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“Well it’s like this, I had to pay out for school books, plus it was my brothers twenty-first birthday, and my car was written off by some car thief who wasn’t insured.” Reeled off Charlotte sitting opposite me.

I heaved a deep sigh and looked at my student. It was always the same; they were always pleading poverty and yet still going out from my boarding house every night drinking.

“So what do you expect me to do about it?” I asked bluntly keeping a stern look on my face. I wasn’t born yesterday but still managed to keep my forty-five-year body in good shape and thought I could still give these students a run for their money in the sack.

“I was wondering.” Awkwardly pondered Charlotte, “If I could.”

She ground to a halt, which was a pity as I was enjoying watching her squirm. She was a beautiful girl, petite with long shiny black hair down to the small of her back, Perky boobs with a neat butt and shapely legs.

It was one of the reasons I took her in without references. I stupidly dreamed of getting into her panties and having some girl on girl, boob to boob, pussy to pussy fun. That didn’t materialise. Instead, I was tortured with never-ending flashes of her tits when she sunbathed topless in the garden, or her wrap fell open when she was just out of the shower.

“I was wondering if I could pay you in kind,” She stuttered as she slowly brought her gaze up from the floor to look me in the eye.

“What do you mean?” knowing full well what she was hinting at but wanting to make sure she outlined her offer in black and white. Charlotte coughed and then pulled herself upright and smiled. She was presenting herself as captivatingly as possible arching her back, pushing her boobs forward, and trying to look as coquettish as possible.

“Do you,…er, like me?” She stuttered, finding it hard to keep eye contact. I looked at her as stoically as her eyes flitted up as she began to blush. She coughed and reposed herself and posed herself as sexily as possible, slowly bringing one leg over the other, showing her long legs off to her best advantage.

“Yes, of course, I do, I wouldn’t have put up with you all this time if I didn’t,” I answered without thinking as I had taken the bait, my eyes glued to her outer thigh stretching out from under her short plaid skirt.

She had lured me in as I was already wondering if she was wearing her white stockings or tights. My eyes probed around the hem of her short skirt looking for the give away patterned top of her stockings.

“Why do you ask?” I said as she slowly stroked the top of her upturned leg from her knee to the hem of her gathered skirt in her lap. Charlotte had grown in confidence at my confession as she gave me more eye contact and smiled.

She uncrossed her legs again, making sure to keep her knees together. I licked my lips as my eyes gazed, trying to access the delights of the dark cavern between her legs.

She had my blood simmering, and I needed to take control, “What do you mean to pay in kind?” resurrecting her previous statement.

Charlotte’s confidence drained visibly as she gathered herself for the crux of her speech. She gave a cough and lowered her eyes, her voice hesitating all the way in her indictment.

“Forgive me if I’m wrong,” she began apprehensively before slowly spelling out her message,” but word has it that you’re gay.”

This news came as no shock to me at all as my reputation for being ‘the old queen’ of the neighbourhood was well known.

“That’s right, what of it?” I boldly asserted.

Charlotte then took a huge breath and shuffled to the edge of her seat. She bowed her head in shame and then slowly spread her knees wide, pushing her short plaid skirt up, exposing her stocking tops. I licked my lips as Charlotte pushed herself on, her face blushing profusely. I kept my eyes on the goal as her skirt slowly spread and to my surprise revealed that she was sans panties. Charlotte’s head remained bowed as I observed her inviting neatly trimmed pussy.

I stared at her cute, neat vagina without a word causing her to degrade herself with every passing second, as she sat on the edge of the seat.

Although her sex was brazenly displayed, it was evident she was against her usual demeanour. Her head was turned acutely to one side still bowed as if looking away could ease the torment of the examination of her exposed pussy.

Her bahis firmaları pretty face was burning deep red something I found incredibly endearing.

I studied her for ages enjoying her humiliation. Charlotte was struggling to keep her legs wide apart and made several false starts to close them again.

“Well?” I eventually asked for fear of her changing her mind. Charlotte looked up her face dark crimson in her discomfiture.

“You get to have me once a day for a whole month,” she proposed in a low whisper.

I sighed inside for, at last, I had her in my web, and her young ripe body was going to be mine to do as I pleased with for a whole month. I kept my disingenuous visage, that of a stern face. Even though I was boiling over inside with elation, it was important not to give too much away.

“Those proposals were a bit vague,” I suggested causing Charlotte to quickly close her legs.

“No, no, no, hear me out with your legs spread, or I take action,” I boldly threatened bore of anxiety at losing the goodies on offer.

Charlotte looked up a little worried and slowly started to spread her legs to bare her pussy once more.

“Wider!” I demanded testing to see if I had complete control. This was the crucial moment, if she was going to surrender to me on my terms, she would obey. I nervously waited, the deal in the balance and sighed heavily as Charlotte did as she was told.

“Even wider!” I pushed.

“But?” She hesitated and now was the time to put her in her place.

“If you want to be my sex slave girl, you’d better do as you’re told!” I snapped.

