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Brother Sister

*Author’s note: Sorry this one took awhile. I feel like these have been starting to get a bit stale, so I’ve decided to make this the ending to this story. I might go back and write in some of the parts in between the last chapter and this chapter but for now I think it’ll be good to take a break and write other things, possibly on platforms that provide me a little more freedom. *


Lauren was sitting in front of the mirror of the backroom. She was putting the finishing touches of her makeup on. The big church room was lonely without her friends, but they had to leave to make sure not too much information was passed around between the two families. Lauren adjusted her wedding dress even though there was nothing wrong with it. She was really just trying to distract herself from the feeling of anxiety in in her stomach. Her hair fell down in waves, until the ends with her telltale golden highlights. Her dress was a slim outfit with a slit down the side and lace covering her shoulders. It wasn’t as revealing as she used to like it, and it would have to do.

The past few of years had been a big change for her. After college she sat down with her dad and brothers and explained that she got a job on the other side of the country. She was going to miss them, but she wanted to try and lead a normal life. Soon after she met a boy from Germany named Vachdet and that led her down her first real relationship. After two years of dating he proposed. Lauren had left behind her old life without many regrets. She was happy working, she was happy with her fiancé, and she thought she was ready to start her boring normal life.

But what she did miss was sex. Vachdet was great in bed, but over the years her appetite was repressed deep down, and she was ashamed to admit that she’d cheated on him with her bosses and his bosses more than once. She really did love him. But the idea of having him for her entire life finally entered her mind, and she didn’t know what to think of it. And fear was bubbling up in her stomach like butterflies.

There was a knock at the door and brought her out of her head. “Come in.”

Dan walked in. After three years of not fucking the they were able make their relationship more normal. The past was always in the back of their minds, but Rick and her brothers never made it too difficult for her throughout her relationship.

“How are you?” Dan leaned on a desk, that look of lust permanently etched on his face whenever he looked at her. “Still a couple of hours.”

Still to this day Lauren’s pussy flooded when she was around her brothers. Having him here meant that she didn’t have to worry so much about what was happening outside. But still with so many people out there that she’s fucked her anxiety was still high about what would spread.

Lauren shrugged, “I’m ok, a little nervous. Kind of wish we weren’t in here.” Lauren didn’t really want to get married in a church but some of her fiancé’s family expected something different and she didn’t feel strongly enough about it to ignore them. Now she was starting to regret it.

“It’s ok to be nervous. Everyone is on their wedding day. It’s a lot to commit yourself to only one person for the rest of your life.”

Lauren nodded, not feeling better. And she had a sinking feeling it had to do with Dan. She turned back to the mirror fidgeting with her hair. He came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders.

“You just need to relax.” He was messaging her shoulders. One was covered with lace and the other wasn’t. His touch was warm, and his fingers were strong. “You know, home’s not the same without you.”

Lauren’s heart was beating fast, and forgotten needs were rapidly creeping back up. “You’ve got all the girls you could ask for, and Sarah, Rachel, and Lizi.”

“Still not the same.” His hands were inching towards her breasts, creeping under her lace.

Lauren got up from her chair and away from Dan, “You promised Dan, you know we can’t.”

He was looking very hungry, “Come on, one last fling. You know you want to.”

She shook her head as he backed her up to the wooden wall. His hand creeped around her neck and he kissed her. “Please don’t.” she whispered.

“You’re going to be with that douchebag for the rest of your life, you’re going to pretend to be a wife, the least you could do is throw us a bone once in a while.” His other hand creeped under her dress and touched her clit. Lauren immediately whimpered as he smelled her hair. “Fuck it’s been so long I forgot how sweet you smelled.” He moved his hand to her lace and pulled it down to expose her tits. He fondled them as he bit her neck. Lauren breathed hard, her legs were shaking, and she was begging him to get off, but her body betrayed her. He was fingering her faster and faster and she was trying hard not to scream.

Dan peeled off her, stripped his suit off, and laid down on the floor, his familiar and fully erect member standing proudly for her. At the sight of her brother’s cebeci escort meat Lauren’s addiction for cock was in full force and with him bringing her so close she had no control.

Lauren was about to peel off her wedding dress when Dan told her to stop, “Don’t take it off, I’m going to fuck you in that thing.” She was as obedient as she was years ago and scrambled on top of him. She moved her dress out of the way and lowered her sopping pussy onto his cock.

