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Authors’ Note: The following is a narrative of a purely fictitious encounter … we think. The authors have used their user ID’s for the Literotica site but there is no proof that the events of this narrative actually occurred … or not. Use your imagination, dear reader, and decide for yourself what’s real.


We had met online at an adult website called Literotica. It was quite by accident that we met because there were literally thousands of people who used the website, either for reading stories, posting stories they had written, looking for erotica or simply chatting with other adults without being concerned about whether or not they were “politically correct.” At first it was just innocent chatter about anything and everything, most of it with a sexual overtone but some of it just humorous nonsense.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I really enjoyed Jail’s sense of humor. It started with her username, an oddity I thought until I found out that it was a take-off on her career in Corrections. Interestingly, my own was similarly taken from my career in computer systems work. The more we chatted, the more we laughed, the more we were drawn to each other.

Before long, our chatting took on a steamier tone. Both of us were in reasonably sexless real life situations although it became obvious that we both enjoyed sexual activity far more than we were experiencing it. A mutual attraction began to develop and we exchanged Private Messages and emails as well as the comments in the threads, which made other thread users begin to comment about us needing to “get a room.”

At first it seemed impossible. We didn’t even live in the same countries, let alone near each other. And the demands of the real world made anything more realistic seem completely out of the realm of belief. However to my amazement, Jail often encouraged me to not rule out the possibility of a real life encounter … after all, life is made up of the unexpected. I thought it was a very remote possibility. Nevertheless I kept in the back of my mind a little germ of the idea that someday we might actually meet in real life.

In the meantime, Jail provided me with untold numbers of wonderful dreams. And I don’t mean just the kind you have at night either. As I went through my daily routine, I often found myself thinking about her and what it would be like to meet her in person. At night the dreams invariably ended as wet dreams, involving me ravishing her sweet body over and over (yes, all out of proportion to real life) until we lay exhausted and completely sated. During the daytime, I relived many of those same dreams as I went about my work. I had to make some minor changes in my wardrobe; I could no longer wear light colored pants such as khaki colored Dockers because the wet spots showed through. So those pants went into the “around the house only” category and I added some new darker colors that wouldn’t show my predicament. I did have to manufacture some new techniques for covering “pants tent” conditions but that was something I could live with.

Then came the day my boss informed me that, in order to maintain my current certification, I would be required to take a week-long class in network advances. The vendor that our company used was giving the class in four different locations and I could take my pick as long as the dates worked into our project schedule. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that one of the locations was Jail’s home city. Immediately my heart leaped into my throat at concern about the project I was working on. It was scheduled to end three weeks after the class date. No way could I miss the end of that project.

Or was there? Back at my desk, I began to rework the project schedule. If I extended my workday and work some weekends, I might be able to make it work. I talked with the boss and convinced him to let me try to work it in.

I called Jail that evening and she was delighted that we might get together. Our excitement began to show immediately in our postings, PMs and emails and the closer it got to time for the trip, the more excited we got. I could only hope that I would not be a disappointment to Jail when we finally met. I knew there was no way that she would not exceed my greatest expectations.

I flew in the Sunday afternoon before the first class on Monday. Using a rental car, I drove to the hotel where the class would be conducted and checked in. Most of the out-of-town attendees were booked into the same hotel.

Jail and I had made plans to meet at her place that evening. I had several hours to wait and pored nervously over the city map I had bought until I thought I knew the route by heart. Still the time dragged by. I showered and donned fresh clothes, then headed out too early but too antsy to sit still. Sure enough I found her place with no trouble and was there a half-hour too early. Driving around, I killed a little time, finally coming back to her door just a few minutes before the agreed time.

She answered the door rather bahis firmaları quickly and drew me inside with a warm smile. She was every bit as beautiful as I had imagined, with just a hint of impishness in her eyes. After a short greeting, she led me into her living room so we could get acquainted … this time for real.


We were sitting together on a sofa. Sipping something refreshing while we lightly chatted to get over our nervousness. As time went on, one or both of us began to move closer to the other, with the occasional gentle touch on the hand or thigh.

