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I woke up early to look over and see Mom reading her book, with the sun starting to shine through the glass door. I noticed her. Like I stopped to notice her. Her brown hair I had seen all my life was know suddenly chestnut colored and with noticeable highlights. The way her tank top sat on her shoulders, lightly caressing her shoulder blades and fitting tight down her back due to her bulbous boobs leaping off her chest. I noticed the way her light touch fingertips moved the page ever so daintily and the color of her skin in the bright sunshine. She looked ravishing- and also looked plain at the same time. Plain but still a very sexy, mature woman that I had the privilege to spend time with. It was an amazing few minutes I spent lost in thought until

“Oh good morning!” Mom said in her excited tone. I snapped out of my day dream and met her eyes and then we both seemed to notice the tent I was forming under the sheets. I quickly moved my body and lifted my knees, which drew a giggle from her and returned a hearty “Morning Mom.”

“You’re silly.” she said calmly, both of us knowing I had a major case of morning wood.

“Are you ready for today? I can’t wait to get out and see some stuff on our own time and our own boat.” she gushed.

“Yea Mom. It should be awesome but I am a little nervous about this boat. I haven’t ever driven a boat, have you?” I asked.

“How hard can it be? They will train us after all. We should head down to the dock soon I guess. Probably ok to get there a little early. I am going to get changed and then the bathroom is all yours mister.” She said as she walked across the room and closed the bathroom door tight. While mom was “getting ready” I jumped out of bed and threw a pair of board shorts on and grabbed a fresh shirt and a spare in case I needed it later. Just as I realized I needed to take that morning piss the door opened and my mom popped out of the bathroom wearing what seemed like her trademark short denim shorts and a tank top. Her smile was radiant and her boobs seemed to have a bit more support on the way out of the bathroom than the way in. I marveled at how they bounced and swayed with every step she took. Her long legs sticking out of the denim shorts ending with gloriously painted toenails- bright red today. I pondered for a moment what color they were yesterday and then remembered I had to pee. “Thanks Mom!” as we traded places and I got to use the toilet.

We headed downstairs to the dock and informed the worker we met there that we might be early but happily they said it was no biggie and we could get started on learning the boat. We spent the next hour being taught by a very patient resort employee about boater safety and the controls of the Rebalo R160 Console Cruiser we would be taking for the day.

“You ready to go?” Mom asked, almost bursting at the seams with excitement.

“Yea I guess. Not much more to learn I suppose.” I answered, looking toward the teacher for confirmation.

“Yea, you both seem to know the basics. Here is a map of some islands you can get to, or feel free to explore out to this line…” he motioned to a line on the map, and showed us where it was on the GPS unit as well. “This is the end of the resorts span of control. If you go past here, the boat will send a signal and someone will come get you and bring you back. Not a big deal, but try to stay in the guidelines. Plenty to explore.” our fearless teacher said as he jumped off the bow and with a nod and a wave, gave the boat a shove away from the dock.

“Do you want to drive?” I offered to Mom.

“Are you kidding me, no way. I am going to be driven today Captain.” she said with a wink and a chuckle as she laid back, opened the supplied cooler and grabbed a bottle of water. I fired up the engines and slowly the harbor was but a memory and we hit the open water. I sped around for awhile, just having fun. It was loud and fast- lots of fun. Mom seemed to be enjoying herself as well, and to be honest the long legs and jiggly boobs were pretty nice to look at.

She got up and slid a little closer to the control deck and shouted “Lets beach somewhere and get some sand time!!!” while wildly gesturing with her arms toward a beautiful white sand beach dotted in the turquoise water with just a little bit of green jungle growing behind the beach. There was a coconut tree off to the left of the beach. I slowed down and slowly guided it into the sand and we came to a stop.

“Slid it right in there Captain.” Mom said, as she jumped off the eryaman anal yapan escort boat into the ankle deep water. Dumbfounded by her pseudo-sexual comment I simply laughed and followed her fine butt off the boat and onto the beach. Within seconds she pulled her top off to reveal a red bikini top, more than a thing bikini, but less than a mom bikini. Tossing her shirt on the sand she then unsnapped her jean shorts and shimmied out of them, in a way that women must get taught that drives guys wild. Her red bikini bottoms matched the top and she tossed the shorts down and skipped toward me.

“Wanna swim?” she said as she walked past me into the water. I pulled my shirt off and followed her in. WE played in the water for 20-25 minutes before she indicated she was done and looking to lay on the sand a bit.

“I am gonna go lay down and get some sun and dry off. You ok by yourself?” she asked.

“Yea mom, go ahead. I might get out too, and go explore the tree line a little bit.” I told her as we started walking toward the clothes we left on the beach.

“Ok, be careful though.” she warned. She stopped by the boat to grab a towel and a couple waters, tossing me one. “How long you think you’ll be?” she asked.

“Not sure. Maybe only a few minutes. Not sure how big this rock is after all.” I replied, honestly not sure how much exploring there was to do.

“Well, go enjoy yourself. I’ll be here. Don’t get lost.” she said as she plopped down on the towel covered sand.