Fucking her brother was nothing like her fiancé. It felt wrong, dirty, and immoral. She felt like a slave to her older brother’s lust and her own addiction. She dropped down on his cock hard and she opened her mouth wide to let out a squeal. She lolled her tongue out because she knew he liked it, like she was a bitch in heat.

“Yes, yes fuck your little sister.” It’d been a long time since she said that and a guilty pit in her stomach grew, and every time her brother thrusted up into her it grew and grew. “Dan yes, I love your cock. I missed it so much.”

“You missed it because you’re a slut,” He slapped her tit and she yelped. “You’re not wife material. You belong on your knees sucking our cocks back home and you’ll never be happy unless your serving the family like a good little cock whore.”

Lauren was bouncing up and down on his cock as fast as she could, her eyes were half lidded, and she leaned on his chest for leverage. His cock was sawing into her tight pussy, stretching her walls out deliciously. And to her horror but not even a little bit of surprise she felt two hands on her hips. Dan’s were already on her ass, spreading her cheeks out.

Harry filled her backdoor unceremoniously and impatiently. Lauren hollered at being double penetrated for the first time in years. And almost too expectantly her dad was waiting right in front for her to arch her spine and scream to the heavens. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and sank his throbbing erection down her throat. Tears welled up in her eyes as he sank down deep into her throat and she swallowed it up.

“For your special day.” Rick said when her nose was touching his pelvis and her chin was touching his balls.

The three of them were not gentle with her. She tried to match them, but she was out of practice and they were hungry. Pre-cum and saliva dribbled down her chin as her father raped her throat, and her toes curled and her back arched every time the two brothers were synchronizing their thrusts.

They put her on a couch and tied her hands behind her back with her panties. Dan and Rick shared her asshole as Harry throat fucked her. Lauren was screaming around her brothers cock as her ass was stretched out wide. Harry leaned back on the couch, so Lauren’s face would be pointing downwards. Dan and Rick used the extra leverage and gravity to force her further down on Harry’s long rod. She was completely at their mercy. Harry grunted loudly as his sister slurped the semen from his cock. She looked up at his face as his pumped it down into her stomach and she sucked it all in.

Lauren licked her lips and looked at him seductively, “Your cum always feels so good down my throat.”

“Wait till you get a bit of this.” Rick lifted her up off the bed and carried her over to the window looking out towards one of the side parking lots filled with cars. He slammed her exposed top on the glass and reamed her ass hard and fast, just like she liked. He untied her hands and she slammed them on the glass.

That’s when she took the time to look at the glass and see the reflection of a line forming. She couldn’t tell all their faces, but she recognized uncle Dave, her cousin Hassan, and both her grandfathers.

“Yes daddy, take me, take it all. This ass always belonged to you.” He smacked one of her cheeks and she groaned in pleasure pain. The glass was familiarly cold on her nipples. Lauren’s insides were roiling in shame and ecstasy and she groaned out a powerful and raw climax “Fuck your little girl. Fuck your little slut. Stick that cock up my whore ass daddy please. Oh daddy, your cock is so big, stretch my ass with that big fat cock.” Rick grunted and shoved her face into the glass as he filled her sphincter with his cum.

Not far behind Dan lined his prick up with his sister’s cunt and pierced into her sopping insides. Lauren bit her lip as Dan filled her to the brim, pulled out and slammed back in. He pulled on her hair hard and she screamed. “Punish me, I’ve been so bad oh please punish me. I cheat on Vachdet all the time. I’m still a whore, I admit it. Fuck my incestuous slutty pussy please.”

With that Dan pulled her from the window and shot his load up her ass.

On shaky legs she walked from the window and to her dismay her future father-in-law was standing in front of her. Next to him was her fiancé’s twin brother and best-man Lukas. She could tell by how he was looking at her. She assumed her uncle Dave would have her next, or granddad Max.

“Your dad told us everything.” cebeci escort bayan Otto touched her stained lips. “I think if you want to protect my son’s feelings you’re going to have to keep us quiet.”

“Get on your knees.” The twin told her.

Lauren obediently got on all fours. Her top was still exposed, and they turned the dress, so it fell easily to show off her tight ass. They paraded her around, making her walk from one to another, kissing prick after prick. Her crawl was slow, and she swayed her body for the growing audience. She’d lost track of how many were in the large room. Most of her family was there, and her fiancé’s groomsmen were all sitting on the couch.

