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[This story is about a choice a daughter makes and how she makes it happen. I put the story in Incest/Taboo so I won’t offend as many people as if it were in Erotic Couplings. BTW, the stream is in Colorado.]


As often as I can I go fishing. I have four special places I like to go. They are all beautiful, peaceful and never crowded. One place I go is the secret place my Dad showed me when I was fourteen. As I stand in the stream playing my fly line out time after time I can think about whatever and often I remember the special times I had with my Dad.

In October I had a weekend off and I let my wife and daughter know I was going fishing. I had the “Honey-Do” list handled and no social engagements scheduled. Soon the snows would come and, for me, the fishing would be over until spring. My daughter, Victoria, helped me pack my truck and asked if I wanted company. She didn’t know that I knew she had a date for Saturday night. I was honored that she would offer to cancel the date to come with me. I told her I needed some alone time but soon we would spend some special time together. She asked where I was headed and I smiled and said, “Dad’s spot.”

She smiled. The weekend after she turned eighteen I had taken her there for the first time and shared Dad’s secret place with her. From the time I was fourteen, my Dad and Vic were the only people I had ever seen at our spot. My wife liked to camp but didn’t like fishing. She had never gone to the spot because she knew I’d stand in the water all day and she’d be bored. I worked hard to make sure I went camping as often as I went fishing. I love Bonny and love camping with her. Before Vic was born we camped often and slept naked in our little tent. After Vic was born we still found ways to sex up a camping trip.

Now, when I was going fishing, Bonny always made the night before the trip an exciting romp in our bedroom. “Just a little something for you to think about when you’re standing in cold water.” She would say as I was dick deep in her hot, wetness.

Vic kissed my cheek as I opened the door to my truck and said, “I love you, Dad. Please be safe.”

I promised her I would, told her I loved her, waved at my wife standing in the doorway to the house and drove away. On the drive I thought about what a lucky man I was. Great job, great wife and daughter, beautiful place to live, and a private fishing spot.

I parked less than a quarter mile from the stream, set up my tent and campsite down near the stream, and got ready to wade into the stream to fish. The air had the crisp smell and feel of winter coming. It was still morning and the temperature was about forty-five degrees. The sky I could see through the trees was bright blue and a slight breeze was blowing in from the west.

My first cast floated through the air downstream about thirty yards and just as the fly was about to touch the water a trout came out of the water and took it! I set the hook and the dance began. My smile was wide thinking that this was going to be a great weekend! The trout ran away and then turned back. I reeled in the line at every opportunity and watched the pole bend as the trout fought to get free. It took time and I loved the contest and soon I reached into the very cold water to take hold of the fish. It was at least three pounds and beautiful, a fish to be proud of.

I unhooked it and let it go back into the water. Two seconds later it was gone. After standing for a few moments relishing the events I cast the fly out again. And, again.

Vic was helping her mom with a project Bonny was doing for the local hospital. My wife, Bonny, belonged to a quilting group that made and gave baby quilts to new parents. Three babies had been born in the last two days and Bonny was getting three quilts wrapped to deliver.

They talked and laughed as they got the quilts ready. Vic marked on the tally sheet the three quilts to be delivered. That made eighty-seven quilts the group had made and given that year. They got in Bonny’s SUV and headed for the hospital. Vic turned on the local teen station and they listened to it as they drove.

In the hospital they delivered the quilts to the three families with new babies. Both Vic and Bonny held the newborns. Everyone laughed when one of the babies did her best to nurse from Vic. Her ample “C” cup breasts were too inviting a target to resist.

On the way home Bonny switched to her station on the radio. The news came on and the male voice said, “Looks like tonight is the night winter arrives. The National Weather Service tells me that it will start snowing at about six this evening and continue until Monday. Lows tonight will be thirty in the valley and mid-twenties in the surrounding mountains. We expect six inches of snow from this storm. Tomorrows highs will be thirty-five in the valley and thirty-two in the mountains. Bundle up folks!”

Bonny looked at Vic and said, “You know where Dad is, don’t you?”

Victoria nodded.

“Drop me off at home. Dress warm and go get him. Take my SUV. I’ll make a thermos bostancı escort bayan of coffee for you to take with you.”

“OK. While you make coffee, I’ll call Carl. We were going out tonight.”

“You want him to go with you?”

