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He finished feeding the horses, but didn’t rush, it wasn’t as if he was needing to rush off anywhere.

After work he tended to risk having a beer with one of the husbands who hang around at that time of day, either waiting for the wives or children to finish before driving them home. Tonight though, he could risk more than 1 beer. He had planned for this, and brought a crate of beer on the way home last night, and went to retrieve it and his overnight stuff from his Land Rover.

Dropping his stuff into his office, more like store/workshop, he carried the beer outside to join the other men, pausing to see Nicole still training with her horse in the main hall. She’ll be tired after that, and should sleep well tonight he chuckled to himself.

“Ahh so it’s true, you’re staying the night then” said one of the men, Sharon’s husband in fact.

“What do you mean?” He stammered.

“You wouldn’t be drinking more than a beer if you’re driving tonight, we know that about you, so you must be staying”

“Yes, apparently I need to babysit tonight, incase the boogeyman attacks the stables”.

A round of laughter breaks out, followed by one of the other husbands booming “if that’s what you call it hahaha”.

God this is ridiculous he thought, its worse then walking into the mess in the army and everyone knowing what you did the night before.

But before long people were finishing, and going home, but not before a few glances were thrown his way by some of the women.

The conversation quickly moved onto more run of the mill topics, football, who’s buying a new car or horse, and the escape to reality was a relief, as he really didn’t like being the centre of attention.

Finally with the last people leaving, he picked up the now half full crate of beer and headed towards his office, surprised he hadn’t seen Nicole yet, but in a way thankful.

He looked in the riding hall as he passed, it was empty now, just the sound of a few birds tweeting in the rafters.

He dropped the crate at his office door and went to look for Nicole at her horses stable, only to find the horse there, relaxed and munching its dinner.

She must be in the hayloft already he thought. Returned to his office, he grabbed the beer and his overnight stuff and headed for the hayloft.

He climbed the stairs, his boots echoing in the silence, his brain in a swirl, not knowing what to expect, but as he placed his hand on the door knob at the head of the stairs he thought screw it, it is what it is.

He opened the door and found the hayloft as it was yesterday. Not quite, there was a big bag in the middle, but no Nicole.

“Hi honey, I’m home” he called jokingly.

“You’re here then!” She called from around the corner.

He dropped his stuff and peered around the corner.

Nicole was stood by the open doors, used for hay deliveries, looking over the yard, still dressed in her riding shoes, jodhpurs and bralet, just as sweaty and sexy as before he thought.

“Everything finished down there?” Nicole asked.

“Yes, all done, just need to lock up in a minute. Can I ask you something?”


“Does everyone know about tonight?”

“I think so, I was watching you from up here for a while, and I think the gossip is flowing, but you know what it’s like here “

“Yeah, anyway, shall we get things sorted?”

They set about moving a few bails, making a larger flat area, large enough for them both to comfortably sleep there without bumping into each other all night.

As they worked he noticed Nicole more closely, the smoothness of her skin, the patterns left in her bralet and jodhpurs by her sweat, and it felt hotter and closer than yesterday. As she bent over in front of him to lift a bail, he admired her arse, wanting to caress it, but holding his nerve, looking at the sweat pattern at the top of her blue jodhpurs, but there was another dark patch, between her legs. Sweat or something else. His cock twitched with the thought.

Without warning Nicole staggerd backwards, bent over carrying a bail, till her arse met his groin.

He grabbed her hips to steady her, enjoying the feeling, then he wondered if she felt the firmness of his cock against her arse.

As if reading his thoughts, she looked over her shoulder and smiled at him.

“Come on then, almost done” she chided him.

They stood together, job accomplished, sweaty, dirty, a few bits of Hay here and there.

“I’ll go down and lock the stables, you can get your stuff ready, there’s some beer there if you want” he instructed.

“Thanks” she replied, a cheeky little smile on her lips.

He went downstairs alone, the horses paying little attention to him as he passed them. After locking up all the doors, he went to the toilets, the beers were ready to leave his system, he unzipped his fly and reaching in to get his cock out, her realised he was still so hard, this will make pissing interesting he giggled to himself.

Finished he washed up and left to join Nicole. More expectation now then before, eryaman eve gelen escort but who will lead the way?

