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Daughter and daddy’s unfathomable journey begins.

(The story set in India. No character is underage. There is no resemblance to any living person.)


I had spent my childhood in Delhi, completing my schooling in a reputed institute, and under the guidance and care of my mother. Honestly, absence of one’s father, in those formative years, was a detraction that I could hardly reconcile myself with. Divorced parents, as always, seriously effects any child and I was no exception.

Thankfully, neither of my parents married again, had decided to stay separately but, at the same, ensured that their children grew up properly and in comfort. My father stayed in Mumbai during this period while we stayed in Delhi. But he would make trips to our place to see his children and see our progress as we grew up, although such visits were not as frequent as I would have wanted.

It was only after I had appeared in the Class XII of the CBSE, when I was almost eighteen, that my parents mutually decided that I was big enough to decide with whom to stay. I decided to go and stay with Daddy in Mumbai. Particularly, there was a possibility that I would be able to get admitted in one of the best colleges in Mumbai and it would result in my being required to stay in that city in any case. I was almost eighteen and would soon decide for myself on matters concerning my life.

I had flown in to Mumbai just a day before my eighteenth birthday, overjoyed at the freedom and the chance to stay with Daddy at his spacious apartment. He always had a soft corner for me and I knew I would have the best time of my life.

When he received me at the airport he couldn’t hide his surprise at seeing how I had grown into a ‘lovely lady,’ for that was what he had said, after the last time he had seen me in Delhi. I too felt happy to see him standing in front of me, the man who I admired the most. He was certainly charming, suave and had that aura in the way he carried himself.

Frankly, I had looked forward to my eighteenth birthday, supposedly the day I would be a lady, or so I was told. I had just passed out of school and was on the verge of being admitted into college in a few months. Daddy had said that he was planning to hold a party, befitting the occasion, and about twenty to thirty guests from the rich and affluent, were in his list. I wondered what present for me he had in mind, for he was always indulgent and extravagant whenever I was involved. Equally, there were moments when he scared me as well, and that was when he was a strict disciplinarian and wouldn’t hesitate to punish me for my own good, of course, as he always said.

My birthday morning began with a warm wish from Daddy and a big hug before he looked at me and said, “Get ready sweetie, I have a gift for you all packed and ready. But, we will have to go out for that.”

Even with my expectations, I was taken by surprise at the extraordinary gift that he showered. But I had to wait a while before I got to see what was that gift!

I dressed in a cream-colored pleated skirt that came up to my knees and a sleeveless floral silk blouse that I tucked into my skirt. I wore a fancy white belt over the skirt. I preferred wearing a chemise just below this dress and underneath, well you know, a girl’s undergarments – white knickers that protected my girlhood and a plain cotton bra that covered my perky 32B breasts.

Funny thing was that many of my friends had already started wearing appealing panties and yet, I could never do so but stick to the traditional knickers. Besides, I always felt shy to wear a bra, as if the outlines were visible to everyone, but still I had taken over to wearing this, once the swelling on my chest had begun and the pair was becoming increasingly obvious. I wore a pair of strapped sandals to go with my casual dress.

I knew that I would soon have to gradually change into jeans from skirts. Sarees also were a good choice for the formal dress and I loved it when someone wore it nicely. Even lehenga caught my fancy. I was grown up now and wondered what would be appropriate to wear for the evening party. I didn’t even know if I would have to wear a saree that evening in my birthday party. I was really in a phase of transition – from girlhood to being transformed into a woman.

Sitting beside Daddy as he drove, I simply couldn’t hide my curiosity. I went on pestering him, asking repeatedly what gift he had in mind. And he only had a twitching smile at the corner of his mouth. He looks so handsome when he smiles that I melt and forget everything! Finally, he just patted my thighs in affection and said, “Baby, you know your Daddy. He’ll have something splendid for his little girl…something that should bring a smile on her face.”

Almost an hour after we had left our house, the car drove up a boulevard, lined with big and elegant trees and cottages or houses on both sides. It was a very quiet neighborhood. At the end of the road, etimesgut escort we came and stood at an unbelievably cute and beautiful house. Daddy casually kept whistling a tune as he came out of the car and placing the car keys in his jacket, took out a key ring that had a few keys bunched together. He handed over the set just as we stood at the door of this enviable house and, with a soft kiss on my cheeks, smiled at me. I looked at the key ring holding the keys and couldn’t hide my glee when I saw a heart made of silver with my name engraved on it.

