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Author’s Note: In addition to being a full-time college professor, I have a “second job” off campus that is very rewarding, both for its monetary benefits and for the occasional erotic situations such as the one described below. While the names have been changed, the following story is completely true. And while the entire ongoing account is worthy of possibly ten or even more chapters, I will refrain from spending my time writing them until you, the readers, indicate you enjoyed (or disliked, despised, hated) this first offering. So please drop me your comments if you do (or don’t) want more.

* * * * *

Lisa Gains was/is almost too beautiful to describe. My first glance at her, as she entered my primary office, resulted in a neck-wrenching double-take and an almost instantaneous stirring in my groin. She was around 5’8″ tall, and couldn’t have weighed more than 125 pounds. Her breasts were nicely separated and pleasantly small, probably stretching a tape measure to around 34 or 35 inches. Her extremely long, blond hair shimmered under the pleasant, soft glow of my fluorescent lighting, and swayed across the top of her shapely ass as she walked. Her face, her hair, her entire body, was just too perfect not to be completely natural.

I guess I should introduce and describe myself. My name is Doctor Leonard Beeman, and I have a very successful medical physiologist and psychologist practice in addition to my full professorship at a large, east coast university situated less than a mile away. My speciality is treating various human behavior disorders, most often with a uniquely medical and mental mixture of treatments. And, while various types of eating disorders make up the majority of my patient list, I also treat other types of medical problems. Sexually related problems were second only to the dietary situations already mentioned.

On a more personal note, I am a single (divorced two years from the troll) white male, 6 feet tall, 44 years old, and with a semi-muscular build (from regular exercise, which I suggest for every person I talk to professionally). I work out at least three times every week, and swim at least five days each week in my condo pool. Oh yes (for those of you who may be interested), about my package. I have been blessed with an eight inch long, relatively thick, penis that is nicely supported by a pair of healthy, large testicles. I have measured my seminal fluid discharge at orgasm, and I generally expel between four and six fluid ounces (substantially greater than average) in the seven to nine spurts (also more than the average male) that are my personal norm.

Lisa was a new patient, making her first visit to my office on this day. On the information forms she indicated her personal problem was sexual in nature. She was 26, married to a business manager for seventeen months, and with no children. I was curious about that since she had also checked the “no” box beside the question concerning her current use of birth control pills or other contraceptive devices. In fact, according to her answers in that section, she did not use any contraception of any kind.

I walked out from behind my desk and sat down in one of the consultation chairs situated in the middle of the room. She took a seat in a chair facing mine that I indicated, crossed her right knee over her left leg, adjusted the hem of her rather expensive, modestly cut dress, cleared her throat, and cast her eyes down at the floor near my feet.

“How can I help you, Mrs. Gains?”

“Oh, Doctor, I don’t really know where to actually begin.”

“Well, why don’t you begin by telling me exactly what your problems are, and we will address them one at a time. I see from your forms that you indicated they are sexual in nature.”

“Yes, they are. I guess I’m not very good in bed with my husband. When we have sex it rarely lasts more than a minute or two. I never feel anything. I read about women who have multiple orgasms and are almost always sexually fulfilled, and I don’t even know what an orgasm is! I am very sexually frustrated, I guess. I think there must be something physically wrong with me. Or, maybe it’s a mental thing. I just don’t know. I am terribly worried that I may be frigid or something.”

I could see the tears beginning to well up in her eyes, and I could sense the frustration she felt. Just then my nurse stuck her head in the door and told me she was leaving for the day unless I needed her for something. I told her no, and she closed the door softly.

“Mrs. Gains,… er, may I call you Lisa?”

“That would be fine, Doctor.”

“Well, Lisa, I’m certain we can address your problem successfully, regardless of what it might be. It’s very rare for any sexual problem, physical or mental, not to be treatable.”

“That’s wonderful, Doctor. When can we start?”

“Right now, if you would like. Why don’t we go into the examination room and I will give you a physical exam.”