“No. Tonight was going to be our last date. He has been seeing someone else.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

Twenty minutes after they parked at home Vic was back in the SUV and headed for me. She had dressed for winter. Silk long sleeved undershirt and leggings, her Levis, hiking boots, long sleeved shirt and heavy jacket. She strapped the thermos into the passenger seat and headed for me.

I caught four more trout and was having a great time. Maybe it’s a male thing, I don’t know, but I didn’t notice the clouds starting to arrive over me. I ate the sandwiches Bonny had made for me while I stood in the stream.

I heard the SUV and heard the door close when Vic got out. I turned and watched as Vic walked into view. She wasn’t smiling. I thought something had happened between her and Carl. I waded out of the water and stood at the water’s edge.

“Dad, a big storm is coming in. They expect snow and below freezing tonight.”

“Ok. Nothing has happened yet. Let me get packed up and we’ll head home.”

The words were no sooner out of my mouth and the cold wet rain mixed with snow started falling. The wind picked up and quickly became a hard blow. I handed my fishing gear to Vic and started taking the tent down. I did the emergency take down. I pulled the stakes and carried the tent with my sleeping bag inside towards our vehicles.

Between my tent and my truck I needed to wade the stream. Earlier, when I had started fishing it had been nuts deep. As I waded in, carrying the tent over my head, it was six inches deeper and moving faster. I struggled and made it to the bank. One step later I lost my footing and crashed backwards. I threw the tent forwards as I went back into the water. Vic saw me fall back into the water.

The water was brutally cold and filled my waders and soaked me and my clothes making me weigh a lot more than when I’m dry. It was moving fast enough that with the extra weight and drag I was having trouble getting back up.

“Dad!” I heard her scream. Seconds later her hands grabbed my arm and helped me stand. She was as wet as I was. Out of the water I got out of the waders and saw that both of us were shivering. We carried the tent and the waders back to our vehicles. Once there I tossed the tent in the truck and said, “Follow me and we’ll be Ok.”

I opened the door to the truck and as I sat down we heard a crash. A sixty foot dead pine had fallen across the road. We weren’t going anywhere!

Vic opened the back door of the SUV and put the seat flat. “Get the sleeping bag!” She yelled. I opened the tent and grabbed the double sleeping bag. We put it in the back of the SUV and then we got in the front of the SUV. I was shivering so hard I was having trouble even opening the door.

Vic finally got the SUV started and turned the heater and defroster on. She looked over at me as the heat started flowing and said, “We’re screwed!”

“How much gas do we have?”

“Half a tank.”

“We can survive until the storm ends. Then we can walk out and get help.”

“The radio said it would last until Monday.”

“Damn! I guess this wouldn’t be the time to recommend we go skinny-dipping.”

“We may freeze either way.”

“We will if we stay in these wet clothes. Climb in the back and get undressed and into the sleeping bag. It’ll hold in your body heat and you’ll warm up.”

She did as I asked. I watched the storm out the window. I didn’t want to embarrass her by watching. I thought about looking, but I didn’t.

“Dad, this is a double bag. I can unzip them and we both can have one!”

“Great! Get in yours and then I’ll get undressed and into mine.” I opened the thermos and took one drink of the coffee. A minute later I stopped shaking. About the time Vic said she was in her bag I started shaking again. I gave her the thermos and she drank some of the hot coffee.

“Here I come.” I said. I worked my way out of my clothes and climbed over the seat. Vic had zipped my bag half way up so it was easy to get in. She faced the window on her side while I undressed and got in my bag. Being dry felt good but I was still very cold. My watch read 5:18pm. In less than an hour it would be dark.

“Are you warming up?” I asked.

“Yes. I stopped shivering.”

“I think we need to shut off the motor and wait before we start it again. It will get cold but later we can warm up again.”

I leaned forward and turned the key. The sounds of wind and the storm outside kept us aware of the storm. The windows were white. We couldn’t see anything.

“How come Carl didn’t come with you?”

“I found out he has been driving over to Creede to be with a girl there. He’s having sex with her. He and I are done.”

“Is this where I say I never liked him anyway?”

“No. I liked him. I just ümraniye escort can’t let anyone treat me like that. All my friends will find out what he’s doing and I end up looking like a fool. The relationship wasn’t the one I’ve wanted anyway. He was just a guy to date.”

“Ok. I like how you think.”

“You should. I learned from you.”

