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It was hours later and the sun had begun its long ascent over the mountains to the east, but still hours before it would crest and shine down on the tragedy unfolding in the Avery house. Consciousness slowly returned to each of them, a heavy breathing Richard tried to slowly sit up to assess the situation only to find that he was buried at the bottom of a pile of bodies. He was properly pinned down but began to wriggle free, waking several.

Tom seemed to be on top and actually rolled off of the pile to the floor with a thud as he awoke. One by one they all regained consciousness, holding their aching heads, ringing ears and untangling themselves from the human pretzel they had become.

Finally able to sit up with only Becky’s limp form laying across his naked lap, Richard assessed the room. All of the furniture including the monstrous couch he and his brother had built, was either completely destroyed or piled up over the doorways to the room. The only light left in the room itself was from the fireplace and the faint hints of morning outside the broken windows. Then he began to account for his family…. There was Tom, Becky, Allison, and Melanie all nursing their various scuffs, bruises and genuinely nasty hangovers.

Jennifer’s body was nowhere to be seen from the middle of the room where they had been piled. Becky began to whimper and Allison soon followed. Melanie brought them to her bare chest and held them in a protective motherly pose.

“Where’s Jen Dad?” Tom asked, the panic rising in his voice by the second.

Richard heard him, but had a much more vivid recollection of her state than poor Tom. He continued to scan the room. There were no giants nor any demon woman, just the fire and a short figure sitting on the stoop of fireplace. Richard strained his eyes to see details of the healthy silhouette before them.

“I told you when you took this land, that you would have to submit your children to the Crucible…” the tiny high pitched voice was not that of Nasra, but of Jennifer. She stood and took a clumsy forced step forward waving her hand towards the ceiling, lighting the extinguished lamps in the overhead wooden chandelier. The candle wicks slowly illuminated the cavernous cabin.

“Jennifer?” Tom asked.

Richard could tell by the way she stood and walked that this was not his daughter and his eyes welled up with tears. “No Tom, it’s not her… I assure you.” The moaning and whimpering increased as they all realized that he was right indeed.

“Quiet please” her mouse-like voice squeaked. However, her words had no less power than before and once again Richard and family were muted by force. Jennifer stepped forward wearing the now stretched and tattered red dress that she had always wished she had been given by her grandmother. It was torn up the middle to her crotch and blood dripped down onto the dress from the wound in her head.

“I told you that we needed four females and two males to complete our next cycle as our forms were badly worn from centuries of use” she continued on without any further interruptions. “Now, sadly three of us are gone forever and the dozens outside have fled to escape my wrath. Now I only need to reproduce once. Of course you can’t understand why we needed your family, to fathom our kind would break your feeble minds. If I explained to you our reproductive process, you would run for help, but no one would ever believe the madness that you would tell them.”

“What are you?” Richard managed to force out of his mouth.

“That MOUTH! How do you still defy me even though I puppet the body of your child before you like a marionette!?” even in Jennifer’s petite form, the power of her words struck utter fear into their hearts. A great silence fell on the room as Jennifer paced in a circle between them and the raging fire in the fireplace, seeking to calm her terrible anger before she ended them all in a rage.

Tom looked past Jennifer’s pacing into the fire trembling with fear. As he watched the flames he thought he saw something move.

“Very well, as it won’t matter much longer, I shall answer your petty simplistic question, but only after we have completed the steps of my next cycle. I’m afraid we’ll have to do this the hard way…” Jennifer’s eyes (that weren’t her eyes) glowed red and she hovered a foot over the floor.

“Richard, you must start the process by deflowering your daughters” the words sounded even more bizarre to Richard in the guise of his youngest daughter. “This must be done to engage your portion of their dna.”

Richard felt himself being lifted up in the air. He attempted to flail at first but realized he had no control of his limbs. He had no idea what dna was, but he had a pretty good idea that it was something in him. He floated across the room towards Jennifer’s levitating body. She guided him in very close, to the point that he could smell the wine on her breath.

‘If she’s breathing… Is she alive?’ Richard thought briefly, but keçiören escort it was quickly dismissed as she jabbed the metal thimble fang into his neck for the second time.