We both stood up and I led the way to a door off my office that led to my examination rooms. Once inside bahis firmaları I instructed her to step behind the dressing screen and disrobe completely, and put on one of the cloth gowns she would find there. She stepped behind the screen and I sat down at the tiny desk in the room, silently amazed that I would soon be seeing, touching, probing, and caressing this woman’s beautiful body. Oh, I know Doctors are not supposed to have thoughts like that, but we are entitled to take a little pleasure in the few nice bodies we treat after seeing, touching, and probing all the overweight, chubby and fat bodies that pay our country club dues and greens fees.

She stepped out from behind the screen, her gown on and tied at the waist. I stood in front of her and asked her to remove the gown, which she did. As she did, I was treated to a truly rare and erotic sight. She had what I consider to be the perfect body. Her breasts were perfectly shaped, firm, apple-sized cones with the pink nipples ever-so-slightly upturned. There were not even any visible flaws such as moles or scars. But there was a strong stirring in my crotch that I knew I had to fight.

“I’m going to start with a breast exam first, Lisa. Just try to relax.” With that I reached up and placed my hands on her right breast, squeezing it gently and feeling for any irregularities. There were none. I felt the nipple, squeezing it and even pinching it slightly. I saw her eyes roll up slightly, and asked if I were hurting her in any way.

“Oh, no, Doctor. Whatever you are doing feels good. Actually, it feels wonderful.”

I switched to her left breast and continued the exam, kneading that mammary gland in the same manner as its mate. “When you and your husband have sex,” I asked, “does he spend much time feeling and touching your breasts?”

“Oh, no! He almost never touches them. When he does, it feels good. When he is lying on top of me I try to wiggle my chest against his because that feels really good to me.”

I was beginning to have some strange thoughts about her husband. Any guy who wouldn’t want so spend endless hours paying homage to those beautiful boobs with hands, lips, teeth and tongue had to be absolutely sick in the head. Maybe he, not her, should be my patient. Oh, perish that thought, please.

“I see”, I said. “Actually, playing with the woman’s breasts extensively is an important part of foreplay. About how long do your foreplay sessions last, in general?”

“Foreplay? I’ve heard the term, but I don’t really know what it means.”

“That’s when your husband kisses and touches you before you actually begin coitus, the sex act,” I informed her. “How long does he spend kissing and touching you before he inserts his penis into you?”

“A few seconds, I guess. I mean, we always kiss before we do it, and afterwards, too.”

I was still feeling her beautiful boobs and pinching her nipples as we talked, and I could see from her fidgeting hips and legs that she was thoroughly enjoying my touching her. “Why don’t you describe one of your typical sex sessions to me,” I requested. I had one hand on each of her breasts, gently pinching the nipples and feeling the soft flesh under my hands as I made this request. She was beginning to act really fidgety, and her voice was beginning to become just a little deeper and slightly ragged.

“Well, we… we both get undressed and… and get into bed, of course. He kisses me. Then…. he gets on top of me with his legs… his… between mine, and he inserts… himself into me. Sometimes I… I…. I am too dry, and it hurts a little when he enters. But after a minute or so he is usually completely inside me. Then he… he…. strokes in and… in… in and out a few times, and then he spurts. We kiss again, and he… he…. he….. rolls off of me. Then we go to sleep.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. This woman just described something I absolutely could not believe, yet somehow knew had to be true. And I began to think that I knew part or possibly all of her real problem. The correctness of my initial hypothesis would actually hinge on her answer to my next question. “Lisa, describe your husband’s penis to me?” I was still feeling her breasts, and I was also sporting more than half an erection by now.

“Well, it’s about the size of my middle finger.” She held up her dainty little hand and wiggled the digit.

“Are you sure about that. I mean, your finger is around two and a half inches long and about one-half inch in diameter. Is that how big his penis is?”

“Yes, that sounds about right.”

“Is that his size when flaccid or erect,” I then asked?

“What do you mean, Doctor?”

“A man’s penis is flaccid, er… soft, most of the time. It becomes erect sometime before the planned sex act after suitable sexual stimulation, either physical or mental. Is your husband’s penis the size you described just before he inserts it into you?”

“Yes, that’s it. I don’t think I have ever seen it when it is flaccid, Doctor.”

“I see. Do the two kaçak iddaa of you ever try anal sex?”