Charlotte slowly forced her legs to spread wider. Making her ass move even closer to the edge of her chair. It spread her pussy as open as possible her inner pink winking at me. Her hands were on her knees, pushing her legs to keep them extended to the maximum.

I swallowed hard at such a sexually intoxicating sight. A pretty young girl in a short skirt, stockings with her legs spread were getting my panties wet.

I got down on my knees to inspect her cunt very close. So close, she could feel my breath on her. I looked up over her youthful hard breasts sexily bound in her tight top. I sighed inwardly elated that my plan had worked after all this time. This pussy and those boobs were going to be mine to suck and fuck for my pleasure.

Charlotte’s eyes were closed tight in her embarrassment, as it became blazingly evident that she had never experienced girl love before. I wondered how hard she had tried to get the money for the rent and feared she would change her mind and flee. As I looked at her tightly closed eyes and her nervously stiff body, I deduced that this was her last resort.

I looked at her strained face and made a show of intent as I knelt between her legs loudly licking my fingers. She let out a little squeak of apprehension, knowing she was soon to be used.

I licked my fingers slowly and at length, looking at her all the time enjoying her anguish as she was forcing her legs to stay spread against her typical nature.

I didn’t feel guilty in the least. This was payback time for all those teasing flashes of her breasts while she tanned herself topless in the garden. The times she came out of the shower and let her towel slip to the floor, exposing her young taunt wet body.

She would apologise profusely without a hint of shame as she slowly picked up her towel and half-covered herself.

“Oops!” She would smile, knowing she was making this lonely queen as horny as possible. I was sure she was provoking me deliberately. How many times can you come out of the shower and let your towel slip?

There were also the goodnight wishes in her short baby doll nightdresses. She’d come down from her room in her inadequate sexy nightie to get a night-time drink. Every single time she’d invite me in to find the sugar, the chocolate the spoons, or pretend there was something wrong with the kettle. It was always blatantly apparent where things were when I entered the kitchen.

Once I was there I was always invited to a titillating display of a twirling nightie, a flash of her tanned bottom. Bending over for a spoon was another of she would just engage me in conversation. It was challenging to keep my eyes off her perky tits pointing their way freely in her see-through nightie as the topic was always irrelevant.

Sometimes we would kaçak iddaa have a night of drinking wine when she would always become candid about her boyfriends and her sexual antics. I knew she was teasing me, and I should have stopped her somehow but being a desperate frisky woman in her prime meant she always had my attention.

She told quite brazenly of one boyfriend she would only let screw her from behind, as he would be quite savage on her tits when they screwed in the missionary position. She went into excessive detail of her ordeal even quickly showing an old bruise on her breast before her sexual embargo had been introduced.

I listened to her squirming in my moistening panties as she teased me on with her erotic tales. She’d always be dressed sexily teasing me on as we quaffed our wine. The night always ended with me alone in bed, fapping away to the imagery suggested by Charlotte in our drunken condition. I was always suspicious though and was sure I could hear her giggling outside my bedroom door one night as I worked my self up after one of her erotic tales.

On other occasions, I’d pass her open bedroom door at night.

I could hear her vibrator buzzing away. Her sounds were so intoxicatingly arousing I had to peek around the door and watch as she arched her back and caressed her exposed breasts.

I made many moves to get into bed with her, but she would suddenly jolt upright and hide the fact that she was masturbating.

“Can I help you?” She’d ask her face glowing in the moonlight as I stood awkwardly wanton in her bedroom.

“I thought you were calling for me?” An excuse that was wearing thin after three attempts to get into her panties.

“No, just talking in my sleep,” she’d lamely excuse despite having a vibrator on the go.

She had me in compromising positions too many times to be a coincidence, and I wondered what she was up to?

This time though I was in control.

I was sure she told her friends of her desperate landlady. So I knelt licking my fingers keeping her on tenterhooks on my oncoming penetration. I felt no mercy.

I held out my sopping wet fingers for her to see before I imposed my own rules.

“Look here,” I demanded as my saliva flowed down my finger.

Charlotte slowly turned her head and forced open her eyes.

She gulped hard with a face of apprehension as she observed my wet fingers.

“This is my proposal” I declared as I lightly ran my finger up and down her vagina causing an involuntary sigh.

I brusquely parted her pussy lips and burrowed forward to find her opening. Charlotte gasped as I slowly inserted my two fingers deep into her tight vagina.

Her widespread legs amplified the sensation, and they started to lightly tremor. She made a start to close her legs to give her some modesty, but I wasn’t going to allow that.

“Keep them spread wide,” I demanded pushing her stocking covered thighs back with my free hand.

Charlotte’s eyes closed as she groaned at my finger invasion working deep into her. She moaned and writhed as I took her to my knuckles and kept them stock-still for her sweet pussy to stretch around.

“You are going to be my little bitch, and I’ll be using you at least three times a day,” I stated as I slowly began to finger fuck her,

“I shall have you whenever and wherever I want, and you shall submit without question. Understand?” I asked louder, and I pushed into her harder, deeper and faster.”