“I hope you’ll truly relax and enjoy the gift I’m giving you before your futile life ends” she whispered in his ear. It wasn’t Jennifer’s voice but the hissing of the demon. Jennifer floated him back to the center of the room where he was laid on his back gently, his cock was already nearly fully erect.

“Where were we sis?” Jennifer questioned as Allison lifted off the ground.

Allison could feel the unseen hands at her back and against the inside of her naked legs. She fought as hard as she could, but it was useless. She floated over her father, his eyes full of tears. She watched helplessly as her body tucked into a seated position and began to descend on her father.

Richard struggled to move and found that he could actually move his arms and hands to a limited degree while Allison was being held aloft. As she descended, he knew the inevitable would happen and he took the advice of the devil herself.

Richard took Allison’s hands in his, coupling their fingers as she slowly descended into place. He grasped her hands of his own will and prepared for contact.

“I really do love you baby, I hope you can understand that I’d never hurt you, but if you struggle it will be worse. I’d rather do this naturally than by force.”

Allison’s legs straddled her father’s hips as she made contact. His words rang true with her. She loved her dad more than anyone else in the world. Even if it wasn’t natural, she’d rather enjoy the experience than look back on it with fear or anger.

As if her thoughts were heard, she was instantly free of the invisible hands. Melanie too found freedom and immediately crawled next to them, sitting on her knees. “We can do this as a family, it doesn’t have to be forced.”

Tom and Becky lined up on either side of them on the bearskin rug. “I wanna see you take it hard Ally!” Becky joked through her tears. Everyone laughed a very nervous, slightly disturbed laugh, sniffling and wiping away their tears.

Allison wiped the tears from her eyes as well, and looked at all of them, crouched on the floor naked. “For my family” she rocked back and instantly found her father’s phallus pressing against her moistening mound. She looked deep into his eyes as she felt him slide in an inch. Her father’s eyes went wide and his mouth opened as he looked down between them.

“Oh my big girl!” he moaned as she rocked back a second time. Becky had her head at her father’s feet getting the “money shot view” and issued an “oh wow!” as Allison rocked back a third time, sinking him into place against her maidenhead. She instantly felt the tension and knew what must be done. After a minute of panting and preparing she lifted up a bit.

“Here it goes daddy….” she closed her eyes, leaned forward and then immediately back, putting her full weight into the thrust. She felt a slight tear and a wave of intense pain spread through her abdomen.

“OHHHH!!” Richard felt his head push past her flower and quite deep into her canal. She was tighter than he ever remembered Melanie being.

“Whoah…” is all Becky could say as she watched her father’s member sink deep into her older sister. A trickle of blood ran out of her pussy along the back side of his shaft and into the hair of his massive balls.

Allison collapsed on her father’s chest, exhaling deep long breaths. Richard and Melanie stroked her hair and rubbed her back to comfort her as she groaned. After a couple of minutes she lifted her head. “Okay, that’s done, let’s finish…” She leaned forward and down again and the pain was a tiny bit less.

So, they stayed that way for quite some time, her rocking gently back and forth, her hands on his chest, their breathing in unison. Melanie ran her fingers through Allison’s hair as she slowly gained speed and depth. Everyone was completely enthralled in the love making before them. After some time, Allison could hear her generous hips meeting her father’s with a light clap.

Becky was very tempted to stick her finger in her sister’s ass and give her a zinger, but she thoughtfully resisted the urge, her own pussy now soaked as she watch her only other living sister take it good.

She wasn’t the only one, Melanie felt herself falling into the rocking motion in sync with her husband and daughter, her vagina ripe to be fucked. She looked up a Tom and smiled. “Want to finish what we started?”

Tom didn’t answer, he simply walked around behind her and squatted down behind is lovely mother’s round ass. She immediately backed up until her ass met his crotch, his cock was already nearly fully hard.

By now Allison was panting furiously, she could feel her father’s member prodding her belly as he bottomed out in her. She couldn’t help but grunt with each thrust. Something was starting keçiören escort bayan to happen inside her. She could feel her hips tightening and her thrusts getting shorter but faster.

“Ughhhh… Uggghhhh… Daddy something’s happening” she was a little scared.

“hhhh Baby your going to cum is all… hhhh… hhhh… just like when you play with yourself baby” her mom panted at her from the right. Tom was thrusting his cock in his mother’s pussy in rhythm with her father. This only hastened Allison’s involuntary orgasm.

