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    The Joy of Cocksucking Part 2    
          by Bill Beaumonte hoo)  

This work contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
As an aging cocksucker I”ve reflected upon the many wonderful experiences and gallons of cum I”ve swallowed. I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you.

    M y early days as a cocksucker were series of learning experiences. One of my big surprises was just how many cocksuckers there were out there. I have no idea of the number, but I was sadly mistaken to learn that I wasn”t a scarce commodity. Just the same, it was pretty easy to find guys to suck.

I”ve been married for nearly fifty years, and my wife has no idea that I”m a cocksucker. I give her no reason to suspect because I work my sucking into my normal routine, so there is no reason for her to suspect anything. I have a separate email account for sucking, and I never host. Instead, I meet guys, typically at their home, place of business, or other private place.

When I first began to suck, I wouldn”t swallow because I didn”t like the taste, and wasn”t sure if it would cause me any digestive upset. But the more I read about sucking the more I realized that swallowing was expected by many guys and appreciated by all. In addition, I noticed that the taste seemed to get better over time. I realized that my attitude about cum may have been influencing my taste perception.

Initially I thought of cum in my mouth as a rather vile thing, and that”s how it tasted. The more I sucked the more I began to see it as a reward for a job well done, and it began to taste better accordingly. Possibly it was simply an acquired taste as well. To this day, I truly appreciate the fact that cum has a very distinctive taste � unlike anything else, and truly welcome the warm load squirting onto my tongue. Whenever possible I try to avoid swallowing immediately, continuing to hold it in my mouth as I leave. There is something special about driving down the road with a mouthful of cum!

Most of the guys I blew in the first few months were in their cars, often early in the morning, around 6 or 7am, when it was still dark. I would meet them in a public parking lot, and they would get into my pickup truck. I had a large bench seat with a center armrest that folded up, allowing me plenty of room to lean over and do my work. It usually didn”t take very long, so in five to ten minutes my guy rewarded my efforts.

As my work changed, I found new ways to adapt my sucking. Instead of traveling one week out of the month I began to travel most weeks, with three or four cities regularly visited. I really don”t like the hassle of flying, so I tried to arrange work that I could drive to, tuzla escort typically in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio or Illinois. I posted for regulars in those cities, as well as along the way.

To line up guys along the way I posted “Traveling Cocksucker” notices, giving the dates of my travel and the route I was taking. My trips usually took three or four hours and I often had two or three blowjobs lined up along the way. That made the drive a lot more pleasant.

Some of the guys were just one-time sucks, while some became regulars. One of the one-time sucks I met in a shopping center parking lot. I was kind of nervous about sucking him in such a public place, but he assured me it was alright, and I got into the back seat of his car and sucked him off. It didn”t take long and soon I was on my way with a mouthful of cum!

Another stop was a farm along the way, with a couple of gay guys. I went to their house and we all got naked in their bedroom. I sucked both of them to erection and the guy with the bigger cock wanted to fuck me, put on a condom and lubed up. He lay on his back and I lowered myself onto him. It felt wonderful to feel him filling my ass. I began to ride his cock as his friend stood on the bed with his feet on either side of his friend, feeding me his cock. It was the first time I got it in both ends at the same time and it was incredible. They told me to stroke myself, which I did, but I feared that I might cum and it I”d lose my desire to finish. I knew that would be very embarrassing, so I did my best to hold back. However, it was so exciting that when the guy I was sucking came, I simply could delay no further, and I ended up shooting my load on the belly of the guy I was riding.

The guilt hit me, and I just wasn”t sure how to deal with the situation. The guy I was riding had yet to cum, but once I came, I lost my desire, and felt ashamed of what I”d done. However, I knew I owed the guy I was riding, so I continued to ride him. After a while he said, “Suck me the rest of the way,” so I pulled off him, and removed the condom. The first guy said, “Let me see you lick up your cum first.” I had no desire to do so, but did as instructed, but realized that it was my duty to do so. I licked up my cum, telling myself that I was a truly a promiscuous cocksucker, needing any and all cocks I could find. After licking up my cum I began to suck him, and it was different than before I came. No longer aroused, the blowjob was even more vivid to me. Before I came, I was in a something of an aroused fog as I sucked, but now I knew I was clearly a serial cocksucker, going from one cock to another, sucking any cock offered to me. When he came in my mouth it tasted especially strong, but in a good way.

As I drove off I began to think differently about the post-climax guilt � maybe it wasn”t such a bad thing � but just something I might just need to accept.