He entered the Hayloft and was surprised this time.

Expecting to see a sleeping bag layed out, there was an inflatable double mattress with a sheet and a duvet on it. Her bag, almost empty now was one side, his the other, next to the crate of beer.

To one side Nicole was sitting, swigging on a beer bottle.

“Thought we were meant to be camping” he quipped.

“I think it’s more glamping nowadays” she answered with a smirk.

“Fair enough” he said, grabbing a beer himself and almost standing over her.

She looked up at him, beer bottle in mouth, glancing at his groin, firm again, before she licked around the top of the bottle before taking in her mouth again.

Too suggestively he wondered, is this really happening?

He bent over to get his stuff out of his bag, making sure his arse was towards Nicole.

He laid his sleeping mat out next to her mattress, “what’s that?” she asked.

“My bed” he replied.

“Think mines more comfortable, and big enough for 2 if you want”

“If I’m not cramping your glamping style”

At that he laid his sleeping bag out on the mattress.

“What’s that old thing?” She exclaimed

“My summer doss bag, been around the world with me this has”

“Think you’re going to need it tonight? It’s pretty hot” she replied, running a finger under her shoulder strap to extenuate it before stroking her hair and swigging the beer again.

“We’ll see” and he flopped down next to her, taking a swig of his beer before setting his bottle down to take off his work boots.

“Mind if I get changed into something that doesn’t stink of horse shit and piss and my sweat?” He asked.

“Sure, can I do the same?”

“Naturally, errm where do you want to get changed, do we go somewhere private?”

“Here is private enough, it’s not like we’re getting naked, there’s no difference between underwear and a swimsuit really “

Decision made, he reached into his bag and pulled out a t-shirt and shorts, trying to keep his back towards Nicole, being a gentleman naturally.

Standing up he striped off his work shirt, undid his trousers, dropping them to his ankles, leaving him in just his tight grey cotton boxer briefs.

He bent over to take his trousers off his feet, arse towards Nicole, when he heard her fall over and curse.

He couldn’t help but turn around and look, being greeted with the vision of Nicole sat down, giggling, beer bottle knocked over, but topless, with her jodhpurs around her ankles. Her breasts looked perfect, not too large with lovely pert nipples.

Simple blue panties hiding the rest of her modesty.

He felt himself becoming aroused again. There would be no hiding it now in just his tight pants, he quickly made the decision to play it cool and nonchalant.

He offered his hand to help Nicole get up, in return she proffered her feet, with her jodhpurs tight around her ankles.

Understanding her problem, he helped her out of them, one foot at a time, noticing as he did how moist the gusset of her panties looked. Is she really that horny already he thought.

With a smile they both finished dressing, t-shirts and shorts for both, but he could tell she didn’t put a bra on, her nipples pert in her top.

They sat down together with fresh beers, and she asked about his life, what brought him here, and he regaled her with some of the nicer tales of his life as a soldier.

As the beers were exchanged for fresh ones, he realised they were now touching as they sat together, not flinching away from each other.

It’s getting dark soon, he observed, almost bed time.

“Do you want to go to sleep?” she asked quizzically.

“Just saying unless you want to turn on the lights and attract all the insects, nows the last chance to get bed sorted. Errm, how do you normally sleep btw?”

“At this time of the year nude, it’s too hot otherwise, you?”

“Nude too, but when like this normally I would keep my undies on”

“Oh yes of course.”

He moved over to the bed, the mattress will certainly be more comfortable then his sleeping mat, even on Hay bails.

He got his travel pillow out and laid it on the bed, shaking out his sleeping bag.

“Pillow” exclaimed Nicole, “knew I would forget something “

“You could always sleep on my chest” he joked.

When there was no answer he glansed over at Nicole, to see her smiling at him before letting her shorts drop to the floor and slip her top off over her head. A moment of satisfaction swept over him, she wasn’t wearing a bra, as he saw her beautiful breasts again.

She saw him looking and slowly stroked them, watching him all the while, a smile spreading over her face.

He followed her lead, taking off his t-shirt and dropping his sorts to the floor and kicking them off.