“Oh!” She gasped, her head rocking back as her ass teetered on the edge of the seat, causing her legs to close slightly.

“Wider!” I instantly corrected, “Are those terms acceptable?”

“Oh Yes,” Charlotte gasped as she rocked, her cunt moistening with alacrity.

I introduced my thumb to her slit. Rubbing slowly up and down beside her hood causing her to rhythmically groan.

“You like that, don’t you, my horny little bitch?”

“Yes,” She whispered.

“What was that?” I asked as I added the third finger and shunted into her hard. Charlotte bent forward at the extra girth with-in her as I twisted my fingers.

“Oh, yes!” She declared her ass momentarily slipping in ecstasy on the edge of the chair. I could feel her vagina moistening and hear small gasps of pleasure. Her eyes closed as she began to purr, it was then I quickly withdrew my fingers.

I stood up before her, and she watched as I reached under kaçak bahis my skirt and quickly whipped down and off my panties and tights. I sat back on my chair.

“Okay, it’s a deal,” I declared, but only if you pass the next test.

Charlotte looked at me nervously with her incongruent face with her spread legs, and puffy worked upon pussy.

“Let’s see how good you are at eating pussy?” I pronounced. I pulled my skirt up and spread my legs.

“Eat!” I ordered, and Charlotte got off her seat and got her head between my legs. Her tongue lightly caressed the lips of my pussy, and I gasped. With-in a minute I sighed to myself “At last, this girl knows how to eat pussy and for the next month it was going to be the essence of her diet.

3 months later.

She was the one I wanted. Alicia was sitting opposite me as an erotic queen of the suburbia, young, intelligent and incredibly sexy. I prayed she was a lesbian to feed upon in my desperate desire.

I had interviewed many young girls to share my flat with the sole purpose of getting into their pants, but no one had compared to this goddess before me. She had a soft face with big doe blues eyes, white porcelain skin and breasts that were testing the binds of her bra and blouse.

“I’m studying the classic’s,” she said as she twirled her long black shiny hair with her well-manicured fingers. Her soft velvet voice beguiled me as she eulogised over the romantic words of Byron, Keats and Wordsworth.

She could have been studying jelly babies and silver spoons for all I cared as my pulse raced as she crossed her long legs. She recited verse upon verse solemnly patting her heaving cleavage. Her striking red talons juxtaposed against her milky white breast and blouse, so lost in her love for the written word.

“How much is it?” she nervously asked, “the room and the site of this place are ideal for me.” She gushed, crossing her long legs again, accidentally giving me a glimpse of her hidden treasures of black silk and lace stocking tops.

I told her my price, and she visibly deflated. “Oh dear I must have misread the advert I’m sure it was less than that,” she lamented while reaching for her handbag, “I knew it was too good to be true, oh well sorry to have wasted your time.”

“Wait, how much were you thinking of paying, I’m sure we could work something out?”

She told me her price, and I picked up my note pad. I scribbled aimlessly while studying her assets, imagining m,y head buried in her breasts and our legs locked as scissors grinding our sensitive regions to a heady abyss.

“Hello?” she politely interrupted, making me jump out of reverie.

“Sorry,” I startled,” I was deep in thought.”

“I could see,” laughed Alicia.

I laughed and looked at my pad, “Let’s see how things go and for the time being I’ll accept your offer.

I looked at my pad, it said, “I want to eat her!”

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her beautifully shaped butt as her ass cheeks sexily rolled in her tight black skirt as I escorted her out. The electric sizzle of the static from her stockings was an erotic symphony to my ears. It gave me the urge to slide my hand up her skirt and into her panties from behind.

I was ecstatic until she opened the door and turned immediately. “Oh, is it all right if my friend comes to stay once and a while, I don’t mean much, like once every three months?”

I sighed inside mentally seeing this bird fly away from my predatory talons. “I suppose so,” I huffed indifferently; thinking I had wasted my time.

“That’s good but I have one big favour to ask,” she said, suddenly becoming very bashful, which was totally different from her demeanour in the interview. “Would you also mind if my, er friend is a girl? I’m, well, I’m how would I put it, er Bi-sexual.”

I brightly gushed my mind lighting up with all sorts of bi imagery. “Phew! That’s a great weight off my mind if I knew you were Bi I wouldn’t have been so nervous,” she laughed.

“How do you know I’m Bi?” I asked, slightly curious.

“The way your face lit up and said, “of course not!” It’s always great to meet a sister.”

As soon as she said that and I became instantly drunk on her fragrance as we went intoxicatingly breast-to-breast as she gave me a huge hug. She kissed me on the cheek and ran off with a wave. “Bye!” I shouted behind her and watched her walk down the street. I closed the door behind me and lent back on it, taking big gulps of air as my arousal was signalled by my wetness. I put my hand to my ‘V’ and gasped. I ran upstairs hoping my vibrator batteries were well charged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32