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It will make this chapter much more enjoyable for you, gentle reader, if you read Chapter 1 first. For those of you who just can’t wait another second to read my stories, here is a synopsis. Kimmie goes to college in the town where her Grandpa lives and spends lots of time at his place. Once they discover that one is as horny as the other, they throw taboo to the winds and have a blast. Kimmie mentions that she and her mother enjoy each other in the same way, so they agree to arrange her getting fucked by Daddy.

Now that the ice was broken, shattered and crushed, Frank and Kimmie were very comfortable around each other, regardless of conditions. They rarely wore anything around the house when they were alone together. Kimmie discovered that she enjoyed sitting across her grandpa’s lap while he ate breakfast, resting his corn flakes on her abundant mammaries while she fed him and wiped the milk she spilled down his chin as if he were her baby.

If anyone needed proof that he was no baby, it regularly took the form of a snake crawling up between her thighs as she scooted her tight ass around on him. In most cases, the snake would find a nice warm, wet, quiet place to rest until the meal was over, then Shazzam!

“Don’t you ever get tired of fucking me, Grandpa?”

“What a question, child. I would think the question should be turned around. Anybody with or without a dick would fuck you at any given opportunity, but I’m just a dirty old man with an enormous prick.”

“It’s not as enormous as you think, old man. My strap-on is much bigger.”

“Strap-on, strap-on. That’s all I hear these days. If you’re so proud of your little strap-on, why don’t you go get it and we will have a pissing contest.”

“Silly grandpa. My strap-on can’t piss.”

“Figure of speech, my dear. Figure of speech. Ready to cum?”

“You bet! Just let me bear down a little with my pussy muscles and we’ll see if we can squeeze a little juice out of those tired old balls you’re so proud of.”

“Here it cums, baby. Better brace yourself.”

“Hah! What are you using, a hypodermic? Ooh, wow! Somebody must have gotten your scrawny ass in a lather. I can feel it all the way to my adenoids.”

“If you would relax that tight cunt of yours for just a second, you can have the rest. My balls are twice normal size because you’ve got me pinched off.”

“Bitch, bitch, bitch.”

“I’m not bitching baby. I love your tight pussy and I love you for allowing me to share it with you. Now sit up here on the table and I’ll play lickety split while you tell me again about you and your mom. Do you really think she would like to fuck me?”

“Well, like I told you before, she loves to fuck, but I don’t know how much attention she pays to the taboos. Most people are scared shitless to do something that made sense when sex usually meant babies.”

“You said she licks your pussy. That’s incest, too.”

“Well, technically, yes, but it’s not the same as having your daddy’s big hard dick lodged in kartal escort bayan your belly. Now is it? Oh, that’s good. Right there. Keep licking that while I tell you the rest.”

“After we fucked that first time, I started prepping Mom. Every time I talked to her, I told her something else about how strong and sexy you were. About how I couldn’t help noticing the way you looked at me and the huge bulge in your shorts when I wear my bikini. I’ve got her really built up fantasizing about you. Why don’t you call and invite her up for next weekend. It’s homecoming and there will be a lot of shit going on. There! That spot! Doitdoitdoitdoitdoit, oh doit! Doit some more. Oh, Gramps. You sure know how to lick a girl’s pussy.”

“Shucks, ma’am. ‘Tweren’t nuthin. I’ve been practicing on my sheep.”

“I’m late for class. Think I should go like this or put on some clothes?”

“Go like that, then nobody will notice you’re late.”

“I knew I could count on you for good advice, you horny old goat.”

“Goats don’t fuck sheep.”

“Toodle-oo, Grandstud. Don’t forget to call Mom.”

—————————————————————— “Did you call her?”


“Is she coming?”


“Want a blow job?”


“Damn, if I had known you were this easy, I would have asked for a new car. Can I have a little Miata, Grandstud? I would look so cute in it, running around with my top down, if you know what I mean.”


“Yep? You mean it? You really mean you will buy me a new Miata just because I asked for it?

“Where am I? What’s going on? Don’t know who you are ma’am, but you suck a mean dick. Have you seen my little granddaughter, Karen? She’s supposed to be home from school soon and we wouldn’t want her to see you with a mouthful of cum, now would we?”

“Why you old fart! Try to back out of a deal, will you? I’ll show you. No more pussy for you until your Alzheimers clears up. Wouldn’t want you to be yammering all over town about the nice lady who blows your nuts for you.”

“Miata? What color? Suck, baby, suck. We’ve got some shopping to do. Oh look, now I’ve gone and made a mess all over your pretty little tits.”

“Fuck the tits, Gramps. What say I leave your cum on my tits while we go shopping for the car. Maybe if I wear my lowcut blouse, no one can fail to notice why you’re buying it for me.”

“Wear one that comes off easily. We’ve got some truckers to flash on the way back.” —————————————————————————————————- “Oh Gramps. I love it! It’s exactly what I always dreamed about. Thank you so much.”

“Darling, you are exactly what I always dreamed about. When you are my age and have suffered as many rebuffs from beautiful young people, just for admiring them, as I have, then you may start to understand how utterly wonderful it is to have you accept me as a lover.”

“Would you have bought me the Miata if escort maltepe I hadn’t fucked you?.”