“Yes! He actually tells me he likes that way better than regular sex. And when he inserts himself into my rectum he often lasts four or five minutes. But it’s uncomfortable to me for the most part. I only do it because I know he likes it so much.”

My suspicions were being confirmed. Her husband was either a queer or a bi-sexual. That he was under-endowed was an understatement of the first order. And I began to see endless possibilities for myself if I handled this situation the right way.

I reluctantly stopped feeling her breasts and told her to sit up on the examination table, and then lay down. Once she was in position I gently lifted each of her legs and placed her feet in the stirrups. Then I did some adjusting for greater spread. I wanted plenty of working room for this lady. Finally I secured a pair of padded velcro ankle straps of my own design to insure she could not lift her legs out of the stirrups.

Then I went over to my supply cabinet and work table. I picked up a couple of latex gloves and started to put them on. Wait a minute, I thought to myself! What do you think you are doing, you idiot? You have an absolute goddess spread wide on your table and you want to work through rubber? No fucking way, dopey.

I dropped the gloves back on the table, picked up the tube of K-Y jelly, and spread a small amount on my thumb and first two fingers. Then I turned around, stepped between her widely spread legs, and bent down for a closer look. She had the most beautiful genitalia I had ever had the pleasure of looking at, I thought to myself. Then I told her what I was going to do. “First I am going to do a general reflex exam. I am going to touch you in various places, and I want you to tell me if you feel anything. And, I want you to tell me what you feel, okay?”

“Alright, Doctor. Will it hurt?”

“No, Lisa,” I reassured her. “Just the opposite. I hope what I do to you will make you feel really special. I am going to try to show you that you are a perfectly normal woman in every way.”

I began with a light stroke across her clitoris, and her reaction was exactly as I expected it would be. Her entire body jerked, and her toes curled. I flicked it three more times and she moaned. Then I proceeded to carefully push the tiny hood down and fully expose her joy buzzer. Once it was uncovered I began a merciless assault on it with my index finger. Her whole body began to react, twitching and jerking wildly. She began to moan louder. Then she gave out a long series of, “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes…..” Her head was now rotating from side to side.

I could feel her tensing up, and knew her first-ever orgasm was only seconds away. When it hit her, it was like a dam breaking. She arched her back upwards, screaming out her pleasure at the same time. Her hands had gone to her boobs, and she was violently pulling at each of her nipples. Her hips were gyrating wildly under my touches, bouncing up and down rapidly as wave after wave of ecstacy flooded over her. And her entire body was shuddering and twitching.

When she had finally quieted down I asked her, “How did that feel, Lisa?”

“Oh, Doctor, I have never felt anything so wonderful in my entire life. What did you do to me?” I noticed she was panting and there was a thin sheen of sweat over her body as she answered.

“Lisa, I just gave you a clitoral orgasm. And, based on your reaction, I think I can safely say you are a perfectly normal woman. I will know more as the exam continues. And, young lady, I am beginning to think the sexual problem you are having is actually of your husband’s making, not yours.

I then began to probe the entrance to her vagina. I hadn’t gone more than two or three centimeters when I found exactly what I expected to find. Her hymen, perfectly formed and covering approximately half of her vaginal canal, was very conspicuous because of its presence. Her husband, dinky dick, had never been able to break it or even stretch it. His tiny cock, if it managed to enter her at all, made its way through the natural opening in the membrane. And Lisa, sweet Lisa, was still a virgin in every sense of the word except the most technical.

It was right about this time that I decided to do something really radical. I wanted to possess this young, beautiful woman. I wanted her to be totally mine in every sense of that word. And a plan began to form in my head. I would need time with her. Lots of it. An entire weekend would do nicely for a starter. But that would come later. Right now I had to capture her.

I continued my physical examination of her genital area, intentionally bringing her to mind- blowing orgasms on five more occasions. I even used a slender vibrator inserted into her vagina through the hymenal opening and held firmly against her G-spot (with corresponding clitoral stimulation) to give her an extremely intense vaginal orgasm. She reacted almost violently with that release, lifting her kaçak bahis hips off the table a dozen times in three or four seconds as she screamed and continued pulling on her beautifully distended nipples.

