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Alessa Savage

Linda’s revelations had shocked Jim to his very core. Shocked, but also excited. Jim was as sexually excited as he could ever remember. He had just witnessed Linda, in her role as Red-woman, fuck at least twenty-five men and half again that many women. Her cunt, ass, mouth all received their share. That was exciting, but there were other tidbits to absorb. In front of an unknown number of guests, Linda had announced he was a “lousy fuck” because he was too damn nice and gentle. Additionally, because he could not or would not meet her needs for hard fucking she had gotten it elsewhere since before they were married. That meant she had fucked around on him for the at least twenty-five years. As he had said before, “What a smuck! How could I have been so blind?”

Jim was in a mixed predicament in that his ass was still plugged, but his eyes were not yet covered. His dick was incredibly hard, but he remained tied to a portable frame. The mitigating aspect was a delicious pussy stretched over his face. It was a fine tasting cunt to which he applied all his focus. So much so he didn’t feel the pinch and sting of the little needle in his arm. A moment later he thought nothing at all. His next conscious thought was wondering how he got in the enema position.

A familiar, yet muffled and unidentifiable sexy voice to his left asked, “How long do you think you can hold that fluid in your ass after I remove the plug? Are you willing to place a wager?”

His blindfold prevented Jim from seeing this twenty-year-old creature of loveliness. She was five feet two inches tall, long wavy brunette hair, green eyes, a well-balanced body with tits of roughly C-cup size, a smile to die for, and as enjoyable a person as you could imagine.

On Jim’s right a male voice, familiar, but also not identifiable asked, “Would you wager a month of control over your body such as you have experienced today against the opportunity to fuck the owner of that voice? Or maybe you would like to fuck me. I have seen your interest in dicks. Is it true you would like to have one cum in your mouth, and another in your ass? Would you wager for that?”

The female spoke, “You are of course at a disadvantage. You don’t know the terms of the bet. You don’t know what you will win or lose. You don’t know what we look like. Lastly, you are wondering if your wife would approve. After what you have seen tonight does it matter if she approves? I think not, but to put your mind at ease Linda has evaluated and approved the wager.”

“Here is the deal” the male said, “If you win the bet you get to run our lives for one month of weekends, and as many other days as we can get together. For you that means you can fuck us all you want. If we win we run your life for the same amount of time.”

Sexy kicked in, “The bet is whether you can get from your present location to the bathroom without dropping your load after we remove your plug. That is a distance of roughly 25 feet with no obstacles. Oh, by the way, Linda says if you don’t accept the bet you will have serious reason to regret your decision. Do you have any questions?”

“From this location right now to the toilet without dropping the load?” I asked. “Yes, that is correct.”

“I win I get both of you?” “Correct.”

“Why do I want you?” “To please yourself and Linda.”

“Why do you want me? “That is our business, but payback is part of it. Don’t ask, it will be obvious when we win!”

“Blindfold on or off? “Off, and hands untied, but no using them to hold your ass closed.”

“Am I allowed to see you or at least feel your bodies before I decide?”

“You can not see us. What do you mean by feel our bodies? Is your real question whether you can fuck us?”

“I didn’t know fuck was an option, but I would like to fuck you.”

“You can fuck US. You must play with both, and not just the female.”

Jim nodded his agreement to the rules, and was taken to a nearby bed. The walk was not long so he figured it was the same bed used earlier by his wife. He was correct, and the audience who previously watched her were now going to watch him.

You might think a prick kept erect for a long time would explode when finally touched. For most men, including Jim, that is normally correct, but this was not a normal time. The injection he received created an erection that could not reach orgasm. It was just one more aspect of Jim’s miserable condition.

The couple kept him on edge for an hour. Jim fucked and sucked just as he was fucked and sucked. He kissed a man and swallowed cum for the first time. Jim was pleasantly surprised to find he enjoyed the sensation of cum squirting into his mouth, and he also liked the taste. Because of the pending wager, and only because of that, there was no anal activity for Jim. He remained an anal virgin as no human cock had yet entered his ass.

