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The late Kodi Lane the king of geek’s lover of computers and cameras. Built a house twenty-five years ago a sprawling mansion for his pleasure and his family he was married for thirty years and then his wife left him for a younger man. He was glad that she left. She was a terrible lover and she never wanted her son Bill.

When they first got married, she was wild in the bedroom but when she found out she was pregnant she quit. She never wanted to be pregnant she disliked kids always has but as Bill grew up she changed but not enough for her to really love him. She was just comfortable with him. She did not treat him like a son she treated him like a distant relative. Bill always felt hurt by that as he grew up he tried to understand her. He even tried talking to his dad about her to try to understand her but he never wanted to talk about her or the way she acted.

The house was beautiful. There are six bedrooms with their own bathrooms complete with hot tubs. Kodi wanted everyone to have his or her own personal space so nobody would have to share or risk walking in on anyone. Kodi loved the house he put his heart and soul into it. On the outside, it looks completely normal. Everybody viewed the house as a local treasure because of its beauty. The house has had many renovations throughout the years. The last one was finished three months before he died. He new he was close to dying and he new who he was going to leave the house to. His son Bill, Bill loved the house when he was growing up. His father always new what he was doing? His father always said the walls have eyes.

Bill never understood that. He just figured he always had a guilty face after something happened but that was not the case.

Every room even the closets had cameras in them. They were very high tech cameras you could zoom in on stuff or see perfectly when it was dark in the room. They also had motion detectors attached to them so you could always get the good stuff without actually having to zoom in on everything. Every room had about the same numbers of cameras the bedrooms and the bathrooms had a couple more but not much. See Kodi was a peeping tom a high tech one. In the bedrooms, the beds are four-poster beds except in his room. There were four cameras put inside each of the bed poles pointed at the bed but they also could spin three hundred and sixty degrees to every nook and cranny of the room.

When friends or family of his came to visit, he watched them do everything. He watched his son Bill lose his virginity to the girl next door and then watched everyday until they broke up having sex in various rooms and positions. He even watched his wife cheat on him with the neighbor’s son home from college for a week.

It happened when he was a junior in high school twenty years ago. His son then was a tall six foot a hundred and eighty pounds blonde hair blue eyes young stud. He just turned eighteen. The girl was the girl next store a couple months older then him and more experienced in so many ways. Her name was Tina. She was shorter with a big chest Kodi always called them melons, because they looked like melons except for the little nipples poking out of her shirt.

Twenty years ago

Tina was locked out of her house and her parents were not expecting her home for at least two more hours. Therefore, Bill invited her over hoping for a repeat of their make out session from last week.

What Bill and Tina did not know was that his dad was home in the control room for the house. It was as a little office for him he rarely went in to the office he could do everything at home but Bill always thought he went to work at his office everyday because he never saw his dad until after five.

Bill led Tina up to the little library on the second floor because his room was messy and his bed was full of cum stains and he did not want her to see that. Therefore, they sat on one of the leather couches in the library talking about nothing interesting. Kodi was not really paying attention to what they were doing he was not expecting something to happen.

Tina was the first one to make a move. She laid her hand on his upper thigh and squeezed. She could feel his cock growing to hardness. She loved sex all kinds with anybody. Her brother was the first one to teach her the joys of sex the previous summer and she could never get enough of it. Therefore, she thought what better way to pass the time then to have sex with her next-door neighbor who was very sexy looking.

Tina looked into Bill’s eyes and he just reacted he reached out for one of her melons and squeezed. She moved closer to him and kissed him on the lips. It was electrifying with the first touch of her lips on him his cock became a piece of steel that was getting uncomfortable in his pants. He tried to adjust himself with out Tina knowing but she new. She reached out and undid his pants. She broke the kiss and moved over to help him take off his pants. When she got him completely ataşehir escort bayan nude, she leaned down, grabbed his cock, then gave the little head a little kiss, and then stuck her tongue in the piss slit to suck out the pre-cum.