When she had finally calmed down and regained her composure, I decided to spring my first trap on her. “Lisa, I believe you are completely normal. However, before I can be certain, it will be necessary for me to observe you actually engaged in coitus, the sex act. Now, I have a number of male surrogates that I can contact, and one of them can come in next week to perform with you.” Secretly I knew she was now way too excited to wait an hour, much less until next week.

“Next week, Doctor? Can’t we do it sooner? Like right now? I’ve never felt like this before, Doctor. Please, isn’t there something you can do now?”

She was as sexually excited as any woman could get, and she reacted exactly as I secretly hoped she would. “Well, Lisa, I guess I could act as your surrogate this time. If, that is, that is acceptable to you.”

“You mean you would make love to me, er… have sex with me right now?”

“Yes, Lisa, if that is what you want.”

“Oh, yes, yes, Doctor. Please, have sex with me now. Oh, Please, Please, do it now.”

Whoa, momma, I thought to myself. This just couldn’t get any better. “There’s just one minor problem, Lisa. Your hymen is still very much intact. To insure you receive maximum pleasure with a minimum amount of pain or discomfort, it would probably be best if I surgically removed it right now. Is that alright with you?”

“Yes, do it now. Will it hurt very much?”

“No, it won’t hurt at all, and it will only take a couple of minutes to complete. Why don’t I give you a few more orgasms so you will actually feel great while I remove it.”

“Oh, that would be just wonderful, Doctor. Go ahead.”

I began stimulating her clitoris again as I inserted the vibrator. In just three or four minutes she was once again in sexual heaven. As her orgasm broke I removed the vibrator and turned to my work table. I picked up the tube of desensitizing cream. Next I picked up a scalpel and tore the sanitary wrapping off. Then I selected the appropriate vaginal spreader clamp and grabbed a handful of gauze pads from the appropriate storage bin. With that, I turned back to her and positioned myself between her legs.

She was calming down nicely when I used my left hand to spread both her outer and inner vaginal lips and insert the spreader. Once it was in place, I dabbed a little of the cream on my index finger and spread it lightly over her entire hymen and the tissue immediately surrounding it. Once it was in place I wiped the excess cream off my finger and once again began stimulating her. When her second orgasm broke, I had to wait for her to calm back down before I took the scalpel and carefully flicked her hymen at its natural opening. It was unusually thin, and the entire procedure was completed with only two more small, painless cuts with the sharp surgical knife. I then patted up the small amount of blood, removed the spreader clamp, and put all my equipment and the used pads on my work table. Then, after more clitoral stimulation and one more orgasm for this beautiful lady, I announced that I was finished and asked her how she felt?

“You’re done? Already? I didn’t feel any pain at all, Doctor. I thought losing my hymen would be extremely painful, but it wasn’t?”

“Tender, loving care, my dear,” was my softly spoken answer to her. Then I asked her if she still wanted me to be her surrogate sex partner, and she nodded her head vigorously as she smiled beautifully.

I unfastened her ankles and assisted her off the table. Once she was standing, I placed my arms around her and kissed her deeply. She was surprised at first, but quickly returned my kiss with more passion than I ever expected. Then I noticed a look of what might be doubt in her eyes. “What’s wrong, Lisa,” I asked her?

“Doctor, will this sex be like cheating on my husband? I’ve never cheated on him, and if it is….”

“No, Lisa,” I quickly interrupted. “This is not cheating by any stretch of the imagination. You will have nothing whatsoever to feel guilty about. This is therapy. Important therapy that will help you to understand that you are a perfectly normal woman in every possible way.” Sure it was a lie, but a very professional lie, I admitted silently to myself. Then I began to think about the future, and acted quickly. “Of course it will be necessary for you to have a number of other sessions. You can, of course, be with another surrogate. Or, for continuity, I will continue to be your surrogate during your therapy, if that is your desire. We will only do whatever you feel comfortable with, my dear.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful, Doctor. Where do we have to go to have sex?”

“Right through this door, Lisa.” With that I put my arm around her naked waist and led her into another room that was furnished like any typical bedroom, complete with a king-sized bed. We both turned down the covers. Then I removed my clothes as she got in and scooted over to the middle towards me. Once I was naked I joined her in the bed, wondering to myself what I could have possibly done to be this lucky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32