“Of course. The car isn’t payment for anything. It’s only an acknowledgment of my ability to do something for you. It makes me happy and I’ll bet you fuck my dingus off tonight, based on how happy you look at the moment. Want to have some fun?”

“Sure. What should I do?”

“Pull up beside that truck ahead and stay beside him until I tell you to go on.”


“Wave at the nice truck driver, Kimmie. Flash him those pearly white teeth your mom spent so much on. Wouldn’t want to waste any of that work. See how much he enjoys your smile? Don’t you think he would enjoy a shot of your beautiful young tits?”

“I don’t know. He looks happily married to me.”

“You’ve gotta be shitting me. Six million horny truck drivers on the road and you think you’ve found the one that’s true to his wife?”

“Well, he is kind of leering.”

“See? I told you he wouldn’t mind giving you a look. Just to make you feel better of course.”

“Hold the wheel, Gramps. I’m going for broke.”

“Why you sweet, darling child. That was awful nice of you to show him your entire rack, but don’t you think you should speed up a little now? The way he’s weaving around he may take us out before he gets his gun.”

“That was fun, Gramps. Can I just leave it off till we get home?”

“That’s fine with me, but you better drop me off somewhere before we get close enough home for somebody to recognize us and call the cops on me for leading you astray.”

“Oh, yeah? Then I would just have to have the cops fall madly in love with me and shoot each other while fighting over who gets to fuck me first. Ok, ok. I’ll put it back on, but I won’t button it. How’s that?”

“Good enough for me. Just beware of nosy neighbors. Hey! Remember that salesman?”

“Do I? I’ll never forget the look on his face when he realized what that stuff was on my tits. He was close enough to smell your cum and I thought he was just going to lean down and lick it off.”

“He might have if we had stayed any longer. Wonder how much money they lost on that deal?”

“Oh, a nice young man like that can always find another job, can’t he?”

“If not, at least he has a story to tell for the rest of his life. Let’s see now. If I time this right, the garage door should be open just enough to pull under by the time we get there. Slow down! Slow down!”

“Chicken shit old man. I knew exactly how fast to go. It’s a good thing you ducked, though.

“Did I ever mention that you’re going to be the death of me?”

“Don’t worry, old man. You’re going to die in my saddle, not in my car.”

“Honey, if you can arrange that, I’ll leave it all to you.”

“I’ve already got all you had so far. Just keep those balls pumping. Or maybe you forgot I promised to fuck you senseless tonight.”

Frank got out of the car and lifted his granddaughter in his powerful arms before taking her in pendik escort the house and up to her bed. Her blouse was still unbuttoned and he was able to duck his head and suck both of her painfully erect nipples as he carried her through the house. Kimmie was squirming in his arms and he was about to ask her to quit until he realized that she was wriggling out of her shorts in preparation for their night of debauchery.

He nudged the door of her bedroom open and nearly dropped her from the shock of what he saw. Alice was stretched across Kimmie’s bed, taking a nap. Frank stood there, holding Alice’s nearly naked daughter in his arms while he recovered. He would have been able to think quicker, but his little head had already soaked up all the blood from his big head.

Alice had apparently taken a shower when she arrived and was sprawled across the bed with only a towel wrapped around herself. In her tossing and turning, the towel covered more of the non-interesting parts than the good bits, which were glaringly on show. Frank had never seen his daughter’s pussy before, at least after she graduated from diapers. His wife had been perfectly willing to let him change all the diapers he wanted.

She looked so innocent, lying there. Her cunt was fully exposed to his gaze and her bountiful tits were more than he had imagined in his wettest dreams, but it was her look of innocence in her sleep that rooted him to the spot.

“Gramps. Gramps!”, whispered Kimmie. “Don’t you think you better put me down?”

“Huh? Oh, sure. Sorry.”

Kimmie giggled. “She’s got a great bod, doesn’t she, Gramps?”

“She certainly does, baby. Guess we’ll have to put that celebration fuck on hold.”

“No way, Jose. You need a good fucking and I’m just the woman to give it to you. Now be real quiet and let’s go stand right behind Mom.”

“Are you out of your mind? You want to fuck me right behind your mother? What if she wakes up?”

“Deal with it then. What’s the matter? Still chicken shit?”

“I’ll show you chicken shit. Bend over and grab your ankles, honey. The express train is cumming through. Just try to remember not to scream when the dam breaks.”

“Sure, sure, sure. If you can get it up before I lose interest. Oh, my! Already up, huh? Well, I’ll fix that.”

Somehow, the necessity for fucking in total silence seemed to increase the sensation even more than usual for both of them. Frank used long, slow strokes and Kimmie used all of her muscle control to squeeze every bit of pleasure out of what promised to be a grand finale.

When it happened, it built slowly, lasted forever and went away slowly. It was as if they came in slow motion. Frank grabbed his shorts and held them up against Kimmie’s crotch to catch as much of the juices as he could manage. No need to create additional things to be explained, with a puddle of cum on the floor that Alice was sure to step in when she got up.

“Shh, Gramps. You go on back to the dealer and pick up your car while I get Mom prepped.”

“Don’t you think she will be able to tell that your pussy is full of cum?”

“Sure she will, but she won’t know who it came from.”

“You must truly be the fruit of my loins.”

“Don’t know about the fruit, but I like your loins. Now git!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32