As evening fell and the air outside got colder, Techsan stood up and offered to light a fire to keep us warm. I smiled back at him, telling him it would be lovely. While his back was turned, I slipped out of my sweater and tossed it over the back of the sofa. He returned, offered to refill our glasses, then settled back beside me and nonchalantly he draped his arm over my shoulder. I turned slightly towards him, kissing his cheek. Both our cheeks were flushed as we felt that instant spark, that instant magic in our touches.

Techsan brought his lips to my ear and nibbled on my earlobe. This gesture definitely got me hot and, well, a bit moist. My hand slid down his chest, over his tummy, and rested discretely on his impending bulge. He moaned softly in my ear. I knew he wanted more and so did I. He turned my lips to his, kissing me deeply, tenderly. I moaned softly into his mouth as our tongues entwined. My fingers began to fumble with the zipper of his jeans, which caused him to gasp.

Techsan: I had to restrain myself to keep from jumping on Jail and ravishing her body. Instead a little logic somehow prevailed as an inner voice told me “it will be better if it lasts longer.”

I broke our kiss long enough to place small smooches on Jail’s cheeks, nose, both eyelids and across her forehead, before our lips locked again, gently letting our tongues intertwine. She tasted so … so … so delicious that I was nearly delirious. While one arm held her close to my chest, the other hand roamed over her shoulder and down, gently cupping her breast. This time it was Jail that moaned into my mouth.


I playfully ran my fingers over Techsan’s zipper, and realized that was not something I wanted to rush either.

My breast responded with my nipple hardening as it brushed against his palm.

My fingers trailed back up over his tummy and slid across his chest. My fingertip felt for his left nipple, which had already begun to grow. While I lightly flicked my index finger across the growing bud, my tongue captured his. I pulled his tongue into my mouth and began to suck gently, softly, giving him an indication of what lay ahead. The heat in the room increased from the fire in the hearth and from us.

It was then snowing outside, as we broke our kiss and, while cheek-to-cheek, turned to look out the window. I whispered quietly in his ear, “It looks like a storm is coming. Can we stay here for the night”?

Techsan: I planted another short kiss on Jail’s lips, then got up and said, “Wait for me, babe.”

Quickly I went to the bedroom and grabbed three blankets and two pillows. I hurried back, spread two blankets on the deep pile carpet in front of the fire, and positioned the pillows. I turned to Jail, and swept my hands toward the makeshift bed and asked, “Would you care to join me, sweet lady? I don’t know about you but I prefer to sleep in the buff. Is that all right?”


I got up from the sofa, and smiled. “Yes, that’s fine with me, although I prefer wearing something sexy. Would you mind if I made myself more comfortable”?

I slipped out of the room, walked into the bedroom, and closed the door. I didn’t wish to keep him waiting, so I hurried and dressed in my most sensual attire.

I returned to Techsan, wearing a gold satin long nightgown. A slit up the left side, with a sheer panel over my breasts (yes, I really have this nightgown). My nipples poked through the sensual fabric, as the fire’s light cast a warm glow over me. I smiled down at him, twirled slowly, and asked how I looked. I saw him licking his lips, his eyes widened, and I gathered he approved.

I slowly knelt down onto the blankets, lay back against the pillows, and turned my face towards the fire.

Techsan: I scooted over next to Jail. My eyes were filled with her lushness and my brain was filled with desire for her. With only the firelight playing over her features, I offered her my lips again. She leaned toward me and our lips melded together again. This time I couldn’t help that my fingertips began to rove over her lush form. Covered she was, concealed she was not and her every curve intrigued me. My hand explored her shoulders, her breasts, her back, down to her hips and slowly returned to cup her precious breast. I held it up, broke our kiss, bent down and my lips closed over her taut nipple. I was slightly frustrated at the thin cloth which kept me from my target, yet enthralled kaçak iddaa by the sensuousness of the garment that showed her beauty, and contained it at the same time.

While my mouth formed a damp circle on the thin material, my fingers again wandered, this time running down her hip to her thigh, turning to come back up the inside of her leg, teasingly I circled around her heat source and crossed her stomach playfully. Wondering about her reaction, I glanced upward to her face.


