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The morning light spilling through only partially closed blinds reached Jason’s eyes, gently waking him from some of the soundest sleep he’d ever had. He was still in Megan’s bed, but she was not there. For a moment he wondered if she had left, regretting what they had done, but he smiled when he heard her toilet flush. He lifted his head and glanced around the bed. The sheets were twisted around his legs. He stretched out an arm and felt the cool wet spot they had made. My poor sister, he thought, she had slept on that.

Megan came out of the bathroom and was happy to see her brother awake. He propped himself up on one elbow and looked at her. She was still completely naked, and there was a thrill in knowing that he could now see her body in the better illumination. She could also see him better, too. The sheets were down at his knees, and she admired his cock and balls as they hung down at his groin.

“Good Morning, Sleepyhead,” she said, climbing onto the bed and giving him a kiss.

“I may be Sleepyhead,” he said, “But you’re Bed Head.” He ran his fingers through her tussled hair, and she giggled and kissed him again.

“Scoot over,” she said, and he backed toward the far side of the big king bed. This allowed her to settle into their spooning position again without having to be on the wet spot.

Jason hugged her warm nude body tightly against him and smelled her hair. They both lay like that, in silence, watching the morning light grow brighter with the rising sun. It went without saying that they would eventually have to discuss what they had just done, and what this would mean for their relationship in the future, but for now neither wanted to ruin the moment.

Far from being ruined, the quiet intimacy was becoming arousing for both of them, and Megan felt the warmth of Jason’s growing erection pressing against her. She shifted her legs to allow his stiffening shaft to find its way into the gap where her thighs met her crotch. Her nipples grew hard as he began fondling her breasts. He kissed the back of her neck and nibbled on her ear, sending shivers of pleasure down her spine. She was growing wetter by the second, and as he moved his dick back and forth along her slit, she knew she was getting it moist and ready for insertion. She reached between them to help that along.

Jason gasped with pleasure when he felt his sister’s fingers gingerly take the head of his cock and guide it toward her wet entrance. When he was lined up he gave a thrust with his hips, and he heard Megan take in a sharp intake of breath at the renewed vaginal invasion. He went slow at first, just some gentle back-and-forth. But before long he felt her pushing back against his cock as hard as he was thrusting it into her. They did this while remaining in the spooning position.

Megan had to stifle a painful cry when they started having intercourse again. As she had predicted, she was fairly sore down there, even though they had only done it once. Her brother’s was a whole new level of cock compared to George. Like Theresa had said, his size would take some getting used to. But she was also desperately eager to cum again and to help her brother get off, too, and her pussy was producing more and more slickness to help achieve this.

They humped against each other like this for several minutes, and then Jason heard Megan begin panting and gasping with shortened breaths, what he now knew to be her tell that she was about to cum. He ensured that his pumping was bostancı escort solid and consistent, letting his sister adjust her legs to help bring on her climax. When it hit her she suddenly straightened her legs and locked her ankles, which smashed Jason’s cock hard up into her cervix. He listened to her scream into a pillow as her climax washed over her and wracked her body with convulsions of orgasmic bliss. Jason could do no more than to hold himself tightly inside her so that she could ride it out.

Megan screamed and drooled into her pillow. If she came any harder she thought she would pass out. She simply couldn’t believe how intense her orgasms were with Jason. Was it the excitement of having a new lover? Was it the size of his dick? In fairness to her poor husband, who’s penis was definitely just average, she did still have a good sex life with him, was still able to orgasm easily. But not like this, not like with her brother.

That had to be it, she thought, as her mind floated through the fog of sexual euphoria. There was just something about the fact that she was now having sex for the first time with a man who could’ve been her partner her whole life had they not been related. They really were perfect together. Now that they had crossed the taboo boundary of incest, all that love and familiarity with each other was translating into a desire she had never known for another man.

But further speculation on why they were so good with each other in bed would have to wait. For now, they were in bed, they were copulating, and it was Megan’s turn to give as good as she got for her wonderful brother and new lover. She felt Jason start thrusting into her again, and it felt fucking incredible, but she wanted to change to a position that would allow her to see him better.

Jason actually whimpered in disappointment when Megan pulled away from him. His stiff cock slipped out of her with a wet slurping sound. But his disappointment was quickly turned into anticipation as Megan got on her knees and gently pushed him onto his back. He looked up at her, admiring her large breasts that swayed and giggled as she swung a leg over his thighs and straddled him. She lowered herself down and teased him for a few minutes, trapping his cock between her pussy and his belly, sliding back and forth, getting them both slick with her juices. It was sweet torture. He reached up and fondled her tits, and she smiled lovingly down on him.

He was happy to end the “torture” when Megan raised herself up a little, then grasped his glistening penis and lined it up with her entrance. He watched with intense fascination as his cock slowly disappeared into her body when she lowered herself. He glanced up and noticed that her eyes were screwed shut and she was biting her lower lip. He allowed a selfish, manly grin knowing that he was really stuffing her full. Once she’d sunk down until her ass was on his hips, she paused only for a brief moment, before she rose up again, and then down…up and down.

If Megan had thought that she could never get stuffed even more than she already had, she was very much mistaken. Taking her brother’s cock into her pussy this way, and being able to lower her full weight upon him, there seemed to be just that much more cock entering her. It felt like she had him in her guts. And when she did lower down all the way, her swollen clit pressed against his pelvic bone and shot bolts of electricity through her. With each upward movement, ümraniye escort bayan she felt the bulbous head of his cock scrape along her G-spot, and when she came down against him, her clitoris produced shockwaves of pleasure. She couldn’t be more sexually satisfied.