“Dont overdo the tanning Mom.” I chided, always worried about our complexion and the risk of skin cancer. I trudged off toward the coconut tree and then into the trees. I found a little trail and that led to another trail and another and then I had found the other side of the island. There were birds and small animals the whole way. It was absolutely paradise and I felt pretty lucky. Looking at my watch I realized I had been gone for almost 45 minutes and decided to head back, I figured there was a more direct route, since I had seen these trails on the way to this side- it wouldn’t take the full 45 to get back to Mom and our boat.

As I came through the tree line I saw her- laying on her back, sun glasses on, and top most certainly off. Her boobs were exposed in all their glory. If I thought I had a good show yesterday, today was even better. I stopped for a moment to take it in. From my angle I could see her side and the strap of her bikini bottom hugging her shapely hip, toes pointed straight up in the air, nipples proudly in the salty air and her face, almost permanently in a smile it seemed. She was gorgeous. I snapped out of it and decided to step back into the tree line so I could holler and she could keep some modesty.

“MOM! I think I am almost back.” I said to give her a chance to cover up. By the time I got to the beach I noticed she merely rolled over and her squished sideboob was still quite visible.

“The great explorer has returned!” she said craning her neck to look at me.

“Yea this place rocks. Amazing views and lots of wildlife.” I told her, not telling her the most amazing view was her topless sunbathing.

“Yea that’s great. I decided to get my back tanned up. No tanlines!” she said in her excited voice.

“Yea, I see that.” not knowing exactly what to say to her.

“Oh please, you cant see anything right now. Not like you didn’t see some boobies yesterday anyways. Just boobs…” she trailed off as I walked toward the boat to grab a fresh water.

“Great idea!” she said as she sat up and grabbed her bikini top, in full view of me wandering eyes. “Lets go check out another spot.” as she jumped up and pranced toward the boat.

“Oh sure, I was just getting water and didn’t want to interrupt your tanline free session here.” I said with a laugh as I helped her onto the small boat.

“Naw. I’m good. Lets go explore somewhere else.” she said pointing to a couple larger looking islands on the map we had.

I pushed the boat out into the water and jumped on board. Fired the engine up and away we went to our next rock and beach hideaway. As we were cruising toward the area mom wanted to explore she got up and came close to the controls again, as she had when she wanted to talk earlier. The engine wasn’t screaming and I was able to hear her over the low wind noise. What I heard stunned me…

“Did you see me on the beach? Before you called out that you were coming back? I swear I heard a noise in the trees, but you said there cebeci escort were animals so maybe not.” mom said, looking me dead in the eye.

“No mom. I didn’t see you. What were you doing?” I asked blankly.

“I was sunbathing, no tanlines. You sure you didn’t see me?” she said still looking at me, with a slight smile.

“Uhm, well I might have come back, and maybe saw you, a little. Not even a good look, or really enough to even see you. Sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking…” I stumbled and stammered my way through the awkwardness.

“It’s ok. It’s not like I didn’t know you were on the island with me. Relax. Treat me like an adult and I will treat you like one too. It’s just boobs.” she said with a smile as she slumped back down on the chair and cracked open a Diet Coke.

“Yea!” i hollered, not sure if I wanted her to hear me or not. My mind was racing- it was almost as if she has ok’d me to se her topless. Then my mind went back to the image of her topless on the beach. And that familiar feeling of my dick pressing against my shorts. I became plainly aware that I was going commando in my board shorts today and moms eye level was very close to my waist level as I stood over the controls of the boat. Luckily, we were getting close to the larger of the two islands we were set to explore. I navigated the boat onto the sand bar and thankfully my hard on had subsided. I jumped off the bow first and landed with a splash in the ankle deep water. Mom gingerly squatted down and then sort of fell off the side of the boat, graceful, but odd looking. When she crouched down I got a great look at the tight fabric of her bikini bottoms holding back her pussy. It had been a long time since I got hat kind of a look at mom and, just as expected, hard on is back. We walked onto this new section of white sugar sand beach and instantly saw a wider, more used looking trail. I walked over to the clearing and saw a sign. “Waterfall 1/2 mile.” I relayed the information out loud to Mom.

“Lets go. It’s close. Want to?” Mom asked excitedly.

“Sure, it’s not too far.” I confirmed as she hurriedly passed me and started walking. I decided I better get moving so she doesn’t ditch me and then realized the view of mom in her bikini bottom is pretty fantastic, so no need to rush to the front.

We exchanged small talk about the trip, and the birds and the beauty of it all as we walked toward the falls. When we got there, it wasn’t some big majestic water fall. It was probably 8 feet from a rock down to a pool that looked to be 5-6 feet deep. “Waterfall might have been a little generous.” I said skeptically.

“Eh, it’s still beautiful. So can i ask you something?” she said with a weird look on her face.

“I guess so.” I answered, feeling a little odd but also sensing something different about her.

“So I think we decided to treat each other as adults right? And if that’s true, I would like to have some adult freedom, and go enjoy that crystal clear water, as an adult. Any issues?” she said with a smile. I thought I might get to see her tits again perhaps and I was certainly all in for that.