My eyes were half closed, my head gently tossed from side to side, and a soft wanton smile played over my lips. I began to breathe deeply, which caused my nostrils to flare, like a kitten going into heat for the first time.

My thighs gently parted then closed, as Techsan’s magical fingers played over me. The silk fabric, which had caressed me from my shoulders to my toes, ever so slowly crept upward and over my thighs.

I dragged my fingernails gently down his spine which caused him to shudder. My other hand stroked his arm, which he used to caress me, subsequently urging him silently to do his bidding.

My back arched as his fingers brushed over my warmth. I gasped as I drew in a quick breath. I opened my eyes to look at him, looking for direction on what he wanted from me.

Techsan: I was unable to resist the temptation … as I hesitantly left Jail’s delicious breasts, my tongue swirled little circles from side to side, from rib to rib, interspersed with little kisses as I made my way inexorably down her sweet form. The closer I got to her precious treasure, the more her thighs moved apart. Carefully I repositioned myself between her shapely legs and my tongue attacked her right inner thigh, and left a soft wet zigzagged trail from her knee to where her leg joined her body. I switched to her left leg and soon had the same wet trail along the soft skin of her inner leg. Those lovely legs were now spread wide, which gave me easy access to her innermost delights. My mouth finally settled around the soft lacy flesh. My mouth watered as I got the first taste of Jail’s juices.

So many folds of skin, so many hiding places for her precious liquid. My tongue searched them all out and lapped at the clear nectar, savoring every single drop. When I was satisfied I had found it all for now in the outer folds, my tongue found her opening and slid into the interior. My face felt the heat of her blood, engorging the area, which encouraged me with the knowledge that she was getting pleasured from my actions … that knowledge drove me to want to please her all the more. My tongue explored every bit of her sweet tunnel that I could reach, lapped at it, loving the soft flesh, craving the ability to reach deeper until I could touch her inner core.

Jail’s legs had occasionally clamped against my head and I heard little moans coming from her. From time to time, I felt her hand on my head, guiding me to whatever felt good to her. When I pulled back from her tunnel and the tip of my tongue searched out her clit, she groaned loudly and suddenly shivered, holding my head in both hands while her climax washed over her. My cock grew even harder, knowing that I had helped her to a modicum of enjoyment.

When Jail relaxed, I started the whole exploration process again. I was delighted when I found a small flood of clear fresh juices from her center. It was a taste many times more wonderful than the greatest food I had ever tasted and my whole being was consumed with locating and devouring her wetness. Twice more she cried out she was cumming and provided me with a new offering of those luscious juices.

Shifting tactics a bit, I pushed Jail’s legs up and out, and brought her anal valley to my face–open and inviting. My tongue swirled around the well-defined formation, leaving wet little ovals from the outer rim and slowly worked inward until it settled on her puckered little center. Over and over again, my tongue swiped up and down across the tight cover until I stopped just above it. I tapped the center with my tongue, played with it as if it were a tiny trampoline. I heard her sigh and a few seconds later pushed my tongue into her anus. It didn’t go far, perhaps an inch or less, but it was enough to stimulate the many nerves that end there. In and out … In and out … In and out … my tongue fucked her back entrance. I was ultimately rewarded when her body stiffened and she moaned as her body shook with another climax. Like a male peacock, I was proud of our accomplishments and would have been just as happy if our night’s activities had ended right there.

But they didn’t. Jail pulled both of my ears, her intent obvious. I started to move up her form, again kissing and licking as I went, moving that sexy little golden garment up her body until she struggled to move it over her head and tossed it onto the sofa. My cock found the opening to her wet, slick pussy and dove all the way to the base on the first gentle thrust. I took time to kiss and lick both of her breasts again, loving her hard kaçak bahis little nipples. But she was interested in more activity in the other region and pulled me up until our mouths met again. As I began to thrust my cock into her pussy like a “walking horse” pump, our mouths met … I wasn’t sure if she would mind tasting herself on my face but if it had an impact, it was certainly favorable! She kissed me with a passion I’ve rarely been given and her hands could not be still, roving over my back and sides and chest as if to stop moving would mean the end of life.