Jason drank in the sight of his naked sister moving up and down on top of him. He was hypnotized by the way her tits bounced and wobbled. He frequently reached up and squeezed one, and then the other, he also felt up more of her exquisite body: her flat stomach, her rounded hips and thighs. He ran his fingers along her soft little pubic patch, and he drew squeals of delight from her when he teased her clit with his thumb. Every so often she would lean down, allowing him to take a nipple into his mouth, or so that they could kiss. As they did that, he enjoyed the tickling sensation of her long hair grazing his face and cheeks.

Megan felt another orgasm building, and building fast. She was almost afraid to think about how powerful it was going to be. Having her brother pump into her had already given her orgasms for the record books. Now, as she rode him cowgirl style, she was in control, and she set her mind to moving and grinding just as she preferred to get herself off on her own terms. Looking down at Jason, seeing the pleasure in his eyes, she knew she could be a little selfish now. She would certainly take care of him in a minute.

Once again, Jason could tell that his sister was getting close. He loved that she was so orgasmic with him. He allowed himself to wonder if she was like that in general, or just with him. It was a selfish thought, and he really didn’t want to think about her in bed with her husband, so he simply allowed himself to be proud that he was the one inside her now, he was the one bringing on these waves of pleasure for her.

As the pleasure built within her, Megan started bouncing less and grinding more. It just felt so fucking good to smash her clit against her brother’s body. She leaned forward and put her hands on his chest, gripping his firm pecs. She was pleased to see that he knew what was coming as he gripped her hips and helped hold her steady. She grit her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut, concentrating on what needed to be done to send her over the edge. It didn’t take long; all she had to do was remember that it was her brother inside her right now, her brother was doing this to her.

Her brother. She opened her eyes to look at him. Her sweet, beautiful brother.

Jason returned her gaze. “That’s it,” he said. “Grind into me, baby. This is for you.”

“Oh, Jason,” she moaned. “Oh, my sweet brother.”

“And you’re my beautiful sister. My amazing sexy sister.”

“Yes,” she cried, “I am your sister…I am yours!”

“Cum for me, baby. Cum on your brother’s cock.”

“Yes, oh fucking god YES!”

Stimulated beyond all comprehension, Megan stiffened up and locked down against her brother. The shockwave of orgasm nearly propelled her off of him as she shook and shuttled, but Jason had a good grip on her and held her down firmly. With no pillow to muffle her this time, Megan’s uninhibited orgasmic scream rattled the windows. The intensity of this climax also triggered something in her that she’d never achieved before: she started gushing.

Jason’s eyes went wide when he suddenly felt a flood of fluid wash down around his cock and balls. It was very warm and kept coming as his sister kept cumming. He’d never kartal escort had a woman gush on him before, and the novel sensation triggered the start of his own orgasm.

As Megan barely started to come to her senses, marveling at how much she had gushed, she realized that Jason was starting to thrust up into her again, and the look in his face told her that he too was about to climax. Although she wanted to simply collapse on top of him, she was a dutiful lover and summoned the strength of let her man finish. She milked his dick with her pussy, but she coaxed him further with her words.

She said, “Did you like feeling your sister gush all over you?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Does it make you want to squirt inside me? Are you going to cum inside your sister?”

“Yes, fuck yes!”

“Then let me have it, big brother. Fill your sister’s pussy.”

“Yes, gonna fill my sister up, gonna cum inside you.”

She reached back and fondled his balls as she fucked down against his upward thrusts.

“Oh FUCK!” And he blasted off inside her.

Megan kept her hand on Jason’s balls and the base of his shaft, thrilled at the feeling of his repeated contractions as he ejaculated deeply into her body. The thought of her brother pumping his potent seed into her fertile womb brought on another quick orgasm in her, which both surprised and pleased her.

Jason clutched her sister’s hips like a pair of vice grips as he desperately shot his load into her. It was one thing to be able to make love with his own sister. To also be able to finish inside her without a clumsy condom was just the icing on the cake. Megan seemed to enjoy it, too, because she was milking his cock with her vaginal muscles while squeezing his balls throughout his orgasm, as if trying absorb every last spermatozoon from his body.

Megan gleefully rode out her brother’s orgasm as she capped off with yet another subdued one of her own. Only when she felt that he had pulsed his last few drops of cum into her did she allow herself to collapse upon him, squishing her breasts against his chest. She had just enough strength to give him a quick kiss before dropping her head onto his shoulder. They both panted heavily for several minutes. Eventually, enough blood drained out of Jason’s cock to the point where it slipped out of her, and they both moaned as a torrent of bodily fluids poured out of Megan’s pussy, drenching Jason’s balls and soaking the sheets yet again.

As they lay there in their afterglow, Megan wanted time to just stop. She wanted the coming day to last forever. She felt high from the endorphins of such sexual pleasure. She hoped Jason felt the same, but she also knew that reality would have to set in sooner or later. Sadly, it was to be sooner.

Megan’s cell phone started vibrating on the night stand.

Grumbling something obscene into her brother’s shoulder, she lifted her head and looked at the display: it was her husband. She looked at Jason.

“It’s okay,” he said gently.

When she moved off of him, Jason gave her a quick squeeze and kiss before finally dragging himself out of bed. His legs were wobbly, but he managed to get to her door. He glanced back to see her picking up the phone. As she answered it she gave him an I’m sorry expression. He simply smiled back, trying to convey You have nothing to be sorry about.

As he made his way across the hallway, he heard Megan’s voice go up an octave, “Oh, hi, sweetie!” He realized that it was actually her daughter calling on her father’s cell phone. Feeling a degree of relief that it wasn’t, in fact, George calling, Jason was somberly reminded that a serious conversation was going to have to be had soon, probably before they pursued any further sexual activity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32