“Sure mom. Adults.” I answered, unsure where this was going. And just like that, she popped her top off and her big tits sprang out, with tight hard nipples pointing right at me. She looked at me, and I caught her eye and when I didn’t freak out she took that as an invitation to go further.

“Skinny dipping!!” she yelled out and whipped her bikini bottoms off and ran toward the water. I didn’t really see much except some butt cheeks and her small outfit laying near my feet as she climbed in the water. I could see through the clear water that her nipples were certainly engaged and engorged and could see what looked like a small tuft of pubic hair, surrounded by moms luscious thighs. “Are you coming?” she asked, incredulously.

“Yea, I am.” as I moved toward where she was. I started to step down into the shallow portion of the water, wearing my board shorts still when she asked “Aren’t we treating each other like adults? I can’t be the only naked one. I’ve seen it before…” she reminded me. “Plus I have been able to confirm its existence several times today since the morning tent and the several tents since we have been out.” she teased.

With a deep breath, summoning all my courage, I tucked my thumbs in my shorts and pulled them down. My modest cock burst free from the confines, as I tossed the shorts over by the bikini. I quickly scurried into the water to pursaklar escort hide my hardening cock from my moms eyes. “Ok, adults.” i said as I got somewhat covered by the water.

We swam around naked for what seemed like ages but was probably only 20 minutes when she suggested she might get out, and go back to the boat for a snack. I was equal parts bummed about her likely putting clothes on and nervous about getting out naked with her.

“Would you be up for a snack? I think they put some sandwiches in the boat for us.” she inquired.

“Sure, we can do that.” I answered, waiting for her to get out and wondering how I would get out of the water without showing her more than she already saw.

“That trail seemed pretty wide, and well used. I might walk back, as an adult.” she trailed off as she stepped out of the water and turned “You can dress if you want of course.” and she bent over to grab her bikini. I didn’t see a great shot of her pussy, but there was enough there to excite me.

I decided to go all in and got out of the water and grabbed my shorts and go au naturel back to the boat, watching my moms ass the whole way. We didn’t say much on the way back, and that was fine by me. I was in a head spin over this new turn of events, wondering where the line was going to be.

Mom went straight to the boat and grabbed the food bag they had left, along with a couple bottles of water nd turned back to me. This was the first time we saw each other, full frontal nude at the same time.

“Whoa, it’s not a banana in your pocket, cause you dont have pockets- you must just be happy to see me.” she said, with a hearty laugh that caused her tits and slight belly to jiggle a little bit.

“Oh umm, yea, sorry.” I said, suddenly feeling very naked and aroused in front of her.

“Adults…” she said calmly as she spread a towel out and sat down. I sat next to her and we enjoyed some lunch together. After about a half hour of eating and relaxing on the beach she looked over and said “You must be short of blood to your brain. Been very excited since we sat down here. You ok?” and pointed toward my obviously hard cock. As she said that she laid back and opened her legs ever so slightly, my eyes fixated on her tuft of brown pubic hair. Unsure how to answer or what to do, she filled in the gap “If you want to take care of it, you can. We are adults and that is an adult thing to do.” as she continued lying on the warm sand. nude.

“I dont know. It’ll be ok.” I confirmed, not sure if I was ready to jerk off in front of my mom.

“Well, just speak up if you change your mind. I really dont mind. I have noticed since we got here you have been peaking at me a little bit. So lets be adults, look when you want and if you need to take care of yourself, go for it.” she said giving me the internationally known arm movement for jerking off.

“Ok, I didn’t know it was that obvious I was looking. Sorry.” I said, honestly.

“Its ok honey. Really. I have kind of liked being ogled by a man again.” she said wistfully.

We each got quiet for awhile, my mind seriously raced with what my situation was and she seemed blissfully restful. After about 20 minutes of lying on the towel next to my mom, she said she wanted to go to the next place. “But first, maybe you want to clam your little guy down a little bit? I might want to watch…” she said quietly watching for my reaction. That was it, I couldn’t stop myself. I reached down and started pulling on my cock as my mom watched.

“Oooh.” I groaned as I took in her body. She must have seen my wandering eyes in that moment cause with her left hand she grabbed one of her tits and gave it a squeeze and parted her legs ever so slightly. She shifted so I could see between her thighs and was met with a stunning view of her pussy.

“Wow baby. I love that groan. So manly.” mom purred as I was getting close too cumming. I took in the whole image again and turned off the towel just in time to shoot my cum on the sand of the beach. Two, three, four ropes burst out of my cock onto the ground next to our towel. As I lay there in post orgasmic bliss, I realized moms other hand was between her legs.

I moved to het a better view and she authorized the sight by opening her legs wide and allowing me to see her middle and ring finger plunging into her seemingly very wet pussy. It actually didn’t take her long until she was wailing in pleasure, while my greedy eyes took it all in.

After her orgasm recovery, and drying her hands and pussy with the towel, she smiled, and said “Adult stuff. You ok?” still being my mom, despite me watching her finger fuck herself mere minutes ago

“Yea I am. Adult stuff…” I trailed off as we both got up and headed for the boat, naked as could be, and both quite satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32