“I’m not going to be ready yet pumpkin, go ahead and finish… I love you” Richard said pulling Allison to his chest as he pumped her plump pussy relentlessly. He could feel the shaking start in her legs as the first wave of orgasm wracked her body.

“Oh god… oh gaaaawd… I’m cumming too” Melanie screamed dropping back hard on Tom’s granite member.

“Oh DADDY!!!!! DADDY!!!!!!” Ally screamed into Richard’s chest, her hips were flying wildly up and down, slapping blood and lady cum all over the rug. Her arms and hands clamped down on his and she bit his left pectoral muscle hard as she pulsed with the last major wave of her first vaginal orgasm.

Becky sat back stunned as she watched her sister’s pussy clamp down on her dad’s cock over and over. She was excited, and feeling a bit left out, but she knew she was next. She could almost see the love between her family glowing in the feint light of the morning.

Allison quivered in the afterglow as Jennifer hovered above them. “Filler up Tom!” Jennifer’s occupant hissed.

“Huh!??” Tom was being held at a stand still by his mother’s ongoing orgasm as her cunt clamped down hard at the base of his cock.

“UGHHh… hhhhhh… hhhhhhh… Finish up in Allison Tom, it’s what that THING needs from us” Melanie panted as her orgasm finally subsided. Melanie moved out of the way, making room for Allison to roll off of Richard onto the thick rug.

Richard rolled over with Allison, kissing her firmly on the lips. “I love you pumpkin, I hope that was okay?”

Allison couldn’t speak, she just smiled, nodding furiously between breaths. As soon as she rolled on her back, Tom was there hovering over her. “Are you sure about this sis?”

Before she could answer the voice above them finished the answer “Finish Tom!” Jennifer’s body floated down over Tom’s back, her mouth just behind his right ear.

“Put that seed in your sister Tom… It’s your seed, your father’s seed, and MY seed all in one! Only the first egg can carry my seed, so it must be you Tom… You are the only male born with my seed within you as I impregnated your mother with you all those years ago… You must fulfill my life cycle….”

“You’re my…. Mother? Father?” Tom said rubbing his granite piece along Allison’s outer labia.

“I’m whatever I need to be at the time, but you are a product of three…. To be sure…” Jennifer licked Tom’s ear hungrily. “Perhaps I can share you with your mother when we’re done here…” Nasra’s lust was apparent. The idea of a three-way with his mother and this THING (even in his sister’s body) nauseated Tom to the core. “Now finish the cycle Tom….”

“It’s okay Tom, Allison will enjoy it with you” his mother panted.

Tom kissed his panting red-faced sister on the forehead and positioned his slick cock in the triangle of her drooling vagina. “I love you Ally” he said before pushing inside her. Allison’s eyes went wide with pain for a moment and she clamped her hands down on his arms.

“Slow! Slowly baby” Melanie coached him. Tom looked up at his mom, her face also flushed, her huge mounds hanging down between her arms. He slowed his thrust and began a slow and deliberate fucking of his younger sister. He knew right away it wasn’t going to last long though, as Allison was indeed very very tight compared to his mother.

Becky stood up at Richard’s feet and pulled down her panties, revealing her fully shaven pussy. She didn’t need to be prodded to mount that gorgeous rock hard cock that was twitching in the cool morning air.

“Yes Becky, take our father” Jennifer’s mouth spoke as she landed behind Richard’s head.

Becky paused looking to her dad for approval, this thing inside her sister was just off-putting as if it wasn’t weird enough.

“Yes baby, let’s be together as well, come hold me” Richard said in a reassuring tone.

Melanie helped Becky get into position, her smaller C-cups bouncing as she straddled and scooted back. Becky sat up straight and reached back to find her father’s member. She gripped it, her small hands barely able to reach around it, put it into position and pushed down.

Melanie lifted an eyebrow. “Are you sure you haven’t done this before Becky?”

It was true that Becky still had her rosebud in place, but she was an experienced student. For as many years as she could admit to remembering, she had found a way to hide in her mother’s trunk escort keçiören where she kept grandma’s quilts at night. From there she had a perfect vantage of her parent’s bed and all of its goings on. Being small and quiet had allowed her to learn every position and even decide which one she wanted to try first, finger fucking herself to sleep every time and only much later, sneaking back to her bed.

