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Every neighborhood has a Cheers, like the bar in the old television show. It’s that place where everybody knows your name…and your business! This is a multipart story of just such a bar in a predominantly Black neighborhood.

This story contains interracial sex, bisexuality, incest and probably few more taboos that the characters engage in that might offend the more sensitive reader. However, they are all over eighteen so they can do whatever they want!


Part One

Todd Crane glanced nervously around the sparsely occupied bus station. He had been here before. Not this bus station. Not this town. But this situation. His life seemed to be a series of hurried exits from dangerous and/or compromising situations. This time he was leaving Scottsdale, Arizona one step ahead of an irate husband.

Variations of the scene had been repeated many times in the four years since the 22-year-old aged out of the foster system. Aside from a GED, his only achievement in foster care was learning that older women were attracted to him.

Housewives wanted to mother him. Then they wanted to fuck him. It was as if they were acting out a female version of an oedipal complex.

Neglectful husbands were complicit through indifference to the needs of their wives. Some had the male fantasy to see their wives with another man, especially a Black man. In some Todd’s sensuality aroused their latent bisexuality. Licking his cum from their wives’ pussy was a substitute for him cumming in their mouths. Others overcame that taboo and shared his cock with their wives.

For Todd, it was a hard scrabble existence. The only skill he had was his sensuality. And like little Johnny one note, he used that one skill. T He fucked the wives. He let the husband’s suck his cock. On a few occasions, he fucked the wife and the husband. To him it was all about survival.

Unbeknownst to him, his arrival in Scottsdale would trigger a chain of events that would change his life.

When he arrived in Scottsdale last week he registered with a day labor service. It was the only type of job an itinerate like him could get. That service got him a job as a pool cleaner.

The owner of the estate’s wife was a well maintained 65 year old. There was a time in her life when she was a trophy wife. Now her daily ritual was a struggle to delay or attempt to reverse the effects of time and gravity. Her breasts were the best money could buy. Her ass was a marvel of the Brazilian butt lift.

She used young cock as an affirmation of her sexuality. If the cock was young and Black, all the better. When she saw Todd, all of the cougar instincts kicked in. On his second weekly visit, she seduced him.

Her husband caught his senior citizen wife on her knees, her pink lips wrapped around Todd’s thick Black cock. The cuckold arrived just in time to witness Todd pumping copious amounts of cum into his wife’s eager mouth. So much cum that it ran out of the corners of her mouth and down her neck.

When he screamed his outrage, the startled Todd pull back. He finished cumming on the wife’s lust filled face and over her bare surgically enhanced breasts.

While the cuckolded husband ran into the house to get his gun, his wife grabbed her purse. She stuffed a wad of wrinkled bills into Todd’s hand. She seized his face in both of her liver spotted hands and kissed him passionately, sharing the remnants of cum with him. She watched doe eyed as he sprinted for his truck.

Todd used the money to buy a ticket on the first bus out of town. That bus happened to be bound for Chicago.

Now he waited anxiously for the agent to announce the departure of the bus. His dark almond shaped eyes roamed restlessly around the dingy waiting room. Nervously, his eyes kept flicking to the door leading to the street. Just outside, he could see the Toyota pickup emblazoned with the name of the pool service he worked for. Earlier he called his boss and told him the situation and that he would leave the truck at the bus station.


Surreptitiously, Annabelle Beavaneax Carroll watched the nervous young black man. He reminded her of Terrence Howard of Empire fame but without the mustache and with sandy colored hair. His skin had the same light brown coffee latte look. His skintight T-shirt covered a lightly muscled athletic 6 foot body. His eyes had an Asian quality about them. She smiled with interest as she noticed the bulge in his faded blue jeans.

Annabelle was returning home after taking a two-week hiatus from her marriage. She visited with a high school girlfriend and her husband. She and Tina had been more than close. They shared alcohol, drugs and each other until Tina found her husband and took charge of her life.

During her visit, Anna again experienced the intense emotional symbiosis that two women could share sexually. She felt little thrills run through bahis firmaları her body as she recalled the softness of Tina’s body, the eroticism of her kisses and the sweet honey like thickness of her juices. Her husband was not a bad cocksman either.

Now she was returning to a 48 year old husband who was indifferent to her. If not for the pleading of her father she would divorce him.

