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The Kid met me at my car and we walked up the steps to his apartment. He’s 20, he’s a boy, and his dad is currently occupying his living room; needless to say I was terrified of what I would see when he opened the door. The first thing I saw was a full sized blow up mattress on the floor, a TV on mute, and piles of clothes; a couch shoved against the wall, but with the coats on it I assumed it doesn’t get much use. There were bags of trash propped against the wall in the kitchen. Before I could take any more information in I was being shoved against the bedroom door frame. He was kissing my neck, grabbing at my clothes; I could feel him hard against me. He grabbed my waist and led me backward into his room.

I’ve always thought that it’s awkward to walk backwards and I was a little overwhelmed trying not to fall over while continuing to kiss him. He doesn’t know me that well or else he wouldn’t make me multi-task. He pushed me down on the “bed” and my arm brushed against his dresser, knocking down a half eaten bowl of ramen and some left over milk in a plastic cup. We both just watched it fall, some of it landed on my hands and forearms as I try to shield myself from the mess, but most of it ended up on the floor. I continued to stare at this mess until he reached down and picked up one of the socks he kicked off and bahis firmaları wiped my arms clean. Let me say again, he used his dirty sock. Then he pushed me down on the “bed”, straddling me. As he kissed down my neck again, unbuttoning my cardigan I took a moment to look around his room. The “bed” we’re laying on was really just a mattress on top of a box spring. There were beer bottles all over his floor and his closet was a mess. He got my attention again because he pulled me up to a sitting position and yanked my dress over my head. I wrapped my legs around his waist and propped myself up on my elbows.

“You’re very forward,” I told him with what I hope was a flirtatious smile. He leaned in very close to my face, pulled my arms out from under me so I was laying back and whispered “shut up” before he started licking and kissing my neck again. Usually I’m a pretty strong female, but in the bedroom I love to be bossed around and punished when I don’t listen. He roughly pushed off my bra straps and instead of unhooking it like a normal person; he just pulled it down under my stomach and began biting my nipples. Of course I had to reach behind my back and undo it, to avoid stretching. Boys never think of things like that.

He continued to kiss down my body and very quickly all those thoughts of mine were quiet. kaçak iddaa He bit and sucked the inside of my thighs, teasing me. His hands pulling at my nipples, I pulled at his hair and even quietly begged him to touch me. He looked up at me while his tongue traced my panty line. “I am touching you.”

I let out a low moan and he kissed back up my body to lie next to me. I grabbed his hand, directing him back down to my waistband. He pulled back and completely backed off so he wasn’t touching me anymore. I leaned in to kiss him, but he pulled back. He was smiling wickedly. I leaned in again, this time grabbing his neck to pull him toward me. He pulled back again so I pushed him away. “Fuck you,” I told him. He looked surprised, laughed and then leaned in. “No, fuck you,” I said again rolling my body away from him.

He began to kiss the back of my neck and my shoulders and I couldn’t help but grind into him. He took my hand and placed it on the wetness between my legs, pushing his fingers into mine pushing into me. I turned to face him and he hungrily stared into my eyes. I didn’t notice the room anymore. I didn’t remember anything before him watching me.

My fingers were inside of my panties and my eyes went from his eyes, to his lips, to his hand working his shaft. He pushed his leg in between my thighs so my kaçak bahis hand was pressing not only against my clit, but his leg.

“I can feel your hand moving,” he said breathily. I opened my mouth, but no words come out, only a soft moan as I slowly began to hump his leg. I felt silly for a moment, but it felt too damn good to stop. I pushed myself into him eagerly, my face in his side to try to muffle my noises. I could feel his hand moving faster as we both became more excited and closer to climax.

I strained my neck to reach his ear, “I want to see you cum”. My legs were shaking and I knew I was close. As if he were waiting for me to ask he turned toward me and I felt his hot cum on my thighs. This brought me over the edge and I shuddered as my orgasm raced through my body.

We lay there for a few minutes; the only sound our heavy breaths. The aftershocks made my legs jumpy and he let out a low chuckle every time I shook. He reached over to grab the remote and turned on the TV, the news was on. He settled into his pillows, his dick shrinking but still proudly out. He picked up an already open beer and took a swig.

“Well. Thanks.” I said while picking up my strewn clothes. Then, I went to the bathroom to clean up, get dressed, and sneak out the other door while he watched the news and drank his beer.

Once I got to my car, my phone went off with a text message from The Kid: “You left without saying goodbye. That deserves a spanking. See you soon.” And at that moment I knew this was going to be an ongoing adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32