She worked her way down to the base leaving little kisses all over the shaft. When she found the underlying cause of the base, she twirled her tongue over it and then moved her tongue all around the shaft. When she got back to the top, she sucked in the head and licked it. She started to bob up and down on it.

That is when Kodi started watching it. He heard his son started to moan after bit. He noticed his son’s huge cock go in and out of that pretty mouth and he wished that she were doing that to him instead of his son. He took out his cock and started to stroke it.

When Tina stopped giving him head, he was so close to cumming he wanted ram it back into her mouth. Tina moved away from him and started to undress. When her melons were free Bill reached out, grabbed one, and tweaked the nipple to put out more. When she got off her skirt and he noticed that she was a natural blonde-haired person. He dropped his jaw in shock. Tina moved closer to him and put her melon into his mouth to shut it. He started to suck on it like a little baby expecting some milk to come of it.

Tina moved back to the couch and opened her legs for his pleasure to continue. He mounted her so fast and plunged his rod in her she did not realize it until he started to move in side of her. He was a virgin but he new what to do. It seemed like the animal in him took over.

Tina started to moan and scream at him to go harder and faster. She was loving it her brother was good but he had much smaller equipment then Bill it felt like he was hitting every sensitive spot inside her.

She screamed so loud when she came she thought that the people down the rode probably heard her.

Kodi taped that first little show and watched it every week until he died.

Bill and his family moved into the house a month after his dad died. His wife, daughter and son nobody new about the cameras Kodi figured that nobody would find the control room but if somebody did, they would not know how to use that stuff. Bill was not very good at computers so he had nothing to worry about but he did not know that his grandson was just like him.

Adam is twenty loves computers anything that has to do with them. His dad Bill told him and his sister that they could choose any room they wanted it did not matter. Therefore, Adam moved into the last room on the right hand side on the top floor his dad told him he chose his grandfather’s old room. Adam was not close to his grandfather at all.

His sister Rachel two years younger then him, she chose the room as far away from her brother as she could get. She did not hate him she just did not understand him. Adam is a good-looking guy he could have any girl he wanted but he chose to say glued to his computers every hour of every day. She is a very social person always out with friends partying or just hanging out. She is a drop-dead gorgeous person an all-American girl blonde hair blue eyed and a decent size chest that she just loves and so do her friends guys and girls.

The family has been living in the house for over two weeks now when Adam finally found the control room. He was hanging clothes up in his closet when he tripped over a pair of shoes. He fell into the wall bashing in his shoulder he got up, rubbed his shoulder, and noticed that the wall was not aligned with the other two walls. He moved his clothes around so he could see the wall and the crack better. It seemed that the crack was at least two inches wide. He pushed against the wall to see if it would move more. It did but not enough he gave one big push and the wall gave away. He was shocked at what he saw.

Bill and his wife Kim were in their bedroom talking about their new house. It was summer so neither one had to work since they were both high school teachers and their kids were also home not having jobs this summer. Since both of them would be going to college in the fall. However, the kids would barely be home this summer especially Rachel they new Adam would be home but in his room so it would be like he was not home.

Bill and Kim got ready for bed. Both liked to sleep in the nude always have. Kim noticed that her husband cock was semi hard and remembered that they have not had sex this week since they been so busy with the move. Bill got in bed and Kim reached over for his cock and gave it a little squeeze it started to grow underneath her touch. Bill looked into his wife’s eyes and smiled. He moved closer to her and gave her a kiss. He met just give her a quick peck but she thought other wise. She deepened the kiss until she heard him moan. She pulled away and gave him her sexy look.

She reached between her legs and opened her lips so he could see that she was wet and escort kadıköy waiting for him. She dipped her fingers into her wet box, pulled her fingers out, and brought them to his mouth and he licked them clean. They popped out of his mouth with and audible sound. He pulled the blankets off him and his wife so he could see his wife better and have nothing in the way of the action. He leaned between her legs and breathed in her musky scent. He dipped his head, stuck out his tongue, and gave her a long lick up her crack. He could taste her and he loved that taste. He started to eat her cunt in a fury. She screamed in pleasure she hoped nobody heard her especially her kids down the hall.