Marriage to an older man had its challenges. He had come along when she needed financial and emotional security. He gave her that and two precious children. She felt guilty that she had outgrown him. She knew it was time for a change in her life.

Anna was a petite 21 year old Jada Pinkett Smith look alike. At 115 pounds with auburn dreadlocks and a 36C bosom, she was more voluptuous then Jada. The deep lines around her mouth and dark circles under her eyes bespoke a hard life. Despite this she moved with a regal sureness, pulling her retinue of two toddlers in her wake. She wore a mid calf button up the front print cotton dress that draped and hung from her bubble butt. The top two buttons were undone revealing a substantial cleavage. The dress moved freely with soft swishes when she walked.

“So is it the police or an angry husband that has you watching the door like that?”

Todd flashed his ready smile. His white teeth gleamed as he checked out the full figured black woman across from him. He noted the two crumb crushers fidgeting on the plastic bench.

“Why you say that about me,” he laughed, “can I be something other than a criminal or wife stealer?”

“Honey, the way you fidgeting you looking for somebody to come after you with bad intentions.”

Todd was not above telling a self-serving lie if it fitted his needs. In this case, the truth would do just as well.

“Well, actually, I got caught in a compromising situation with a married woman.”

Lucky woman, Annabelle thought.

“Why you Black men can’t keep that thing in your pants,” Anna said in mock reproach, a smile on her face.

“Now where is the fun in that,” laughed Todd.

The ticket agent announce that the bus for Chicago was leaving from Lane six. Todd stood and slung his backpack over his shoulder. He noticed that Annabelle was struggling to corral her two kids and pick up her suitcase.

“Here, let me help you with that.”

Annabelle nodded her appreciation. She grabbed the hands of her two children, turned and walked toward the door. They seemed to be no more than three or four years old to him. Todd fell in line behind her. As he did, he noted the seductive roll of her full hips on her petite frame.

They join the sparse line filing out of the bus terminal and into the blistering late afternoon Arizona heat. On the bus, Annabelle settled her children into a seat across the aisle from her. Todd pushed her suitcase into the overhead, nodded and prepared to move down the aisle to another empty seat.

“Why are you going back there? Sit next to me and keep me company. I don’t bite… unless you want me to.”

“That depends,” Todd said suggestively, “on what you bite and how hard.”

“Boy, you are caution. Besides, I bet you like your women old, rich and White. I ain’t none of those”

“There you go,” Todd laughed, “now you accusing me of having jungle fever.”

“You said it! Not me! All you need to say is that the woman you just got caught with wasn’t White and I’ll apologize.”

Todd laughed and slid into the seat next to her. He liked her. She was confident and outgoing.

Todd held both hands up shoulder high surrendering. “No apology necessary!”

During the night, while the kids slept, they got to know each other better. As strangers will sometimes do, they shared confidences, safe in the knowledge that anonymity was their safeguard.

“My husband is 48. We got married when I was 18. If you can believe it in this day and age, it was an arranged marriage.”

“What happened,” Todd chuckled, “your husband gave your father a herd of cows for your hand in marriage?”

Laughing, Anna slapped Todd playfully on his arm. “No, Silly! My father owns a bar. He and the alderman, my husband, have business dealings. You know how it is with family. You do things for them you would not do otherwise.”

“I’ve often wished I had a family. I was raised in a series of foster homes.”

“That must’ve been a rough.”

An uncharacteristic sadness settled over Todd. He never knew his father. His mother abandoned him when he was a few days old.

“Well you know what they say,” He forced a broad winning smile, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

The two strangers shared a knowing chuckle. They both had unspoken thoughts about their private demons.

“So what you going to do in Chicago?”

“I really don’t know. I’ll have to find some kind of a job.”

“Look, my father is always looking for somebody to work a few shifts in his bar. Maybe you could do that. And there is room kaçak iddaa above the bar that I’m sure the manager will let you have.”

“Wow! That sounds great. Thank you so much.”

Anna scribbled the contact information on a scrap piece of paper and handed it to Todd. Impulsively, she leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Just want to help a brother out.”

Todd place one finger under her chin and turned her face to him. He kissed her lightly, letting his tongue trace the outline of her lips.

“Hey, I’m an old married lady,” Annabelle laughed, “what are you up to?”

