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Taking possession of ones soul

In my culture, we have a belief that we can take possession of someone’s soul and have been for generations. The stories have been legendary and passed down from father to son for as long as anyone can remember. They claimed that if you could manage to get a happily married woman that has given her heart to her husband, still in love with him and vowed to never leave him to willing, let you have anal sex with her on three different occasions. On the third time, her soul would forever be yours and you would posses a power over her that would yield her powerless against her will. I never really put much faith in this old tale but decided to give it a try just to see for myself.

They say it can take years to complete the possession process, less if your lucky but the more pure the person, the more complete the possession.

I decided to see if I could claim the soul of a real nice young lady named Carrie that worked with me for years. She was still married to her high school sweetheart and was the mother of two, never had an affair and was highly respected. I thought if this shit really works and I could claim her soul, the sky was the limit and I could do what ever I pleased. Just the thought of taking her and owning something as powerful as her soul was invigorating. I had always thought she would be a great piece of ass and the thought of having her do what ever I wanted, when ever I wanted was almost more than I could even imagine. I could think of a lot of things I would do to her dainty little body that would bring me lots of pleasure. The thought of her poor husband, laying beside her at night, having no clue as to what I had done to her during the day or night before was even more exciting. I had to find out so I set my sights on doing what ever it took to take her soul if possible.

I began taking Carrie out to lunch with several other coworkers so nothing would look suspicious. Soon, we began talking more as friends and would go out to eat at least once a week. After about six or seven months, we became very close. I played it to the tee acting like a true church going type interested in all the crap she talked about day in and day out until finally one afternoon, she asked for a ride home. I new this could be the right time, I drove down the dark back roads to her house and decided to pull in to driveway of an abandoned old house.

Carrie was quick to ask what I was doing. I said, I’ve just got something to say and it couldn’t wait. I told her that I was deeply in love with her and even though I knew she was happily married and could never love me back, I just had to know what it would be like to taste one of her sweet kisses.

Carrie said she had never kissed anyone but her husband and just didn’t think she could do that. I assured her that a kiss was all I wanted and that no one would ever have to know. I promised it would stop with just a simple kiss. We sat and talked a few more minutes and to my surprise, Carrie said with a cute little smile, “well, I guess one harmless little kiss wouldn’t bahis siteleri hurt anyone” and made me promised I would never tell a soul. Little did she know that this kiss would be the seed that would eventually lead to the loss of her soul. When I kissed her I made sure it would be a kiss she would lie in bed and think about for hours.

The next day at work for the first time she asked me to go to lunch. After a quick hamburger she asked me to pull into a parking lot to talk. She went on to tell me about how she couldn’t sleep thinking about what we had done. She said it felt like she had cheated on her husband even though it was just a kiss. She asked if I really meant what I said about being in love with her.

I assured her I was but that she shouldn’t feel any shame or guilt, she had done nothing wrong other than satisfy my lust. For that I apologized, all the while wanting to laugh out loud.

In the coming weeks I played it to the hilt with little gifts and more lunches. Finally we were asked to go to a company meeting out of town that would require two nights away. By now I had gotten to know her husband and couldn’t believe it when he called and asked if Carrie could ride with me to the meeting.

He was afraid for her to be driving alone in a strange place at night. Little did he know I was the thing he just might have to fear! So, I told him I didn’t mind if Carrie was OK with it.

That night I came to her house and had to listen to him tell me things like, “take good care of my girl” and “bring her home safe” and “Carrie, try not to talk his ear off”, damn, I was getting a hard on just listening to his dumb ass.

Once we arrived, I played it off and asked what time she wanted to meet for dinner. After we ate I just let her go to her room alone. After an hour or two, I came to her room and asked to come in and talk. As you can imagine, one thing lead to another and soon I had Carrie undressed and in the bed.

She was shaking and saying things like, “I’m just not sure I can do this” and “what if someone finds out”? I slowly began kissing her sweet lips then slowly moved down to those still firm and voluptuous breast that I had been, wanting to see for months. Carrie began begging me to stop, of course I didn’t and soon as I touch her wet pussy I knew I was going to take her that night, maybe not her soul but that sweet little piece of ass was about to be mine for the night.

I began to kiss and lick the inside of her legs and then without warning, I stuck my tongue straight and deep into her pussy and grabbed the checks of her ass to avoid her escape. I could tell her dumb ass husband had never eaten her pussy and at that time began to think, this whole soul possession thing just might be possible someday but for now, I just had to focus on making sure she gave me some of that sweet smelling pussy, the ass would just have to wait.

Before I could get my mind back on what I was doing, Carrie began to cry and say things like, oh God I know this is wrong but I have to have you now! Please, make love canlı bahis siteleri to me, I’m Cumming! It was like a dam burst and she lost control. I fucked her like a cheap tramp and took full advantage of her. I almost forgot to act like I was in love and just kept on fucking her for all it was worth.