The woman had him squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples. She forced his face into her juicy cunt and held him in place as she experienced multiple orgasms. This woman tasted much like Linda, eryaman escort but Jim knew it was not her because the body was different; shorter, fuller tits, totally shaved cunt. After pleasing her orally Jim was allowed to fuck her pussy. He was extremely pleased when he heard her moan as he rammed his rigid shaft through her vaginal folds to near the entrance to her womb. He pounded over and over as she grabbed his dick with the walls of her cunt. She had pleasure, but in the end Jim had only frustration because he could not climax and squirt his juices.

In the sequence of events everyone reached orgasm except Jim. “Hey, what’s the deal? I haven’t cum yet?” Jim complained.

Linda answered, “You are not supposed to. That is part of our plan. Losers must prove their worth before they are allowed to cum.”

In frustration Jim cried out, “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!

“Stop!” Linda roared, “I never gave you permission to speak in that manner! You will pay! I will give you a punishment that teaches you the meaning of obedience.”

The couple led Jim back to his rack where he could contemplate his future. He had some decisions to make. A punishment, probably severe, was before him. Would he accept the punishment and take the bet. The answer was yes, or leave his life and Linda behind. After a very short consideration, Jim signaled he was ready to answer the wager question.

‘I am confused by your threat of payback, but I really have no choice other than to take the bet.”

“Wonderful, you have no idea how much we are looking forward to controlling your life.” The man said.

“Before we start the race” sexy interjected, “there is the matter of punishment. Linda has directed me to place these nipple clamps on your tits. You must learn to control yourself.”

There was not much change as the clamps tightened on Jim’s nipples. It was not bad, and at first Jim thought it an easy punishment, but within a couple of minutes he regretted his lack of verbal self-discipline. His nipples burned, ached, and just flat out hurt. The pain compounded his problems.

Jim was taken to the start point, and placed in a position of his choice. He sensed the couple’s departure, and on their command he removed his blindfold. Jim surveyed the scene and discovered one hooded person present. This person had two jobs; point out the location of the toilet and removal of Jim’s plug. Once that was complete, Jim alone would win or lose the bet.

No rules were set as to how he performed the task other than no hands holding his butt closed, and there was no time limit. Jim chose to start in the enema position. After all the issues of position and pathway were settled the hooded assistant asked if Jim was ready. Lying on his back with knees near his ears Jim finally said, “yes.”

The hooded person carefully removed the large black butt plug from my ass. A sigh of relief escaped my lips as the width of the plug passed leaving a gaping hole. It was a slow process, but since I was on my back with butt pointed toward the sky there was little or no chance for the fluid to spill. I rubbed the sphincter edges and pressed my butt cheeks to force the hole closed.

At last I could no longer feel any degree of opening. Testing with my finger revealed a tight grip by the sphincter. The time had come. My fate rested with anal sphincter strength, mental control, and foot speed.

I lowered my knees then rolled onto the side nearest the door. I could see it was open and nothing blocked the pathway between the shitter and me. Slowly, I rolled onto my knees constantly forcing the sphincter to tighten and remain closed. Then one foot at a time, I shifted to a standing position ready to move.

The first step was scary because it didn’t feel as if I could retain control. I did, but it was close! I maintained complete control until almost at the end. It was then a small trickle began to escape and move down the inside of my legs.

To come this close to lose; no! I stopped, and with will power alone made the sphincter retighten. I demanded it stay shut until the toilet was reached; and the toilet was reached. Once there, I released a large discharge of clear, shit free fluid. That release felt so fucking good, but the most pleasant aspect was knowing I won the wager.

“You are the winner!” said Linda. “You may find your rewards quite different from what you expect, but you are the winner. I am pleased for you, but it changes nothing because you are still my property. Are you ready for your next adventure?”

“Yea, bring it on! I can take anything!” Jim replied.

The response exceeded what Linda could allow. She could not let it pass. There were other more important issues to address, but Jim must learn discipline. “You will not speak in such an uncontrolled manner!” Linda yelled as she slapped him hard on both sides of his face.

“I remind you don’t speak, or if allowed to speak do so in a respectful manner. Now close your eyes, and wait for further escort eryaman instructions,” she directed.