With each thrust, I attempted to tease Jail’s clitoris, not sure if I was successful or not because her body joined mine in a synchronized ritual that seemed to meet both our needs. As I thrust into her, she pressed upward to meet me and our collisions were both hard and soft at once. We created a whole cacophony of sounds, between the slapping of hot bodies together and the squishy movements of soppy wet body parts. It all added up to sensory overload. My balls sent the old familiar drawing sensation up my spine into my sex-engorged brain and I knew I was on the verge of my climax. Yet nothing I could do would hold it back at that point … I had to hope she would understand and forgive me for not helping her cum at the same time. My testicles contracted and spat their first shot of white-hot sperm deep into her pussy as I made one last thrust and held our bodies tightly together. Miraculously she pressed her body upward at the same time and held it there, joining me in the ultimate pleasure of orgasm.

For a few minutes, we stayed pressed together, neither of us wanting to end the most wonderful feelings we had just experienced. Finally the burn of adrenaline in the muscles could be ignore no longer and we slowly relaxed and separated. As we disentangled, I rolled to her side, pulled her gently over to face me. As I pulled the covering blanket over our naked bodies, we kissed deeply, passionately and snuggled together as sleep overtook us.


Morning came, as the two of us lay side by side, deep in slumber both dreaming of our passionate night before. The storm was still in full force and it was the wind that woke me. As I stirred a little, I could feel Techsan’s cum still oozing from my pussy–still deep and warm inside me.

Slowly I turned to face him, his eyes still tightly closed in a deep sleep, not wanting to wake him up. Well, at least not that way. Grinning, I lightly brought my fingertips over his nose, his chin, then down over his neck, being careful not to wake him. I knew where my fingers wanted to go, but I was in no hurry. This man who had brought me incredible delicious pleasure the night before would now be equally deserving.

As my fingers worked their way over his tummy, I surreptitiously leaned over him and began to trail little butterfly kisses over his chest. Flicking my tongue lightly over his left nipple, my eyes focused on his face. I rolled my tongue around his areola, then blew a warm breath of air over the wetness.

My fingers found his pubic area, the coarse hair tickling my fingertips. As my fingers reached their intended destination, I cautiously curled my fingers around the middle of his cock. It was flaccid but I knew before too long I’d have it at full length, standing at attention.

I slid further down, kissing my way over his tummy, and I could feel his cock start to pulse in my hand. My tongue left a wet trail from his tummy to his pubic bone. The scent of our previous night’s sex still pungent and erotic. With a firm grip around his shaft, I held up his cock. I extended my tongue tip and began to circle around his hood. His cock jerked a bit and his arousal was imminent. I stroked his length and saw the little droplets of clear precum oozing from his slit.

Pulling my hair back behind my ears, I brought my mouth over his hood and softly began to suck. He moaned quietly as his body began to writhe. My eyes locked on his face again as my mouth started its wonderful massage over his pole. Up and down my lips worked the top 3 inches. I pursed my lips around his hood, my tongue digging lightly inside his slit, searching for more of his tangy precum.

Techsan groaned loudly and slowly opened his eyes. Looking down over his body, he realized what was happening. “Oh, my gosh, baby! Oh, fuck, Jail!! Oh, baby, that feels so good. I haven’t had a blow job for fucking years”.

I pulled his cock head from my mouth, and whispered quietly, “Just lay back and relax, lover. It’s my turn to give you something that you deserve”.

Hungrily, I took his cock back in my mouth. My hair fell over my ears tickling his tummy. I parted his legs wide and slid between them. My arms rested on his thighs as his cock stayed in my mouth. His eyes burned into mine and I saw his soul–a gentle sensual soul with a yearning for making love, not just fucking someone on the spur of the moment. I saw a look that told me he had missed sex and almost forgot what it was like, since it had been close to 15 years. I felt a warmth flow through me, a feeling of gratification. A feeling of contentment knowing that I was giving my love, skills and experience to a man who made me feel complete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32