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Sweet Infatuation 2

Time heals all wounds, even the most painful. I tried to shake the feelings of loss when a good friend, ex-lover, died tragically but it was only the passing of time that allowed me to move on. Initially I tried to immerse myself in college and part time work to fill the empty hours and coupled with occasional lovers, it seemed to work…for a while. The weekends were the worst since my sleep pattern was erratic and when I did not have something to occupy my mind I would toss and turn, eventually lying awake in the darkness, alone with my thoughts for hours. Memories can be good companions, but certain memories are like demons that haunt you and take over your being. I looked for an exorcism to purge these unwanted spirits but never seemed to find the right magic.

It was during one of these low periods that I received a surprise phone call from an old friend, someone who I had not seen in over two years. Gary was part of a small group of people that filled the summer nights several years back but was a friend of a friend and never really part of my inner circle. I had a brief fling with his close friend, Jimmy, a couple of years ago but that was the extent of our closest connection. Gary was a nice guy and I liked him personally but I never considered him when I needed support after Jimmy died, believing that his loss was greater than mine.

Gary called one night saying that he thought of me out of the blue and he took the stray thought as an omen that should not be ignored. He wondered how I was doing and eventually asked if I ever thought about the days when we rode around together. I told him that I try not to dwell on the past since parts of it are too painful even now but, strangely enough, lately I had been thinking about the fun that we had together and how much I missed those days. He understood and shared similar sentiments.

After we spoke for a while the conversation got easier and we chatted quite amicably. Before we ended the call Gary said that it would be nice to see me again if I was up to meeting him for dinner one night. It felt good talking to him so I lightheartedly asked if he was asking me on a date and if he was, I accept. We laughed and set our meeting for the following Friday evening at one of the local haunts that served good food and had a pleasant, lively atmosphere. I hung up feeling good and slept very well that night.

When Friday came I was in very good spirits and was looking forward to seeing Gary again. I thought about our mutual friends and wondered if he changed much in the time that passed. I also considered that he must be wondering the same about me and this brought a smile to my face.

I arrived at the restaurant several minutes kırşehir escort bayan late, fashionably late but theoretically on time, and found Gary sitting at the table awaiting my arrival. He rose to greet me and gave me a kiss on the cheek in lieu of a traditional handshake, something that was clearly comfortable for both of us.

Gary looked very handsome in freshly pressed pants and a polo shirt that showed off his physique. He was hard and fit but did not seem to be as bulky as he once was so he obviously was taking good care of himself but not pushing himself with bodybuilding anymore. I liked the way he looked and unfortunately did not hide my thoughts very well. Gary gave me a big grin of acknowledgment and said, “You look fantastic. It is so nice to see you, it has been too long.”

I returned his smile and commented on the changes that I noticed. I said that he was so much more handsome now with his new look and asked what inspired him to go in this direction. Was it someone special in his life or something else? He laughed and said that it was something much more practical. We ordered drinks and he continued.

“I reassessed my life after Jimmy passed and decided that change was in order. It was at this same time that I stumbled onto an interesting opportunity when I was asked to help set up a business by an old friend. He had ample resources but needed someone with good organizational skills who could command respect to emphasize the seriousness of our commitment to the enterprise.

“I told him that I was not muscle for hire and he made it clear that that was not what he wanted. He knew that I had a good reputation and worked hard to erase the stigma of the past and I also had a certain presence and business savvy that warranted consideration. He was paying forward so to speak and wanted success for both of us. I was recommended by someone close to him as a person he could trust although he never would say who made the recommendation. It’s been hard work for the past 18 months but it has been worth it. I even started night school and hope to get my bachelor’s degree in two years but that is a personal goal and not business related.”

I was clearly impressed and offered congratulations for the success of his hard work. He accepted graciously and asked what I had been doing even though he probably did not wish to hear about the trials and tribulations of a college student. He appeared interested nonetheless and I enjoyed talking to him.

We had a very nice dinner and it was fun talking about the old times and catching up on the stories of old friends. Gary seemed genuinely sad when the restaurant was emptying out and we knew that our date was coming to an end. escort kırşehir I had similar feelings and asked if he wanted to come back to my place for coffee to extend the evening a little longer. He said that he would like that very much as long as I honestly felt that it was something that I wanted. He did not wish to pressure me or take advantage of old friendships but he said that it was fun talking to me and it was the first time in a long while that he felt relaxed and laughed as much as he did. I touched his hand and said that I would enjoy having his company a while longer provided he did not stay for a week. He laughed and said that he promised to leave by Monday the latest.