A blindfold was again placed on Jim’s burning, reddened face then he was placed face down stretched over an ottoman. Jim was tense because he didn’t know what was coming; pain or pleasure. The pain might come from the paddle, but he expected the pleasure to come from an ass fuck. He felt ready to at last receive a cock up his ass. Jim had not considered what other things can happen when placed in such a position, but he was correct to think something was going to push up his ass. It was certainly not anything Jim had imagined.

A new, and very enticing voice said, “Reach back and spread your ass cheeks. This will feel a little cold.”

Jim knew the feeling of the lubricant. It was cold and slick. He knew a dick was coming. It never crossed his mind to consider anything else: especially a fist.

The entry was not difficult. Jim’s anus was very stretched because of the plug, and his rectum was very clean. The person in back of him met no significant resistance as first her fingers followed by hand, wrist, and finally forearm were pushed into his ass.

After holding enemas the entire day Jim’s bowel was quite stretched, but the fullness created by the arm was a most unique experience. It was the most wonderful feeling he had ever known; that is until the arm began moving back and forth with the fingers wiggling. The pressure applied to Jim’s prostate sent waves of pleasure through his body. It was heaven, and Jim rapidly reached the cusp of an orgasm. Then it stopped. Without further enticement the arm was quickly removed and the pleasurable sensation dismissed.

“You are not allowed to cum yet.” said the woman giggling behind him. “Linda has not granted you permission for that.”

Jim thought he would explode with frustration. He wondered how much more could he take of this up down up down. It was a very high price for losing a very minor bet.

Behind him a new voice spoke, “Stay just as you are. Here is something else for you to experience.”

When Jim felt the paws on his sides he almost said enough. Getting fucked by a dog was too low. However, he recalled his Navy days when he had witnessed more than one dog and pony show. He enjoyed watching dogs fuck women so why not him. Besides that, what could he do to stop it and still remain with Linda?

There were no preliminaries. The dog mounted. Stuck his dick in the hole and hunched until he came. Jim had an experience, but not much pleasure. The challenge was afterwards when the dog’s knot formed. Almost twenty minutes passed before the dog was able to withdraw.

Just before the dog departed a soft voice whispered in Jim’s ear; “Don’t move. That was just preparation.”

Jim didn’t have long to wonder what she meant. With hardly a pause a human cock slipped up his ass. This was not just any cock, but a magnificent specimen ten inches long by six and one half inches around. It felt wonderful as it pressed against the sides of his bowel. The man pumped hard, soft, fast, and slow. Suddenly, his motion turned very rapid and erratic just prior to shooting sperm in Jim’s ass.

“Damn you, why didn’t you wait for me?” Jim asked.

The man responded; “Why do you ask? You know the answer: Linda. Now stop complaining, get on your back and let your head hang back.”

“Open your mouth bitch!” a man in leather yelled.

Jim obeyed instantly, mostly because it scared him. Later he said it was because he knew what was next: cock sucking. For a first timer Jim did very well. Cock after cock slipped down his throat, and he sucked on each one as if it were his last. Jim lost count of the number of cocks that squirted their cum in his mouth, but later was told the final count was twenty-seven.

The last cock had cum and Jim had swallowed every drop. What more could Linda ask of him? What more humiliation or pain could she heap upon him in this 24-hour period?

“I think it is time for you to meet a few of tonight’s players,” Linda said. “Let me go down the list after they remove their hoods.

Jim looked quickly at the faces and recognized no one. That was good in that none were neighbors, close friends, or business associates. It was bad because he didn’t know where Linda met all these people.

The list was long and made only of first names; Charles, Mitch, Lilly, Joan, and many more. In looking at the line-up Jim thought some people were absent. What about the young couple with whom he had the wager. No one in line seemed to fit his memory of their bodies.

Linda reached the end of the list. “Jim, listen to me. I have needs. You didn’t fulfill those needs so I went elsewhere. There is not a person in this line who has not fucked me on many occasions. And I might add fucked me with pounding enthusiasm and to my satisfaction.”

“That may prove difficult for you to accept, and if so I understand.” Linda continued; “Regardless of any difficulty you might experience, eryaman escort bayan if you want to be part of my life you must accept who I am. Jim, don’t answer now. Take some time to think it through. Anything you say now may not reflect your calmer feelings.”