We talked for a while then Vic said she thought she would take a nap. I said I would wake her every so often to make sure she was Ok. It was quiet in the SUV.

When I hit the button on my watch the face lit up and I read 7:22pm. I leaned out of my bag and started the SUV. The wind from the heater and defroster were cold but within a few minutes warmed the inside of the SUV to almost warm. The snow on the windows melted and we could see the darkness, but nothing else.

“Daddy, I’m afraid.” Vic’s voice was a whisper.

“We’ll make it. Are you hungry?”

“The MRE’s!” She remembered the MRE’s I had in the SUV and in my truck, just in case. Bonny had given me heck when I bought them. I twisted around and opened the storage bin in the back. Six MRE’s. I pulled one out and we shared it. It wasn’t great food but it was edible and we were both grateful for it.

While we ate I noticed that the sleeping bag fell away from Vic’s chest and in the very dim light I could see her breasts. I hadn’t seen her naked since she got her first bra. I knew she wasn’t a little girl but I was stunned at just how beautiful she was.

I tried not to look. It didn’t work. Vic saw that she was exposed and that I saw her.

“It’s not like they are a surprise. I’ve had them for years.”

“Yes, I know. I’ve never seen them naked before.”


“You’re my daughter. How you look naked is no longer appropriate for me to see. Dads don’t look at their daughters.”

“Dads stop doing lots of things. You backed away from me when I first developed. I stopped getting hugs and we stopped wrestling. You barely ever touch me.”

“I didn’t want to touch you and embarrass either of us.”

She was quiet for a while. “I hated my tits for a long time. They made you stop loving me.”

“No! I never stopped loving you!”

“It felt like you did. You didn’t even look at me when I wore a bathing suit or shorts! On my eighteenth birthday you brought me here and I knew you loved me again.”

“Vic, I’m so sorry you felt that way. I didn’t know what to do.”

“I’ve always known that you really wanted a boy. Mom told me that when she said she wanted to name me Victoria your reaction was, “Ok. I’ll call her Vic.”

“Everyone in my family has a nickname. I didn’t care if you were a boy or a girl. I just wanted you to be healthy.”

“When I was little Mom wanted my hair long and curly. Remember when I cut it really short?”

“I remember. Bonny cried for weeks.”

“I cut it for you, Dad. With my hair short I looked like a boy.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I can’t look like a boy anymore. My tits make that impossible. I want you to love me. I want you to love me because I am a woman. I want to be Victoria.”

“Oh.” It was over sixty degrees in the SUV and I shut off the engine. We hunkered down in our bags and tried to stay warm as long as possible. Long pauses passed in our conversation.

“Victoria, I don’t know how to be your Dad when you are such a beautiful woman.”

“Why not?”

“If I look at you and take in how beautiful you are I’ll spend a lot of time with physical reactions to you.”

“You mean looking at me turns you on?”

I couldn’t answer. I didn’t want to blurt out that I got hard when I really looked at her. I searched for the right words.

“That’s a good way to put it. There have been plenty of times when I couldn’t get up because someone would have noticed I was excited. You’re beautiful. I’m not immune to that just because I’m your Dad.”

“Oh! I wish I had known! I always thought you stopped seeing me as anything other than a ten year old little girl. I thought you only wanted me to be a little girl so you could continue to pretend I was a boy.”

“I can’t even help Bonny with the laundry any more because your bras and things get to me.”


The wind outside slowed and the temperature dropped some more. When I started to shiver inside my sleeping bag I started the SUV again.

“Thanks Dad. I was shivering.”

“Me too.”

We shared some coffee. It was just warm but felt good. I turned on the dome light so I wouldn’t spill the coffee. Victoria sat up and I got a good look at her chest again. I was glad she couldn’t see my erection. I kept looking away.

“Daddy, look at me.” It wasn’t a command. It was a plea. I looked. She lifted her breasts in her hands and said, “I’ve always wanted you to see them and me and love me.”

“I do love you. You are a beautiful woman.” I watched as her nipples tightened. Her areola were puffy and when her nipples tightened they stuck out proudly towards me. It was plenty warm in the SUV cabin.

Victoria escort kartal let go of her breasts and leaned toward me. I wondered what she would do. She grabbed the sleeping bag over my lap and pulled it away, exposing my hard cock.

She let the sleeping bag go and said, “You do see me! You do see me as a woman!”