It was a short walk to my apartment and the night air felt very refreshing. We chatted as we walked and by the time we reached the front door to my building I was holding Gary’s arm, something he did not seem to mind. We did not say much going up in the lift and it almost felt awkward going through my front door and closing it behind us. Gary must have sensed my unease since he stopped me from going in too far and turned me to face him.

“I don’t want you to think that I asked to see you for any reason other than I thought of you and wanted to say hello. I always liked you and had fun when we were all together. I genuinely hoped that you were able to move on after Jimmy…”

“Jimmy died,” I said, finishing his sentence. “I cared about Jimmy and I’m sure that you did too. But there was a part of him that was not happy in this world, in what could have been. I know that now and I accept that his destiny was fulfilled two years ago. You made your choices and I have made mine; Jimmy made his. We are different people now and my unease in coming here tonight is not a fear of the ghosts of the past haunting us but in the feelings that have yet to make themselves known. It is nice seeing you and I mean that sincerely.”

Gary did not respond but simply took me in his arms and kissed me, tenderly at first but more intensely soon after, drawing me close. His arms felt like steel bands around my back and waist and I felt the muscles in his back tense as he held me like his life depended on keeping me as a part of him. I kissed him back, opening my mouth for his tongue and sucking on it lightly. “Do you prefer coffee or tea?’ I asked, pulling my mouth from his.

“You really know how to spoil a moment, don’t you?” Gary said with a laugh.

You can always tell the people that you are comfortable with when you can still laugh during serious moments. Whether we planned it or not we seem to be a good match and I was having fun. With a smile I unbuttoned a button on my shirt and said, “Does this spoil the moment kırşehir escort for you?” No answer. I unbuttoned another and continued, “How about now?”

Gary pulled me to him again, “Keep it up and before long you will be naked.”

“And then what?” I said. “Will you have your way with me?” I joked.

“Perhaps,” Gary responded, “or I just may fuck your brains out.”

We were laughing as I undid my shirt and Gary pulled his polo shirt over his head. I unfastened the belt on his pants and let them fall to the floor; he undid the button on my jeans and got to his knees to peel them from my legs. We stood there, Gary in dark boxer briefs and me in black lace panties, before kissing again and walking to the bedroom.

I stopped Gary at the bed and slid his briefs down to his ankles exposing his erect penis. He knelt and slid my panties down as well, gently touching my erect dick in the process. When I stepped out of them, he caressed my smooth cock and took it in his mouth lovingly, causing me to moan uncontrollably. I sat on the bed and moved up, resting my head on the pillow. Gary crawled onto the bed to lay next to me, fingering my nipples.

I could not stand it any longer; I had to have him inside of me. I rolled over on top of him and began kissing him. I worked my way down from his mouth to his chest, to his abdomen and stopped when I got to his penis. I took his hard cock into my mouth after licking the precum from its head. I moved up and down rhythmically, altering the tempo to match Gary’s moans and movements. I could feel him tensing and knowing that he was coming close to climax, I moved up on him aligning my anus with the tip of his cock. Slowly I slid my body onto his pole and let the pulsing of my anus massage his cock before moving up and down on it. It was only a few strokes before I felt Gary spasm and cry out, his hands gripping my waist tightly. I felt his dick pulsing as he shot streams of semen into my ass and it was the heat of the moment, and the dick in my ass, that caused me to cum, shooting a load onto Gary’s stomach.

As I relaxed I lay on Gary’s chest, allowing semen to lubricate our bodies, enjoying the aroma of our sex. Gary smiled at me, “Any chance for that coffee now or will you just push me out the door?”

“That was worth half a cup but I can run a tab if you like and perhaps you will earn a full cup by morning.” I looked at his dick and saw that it was starting to perk up already so I was confident that he would oblige.

Usually I enjoy rough sex, being manhandled and fucked deep and hard. I like a dick forced down my throat and a mouth full of cum. Having a tender moment of lovemaking, pleasuring someone and receiving pleasure in return, felt so good it brought tears to my eyes. Gary is a nice guy, he treated me gently, but I knew that he could be whatever I wanted, whenever I needed it. I aimed to show him that I could be whatever he wanted as well. Somehow we wound up in the same bed and maybe his thinking about me out of the blue was fate, a good omen for a time in life full of promise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32