“I learned from the best” she quipped mysteriously as she pressed back enough to get started. But then she surprised them all and laid forward, connecting their nude bodies, and kissing him on his chest before resting her head there. “Okay daddy, I’m ready…” she nearly whimpered.

Richard was really having second thoughts about this even in his semi-permanently aroused state. Allison was a full two years Becky’s senior and those years made a lot of difference from a developmental perspective. While Allison was fully rounded out and curvaceous, Becky was much less so and this made it much more difficult for him.

“We don’t have all day DAD” Nasra hissed from somewhere behind him.

Remembering that Nasra could at any point force them, he renewed his commitment to enter his middle daughter of his own will. He looked down at her thick brown hair and kissed her on the forehead. He reached his arms around her and began to rub her back and neck with one hand as he laid his other hand on her perky little ass cheek. As he did this he angled his hips up and began to slowly push deeper in between her delicate little pussy lips. He found that even on the first push, Becky pushed back. He could feel her moan against his chest with each successive thrust.

Meanwhile, Tom had managed to muscle his thick rod deep inside Allison’s quivering cunt. He looked deep into her eyes and smiled as they finally completed their mutual life-long secret fantasy. She smiled back as she panted readily. There was little to no pain now as the pleasure eclipsed her lost virginity. Tom was propped up on his right elbow so that he could squeeze her lovely Ds and roll her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Allison moaned in ecstasy as her brother plumbed her narrow cunt, juices flowing freely down over her ass. Their pace so far had been fairly slow, but she could feel the beginnings of another orgasm starting to build

Melanie laid down next to Allison as Becky started to moan uninterpretable phrases into Richard’s chest hair. She propped herself up on her left elbow and watched as her son began to really put it to his sister. She could feel the attraction coming off of them and was surprised that they had never made it this far on their own.

Allison opened her eyes and looked at her lovely mother. To her surprise Melanie leaned in and passionately kissed her, injecting her tongue between her lips. Allison kissed her back with a newly found interest. This went on for some time. They eventually parted lips as Allison’s attention was soon pulled back towards Tom. She again felt her hips clenching and her pace increasing. She could see it in Tom’s face too as he began to squint and bit his bottom lip. Tom lifted himself into a push up position over his sister so that he could really hit her with full intensity.

“I’m close sis…” he managed between breaths.

“Fill her up Tom… Fill up your sister….” Melanie panted as she finger fucked herself laying on her side.

“Will he make a baby?” Allison asked her mother. Melanie kissed her again passionately. “Mmmmmm…?” the idea brought her to yet another climax.

Their bodies were meeting with significant force at this point, creating an even louder clapping as they closed in on the big finish. Tom was grunting louder and louder with each smack. Allison was a whimpering groaning mound of jello as Tom pounded her pussy with ever-increasing ferocity.

“Oh Mommm!!” Ally locked eyes with Melanie “AHH… AHHHHH… AHHHHHH!!!!! I can feel him shooting it in me!!!!!” her eyes slammed closed as her face contorted into a hard squint.

“UGHHHHHH…. UGHHHHHHHHHHH…” Tom shot two huge loads into Allison and rared back for the final blow “AAAAGGHHHHHH!!!” he thrust into her as deep as he could go, flooding her belly with hot spunk. Melanie came off again, her stomach muscles shaking her tits violently as they convulsed over and over. The screaming, slapping, splashing, and grunting climaxed, filling the room with the sounds of passion before dropping into a near-silence occupied only by the low and lovely moans from Becky.

Becky and Richard were just ramping up. They had been cuddling and listening to Tom and Allison while Richard slowly but surely had penetrated his middle daughter. When he felt the resistance of her bud, he had decided to sharply and quickly punch through it without her expectation. Becky had recoiled and cried on his chest for a minute or so, but the slow and gentle nature of their motion had resumed nearly immediately and continued through to this moment where he was buried far beyond her quim.

Becky had experienced many many clitoral orgasms, but she knew there was something special about a hard cock rubbing her off. As slowly as they had been going, Becky had wanted to let the pain subside before she had her first finish, especially now that it was with the very man she had watched so many times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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