She broke eye contact to look at his groin. A sharp intake of breath and biting her lip as she saw his cock bulging bala escort in his pants now, a dark moist patch of fabric at the tip.

He took it in his hand and gave it a little squeeze, watching her lip quiver with anticipation. Her hand reaching down to her panties, feeling between her thighs, surprised at how wet she already was.

They stood facing each other for what felt like an eternity.

As they drank in every part of the other person’s body, they continued touching themselves.

He was squeezing his cock harder through his cotton boxer briefs, the dark patch of precum growing larger and larger as he watched Nicole pinching and squeezing her breasts with one hand, pulling on her nipples, while the other was between her legs, cupping and squeezing her pussy through her panties.

He stepped closer to her, his need for her touch growing unstoppable now, yet even now, he worried that this wasn’t going to happen, she’ll say its a joke or a test.

Now they were so close, the heat between them was almost palpable.

He reached over and took her hand from between her legs and placed it on his cock. Immediately feeling her fingers closing around it, holding what was now hers.

He placed his hand now between her legs, pleasantly shocked to find how hot she was. Her panties were so wet, he had to taste her.

He brought his hand upto his mouth, sucking his fingers as they looked into each others eyes.

Almost as if it was an instruction, Nicole fell to her knees in front of him, kissing his cock through his pants. Tasting his precum now soaking through the cotton fabric.

She pulled them down now, glancing up at his face for approval, till his penis sprung free of his pants. Glistening with precum.

She let the pants fall all the way down before kissing the tip.

Swirling her tongue around it.

Kissing down then up the length of it.

Before taking the tip in her mouth.

He let out a deep sigh, controlling the urge to pull her face deep onto his cock immediately, instead letting her dictate the pace.

She sucked him deeper in now, he stroked her hair as she did it, sucking his fingers now that still tasted of her.

His desire changed now, he wanted her.

He guided her off his cock and onto the bed, standing over her, his naked body lit by the evening twilight, almost god like to her now.

He knelt between her legs, amazed at how smooth they were as he started to kiss his way up her thighs.

Nicole let out a slight moan as he neared her love, pinching her nipples hard.

The aroma of her love filled his nose, driving him insane with lust for her.

He savoured the smell, teasing before finally he kissed her through her panties, giving them a little suck, his tongue licking her through them now.

She moaned and lifted her hips.

He grabbed the waistband of her panties, pulling them roughly down, the wet gusset sticking to Nicole’s pussy as he pulled.

Till she lay before him naked and needing him.

He hungrily pushed his head between her thighs, his mouth covering her pussy.

Tongue pushing between her lips.

She was so wet already, tasting so lovely, his tongue moving over her, finding the nub of her cliterus, she moaned loudly and pushed her hips up, forcing his face deeper into her pussy.

He moaned in ecstasy too, wanting her more and more.

He slipped a finger into her pussy, it slipped in so smooth, again Nicole moaned, but louder now, her hand how on the back of his head, pulling him in.

He could feel her body tensing now, he knew it was coming, he needed her to cum now, he wanted to taste her.

She gasped as he started to suck her cliterus, omg she tasted so good.

Her pussy was so wet, he added a second finger inside her, almost immediately she started to shake as they rubbed her inside, finding that special spot.

He wanted to give her everything now, his thumb pressed against her arsehole, her juices dripping down there, she let out a sigh as his thumb spread her arsehole, starting to fill her there too.

Quickly he could feel Nicole passing the point of no return. Her pussy clamping around his fingers, juices flowing, her hand digging into the back of his head.

Then the walls broke, yes she screamed as her whole body trembled and shook with wave after wave of orgasm.

As Nicole’s orgasm swept over her, it was all he could do not to cum too as he licked up her juices. The sensation of the Hay prickling his belly, cock and thighs was something new and unexpectedly good.

But he wanted to cum in her, after all, if she had set up this night, it was for more than a quickie.

He kissed his way up her muscular body, realising now how fit she was from all the riding she did, sucking sharply on her nipples, which brought a gasp from her mouth, before kissing up her neck and finally her mouth.

Tasting his cock on her lips still as she tasted her juices on him, their first kiss at last was deep and explosive.