Adam walked into the control room and saw all the monitors he was in computer heaven. He sat down on the swivel chair and twirled around trying to think why his grandfather would have this in his house. He found the on twitch and all the screens lit up screaming for a password. He did not know it. He sat there and thought about what it would be. He tried his father’s name, negative. He tried his grandmother’s name negative. He did not know what else to try. He tried his name and his sister’s name but it was all negative.

Bill climbed on top of his wife and pushed his swollen member into her cunt. It was still somewhat tight after having two kids. He went slowly at first driving his wife crazy screaming for more and to go faster and harder but he ignored her until he could not stand it anymore. He pounded her pussy giving her shock wave after shock waves of pleasure.

She gripped his cock with her pussy walls giving him more pleasure. She could feel him getting close to cumming his thrust became smaller but harder. With a yell, he exploded inside of her drenching her pussy with his seed.

Rachel arrived home just a few minutes later with her friend Tammy. They were both just a little drunk so they tried to be quiet so she would not wake anybody and then get in trouble. Rachel and Tammy arrived safely in her room with out being caught. Tammy reached out and kissed Rachel on the lips. They fell on the bed kissing and groping each other.

Adam tried every kind of password he could think of but it was no use the screen was still screaming negative. Finally he just tried what was on his mind he punched in SEX and pushed enter the screen flicked blue then to black and then the screen screamed PASSWORD ACCEPETED. He screamed in joy. The screens all became active feeds of every room in the house. He sat there stunned. He grandfather had the house wired. He studied the monitors. He saw his room lit up and then he saw his parent’s room. He could see them naked on the bed holding each other. It was just too weird he could see his parents naked and then he thought could he getter a better view. He said “zoom” and all the monitors zoomed in. he had to rephrase it he noticed that all the monitor feeds had numbers he said, “zoom six” the monitor zoomed in on his parents fondling each other. He wished that he could hear them. He found the button for the speakers and the punched in six. He faintly heard them talking he turned up the volume and he could finally hear them talking.

“Honey that was amazing we should move all the time,” his mother Kim said while holding his father’s cock. Adam could not keep his eyes off his mom’s tits. They were great a little sagging but still pretty firm after all these years. He wished he found out the password a while ago so he could see his parents in action. He moved his eyes away from his parents and looked at the monitor for his sister’s room. He was shocked was again his sister and her friend Tammy were making out on her bed. Know his sister was one hott looking chick but Tammy was a little bit over weight she always looked somewhat dumpy in her clothes but then his sister reached behind Tammy and started to pull of Tammy’s shirt and then her bra. Her gorgeous double d tits flopped out. She had the biggest nipples he has ever seen. He told the camera to zoom in on them. When Tammy and Rachel were completely naked Rachel climbed between Tammy legs and started to eat her out.

Tammy had a natural growing bush but Rachel did not seem to mind. Tammy opened her legs wider so that Rachel had better access to treasure. Tammy started to play with her tits she could actually put one in her mouth she started to suck on it. Rachel meanwhile started to suck on something else. Adam could actually see Tammy’s clit between her lips it looked like a little cock. Rachel put two of her fingers into Tammy’s hole and started to finger fuck her. Adam turned the volume up louder and heard Tammy scream, “Oh yeah Rachel right there oh my god your amazing yes, yes yessssssssssss!”

Tammy exploded in a mind numbing orgasm but Rachel did not stop she kept right on finger fucking her and licking her “little cock.” Tammy had a look of pure pleasure on her face. When she was brought to another orgasm not as great as the first bostancı escort one Rachel got on top of Tammy’s face. Tammy new what to do she attacked Rachel’s drenched pussy.