After a while, I sat and watched Carrie sleep and just kept thinking about what I had just done. Only the second man to have ever been with her was special. The more I thought about it, I couldn’t help but get another erection. I slowly began playing with her now sore pussy until she woke up and welcomed me back into her bed.

I almost jumped the gun a couple of time by trying to at least stick a finger into her ass. She would have none of that and said she had never considered that as an option, in fact she said she thought that was sick and didn’t want to talk about it.

We spent the next night together and she was starting to feel guilty about her actions and said she really did love her husband and couldn’t understand why she had given in to her lusty desires. I assured her that her husband would never have to know and that this was just our little secret.

Within months we were sneaking off at least once or twice a month to a cheap motel for a quick fuck during lunch. I would often leave early, have the room ready and she would just stop by on her way either to lunch or on her way home.

Then the first encounter happened, a year after our first night together we once again had to travel out of town together on business. Her dumb ass, unassuming husband once again asked me to let Carrie ride with me and the stage was set.

I began by telling her if she wanted me to go down and eat her pussy, it was time I got to put my dick in her mouth. She said she would try, but she had only tried it once back in high school and wouldn’t make any promises.

After a short try, I made her quit, it was terrible and I really made her feel bad for her failure. I went out of my way to make sure I pleased her with my tongue and made passionate love to her.

When we finished, she kept talking about how bad she felt about her unability to please me with her mouth. She wanted to please me the way I had pleased her. Viola, it was time!

I said, “Well there is one thing I had always wanted to try”, what could she say. I asked her to turn over, and not only allow me to fuck her ass; I asked if she would, ASK ME TO!

You got it, with a hesitation in her voice Carrie said those magic words I had been waiting over a year to hear, “I love you, will you please fuck me in the ass”!

I acted like a school kid with his first piece of pussy. I used the overflowing lubricant from her pussy and slowly began messaging her anus with my finger.

She would jump and then slowly relax, I would then insert two fingers, then three and finally, I slowly began to work the head of my penis into her.

She jumped and cried, I consoled her and rubbed her back all the while slowly forcing more and more into her bowls. Soon, I canlı bahis was in a slow but steady rhythm. Just as I began to pump what felt like a gallon of hot cum into her ass, she looked at me with tear filled eyes and softly called out my name as if to say, I’m yours.

I knew I had just taken that first step and her soul would soon be mine! The next month we would have a similar experience with her first trying to suck my dick only to fail and offer up her ass to me again. This time she was more eager to open her bowls up for my pleasure. Then came the all important third time. I couldn’t help but wonder how things would change if all those tales about soul possession were true.

This time Carrie asked me, why do you want to fuck my ass, isn’t my pussy good enough?

I told her not to even think like that, (I had lots of plans for her pussy). Just as I began to fill the depths of her ass with my cum I could feel the magic, it was like her soul was leaving her body and entering mine, it was working, I now owned this fucking bitch!

Just to test the power, I pulled my dick out of her steaming hot ass and shoved it into her mouth! I ordered her to clean it off, “lick that shit off my dick bitch, NOW! Much to my surprise, she did, like a mad person Carrie began licking and sucking like a pro! Before I knew it, I was hard again and shooting a load down her throat.

She cleaned herself up and said, “I don’t know what got into me, it was like I was possessed and hearing orders from a demon”.

I explained to her that I owned her soul now and that from now on she would do as I said whether she like it or not. I went on to explain how I had never loved her and that I used her just to see if I could in fact take possession of her soul.

Carrie began crying uncontrollably and asked why, what did she ever do to deserve this.

I said it’s simple, you were just a good looking piece of ass that I plan to add to a soon to be large collection of whores just like her!

She yelled, we were finished and that she wouldn’t give in to my will.

The next day at work Carrie came into my office, shut the door and asked me what the hell had happened. She said she still loved her husband as much as ever but these strange new feelings were scaring the shit out of her and she didn’t know what to do.

I asked her to sit down and I explained to her, nothing has changed when it comes to her husband or the rest of her life but that from now on, she would do what ever I asked her to do, when ever I asked her to do it as long as it pleased me. I told her, “your husband still owns your heart but your body and soul was now mine”! She left crying and went home for the day.

I have since enjoyed the power I have gained over this sweet lady by making her perform wild sex acts with me an my buddies when ever I want.

Just the thought of her laying down beside her husband with loads of cum still dripping from her sore and swolen pussy and ass gets me excited.

Someday, I think I’ll send him a copy of one the videos of his sweet Carrie as she crys and begs for strangers to take her and treat her like the whore she’s become.

But for now, it’s on to more soles, what’s your wife doing while you’re away, don’t worry, I’ll send you a video someday!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32