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I waved goodbye to Sara as William drove her to pick-up Bret. They were going to a fancy spa for a three-and-a-half-day session. What surprised me was that Sara actually got Bret to go since we were in the middle of shooting a Code Women episode. Bret trusted the producers and me to shepherd the production while she was away. Sara must have really leaned on her. I am sure that George also had an influence since their family have not had a real vacation since she formed the production company.

Even though we had a vacation and the golf trip, Sara was in need of the spa, the unveiling dinner along with her parents visit, followed by the Bubbles Burgers and Bumps event had taken a lot out of her. Then there was her work at the law firm and the ongoing federal investigation that she was pulled into, that I was still in the dark about. She was snapping at me and Paula for no reason. There were always profuse apologies, but it was wearing little thin.

Sara showed me the brochure, I noted the policy of confiscating patron’s cell phones and computers. There would be no communication with the outside world. I am sort of used to Sara being gone and with Paula keeping me on task, it was no problem. I wondered how George would hold up since he has three kids to take care of.

I was about to walk into the house, when my phone rang and after establishing the connection it was George; “Hey, you want to do something since the ladies are away.”

“I thought you had kids to care for. Beside don’t you have to go into the office””

“That is what sitters and nannies are for. I told my boss that I am developing a client, let’s get in a quick game,” said George.

“Well I have a three o’clock call time so I guess we can get in a few holes. Come on over and I will get Paula to feed you breakfast, but I am a little nervous about helping you play hooky.”

“You let me worry about that, just have your best game today.”

We had two days of night shooting in the episode, so I would be going to work late and finishing early in the morning.

I sat down at the kitchen table just as Paula was putting a tray down; “That should be enough for you and Mr. George,” said Paula.

“Was I speaking loud how did you know that George was coming over?”

“Because I know you two,” said Paula with frustration in her voice.

At that moment George walked in the back door. He pecked Paula on the cheek and sat down.

“I was just discussing how Paula knew that you were coming over, I know that she is psychic,” I said.

“I’ll come clean I called her before I called you, I wanted to see if you were home.”

“You could have kept the secret and I would have believed that she is psychic, Sara strings me along for days before I know what is going on.”

“Finish up we have to hit the course,” said George.

“You are not going anywhere, Mr. Rogers I have things for you to do,” said Paula.

“What does my house manager need for me to do?” I asked.

“Not a thing I just wanted to mess with your mind. Get out of here I have things to do,” said Mrs. Kelley.

That was Wednesday morning, it was Sunday and I gave Paula the day off. I was standing in the kitchen working the stove. Soon I had passible scrambled eggs and a few rashers of bacon on my plate. Since Sara was on the road, I decided to open a bottle of Champagne and have a glass with my breakfast. I could imagine Mrs. Kelly looking a little weird at me, and Sara making a comment as I poured her a glass.

William told me before he left that they would be home around 1:00, so I decided to take a swim before Sara got back. I was also harboring a worry that Sara would be changed, and our relationship would be different. Again, my overactive demons coming out of the closet. I just hoped that Sara was relaxed.

I was swimming laps when a familiar voice said hello. I didn’t hear the car in the driveway, but Sara walked to where I was swimming.

“I see that you got the women out of the house before I returned,” said Sara.

It was a theme that Sara used all the time. I didn’t care as long as she didn’t believe it. I climbed out of the pool, toweled off and embraced her. We shared a long kiss. Several kissed actually.

“Thank you darling,” said Sara.

“For what?”

“For being you, for putting up with me the last few weeks, for letting me go to the spa, it was great being poked and prodded in different places,” she said.

“How did our friend Bret take the experience?” I asked.

“Well after I scraped her off the ceiling when she turned in her phone, she did fine. But what about you did you get along OK? I know that you are strong, and I know that you put up with the monster, but are you OK?”

“I missed you if that means anything, I am having difficulty not taking you and having my way with you, but I will wait.

“Why darling, I can tell that you are ready and…” said Sara before I covered her mouth.

“Go up and I will join you in a few minutes, if you are willing,” I said.

“I was waiting for you to ask, but you bahis firmaları better be ready when you come up, I don’t want to wait on you,” said Sara as her hand checked out my level of arousal.