One of the guys I who became a tuzla escort bayan regular lived in Fennville, just south of Saugatuck, which had a large gay population. His house was back far from the road among some trees. I would drive back to the house and we would both strip down and walk around his yard naked. After a time we would find a suitable place and I”d blow him, sometimes in the traditional kneeling position, and sometimes I”d lay on the lawn and he would kneel over my head, slipping into my mouth. Sometimes he worked at a shop in Saugatuck, and I would park near the shop and go it. He would wait until there were no customers in the shop and then he would lock the door and close the shop. I”d blow him in the middle of the shop, which I found really hot.

As my experiences developed, I began to really love sucking in new and varied locations, though I was usually nervous about sucking in a public place. I feared getting busted with a cock in my mouth.

The next stage in my development came after meeting Bill, a true dom. I liked the way John had taken charge by talking dirty to me as I sucked, but Bill took things to a whole new level. I didn”t realize this at first, when I met Bill online. We chatted on Yahoo Messenger and he said before he would have me to his house I needed to prove my sincerity. That seemed perfectly reasonable to me, because I knew there were a lot of game players out there, and I was eager to prove that I was for real. I agreed to meet him in the parking lot of a busy shopping mall, expecting that we would go to somewhere more private. I spotted Bill”s car and parked nearby. I approached his car and he told me to get in. I did and was surprised when he took out his cock and offered it to me. I balked at sucking him in such a busy place, but he insisted, telling me that as long as my head was down nobody would see me sucking. While that was generally true, if somebody walked right by his car they could see.

Bill wouldn”t budge, so I leaned over and took him into my mouth. He began to tell me I was a good cocksucker, and asked me what I wanted. “Please cum in my mouth,” I begged. He assured me that I would get my reward if I earned it. I sucked my very best but after a while he stopped me. I really wanted to finish, but he said that would have to wait until I sucked him at home. He told me to stay down because people were nearby. I stayed down, hoping I wouldn”t be caught. Then Bill told me to get up. I did and he gave me his addressed and I agreed to come to his house the next day at 6:30am.

I left, glad that I”d proven my sincerity, but disappointed that I hadn”t received Bill”s load. I jacked off when I got home, aroused by replaying having given such a public blowjob. The next morning I arrived at Bill”s house at 6:30am. Bill greeted me wearing only a bathrobe. His wife had just left for work � he said I had a half hour to make him cum. We went down to his escort tuzla basement recreation room, where he had porn playing on his TV.

That”s when I began to learn more about doms. I learned that for a dom it”s all about control, and Bill enjoyed discovering my limits and pushing me beyond them. I began to blow Bill regularly and he told me to jack off while I sucked him. I told him that I needed to cum after he did, and he immediately homed in on this.

Doms also understand how much a cocksucker NEEDS cock, and my now he knew that I really needed it. He told me that I would have jack off before sucking him, and that once I cum, I BETTER suck him or there would be no more cock for me.

I was reluctant but I agreed, having no choice. I knelt before him with his cock in front of me and jacked off, cumming in my hand. He told me to lick it up, which I didn”t want to do, but he forced me, so I did. I didn”t really want to blow him at this time, but I knew that future blowjobs depended upon my performance, so I took him into my mouth. I know I didn”t suck as well as I usually did, but Bill held my head and face fucked me. It was a lot like an oral rape and at the time I just waited for it to be over. When he came I swallowed his load because I knew I had to. I left, feeling very used, and not sure I ever wanted to do it again.

On the way home I began to feel differently and soon found the memory of my oral rape to be very arousing! By the time I got home I needed to jack off. After this I eagerly jacked off for Bill before I blew him, welcoming his aggressive face fuck. Bill would often make me jack-off and squirt onto his cock and balls, then lick them off before sucking him off. Bill continued to push my limits. One day he said he wanted me to rim him, which I said I didn”t do. He assured me that I would, and in fact would ask to do it, if I wanted to continue sucking him.

I was in a bind � I sure didn”t want to stick my tongue up his ass, but I needed his cock, so I finally begged him to let me rim him. I didn”t have to do it long, for him it wasn”t about the rimming, it was about submitting to him, and I had just humiliated myself just to get a mouthful of his cum. I continued to suck Bill until his schedule changed, but we continued to chat online. After a time I lost track of Bill, but really liked submitting to a dom.

Most of the guys I sucked weren”t true doms, even though some appeared to be at first. I found the litmus test was when the asked if I rimmed. My standard response was, “I don”t normally rim men.” Most simply accepted that, which was a little disappointing, but some sould say, “You will for me!” I didn”t really like rimming a guy, but I did like being forced to rim. It may seem strange that I liked being forced to do something I didn”t like doing, but it”s mainly about submission.

Over the years I”ve occasionally connected with a dom, which was always welcomed, but most guys just wanted to get off, which was fine with me.

  To be continued . . .

Feel free to contact me with your comments or requests.
    �Bill Beaumonte hoo)

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