much ice she wanted and then got up again. After I had fixed our beverages, I cut the cake properly, still standing and put a large piece onto both plates, before I finally sat down again.

I wanted to wait until she would begin to eat, and so I just admired the soft, smooth skin below her collarbones. On a whim, though, I opened the perfume bottle again and dabbed a little on the onsets of her sweet little boobs. She twitched but then smiled endearingly after she had figured out what I was doing. She put one hand tenderly on my cheek and said ‘thank you.’ We kissed briefly, and when I looked down her cleavage, my whole body jolted, as the upper half of her titillating titties already electrified me. I indulged in the mesmerizing sight for a few more seconds, partially because I knew she wasn’t able to tell what I was looking at, before I handed her a spoon.

Strangely, eating cake seemed to be rather difficult for her, perhaps because it was so soft. She wasn’t able to get the proper amount on her spoon, and so I helped her to load the right mix of cake and cream onto her utensil. She suggested that I should actually feed her, which I gladly did. Her eyes rolled up towards the ceiling, as they often did when she relaxed. She opened her mouth wide, and when she tasted the sweet, fresh cream on her tongue, her whole face radiated sincere, genuine joy, which doubled when I pushed some creamy crumbs inside her mouth from the corners with the tip of my index finger. I took a large bite as well and, yes, the cake was actually pretty good.

The bakers and confectioners in our town had notched up their game two or three years ago: new stores had sprung up, each of which offered an ever-widening variety of pastries, cookies, cakes, bread, and pies. Especially their creations with fruit were pretty tasty. I took a sip of my coffee and asked if she wanted some too.

“Yeah, a little bit … if there’s enough …” she replied overly modest.

I put her hand on her cup and prepared the next load of cake on her spoon. She had leaned forward to drink, which had given me the chance to ogle her bosom again. Her firm, small breasts were amazing, but for some reason, my eyes ended up on her equally firm, smooth legs. I remembered the photos she had sent me, where I had detected that her lower legs kinda bent outward a bit. Somehow, the effect was amplified by her cute little jump boots. She looked endearing and hot at the same time. I felt my dick pumping when I fed her again and took another sip of my coffee.

At some point, she moved her chair a little towards me and pulled her skirt up, so that I could see her thighs in full. She put her hand on my knee and requested another load of cake, which I gladly served her. We kissed again, and I put my left hand on her right knee, which I then let travel up her thigh like a large spider. Now, I moved my chair closer to hers and reached for her breast, which I then fondled through the material of her top and bra. When she opened her mouth again like a hungry little bird, I kissed her first, but after I had delivered some more cake into her mouth, I automatically reached inside her bra.

Now the cake had been put onto the proverbial backburner. She writhed a bit under my caresses and fumbled with the zipper of my pants. The kitchen door was half-open, but her mother had left the house and her aunt was busy. sincan escort I could actually see the closed door of the massage room, which meant that there wouldn’t be any embarrassing surprise. And I had heard her mom close the front door properly. The vestibule was dark, and the massage room door at least ten or twelve yards away. And the way we were seated behind the table made everything pretty safe. I still thought about going upstairs right then, but what we had started here was so hot that I was curious where it would lead us.

To make things easier for my endearing blind friend, I unbuttoned my pants and then took them off, together with my underwear. Hanh had certainly heard what I had done and felt where my cock could be. We kissed briefly, before I pushed the four straps of her bra down her arms and then unfastened it on her back, before I fiddled it off her and dropped it onto my pants on the floor. After I had massaged her splendid titties for a while, panting and wheezing, I pulled her top-straps up again and adjusted her top, just in case her aunt would barge out of her room all of a sudden.

Hanh pointed at the cake with her chin, first, and then my cock. And so I took a spoonful of cream and draped it onto my glans, got up, and presented it close to her mouth. Slowly she approached the treat with her lips but then I put my hand on her neck and ever so gently pushed her closer, saying that from now on we would do without the spoon. Hanh giggled and nodded as that, apparently, had been what she had wanted. After she had enjoyed another fresh load of cream, she smiled impishly in my direction and encouraged me to repeat the deed. She eagerly snapped the second load of cream off my cock and then patiently licked all traces off my glans. I pulled my foreskin back, which made her close her lips and bob her head a bit.

Birthday with Hanh! I loved how she used her sensual imagination to turn a mundane cake party into a rousing and tantalizing little game. When I caressed her boobs again through the fabric of her top, she actually pulled her straps back down to offer me her upper body. She nodded towards the cake again with her chin, and now I applied some cream on her areolas, which I then licked off, of course. Geez, that was hot. Her rubbery nipples were stiffer than they had been 15 minutes earlier, and so I just repeated the effort. Hanh was enjoying it as much as I was but, after a third round, I felt it was time to heave another load of cream into her mouth. With my dick.

Drunken by the whole beguiling situation, I gingerly pulled the cake closer towards the edge of the table with my fingertips and then pushed my dick into the cream-part of the cake and then turned by 90 degrees, like an excavator. I pushed my rod into the hungry mouth of my blind partner, who laughed and giggled about the debauchery. But, like she had enough of sugar, she held my cock hostage in her mouth and started to blow me. So, I sat back down again, while she got on her knees on the floor, between my legs. She seemed to have the whole situation mapped out in her mind and knew that we couldn’t be seen right away from the kitchen door.

As much as I wanted to reach under her skirt, that wasn’t possible at the moment. And so I just stroked her hair and caressed her neck and ears. And boobs, after I had pushed her top further down towards her bellybutton. Hanh kept blowing me diligently, while I was fondling her superb small hemispheres. We both were breathing heavily now, and at some point I even started thrusting. I wanted to get up and pump more forcefully–and, also, smear cream on her pussy, which I hadn’t said ‘hello’ to yet–but this here was too good to interrupt and change.