“Your gift, my sweet girl!” he said.

I looked at the writings on the heavy wooden door of that heavenly house. Engraved on it were the words, “BEEHIVE” which, I thought, was a lovely name for a sweet house if you realize that it only gives honey in the end.

“Daddy,” I exclaimed in a voice that didn’t hide the sheer excitement and joy that had engulfed me, “Oh! My god! It’s such a lovely house. And the name is so sweet!”

“Yes baby. Our house…or, better still, your house. It’s a daddy’s birthday gift to a daughter on her becoming of age,” as he pecked me on the cheek again.

Daddy helped me open the door, and I ran in like a little girl although I was now eighteen and a grownup girl who should be curbing her impetuousness. It was so beautiful and, to top it, fully furnished with the latest designs and equipped with brand new upholstery too. The sprawling living room – big enough to hold a party, was decked for the evening already. There were a few rooms on the ground floor, guest rooms, I thought to myself. The kitchen was as big as you can imagine. The three toilets had the latest designs. I ran up the spiral staircase, as Daddy just went on smiling at my childish behavior. Upstairs, there were three bedrooms visible, all big enough to hold a herd. Each had attached toilets and bath. By now, daddy had come up and stood beside me.

“How many rooms?” he asked.

“Three,” I said, as I came near and placed my head on his chest.

He simply took hold of my hand and shook his head in denial. Then, quietly, he led me on.

To my surprise, turning a corner, I came across another room. On the door was written, “Her Haven”. The room was placed so conveniently that it had privacy written all over. It didn’t have a direct access and one had to know the layout thoroughly to find this room.

“My princess,” he said as he turned me to face him,” you know whose room this is, don’t you?” His hands held me by the arms, naked as they were below the shoulder, as he brought down his face and kissed me on the cheeks.

“Yes, I do.” I said softly.

“Let’s go inside and you see for yourself if you like the room,” he told me.

I walked in and I gaped in amazement at the interior. It was one of the most amazing rooms one could hope for. Furnished impeccably, draped elegantly, spaced adequately, I could never have hoped to have such a room as my own. I was a bit surprised because Daddy had provided my room with a double-bed. I blushed a bit, thinking if he was already planning my marriage. After all, he was gifting me a house and it seemed that my marriage was possibly under his consideration I was about to ask him, but then decided it would be improper.

There was a spacious walk-in closet inside the bedroom which amazed me. The wardrobe at one side seemed big enough to hold all my clothes and private stuff. Mirrors draped the opposite wall. I just stood there and felt so happy.

Back inside the bedroom, I saw that there was a desk at the corner with a new laptop that daddy said had internet connections 24 x 7. But, the best part was that it had big windows on two sides of the room that looked out at massive trees, lush with leaves. These screened the room entirely from anyone who would wish to pry inside. This room had a privacy and silence that made me swoon.

“Oh, Daddy!” I cried, tears of happiness building in my eyes without control.

“Yes, my girl. A beautiful room for a beautiful girl. You’ll love this room and we will cherish our stay in this house from now on.” He said so very caringly, with his hands holding my naked arms and looking deeply into my eyes.

He ran his hands over my naked arms for a few seconds and then, after a pause, he said, “and cherish also all the wonderful moments that we might spend in this room.” He quickly walked away from the room and I just wondered why he retreated so suddenly.

He waited for me downstairs and as I walked down, he looked away as if unable to place his eyes on me. I thought of a reason for this behavior but really couldn’t think of one.

“Are you angry with me daddy?” I asked timidly. He evaded that question. I always got scared when he behaved in this fashion.

“Come, we will go back now. I believe you are treating your friends this afternoon somewhere posh outside on your birthday. Isn’t it? Remember, the evening party is restricted etimesgut escort bayan only to my guests and there’ll be about twenty. I am sure they will shower you with gifts as well,” Daddy said as a matter of fact.