“Married you are; old you are not. I’m just thanking my newfound friend.”

Annabelle took his face in both her hands and kissed him deeply. “Well, if you are going to do it, do it right.”

Their kiss was long and passionate. Their tongues took turns exploring each other’s mouths. While they kissed their hands explore their bodies.

Anna moaned when she felt the thickness and length of Todd’s love tool through his jeans. Todd let his hands slide up to her ample breasts. Despite being petite, her breasts hung heavy on her chest. Slowly, sensuously, he unbuttoned the top buttons of her dress exposing her black lace bra.

“Now just what you got in mind, mister,” Anna said coyly? Do I really want to do this?

Todd gently squeezed her breasts. “Whatever you want, sweet thing.” This could be fun and a nice way to kill some time.

Nervously, Annabelle looked across the aisle at her two children. Satisfied that they were both sound asleep, she let one of her hands slide down to Todd’s crotch. She squeezed his cock.

“You know,” she said, “one of these passengers me see us.”

Todd unhooked the clasp on the front of her bra. Her breasts were the color of dark chocolate. Her areola was almost blue black with nipples the color and texture of raisins. He leaned down and took one rigid nipple in his mouth and sucked hungrily on it. He was rewarded with a sharp sibilant breath.

“Let them. We’ll probably never see them again.”

As Annabelle turn sideways and undid his belt, she again glanced at her children. Lawd, what am I doing? She was not really promiscuous. When she was into drugs and alcohol, she had more anonymous fucks than she would care to count. But that was another time and another her.

“If you keep undressing me, they going to see enough to last them for a while.”

Todd had an animal magnetism that she found difficult to resist.

“Girl, you got a body that won’t quit!”

Anna curled her left leg on her seat; her right was on the floor. She unzipped his pants freeing his cock. She placed one hand on his chest and gently pushed him back against the seat.

“My turn,” she said devilishly.

Annabelle raised slightly in her window seat and looked up and down the aisle. It seemed everyone was sleeping or otherwise occupied. She knelt in her seat, lowered her head and licked the mushroom head of Todd’s cock.

Todd sat back and scooted down in his seat, providing her better access. He smiled as he glanced over her body at her ass pressed against the window.

Anna used her tongue to lavish wet licks and kisses on the sensitive, nerve-packed underside of Todd’s cock. It swirled around the tip of his glans. She flicked it repeatedly against the sensitive little ridge on the underside of where the head meets the shaft. She reveled in the musky saltiness of the copious precum that oozed from his slit, filling her mouth and driving her arousal.

She smiled when she felt him try to climb the back of the seat. You in for a real treat sexy man!

“I see why those old White women so crazy about you. Your cock is amazing, sexy man! A real thoroughbred.”

She pressed her tongue flat against the sides of his hard-on and licked up and down.

Todd squirmed in his seat, fighting the urge to cum as Anna expertly made love to his cock. “Fuck woman! That shit will drive a man crazy.”

Anna gripped the base of his cock tightly, preventing him from cumming. “Baby, momma is an all day sucker. So don’t you dare cum too quick.”

Todd glanced up and down the aisle. Satisfied that the other passengers were oblivious to what was going on, he raised up slightly and slid his pants and jockeys down to his knees.

“There! That should make it easier. And, for the record, I ain’t no tender dick. You think you can handle a brother who cums when he wants?”

Anna raised up and smirked. “Handle it!? Honey, I closed down the complaint department. There wasn’t any business!” She spat on his acorn head.

She held his eyes as her hand moved up and down his saliva slickened erection. She lowered her mouth to his balls, gently sucking on the supple skin. Then she trailed her tongue to the nerve-packed stretch of skin between his testicles and anal opening.

She made an exaggerated smacking sounds and then looked up at him smiling. Then she let her tongue slide around the ridge kaçak bahis and slowly down the length to his balls.

“Mmmm, obviously you done this a few times be,” Todd laughed.

Annabelle raised her head and said; “Once or twice. But never on a bus. By the way, I love to suck circumcised cock. Yours is a thing of beauty. “

Annabelle took Todd’s sizable cock into her mouth. This motherfucker could wreck a pussy!