Getting ready wouldn’t take long as the only thing I had on was my swimming suit. I delayed going up to the room for about ten minutes. Since we were the only ones in the house, I could drop my suit outside the door and walk in naked.

“I see that you are cleared for action darling,” said Sara as she grabbed my cock.

Sara directed me to the bed but made a comment that it was not made. I reminded her that Paula had the day off. I slipped beside her and we came together. It felt great having Sara beside me. The warmth of her body drove me wild and I slipped into her pussy with my hard cock and brought our mouths together.

“You feel so good, Paul, I can really feel your strength. But I want you to fuck me.”

I brought our lips together and started to move my cock in and out of her pussy. Sara took my hands and placed them on her breasts. I thumbed her nipples as we made love. Our mouths met in several kisses. It was good being with her. I noticed that her skin was softer and smoother than I remembered.

“Darling are you going into your dreamland again?” asked Sara.

“No but I just noticed that your skin is smoother than I ever felt before,” I said as I kissed her again.

Sara and I were moving together, and I felt my cock release a load of cum. I continued to fuck my wife until my cock gave up the ghost and fell out of her pussy.

“This is going to sound strange coming from me, but all I concentrated on was having your cock in my pussy the entire weekend. I missed sex with you so much darling,” said Sara.

“Well the feeling is returned, darling.”

Sara slipped down and using her hands and mouth attempted to get a rise from me. I was left hugging nothing but air until she came back. I wanted to kiss her to display my love for her. It was about twenty minutes later when I showed signs of arousal. Sara moved between kissing me and kissing my cock, when I finally had decent erection, she came back level with me and our mouths met in a series of very erotic kisses.

“Paul where are you taking me to dinner after our third or fourth session?” Sara asked.

“I got wind of a new place, but I don’t know if they are open on Sunday,” I said.

“Well this lady wants her husband to fuck her, can you do that?”

After using her thumb to stimulate the crown of my cock, Sara guided me back into her pussy. It was warm and well lubricated, and I pushed until our pubic hairs met. I kissed Sara and kissed her again. I started to move my cock in and out of her pussy. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and gently clamped down not letting me have it back. My hands stimulated her nipples as I was moving my cock in and out.

As usual it took more time for me to cum the second time around. Which was good as I can fuck Sara longer. Making love to her was a pleasure that I looked forward to all the time. I thrust in her pussy harder until I felt my cock release. It was then I started to wonder if I was giving Sara all the pleasure that she needed.

Her hand found my cock and was busy trying to get another erection out of me. She moved down to my balls and played with them hoping that I would be aroused again. I knocked on the top of her head.

“Sara relax if I can get an erection again then I will, come and kiss me,”

Sara kissed me; “But darling if I don’t stimulate you who will. Some of those floozies that inhabit your mind?”

“Darling if I can’t get stimulated by you, I am dead, and I am not dead, just tired right now,”

“I really have to talk to my slave driver friend Bret about reducing the stress she puts you through,” said Sara.

That was the last thing I needed Sara to do, but nothing came to mind so I kissed her. She was taken by surprise and kissed me back. Her hand on my cock seemed work its magic and I had a passable, in her words, erection and she guided me into her pussy.

“Paul, I have worked very hard for this, so you better pay off,” said Sara as she kissed me again.

I kissed her back and started to move my cock. I felt her pussy pulse with my movements and I also felt my cock being bathed in her spend. That stimulated me to move faster and harder. I felt my cock go off and I kissed Sara again. I knew that I would need to clean up if we were going out to dinner. When my cock became flaccid, I kissed Sara and withdrew. I got out of the bed and started to walk to my bathroom/dressing room.

“I don’t believe that I gave you permission to leave my side, darling,” said Sara in mock seriousness.

“Well if you want me to feed you something beside the green tea, they fed you at the spa I need to clean myself up,”

“It wasn’t just green tea they also had all kinds of vegan and raw menus. Some of it was really delicious. I am thinking of hiring the chef for one of our parties,” said Sara.

“Sara, our parties are known for two things; Good food kaçak iddaa and lots of Champagne, I don’t think vegan fits into either one of those categories.”