Linda turned away then turned back and said, “My day is almost completed. There is one more issue for you to confront. It is time for you to meet the couple with whom you wagered and fucked before the race. They were also the green man and blue woman who fucked me so well at the beginning. Let me introduce you to them.”

A door opened and out walked their twenty-two year old son Tony, and Keri, their twenty-year-old daughter.

“How could you do this to me? How could you place me in a position to fuck our children?”

“Why not? You saw me fuck them just as I have for a long time. Tony and Keri, just after Keri entered puberty, asked me to teach them the arts of sex. I doubted you would have approved, but it was of no matter because you were too occupied to notice anyway. Tonight completes a circle that started many years ago.”

“There are two things you must know: 1) this is the first time they have partied with any of my group, and 2) they were not originally part of tonight’s events. When they found out about it they asked to join. The wager and consequences was completely their idea. Jim, if you decide to let them pay off their wager you will find them very skilled and passionate lovers. They will try anything and give everything.”

“That’s right Daddy,” Keri said. “I have wanted to fuck you for ages, but Mom stopped me. She said it wasn’t fair for me to me to seduce you. In the past she has allowed us to watch as you tow made love. I was so jealous. You are a very caring lover. Please don’t be angry, and please let me share this part of your life.”

Tony added sharply, “I hope you decide to leave town. I hope you cannot face the truth of Mom, Keri, and me. I have a very sweet deal fucking two of the two most wonderful, sensual women in the world. If you stay I’ll have to share.” Tony paused, then calmly, and with a big smile continued; ” Of course if you leave it will prove you are a certifiable idiot.”

It was impossible to assess all the things happening around me. The image of my world was in chaos. Everywhere I looked there was change I had no idea existed. In spite of everything my dick remained hard as steel. It sent a message of what it thought of the situation even if my mind was not sure. It proved the age-old adage that men are run by their dicks and not their brains.

“This is very difficult for me to absorb. My world is upside down. That is not necessarily bad, but it does require thought and time to sort through. “

“I can’t make a decision about my future right now. There is something more pressing at the moment. I need to put my dick in a human hole! Am I allowed to cum now?

Linda looked at me: “Yes, and if you want I will gladly take care of your hard-on. If you have reservations about me there are many others.”

“Linda, please be quite and get over here so I can fuck the shit out of you!”

Jim grabbed her into his arms for a monstrous kiss then threw her on the bed. Hesitating only long enough to check her wetness he plunged his dick into her cunt as hard as he could. For the first time ever, Jim fucked Linda without regard for her needs, but he knew the action was good because of her moans.

He was able to pound her cunt so hard and for so long because the drug was not quite out of his system. Sensing he had time, he withdrew, threw Linda’s legs up near her ears, and without preparation slammed his prick into her ass. Linda’s groan of pleasure said it all, and he continued to pump.

“Fuck me you bastard. Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Do it harder!” Linda screamed repeatedly.

Jim began to feel the onset of his climax. The pressure caused him to ache for release. At last he crested over the top, and his juices raced along his prick deep into Linda’s anal passage. Jim sighed with relief and collapsed onto the bed.

The relief of my orgasm was wonderful. I don’t know how much cum I squirted, but a substantial flow poured out of Linda’s ass when she stood up afterwards.

Less than 24-hours ago I could not have imagined that I would fuck my daughter, and eat her pussy. Nor could I have imagined sucking my son’s cock and drinking his sperm. What kind of world was this?

As to my choice, it didn’t take much time for me to overcome my petty feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. I really had no choice. Either deal with it or leave. I wanted Linda, so I elected to take an active role in the multiple-partner sexual theme park she presented.

My feelings about Tony and Keri took longer. Our society damns incest as the ultimate the sin, but this was something different. Tony and Keri are my offspring, but they are not children. They are adults who asked to participate. They were neither forced nor coerced. It is not as if I was taking advantage of two small children.

Those were good logical arguments, but the biggest selling point, the one that closed the deal for me, was the memory of Keri’s groans of pleasure as my rigid phallus plumbed the depths of her vaginal channel. How could I not want to experience that again, and again, and again?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32