Soon, we were on our way back to our old home where, as Daddy said, we would be spending the last few hours before we changed our residence. From that night onwards, ‘Beehive’ would be our abode where we would breathe and live. I so eagerly waited for our stay in this dream house that had been gifted with so much love by my daddy. The biggest change in the lives of both of us was about to unfold, a change I never dreamt of and a change that swept me of my feet.

Back home, I wanted to skip breakfast as I wanted to be with my friends. Daddy would have nothing of it – he refused to entertain the idea of skipping meals, saying that it would adversely affect my skin. Another must for him was that I have adequate water so that I had a blemish free skin. For, I can assume, he wanted me to be a paragon of beauty. Anyway, at this point, I was eager to see his gift.

“Daddy,” I said sweetly,” won’t you show me what is the second gift you bought for me beside the house?”

To me, it seemed that Daddy was just as eager to show me the gift. I felt sorry for him. Poor soul, he had only himself to depend upon to make a choice for his little girl. What if I didn’t prefer the gift? I made up my mind to show him that I really loved his selection even if I didn’t like it.

We went up to his room where he opened his wardrobe and took out a packet that obviously contained the gift. He took out the packet from the shopping bag, a box that obviously contained dress items was what he held in his hands. He extended his hand to give me the box and I took it quickly, tearing the wrappings in a quick action that surprised him.

I must say I was overwhelmed with what he had gifted. My caring daddy had bought a wonderful flame orange chiffon saree, costly no doubt, that had an embroidered golden border. He had also purchased a dark printed silk sleeveless blouse with a square neck and deep back with tassels and this, I saw, would come up just above my elbows. A silk petticoat of the same color as the saree accompanied them. Every item was beautiful, and I liked them immensely. I looked at Daddy with a big smile, enough to indicate that I was happy.

“Look sweetie,” he said,” if you require anything else you can pick them up when you go out for lunch with your friends.”

I nodded my head, knowing what he could have implied. I knew, however, that I had a new white cotton bra and a new pair of nickers inside my wardrobe, which I thought would be more than enough for the evening party.

The luncheon with my friends was a cracker. We had the best food and, inside the restaurant where the gang sat together, we were a boisterous lot of girls. We laughed without reason, stared and giggled at cute guys who walked in, ordered for food that we knew we couldn’t consume, but we did draw the attention of the guests inside. Getting to know that it was my birthday the manager of the joint quickly arranged for a birthday cake that was on the house.

I recollected Daddy’s words of advice to get help from a friend if I required to purchase anything I wanted. I had initially thought of telling Sheena, a close friend, to accompany me to purchase a pair of panties (my first ones, really) but, In the end, I gave up the idea.

Daddy was disheartened when he saw that I walked in empty handed. As I went up to my room, he said he had some urgent work to attend to and that he would return in an hour or so. He left, telling me to be a good girl. He returned well before the party was to begin in the evening, but it didn’t escape my attention that he carried a packet in his hands. Surprisingly, he was trying to hide it from me.

I don’t know how, for I really had no practice of wearing sarees, but when I came down wearing the saree and all other pieces that go with it, I must have looked very pretty. I had applied the right make up on my face and my lips. Certainly, these added to make me look beautiful.

Daddy simple stared at me for a while before he blurted out,” Sweetie you look gorgeous! You’ll be a sensation at the party in ‘Beehive’.”

The way he said this made me blush.

He was wearing a dark suit that made him stand out. Daddy has a perfect figure and I am proud of him. He held my hand and we walked out of our house to head for Hamara Ghar. Both of us had beaming smiles on our face.

I think that all those who were invited had turned up and they were very appreciative of ‘Hamara Ghar’. But they had a lot of compliments for me particularly, appreciating how I had grown up and turned into a perfect lady. Many of them commented and told Daddy, and to me too, that I looked like the young actress Sonam Kapoor, because I had a ready and impish smile on my face. Even my friends tell escort etimesgut that I look very much like her and so I was not surprised at this compliment.

