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While she knew how she arrived in country, Pam was having trouble remembering how she ended up, here. Doing this.

Face down in the pillow, bum in the air being very nicely rogered very nicely indeed thank you very much, by a complete unknown.

She and the girls, known to themselves and their men folk as “Club fifty”, were on holiday, celebrating birthdays gone by during lockdown. Each of them was aged from fifty to fifty four, and all were reasonably fit. Pam in particular, while looking her age, looked good, a bit saggy and soft but with curves in the right places, a proper milf. Her white teeth gleamed.

The very nice fucking she was getting was the first outside of her thirty year marriage, and it felt wrong. But very very welcome. Guilt played a part in the hard orgasm she was coming down from as the healthy cock ploughed on.

The first night out the girls had pulled. Not that they had any intention of doing so, it just, well, happened. Pam was having difficulty recalling events due to alcohol and the fantastic feeling of being well used by a man of whom she had no recollection.

The bar was lively and all the girls were dressed for the heat, thin cotton outfits, Pam’s buttoning from décolletage to just above the knee, and showing her full figure to the good. The young men, early twenties, just sort of materialised on the dance floor and inveigled their way into the evening.

Pam lost out again as, due to the continued long, deep strokes of the anonymous young man, a strong feeling built in her stomach and nether regions leading to another orgasm, taking kaçak iddaa her breath momentarily.

Walking back to the hotel in the wee small hours, a turning onto a smaller street was more or less unnoticed, as were the arms around waists, or, on bums. The metal stair case with a wooden door at the top, was a sign that the hotel was not the destination, but the promise of more drinks was most inviting.

Pam was aware that her lover had finished, into a condom thankfully, but was surprised to be refilled before she could move. Another cock was making it hard to think as it plumbed depths long untouched.

A drink and a kiss and cuddle on the sofa flashed through Pam’s thoughts, some over the dress action and a stroking of a crotch holding a promise of meaty delight.

The ministrations happening to her own crotch were speeding up and getting harder, bringing another orgasm to a very confused wife and mother. She moaned loudly as it hit.

With a grunt her lover filled his condom, and as his rod shrank, he withdrew and left the bed, slowly. Pam, comfortably knackered, fell to her right, and rolled onto her back, wondering if she dare open her eyes. Someone spoke.

“How’d you do Gerry, any luck?”

“No mate, bit of a grope and that was it.”

“Well, Pam’s game, go on.”

Still wondering if she could open her eyes, Pam felt someone climb onto the bed and lift her legs, placing them on their shoulders. She took a breath as if to speak when a voice just above her said;

“Thanks Pam, you’re a real sport!” And she was once more impaled by a hard, velvety kaçak bahis length of cock, which, pushed hard into her for it’s whole length, made her eyes open of their own accord.

Gerry turned out to be a well tanned blonde lad of near her sons age, grinning like a cat as he humped her deep and hard. Like her, Gerry was totally naked, and pleased with her dyed blonde bob cut, and salon tan. Better looking than the woman he had failed to subdue.

Other than a few muttered half words, Pam said nothing as the situation swept her along on a cloud of sexual excitement. She barely reacted to Elaine coming from a side room, giving an embarrassed little smile, and diving into, presumably, the bathroom. Elaine was also buck naked.

Pam’s legs were released and dropped so her feet were flat on the bed. Gerry dipped his head to suckle and nibble on an extra sensitive nipple, giving Pam a gentle cum and making her clasp the head to her breast.

A sound made Pam look to one side, where another fit young, and naked, man had just taken a picture, of Pam. Being fucked by some lad her own son’s age. Although trying to protest, all Pam could manage was an excruciating orgasm which screwed her face up and got another picture taken. A voice said,

“Damn, I shouldn’t have stopped recording when I did. That would have been brilliant on video.”

“Not sweat Ben, I’ll give her another one in a minute when I shoot my load in her, no condom mate, forgot.”

It took a moment to sink in, and when it did, Pam had a small panic attack and came again, this time crying out.

“Oh illegal bahis Jesus what am I doing. Oh Fuck me!” Direction or just a cry of despair, no one really cared.

The only thing stopping a full blown total panic was the fact that Pam had a regular contraceptive injection, although not for this exact purpose.

“I am pet, I am. Get ready, it’s coming, coz I am.”

Gerry pumped flat out and brought Pam off just as he unloaded into her now well used, married quim. Another hard orgasm, this time recorded, hit Pam and she thrust against Gerry like a pro, taking all his seed and feeling like a whore. A very happy, well used, whore.

After an embarrassing silence, Gerry removed himself and lay next to Pam, breathing heavily. “Wow Pam, you’re a real goer, Lets all meet up tonight and go again eh? Watcha think?

“I um, well, It’s just, well, you know…”

“O.K. then, yeah, you might find some other guys to fuck,well, lets play it by ear then, if we see you tonight we can get together and decide then. I really would love to fuck you again.”

“Me too!” Said two voices from somewhere.

Seeking escape, Pam got off the bed, found her dress and shoes and put them on quickly. She would have been horrified to find, if she had looked for them, her bra and pants on a small flag pole on the balcony, along side Elaine’s and Monica’s.

Muttering an embarrassed goodbye as she quickly dressed, Pam fled, followed a minute later by Elaine and Monica.

They met near the hotel and stood looking at each other sheepishly. Should they tell Ella where they were all night? Should they even talk about it? How come Ella didn’t go with them from the bar?

Should they tell her, or, the husbands?

Monica broke the silence. “Bags first shower.” And headed into the hotel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32