When she was by them they each took turns filling her throat. “Damn, I never knew Vachdet’s girlfriend was such a whore.”

“I know. I didn’t know this side of you existed Lauren.”

“You think she ever gets this freaky with him.”

“No way.” Lukas grabbed her hair and pulled her up. With his dad the two of them lifted her up and double penetrated her. Lauren screamed into the twin’s ear and scraped down his back as the two of them bounced her petite and perky body up and down.

“Oh god I’m sorry, I’m sorry for being such a slut. Please don’t tell Vachdet.” Lauren grinded into the both of them, trying to meet them as they thrust into her holes.

“That’s it you cock hungry slut,” Otto fingered her clit as Lukas held her up. Lauren’s uncle Dave and one of the groomsmen sucked and bit on her nipples as she was bounced up and down.

“Shit, that feels sooo good.” The two men gripped her hard and accelerated their thrusts. The twin wrapped an arm around her neck and thrust up hard and commanding. Together the two of them dominated her holes, sawing at her insides with powerful earth-shaking thrusts. Lauren groaned and screamed, her body writhing involuntarily. “OH FUCK, YOUR TEARING MY INSIDES APART! YES, HARDER, HARDER, FUCK MY SLUT HOLES HARDER.” She kissed the father full on the lips and they explored each other’s mouths as she screamed into his. She resurfaced and gave them both a begging look as her eyes started to water, “I want you to rearrange my insides!” She kissed the twin next and let them fuck her. “YES, YES RAPE ME, TREAT ME LIKE A PIECE OF PROPERTY! FUCK YOUR COCK’S ARE SPLITTING ME IN HALF!”

Her uncle Fazil sat on a chair while she sat on his tall meat. She sucked on her grandfather’s cock, taking it deep down her throat. Abdul wrapped both of his hands around her neck and shoved his cock as far as he could down her throat. Her tongue was slobbering on his balls and her nose was smooshed against his pelvis. She was choking on his meat and the two met eyes. Her eyes were pleading and tearful. Abdul thrusted taking her submission as begging.

“God this slut knows how to take cock.” He drew out to let her breath and she breathed deep through her nose, desperate for air. But he shoved it back in, tightening his hands around her throat. He could feel his cock moving inside. “Shit she’s so fucking tight.” He slapped her in the face and she squealed, her hips gyrating on the groomsmen. “We failed in raising you. You were supposed to be a successful business girl, now your taking cock like an obedient slut. But at least you’re our slut, at least you service the family.”

Rick was back at full mast and had Lauren slobbering all over his rod, “Hmm, daddy your cock tastes so good.” She put her tongue at the base of his balls and slid all the way up to the tip. “Do you want to rape your baby girl’s throat?”

Rick fondled her tits, pinching her nipples, “I want to watch you choke on my cum, I want my daughter to swallow all of my sperm and feel it in her stomach.

She was about to put in her mouth when she was lifted up and Otto slipped his throbbing meat into her ass. His cock dove deep into her insides, exploring and stretching her colon. Lauren sucked in a breath but couldn’t find it. Instead her dad took the chance to force his cock down her throat.

Together the two fathers spit roasted Lauren’s petite body. Her tits swung provocatively, and her ass cheeks shook. Lauren choked and gagged on her father’s meat, her tongue wrapping around his rod and stroking it. Her eyes went blank and unfocused as Otto ravaged her ass and fingered her clit. Her body reacted by itself, her hands holding tightly to her father’s ass cheeks, and her legs constricting on Otto’s.

“Vachdet isn’t enough for you huh? Slut like you needs to be shared.” Otto slapped her ass and she squealed out in pleasure pain. He slapped her again and again, each time she groaned and squealed, tightening her ass around his cock begging him for more. “It’s a good thing, Vachdet shouldn’t be greedy and have all of your holes to himself.”

She resurfaced from her dad, and her eyelids fluttered. “Yes, spank me hard,” Another slap and she yelped.” Harder damnit, I’ve been bad!”

Lauren ended up straddling Otto’s cock as the Lukas filled escort cebeci her ass and the rest of the Groomsmen filled in where they wanted. She squeezed her tits around one of them as they titty fucked her milky globes, and another was fucking her throat deeply. The whole group switched in and out with her. They coated her all over with semen. The white dress was able to hide most of the stains, but they glazed her face and hair thoroughly ruining her makeup.