Rachel started to ride Tammy face her clit would hit Tammy’s nose where there was a little nose ring hitting her clit. Tammy had her tongue up Rachel’s hole tongue fucking her while she moved her fingers in her own hole getting it all lubed up to go in Rachel’s ass. When her fingers were ready, she grabbed Rachel’s ass and opened her hole a little with one of her fingers. Rachel stopped moving so that the finger could go in there was a little resistance but it finally went in. Tammy pulled it back out and then shoved it back in her ass fucking her while she tongue fucking her other hole. Tammy felt wetness enter her mouth and new that Rachel just came.

Adam was stunned at what he just witnessed. His sister was a lesbian. Shocking and with Tammy that did not surprise him that Tammy was a lesbian but his sister wow. His cock was rock hard after watching that. He noticed that his sister was moving around in her room. She went to her bureau and pulled something out it was bright red and long. He zoomed in on it was a dildo. About nine inches long about the same length as his cock that he was holding in his hand.

Rachel moved back towards the bed and watched Tammy play with her tits and pussy. Rachel just loved her Tammy new how to please her. They met about five years ago when Tammy moved here from another town. Rachel befriended her right away. She did not care that Tammy was a little over weight it did not matter. Rachel did not know that meeting Tammy would change her life for the better.

They were both sixteen when they started experimenting with each other.

One day after school, they were walking home through the park when they noticed two ladies making out on a park bench. Tammy and Rachel snuck around them so they could watch they have never seen two women go at it. Of course, they have seen a guy and a girl do it but that was natural. Tammy and Rachel hid behind a bush and watched the couple Tammy was the first to notice that one of the ladies had her hand up the other ladies skirt. They leaned in farther and noticed that she did not have on any underwear. They could see the ladies private parts. They could see the hand moving in and out of the hole when the lady moaned loudly. It looked like to them that she peed her pants but they new otherwise.

Rachel and Tammy walked the rest of the way home in silence. Tammy was staying over that night since it was a Friday night. They went straight up to Rachel’s room without talking to anybody.

Tammy made the first move she leaned over and kissed Rachel on the lips. Rachel was stunned at first but then she grew to like it. She started kissing back when they broke the kiss Rachel could feel the wetness in her panties. She liked kissing Tammy but she did not know how Tammy felt.

She watched Tammy and then thought who cares. She leaned back over and started to kiss her again. They laid back down on the bed. Tammy’s shirt went up and Rachel could see the bottom of Tammy’s bra. Rachel moved her hand towards it and grabbed Tammy’s tit. She could feel the nipple poking out into her hand. Tammy sat back up and took off her shirt and bra and Rachel did the same thing. They looked at each other’s naked top half. Tammy moved her hand to Rachel’s tit and squeezed they were much smaller then Tammy’s but still a pretty good size.

They began to play with each other. They missed dinner because they were too busy making out and sucking on each other’s breast. They did not get to eating each other out until late in the night. Tammy did it first she didn’t mean to she was licking and kissing all over Rachel’s body when she moved and her mouth landed on Rachel’s pussy. She tasted Rachel’s wetness and wanted more.

They both have had boyfriends but they both realized that they liked each other more. They kept up the pretenses of liking of other guys because they did not want their friends to find out just yet. Therefore, they kept acting they new one day they had to find someone to pop their cherries with a real cock but they already popped it with a dildo but they wanted the real thing to make it for real. They want to find a guy who will do them both at the same time. It was going to be hard because none of their guy friends would do that and they did not want just some creep off the street. They wanted someone who would be nice to them.

Rachel climbed back on the bed with the dildo. She put it to her lips, gave it a kiss, and then started to swirl her tongue around it so it was good and wet and then she moved it between Tammy’s legs and pushed it in. It was one of their bigger dildos and they loved it. Rachel one day wore it to school and she was so aroused that she had Tammy meet her in the locker room to pound her pussy three times that day on their third time. Their gym teacher Heidi Smith caught them it was about two weeks ago and she still has not said anything she just watched and then walked away. They were so nervous about their secret being found out. That they did not hang out for a week but they could not stand it any longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32