The guests were also very appreciative of my dress, saying how nicely I had worn something to which I was not used to wearing. A few of the younger guys kept staring at me and I became a bit uncomfortable and uneasy. However, Daddy was always there, like a protective knight, seeing me through my discomforts or embarrassments. I didn’t tell Daddy about an elderly man who deliberately ran a hand over my hips, pretending that it was accidental. To add to it, he kept staring at my breasts making me blush even more. The birthday party, which partly turned out to be a house warming party as well, ended at around eleven.

We had to get the house in order and I told Daddy that I would take care of the kitchen and the untouched or extra dishes that remained. On his part, he offered to arrange the living room, which appeared to be in complete disarray. I had received a several gifts, mostly boxes wrapped in decorative papers, and these lay strewn around the living room and even the guest rooms on the ground floor. As I could recollect, every guest had walked in with something tucked under the arm or held in their hands and, looking at the numbers, I wondered how I could take these to my room and how many times I would have to climb the flight of stairs. But Daddy was most supportive – he offered to take all of them to my bedroom, which he did after he had finished his cleaning the living room.

It took quite some time to get the kitchen and dining room spick and span and we were a bit exhausted in the end. But it was worth it – we simply didn’t like our new house to be in a mess. Having finished my work, I looked around for Daddy but couldn’t see him downstairs. I went upstairs and as I walked into my room, I saw that he was placing the last of the gifts on top of the others, all of which lay neatly arranged just beside my wardrobe.

“There Sweetie, it’s done,” he said, “You take your time to look at what’s inside those boxes. But do have a shower first…you will feel fresh. Let me retire for the night”.

He took a few steps towards me and, giving me a peck on the cheeks, he smiled to say,” Good night, baby. You were the most beautiful girl in tonight’s gathering and I tell this in all seriousness. You were simply stunning!” He turned and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. I felt happy at his compliments.

I felt unclean with all that sweat over my body because of the physical activity in the kitchen till now. I had to take a shower immediately. I unwrapped the saree and unbuttoned the blouse, placing them on the bed. Daddy had said I looked beautiful and I was tempted to come and stand in front of the big full-length mirror fixed on my wardrobe. I turned myself around, watching myself still in the new silk orange petticoat and new white bra. I loosened my hair and smiled while I kept looking at myself. Untying the strings of my petticoat, I let it fall on the floor. The new knickers clung on my body and I realized that I was old enough now to discard knickers and to wear panties like my other friends.

I walked away and went into the bathroom. Unhooking my bra and pulling down my knickers, I stood naked for a while before the bathroom mirror, quickly stealing a glance at my perky breasts and nipples and further down before turning my face away. When I came out of the bathroom after almost thirty minutes in the bath tub applying soap and shampoo, I was wearing a bath robe that came up to my knees. The drier hummed busily to dry my hair and I started opening the packets one after the other.

There were wonderful gifts inside the boxes – sarees, dresses, books, cosmetics, a smart phone, even a pair of white five-inch heels, and many more. There were still another five to six unwrapped items remaining when one, with a golden paper wrapping, caught my eye. I pulled it near me and noticed that there was no name tag on this one. Each gift till now had a tag on top and each tag had a distinct name on it, wishing me the best on my birthday. Ones from Mr. & Mrs. Manjrekar, Mr. Krishnamurthy, Smt. Sneha Gupta & Mr. Bimal Gupta, Mr.& Mrs. Divedi, Mr. & Mrs. A. K. Saxena and many such names. But I was surprised to see that there was no tag on the top of this one. I tore open the wrapper as I sat on the bed revealing a rather big box. It was about four inches thick and I excitedly opened the cover.

I got the biggest shock of my life to see the contents of the box, almost turning pale and started blushing profusely at what I saw. Inside lay the most beautiful lingerie set that I had ever seen. Exquisitely laced and partly netted white bra and an equally lacey panty, so soft that it could be folded into the palm of my hands without anyone realizing what I held, a white laced and ruffled garter belt with garters, lace top see-through thigh highs and two white ribbons lying on top of them all. The panty had a pink bow on the centre of the waist and, to my incredulous surprise, a heart shaped slit at its most embarrassing position … the crotch.

A tag lay casually among these intimate materials and I picked it up to read – “TO MAKE YOU LOVLIER ON YOUR BIRTHDAY – D”.

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