“So cold mung bean soup and tofu, doesn’t appeal to you?” asked Sara.

“It appeals to me as long as I have lots of wine to wash it down,” I replied.

I finally got to the shower and rinsed the sex off my organ and the chlorine off the rest of my body. I was walking out in slacks and a shirt. I was wondering if Sara gave William the rest of the day off.

I walked down to the great room and looked at the portrait and saw Sara looking down.

“Are you sure you want that there?” asked Sara.

“Yes, darling it was a comfort while you were away. Besides where would we put it?”

“We could put it in the bedroom,” said Sara.

“No, I want you presiding over the great room, where you belong,” I replied.

“William will drive us, darling,” said Sara.

The green Escalade was being pulled out of the garage as Sara spoke. I was surprised that Sara didn’t ask for a cocktail before we left for the restaurant, was she going on the wagon? I will see when we get to The Grotto. I gave William the address and directions and sat back with my arm around Sara’s shoulder. I was glad that the parking lot was semi-full that meant that the place was open. There was no valet, so William pulled up to the entrance and let us out. He would come in and take a separate table after parking the car. We were shown to a table and a member of the bar staff enquired about cocktails.

“Two single malt scotches with two cubes,” said Sara before I could say anything.

“Thought I would have what you like to have,” she said after the waiter left.

“I was wondering if you were going on the wagon since you didn’t ask for a martini before we left,” I said.

“I was debating but since we were off so quickly, I decided against it. Don’t worry I will be home tomorrow and when you come home, I will ask you very nicely for one of your best,” replied Sara.

“That is a promise that I can keep.”

“I need my wits about me, Paul I have an interview with the government tomorrow so I will be cutting back tonight,” said Sara.

“After dealing with them you will need a martini,”

“One of the things I found out at the spa, was how much I depend on you, and my friends. Darling, I love you and it is not just sex, I really love you.”

“Nice to know, darling,” I said.

Dinner lasted about two and half hours and was very good. We went all out and had four courses. I think that we will come again. My regret was that we didn’t order wine. Three or four wines would have made the meal that much better. Sara took a phone call during dinner that violated a new policy between us. She held up a finger while she talked and when I heard that it was her father, I relaxed but was worried. The call ended and Sara put the phone in her bag.

“Father is inviting us to the beach house tomorrow, sort of a command performance. They will be leaving for Spain on Wednesday. We have to go, darling sorry.”

“I will see if I can cut the shoot early so we can get over there,” I said.

“Thank you darling I knew you would understand.”

Sara reminded me that she was meeting the FBI in the morning and needed to have a clear head. Our check and William’s check were presented, and my credit card was on the table before Sara could move.

I looked up after I signed the charge slip and noticed that William was gone. I guessed he was getting the car. Sara and I left and walked to the entrance and William and the car were almost at the same place where he left us. He was standing holding the rear passenger door waiting for us. Off to the side was a woman holding a camera. She brought it up to her eye to take our photo. William walked and stood in front of the woman.

“Ma’am, I don’t believe that they want their picture taken,” said the tall black man.

William moved every time the woman tried to get around him. I hurried Sara into the car and closed the door. Our windows were darkly tinted so she could not get our photo through the window. William started the car moving after Sara thanked him for managing the situation.

“I don’t think the Feds want me splashed in the tabloids,” said Sara.

“William will be driving you to your interview, tomorrow yes?”

“Yes darling. You’re not the only one who spoke to me about my security, Father got wind of what went on and he told me not to let it happen again.”

“Sara, I swear I did not tell him,” I said.

“Paul, my father served in various intelligence branches, so he has sources of information everywhere. He could not be a good a banker or run hedge funds without having those available. Don’t worry it was just a gentle reminder.”

William pulled into the driveway and let us out before he parked in the garage. Sara and I walked over to the house and walked in. Sara went up to the second floor and went into her office. The door was closed so I respected her privacy. I had things to study, so I was reviewing kaçak bahis the pages that we were shooting the next day. My phone started to play Ruffles and Flourishes indicating that Bret needed to abuse me.

“So, you do know how to answer the phone,” said Bret.

“Hello, how was your weekend, is George OK?”