I shut off the engine, shut off the light and squirmed down into my bag. I didn’t know what to say and had no idea what to do, other than nothing. Time passed and it got cold again.

“Daddy. Have you napped at all?”

“No. One of us needs to be awake. I let you sleep.”

“I have plenty to think about. Sleep if you can. Give me your watch and I’ll start the car and warm us up in a couple hours.”

I gave her the watch. When she took it her fingers felt cold. I felt cold too. Not freezing, but damn cold. I did fall asleep.

“Daddy! Wake up!” I heard Vic’s voice calling me. I made it to the surface and she said, “Daddy, can you hear me?”

“I’m awake.” I said.

“The car won’t start. It’s three in the morning and I’m freezing. I almost couldn’t wake you. What can we do Daddy?”

I worked hard to stay awake. My body wanted to go back to sleep and die. I remembered the snow survival training I had. We had joked about it back then but I knew it was our best chance.

“We need to zip the bags together and share body heat, sweetheart. If we don’t we will die.”

As fast as we could manage it we zipped the bags together and pressed our naked bodies together. I turned Victoria away from me and I spooned up behind her. Her back and ass were so cold I wondered if we were too late.

We weren’t. Our shivering stopped and we both went to sleep. Neither of us could stay awake. Both sleeping wasn’t a good idea, as we might freeze, but we fell asleep anyway.

When I opened my eyes it was light outside. The sun was hitting the side of the SUV. Victoria had turned and was facing me. Her chest was pressed against mine. My morning hard on was between her thighs. Her head was against my chest. My arms held her close to me. I lay there holding my eighteen year old daughter, feeling her next to me, really feeling her as an adult woman for the first time. I thought about touching her as a man touches a woman. I thought about how that touch could ruin the relationship we had. I wondered if just being naked together would damage our relationship. My head tried to fathom how Victoria’s mom, our friends, and her friends would react if they found out. When we lived through this we would go back to seeing each other clothed. I was not going to have sex with my daughter!

I needed to get our clothes dry. To do that I needed a fire. My thoughts went to how to get that done in the snow, naked at thirty-something degrees.

Victoria moved. Her hand grasped my cock and it throbbed.

“Daddy.” Her voice was a low whisper.


“All night long I’ve been touching you.”

“I’ve been holding you, too.”

“Nick, I’ve been holding your cock.” She had never called me Nick in her entire life. I had never heard her use the word cock.

“Is that such a good idea?”

“It got hard when you saw my tits! It got hard when I touched it.”

“I am a man. A man would need to be blind to not be affected by seeing you naked or being touched by you.”

“I am naked. I’m holding your cock. I want you to make love to me.”

“Are you crazy? I’m your Dad. If I make love to you it will…”

“It will what? Make me pregnant? No, it won’t. Mom got me put on birth control pills six months ago. Ruin our relationship? I don’t think so. For the first time in my life, I’m actually happy I’m not a boy. I’m happy my tits are against your chest. I’m glad you’re holding me against your body. I want you inside me.”

“God! I love you and this is what I was afraid of almost ten years ago. Can I resist the sexual nature of my own daughter?”

“Don’t resist!”

I didn’t move. Victoria did. Her hand slowly stroked me. I felt her gather my pre-cum and spread it around on the head of my cock. Her other hand went between her legs and she brought that hand up to my face. I could smell her juices. She smelled so wonderfully. She watched as she rubbed her wet finger tips on my lips. She pressed her fingers into my mouth.

I was tasting my daughter! She took her fingers back and dipped them in her honey again. When the fingers came back up I opened my mouth and sucked them in. I savored her taste. She released my cock and took my hand to her breast.

“Squeeze my tit, please. Have me.”

My hand held her breast and her nipple hardened in my palm. She rolled me onto my back and as she did she slid herself onto my cock. No hands. She inserted me into her like we were meant to fit together that easily. Victoria lifted up just a little and looked in my face. I saw her breasts hanging and swaying as she moved above me.

“Thank you. Thank you. Now, I am the woman I want to be.” Tears fell from her face to my chest. She rocked back and forth. Slowly at first and then faster and faster. I held her breasts and kissed her. As her pace became more frantic I kissed her neck and ears. I unzipped the sleeping bags a little and she lifted her ass and slammed down on me. I felt the wet, hot walls of her holding and sliding on me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32