The men quickly left before they could be found, not that they seemed worried about it before. Lauren was left kneeling on the floor covered in semen. She had to race to clean her face. Unable to help herself everything she took off her face she slurped up hungrily and gulped down. There wasn’t enough time to fix her hair, so she cleaned what she could, so no one would see. But if she wasn’t careful her fiancé could notice.

Sarah, Elizabeth, and Rachel found Lauren scrubbing out what she could out of her hair.

“I knew it, I knew you couldn’t stay away forever.” Lizi had to stifle her giggles as she helped Lauren.

Lauren groaned, “Leave me alone.”

Sarah put a hand on her friend’s shoulder and another on her very round belly, “Relax babe, we’ll help you with Vachdet.”

“How?” Lauren was frustrated. It took all this time for her to realize she didn’t want to marry Vachdet. Both of their families were here. And she didn’t want to break it off in front of them all. This was a bad situation and she had been too stupid to keep it from happening. Lauren didn’t know how her friends intended on helping her, because soon after cleaning herself she was walking down the aisle.

The wedding went of without a hitch. Her dad walked her down the aisle and she was acutely aware that somewhere on her body he’d stained her. Vachdet lifted the veil and didn’t notice the white spunk in her hair when he leaned in to kiss her. She kissed him back and felt guilty about it, immediately stirring her loins.

The reception was just as painful. She was by Vachdet’s side for most of the time, and her friends and family kept coming up to congratulate them. They had their first dance as husband and wife and Lauren saw Dan holding his two seven-year-old’s hands, or maybe they were Harry’s. It was hard to tell with twins. The two boys looked nervous around so many people, but they were pleased when their friends joined them.

Lauren looked over at her mom who was waving happily, but she also looked a little sad. Still, after being divorced for four years her mom had stayed in her life, which made some things very complicated. But Lauren had carefully protected her secret from her mother, and all it took was getting her mom’s boss to send her away for a few months. It was easier said than done.

Lauren was starting to notice her friends sneak Vachdet more and more booze. He protested at first, insisting that he didn’t want to get sloppy at his wedding, but Lauren jumped at the opportunity and insisted that he drink. At least this way she’d have time to think.

But she didn’t have as much as she’d like. Lukas and Otto came to shake Vachdet’s hand and wish him well. Otto and his son were laughing while Lukas leered at Lauren. She could tell he was stripping her with his eyes.

‘Suck my cock’ he mouthed. She mouthed back ‘no.’ Otto and Vachdet were still talking and Vachdet was clearly getting drunker by the minute. Lukas mouthed ‘fuck me’ and Lauren shook her head. He got closer and made a joke that Vachdet laughed at. Lukas groped Lauren’s chest with a hand. Otto was covering him so no one could see but Vachdet, who was too drunk to notice. Lauren tried to shove his hand away, but he was too strong, and she couldn’t make a scene. Lukas put her hand on his crotch, and she could feel his cock growing.

“I want you to choke on my cock.” He didn’t say it quietly.

Lauren was getting hot. She tried to tell him to fuck off, but then he was dragging her around behind a wall. She was on her knees in moments, his dick inches deep into her throat. He held her skull tightly as she tried to pull away but the harder he fucked her, the easier it was to give in. He told her to look up at him and she obeyed. Lukas looked just like his brother, but Lauren couldn’t get herself to pretend, she knew exactly what he was doing to her and she accepted his cock straight down her throat. She choked on him just like he demanded. Thick ropy semen squirted into her throat and Lauren swallowed his seed through tears and saliva.

When she returned to the dance floor Vachdet was no where to be seen. After looking around Elizabeth found her and guided her to a private bathroom.

“Look in here.” She said with a smile.

Inside Vachdet was hilt deep in Sarah’s throat, and Rachel was filming it on her camera. The two girls were wearing their dresses and he was still in his suit, but he was so drunk his eyes couldn’t even open. Vachdet throated her slowly at first but quickly picked back up and Sarah slobbered for him, choking out precum and spit. Her wavy silk hair disheveled on her face, one hand holding onto his leg, the other holding her protruding belly.

Vachdet didn’t even notice Lauren. He just kept stuffing his meat down Sarah’s throat and relishing every moment and feeling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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