“Yes, I had a good time, you know that I was joking,”

“Bret you need to think about what you say to people, some folks don’t know you as well as I do. What can I do for you?”

“Observation noted, I thought I would check in and see how the night shoots went? First, I know that you and the team could handle the production without me there. But I wanted to be brought up to speed before I walked into a disaster tomorrow.”

“The shoots went well no problems and we are on schedule. I spent Saturday with Mary Barron to look at the weeks rushes and she has started building the episode. I’m sorry if I caused some overtime but Saturday was the only day I could work with Mary. How was the Spa?” I asked.

There was a long silence; “It was the best experience I have had other than child-birth. Those people treated us like royalty. Well I know that Sara gets that treatment all the time. But having five people dedicated to my wants and desires was mind blowing.”

“Well as long as you didn’t mind eating cold mung bean soup,” I said with a laugh.

“I am going to get scatological, but I shit some of the weirdest shit in my life. The staff was saying that I was getting rid of accumulated toxins. I don’t know but I feel better. Having four massages a day and a salt and sand scrub does wonders for you. There was half a day of beauty and hair. I loved it, can’t wait to go again. Sara has created a monster.”

“I will tell her that you enjoyed the experience. How long did it take to get used to not having a phone?”

“That was the best, yes I had some withdrawal issues. But I forgot about everything during the first massage,” said Bret.

“Well I will see you tomorrow,” I said.

“Well I am debating about coming in” there was a pause; “Just kidding, see you tomorrow,” said Bret.

Sara slipped in just after I ended the call with Bret. She sat on the chair opposite my desk in a very sensuous pose. I picked up my phone and shot a picture of her.

“You are using that a lot sir,” said Sara.

“Well if someone as beautiful as you walks into my office and sits in the chair looking like she wants sex, I will shoot a picture of her.”

“Well you got one thing right, I want sex,” said Sara.

“FYI Bret loved the spa,” I said.

“But that doesn’t get me any closer to having your cock in my pussy, darling.”

“I am not sure that I like this new version of Sara,” I said.

“Paul I am the same person that I was when I left Wednesday, only with cleaner smoother skin, and a lot less bitchy. But that does not get past the fact that I want to have sex with you.”

I got up from my desk and leaned down and kissed Sara. Her hand explored my cock and she pronounced that I was ready. She reminded me that she had a need. I turned and walked away from her and took the bridge over to our bedroom. I was naked when Sara walked in.

“Darling, why am I waiting on you?” echoing the thing she says to me.

“You’re cute, but not that funny. I will deal with you in a few minutes, be prepared,” said Sara.

I didn’t realize it before, but I think that the bed was changed. I felt a very warm body slip beside me. I had Sara in my face kissing me her hand massaging my cock. She moved on top and directed my cock into her warm pussy.

“Now sir it is your turn, I want one of your best fucks, I know that you can do it.”

“It is nice that you have confidence in me. Did you call Paula and ask her to change the bed?”

“How upset would you be if I did?” asked Sara.

“How upset was Paula, Sara?” I asked while I was moving my cock in and out of her pussy.

“Paul, she works for us and we pay her a salary whether she works or not, so I don’t feel bad calling and asking for a favor. You feel nice darling.”

It did feel nice to have new sheets, but I was a little pissed that Sara pulled the stunt.

“Are you with me, Paul?”

I snapped back and concentrated on making love to my wife. I knew that she would have an interview with the FBI in the morning, so I wanted to give her a good fuck tonight.

I tried everything to extend the session, starting and stopping, relaxing between strokes. I kissed Sara and she allowed me to play with her breasts. I felt her cunt grip and release my cock, and I finally got to the end and shot my wad.

“Ok Paul how pissed are you at me?”

“Some but not very much. I just don’t want to find a replacement for Mrs. Kelly, if we don’t have to.”

“Yes, Paul I called her and asked a favor. She said that there was nothing going on and that she would do it. She also said that there were some things that she needed to take care of and today would be a good time. She was here less than two hours.”

Sara was still laying on me her nipples digging into my chest. Sara knows that that drives me insane. We kissed and I managed to roll her over. I moved down and applied my tongue to her vulva and felt her legs snap together keeping me in place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32