All came to its natural end three or four minutes later: the sheer sight of this endearing, hot young woman, plus the sensation of her firm boobs in my hands made my whole body shiver, before I came rather profusely in her mouth. She looked divine as she was waiting with her eyes and mouth closed for the splashes to subside. I was putting her long bangs on the sides of her head behind her ears, when she opened her mouth and presented me the large load of cum. I caressed her cheeks, mumbled some tender words, as well as I could in Vietnamese, before she swallowed twice and said:


She was just awesome. After we both had calmed down again, I asked her if she wanted to go upstairs. She nodded and got up, and I helped her to order her clothes. I put my pants back on, but not my underpants, which I put in one pocket and then her bra inside the other. I finished my watery, cold coffee, took her hand and then what was left of the cake in the other. We sauntered through the vestibule towards the staircase. We were breathing normally again but still audibly, apart from which it was completely quiet in the house. Her little jump boots were really the icing on the proverbial cake and, suddenly, I wanted to fuck her, ideally with those boots on.

To get to her chamber, we had to walk through her massage room, of which we elvankent escort both had fond memories. She hesitated for a moment: did she want to pee or take a shower? I put the cake on the massage chair and took her face between my hands once more to kiss her profusely. Now, she pointed at the massage table, took off her top and then, sadly, the boots. I relieved myself of all my clothes as well, before she asked me to lower the leg-half of the table and lift up those two plastic shells near the bottom of the massage table, so that she could lie down and rest her calves on said shells. She pulled up her skirt and proudly presented me her new, white, lacy panties, which had a flowery, see-through front over her dark little bush, before she took off the skirt.

She tapped her lower belly and asked cheekily:


Of course, that was short for ‘massage’. In Vietnamese, one omitted the last syllables of longer words; ‘Covid’ was ‘Covi’. Unceremoniously, Hanh removed her snazzy panties now and lay down on the massage table, before I helped her to put her lower legs into the fixtures, a little like at the gynecologist. I looked for the little pink bucket with the massage slime, but then realized that she probably wanted some cake on her pussy first. Or maybe her titties, again?

Yes, once we started with the slime, I would have to eat that, which was, obviously, not the way to go. And so I began with her boobies again, whose charm had kinda eluded me the previous five months. Somehow, they looked hotter and more delicious today than ever before. So, I got the cake from the chair and applied some cream to both of her fine titties, only to lick it off again a few seconds later. She ‘looked’ for my cock with her hands, with which she then played once she had found it. I, in the meantime, warmed up for my first full pussy massage with the masteress herself. When all the sweet cake cream was gone from her chest, I applied some slime onto her bosom and circled those fine little cushions with my fingertips. I would try to be as thorough as I had been with Linh, Mrs. Yen’s daughter.

While I was circling her upper body, her spiffy outfit popped back into my mind. It would have been so hot to bang her in her clothes; perhaps I just needed to tell her. With the cute little jump boots. Well, what we’re doing now wasn’t bad, either, and so I focused on doing everything right, here on the masseuse’s own body. The whole house was still wonderfully quiet; I was naked and soon, I would be standing between her wide open legs. I not only felt and saw her body but I could also smell it. And in some ways, it even felt good, too, to have come already as, otherwise, I couldn’t have dealt with the tension.

“Now, what happened when Thuy was here? What made the massage with her so nice?” I inquired, massaging her neck, shoulders, and face, standing behind her head.

My half-stiff cock was touching her hair.

“She’s a good woman,” Hanh began. “Has a good heart …” she reiterated.

At least, that’ what I took from her words.

“She didn’t want me to close the curtain …” Hanh continued. “I liked that … she wanted to watch me … how I massaged her butterfly … and she opened her legs really wide …”

Well, ok, that was enticing and endearing, but wasn’t there more? Somehow, that didn’t seem enough to make that massage ultra-special.

“I got naked at some point as well … and then … and then she told me that she liked that as well … and then she touched me …”

Oh, now I imagined the two of them together, and my dick pretty much got stiff instantly and protruded over her forehead. It was too bad that she couldn’t see it. But, probably, she could smell it.

“When we got closer, our hair touched suddenly,” Hanh added now.

“The hair on your pussies?” I asked, just to make sure.

Hanh nodded and blushed.

“Did you rub our butterflies together?” I heard myself ask. “And your little clits?”

“Yes, we rubbed and rubbed … it felt so nice …” she smiled in my direction and then giggled.

Holy guacamole! Yes, Hanh, Thy, and I needed to go to the thermal springs together and roll around naked all afternoon in the enclosure. Or have a little threesome right here in her massage room. Anyway, when I was done with her face, Hanh pointed at her crotch with her chin. I kept caressing her, though, and somehow my glans ended up on her lips. She turned her head sideways and tenderly took my cock in her mouth one more time. I, in turn, took some more massage slime, with which I caressed her nipples some more. When she started twisting eagerly here on the table, however, I knew it was time to relocate down between her legs.

As aroused as she seemed, I wouldn’t get to perform a thorough snatch massage, I realized. Well, some other time, perhaps. Standing between her smooth, short legs, I decided to peck them first, even though I had already noticed that her pussy was glistening. I fetched the massage chair from close to her bedroom door, and approached her snatch, kissing and sucking in countless molecules of her subtly savory aroma. I enjoyed the balmy atmosphere between her little legs and sniffed quite a bit of her sour and warm fragrance. When I touched her clit with the tip of my tongue, she asked if I wanted to close the curtain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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