He could feel the tip etimesgut escort of his cock rubbing against the entrance to her love tantalisingly close.

Every slight movement bringing their physical union closer.

Nicole could feel it too, her desire, need, to be filled growing too. After imagining so many times how his fit body would be, she now had it on top of her for the moment.

She moved slightly, feeling his tip move in between her lips, now at last, she ran her hands down his back to his arse and pulled him in.

He didn’t need more of an invitation, he had brought condoms, thinking she might demand them, but obviously not, as he pushed inside of her at last.

She was so wet, it felt so natural and right, and amazing.

Her body beneath his, accepting his, as he slid his full length in slowly on the first movement together.

They moaned together mid kiss, pausing, before starting to move again.

Quickly their pace built up.

He could feel his orgasm growing, but wanted to satisfy her first. Harder and faster he felt was the answer, needing to feel her pussy clenching his cock as she orgasmed.

Nicole’s pussy had never felt so full, ok she had bedded guys with bigger cocks, but his filled her and her needs so much better.

He had so much energy too, all the physical labour must give him some stamina.

She felt his pace growing, his body moving on hers, driving her orgasm again already.

She couldn’t believe she was about to cum again, but my god, she was, and it was amazing.

And suddenly it crescendoed, washing all over her body, shaking and tensing up.

He felt her tighten around his cock, the added pressure tipped him over the edge.

They both let out cries of ecstasy and passion as they orgasmed together.

His seed shooting deep into her belly as they held the position, his cock twitching inside her.

He kissed her again, more tenderly this time.

Slightly moving his cock inside her still, feeling the occasional aftershock flow over her.

Nicole relaxed a little, breathless and surprised how amazing that had been, but also hungry for more.

As they kissed, she could feel him slowly softening inside her, but she wasn’t finished.

She broke the kiss and looked him in the face.

“We should clean up a little” she instructed.

A look of disappointment fleeted across his face, was it over? he thought.

Nicole rolled them over together, so she was now straddling him and kissed him again.

“Be a good boy and clean up your mess and I might let you kiss me again” she commanded.

At this she changed her position as deftly as if she were on a horse and straddled his face.

Her pussy hovering above his mouth.

As Nicole took charge, the thrill of the night continued to grow for him. He’d never been with someone this proactive before, and he was enjoying it.

He knew what he had to do and set about it passionately, his tongue licking all around her groin and pussy before making its way between her pussy lips and finally to her love.

She tasted amazing, and as he got to her love, and tasted his cum inside her too, it drove him wild again.

As Nicole felt his tongue working on her, her desires grew again, and as she glanced down, she saw his cock, shiny with both their juices, starting to grow again.

She bent forward and took his cock in her mouth, tasting their joint juices on it. Somehow it had never felt so good before.

She sucked hungrily as he licked her, feeling his cock growing hard again already.

She realised she was grinding her pussy on his mouth and face, but he wasn’t complaining, in fact he seemed to be eating her harder.

She wanted that cock inside her again though.

Swiftly as before, she changed position back, straddling his groin, lowering herself till she felt his cock along her pussy lips, and started to grind on him.

As he felt her slid his cock between her lips and start to grind on him, he reached up and squeezed her breasts, feeling their firmness and how pert her tight little nipples were.

He lent upwards to suck them, swirling his tongue around the nipples, which was met with satisfied purring from Nicole.

She lent down herself to kiss him, tasting his cum on his lips, and suddenly she wanted more. Her grinding was reaching its limit, already she could feels the tingle of orgasm starting to arc through her groin.

She raised herself slightly, just enough to position herself, and then sunk down on his hard again penis.

Taking as much as she could.

Immediately another jolt of a mini orgasm flew through her. Then she began to ride him, using him. This felt so much better then she had imagined in all her planning.

Using all her training as a horse rider, she moved on him, controlling the pace and intensity, thankful that he was being so obedient.

She was able to get him just right, touching all the spots, oh shit she thought, again and so quickly this time.

And as she came again, she was surprised herself that she was squirting, never before had she been able to do it with someone, only a few times alone.

As Nicole rode him, he let her set the pace, amazed at how good it was, enjoying seeing her sexy muscular body above him, in obvious throws of passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32