He was large but not the largest she never had. Slowly she moved up and down, letting her saliva lubricate his man meat. Each time letting it go a little deeper. When she felt it hit the back of her throat, she pressed down slightly. She gagged, pulled back and pressed down again. This time she felt the head move down her throat. She pulled back took a breath and pressed on again. Her nose touched his abdomen and her chin was resting against his balls. She hummed.

“Fuck! You have done this before. Shit… Aww fuck…!” This bitch is incredible!

Slowly, still humming, Annabelle let Todd’s cock slide out of her mouth. “You better keep it down. Otherwise we’ll have an audience. And I don’t think I can handle all these guys.”

“Mmmm, and the women?”

Annabelle circled the saliva slickened head of his cock with her tongue. She recalled 69ing with Tina while Tina’s husband fucked her.

“Mmmm, now were talking about real fun,” she cooed.

Annabelle began bobbing slowly up and down Todd’s cock. She could feel it pulsing as it slid down her throat. Her pussy was sloppy wet, soaking her Virginia Secrets thong. She slowly undid the rest of the buttons on her dress and pulled it back. Turning slightly in the seat, she pushed the thong to the side and let her finger slide between her swollen pussy lips. She felt Todd’s strong hand cover hers.

“Here,” he said, “let me do that.”

Two of his fingers slipped easily into her engorged sex. Todd was amazed at how wet she was. He let his fingers move slowly between her swollen lips with the fingers curled up, stroking her G-spot. His thumb circled the hard mass of her clit.

Reflexively, Annabelle’s hips thrust up when Todd touched her clit. She groaned loudly and redoubling her efforts on his cock moving up and down faster.

Todd knew he couldn’t last much longer. He gripped her head in both his hands and pulled her from his cock. He could see her tongue licking in the air as he pulled her mouth away.

“No fair! I was close to getting the reward for all my work.”

“You’ll get your reward,” Todd laughed, “but now is my turn.”

Gently, he pushed Anna back against the window. Then he raised the armrest between the seats. Todd took a quick look around to make sure no one was looking then he slid to his knees between the seats. He picked her leg up and laid it over his shoulder. Her other legs was on the floor, her knee pressed against the wall of the bus. He slid between her slender thighs. Her aroma was overpowering. He was amazed that everyone on the bus could not smell her arousal. There was a wet spot on the seat where her pussy copiously leaked her juices.

Todd leaned in and let just the tip of his tongue slide into her drenched pussy.

He gently ran his hands over Anna’s body, cupping and massaging her full breasts. Raising from the cauldron like furnace of her super heated pussy, he kissed them, before taking a nipple into his mouth and suckling at it.

“Awww fuck! That feels so good! You pussy licking motherfucker,” Anna moaned.

He heard her moan in pleasure as he sucked and gently nibbled at the swollen nipple. Releasing it, he kissed and licked his way to her other breast, sucking at the swollen nipple as his fingers teased and massaged the breast he had just left. As Anna moaned in pleasure, Todd slid down her body, kissing and licking her sweating body.

With his fingers, he opened Annabelle’s pussy. He leaned forward and kissed the inner pinkness of her swollen sex.

Todd raised up and looked into the Anna’s sweat drenched passion contorted face. Her eyes popped up.

“What? I know you ain’t finished!”

“Finished! No fucking way! Girl, your pussy is like a drug. A man could get hooked.”

Laughing, Anna placed both hands on the back of his head, pushing him back between her legs.

“You go on and get your fix, baby! Cuz I don’t never run out of that drug!”

He tasted the thick sweetness of her juices. He thrust his tongue deep into his new friend’s hole, sucking the juices from her, savoring her. Lifting his mouth, he lapped at Anna’s clit, teasing it from its fleshy home.

His ears filled with Anna’s stifled cries of pleasure as he fingered, licked and sucked at her clitoris and pussy. As her pleasure increased, her legs wrapped around his head. Her hands pressed his head to her vagina. Her hips lifted to press her pussy against his mouth and probing tongue.

“O fuck yes baby! Eat me, eat my pussy! O fuck! I’m cumming! Fuck! Fuck! Fffuuuuuuccccccccccck!”

Todd’s mouth filled with her ejaculate, his face was pressed tightly into her cunt by her hands and thighs. He found himself struggling to breath, but even as he fought for breath he continued to drink her essence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32