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A note from the author: This is a work of fiction and fantasy. It’s not meant to be realistic. I do run my work through Grammarly and it catches most of the mistakes. I have always had difficulty with spelling. Just hang in there I’ll do the best I can. BDSM and taboo content is not for everyone just like mint or cherry ice cream isn’t for everyone.

Ch. 3: Home for the Holidays

The smell of a fresh pine tree greeted me when I arrived home. A beautiful 12-foot Christmas tree decorated in classic white lights and red bobbles stood prominently in the center of the grand foyer. The stair rails and banisters at the top were covered in garland. A typical Hallmark Christmas. A few wrapped gifts sat under the tree. I had given the task of gift buying for the staff to mom. It seems that she has done well so far.

“It’s beautiful Teddy,” Izzy exclaimed, wrapping her arms around my waist.

“Your mother and Ms. T outdid themselves on decorating. Ms. T offered to help your mother wrap gifts but she was adamant about doing that herself.” Jon replied.

“Izzy, will you go help momma finish wrapping the gifts for the staff. I have my own gifts I need to wrap before tomorrow. Tim and Morgan, would you mind helping me with those in the office?” I say kissing Izzy before we part.

Once in my office, I lock the door. I don’t want Izzy or anyone else for that matter peaking on their gifts. Jon had been given instructions to store the gifts in the secret room that my grandfather made into a dungeon. My assistants and I get to work wrapping presents for my family. I message Bill to pick up a few gifts for his son and daughter and to wrap them for me. I hadn’t had time to shop for Tim and Morgan. They were only added to my family Tuesday when they became my assistants in California.

Christmas Eve is tomorrow and it’s hard to believe how quickly my life was changed and how normal it feels now. Bill would be flying in tomorrow evening as a surprise for his children. I have my first appearance on the local Fox News channel taking over my grandfather’s spot on the Saturday morning hours. Luckily my best friend and fashion consultant, Anthony, will be here later tonight to help me look my best.

We finish with my gifts just before lunch. With the gifts added to the tree, it’s really looking like Christmas. One thing is for sure, I missed Ms. T’s cooking. I can do alright for myself but after a week of my cooking, let’s just say Ms. T is much superior in the kitchen. At lunch, Ms. T asked me about the menu for Christmas day. We decided on Lasagna with salad and garlic bread. I wanted something simple for her so she could enjoy the time with the family.

Mom and Izzy have finished wrapping the staffs’ gifts. Some of the presents line the walls so we don’t block the walkway. On the walls of the stairways, stockings have been hung. I tried to help with the stocking stuffers but Jon said that the stockings were his tradition since he started working for my grandpa.

Tim has been in contact with the news studio making sure we have everything set for the morning. Morgan has been handling simple business emails for me making sure the companies are doing alright. Izzy has banned the discussion of business till after the first of the new year. I’m okay with that, this is the holidays and my time should be focused on family and loved ones.

Seeing that we finished our preparations early, I broke out 8 decks of cards for a card game called Hand and Foot. It’s a game grandpa had taught me a few Christmases back. The game has properties of canasta, rummy, and phase 10. Surprisingly Tim and Morgan didn’t need to be taught how to play. I guess they spent more time with gramps than I thought. We played 2 games of teams, Jon and Ms. T won the first and Izzy and I won the second. Anthony finds us at the table and greets us all with a hug.

Now that Anthony is here it’s time to head to the closest to figure out what to wear on the air. Anthony has been doing his homework by watching former clips of grandpa’s appearances.

“We want it to be similar to how your grandpa did the show, but still make it your own. Ken always wore a button-up shirt, vest, and slacks. I’m thinking we roll up the sleeves on the button-up, keep the vest, and trade the slacks for crisp blue jeans. It’ll be comfortable but still dressy enough.” Anthony rattles off as he puts together an outfit.

I’m handed the outfit to try on while Anthony and Izzy catch up. It’s a simple white button-up paired with a charcoal gray vest. I roll up my sleeves, put on a brown belt and a pair of brown loafers. If there is anything I’ve learned from Anthony over the years it’s don’t forget the accessories. I grab a pocket watch that has a photo of my grandparents, taken a few weeks before grandma passed, inside. The subtle chain droops from the buttons of the vest to the pocket. Outfit approved.

I carefully undress so wrinkles don’t set in overnight. We head downstairs for dinner before turning alsancak escort bayan in early for the night. Between the stress of traveling and the 3 am call time at the studio, a good night’s rest is much needed. 2 am comes too quickly for my liking. I drag myself out of bed and into the shower.

It’s odd to be showering alone for the first time in weeks. The typical waltz in the spray is an awkward solo sway. I’m now wide awake thanks to the shower and begin to dress. Once ready I slip out of my room seeing Tim doing the same. We head down for a quick bite for breakfast before Dave, my driver takes us to the studio.

Tim checks us in and I’m led to hair and makeup. We talk with the crew making light conversation. It’s a pleasure to see the anchors, Chad and Amy, again. Soon it’s just before 4 and places are called. On Saturday mornings the anchors sit at a breakfast table in a kitchen set up. I’m sitting in between Chad and Amy with an earpiece and a mic.

“Good morning Nashville.” Amy and Chad say together before trading the morning’s headlines. Chad introduces me as I’m drinking a sip of coffee.

“Good morning, glad to be here,” I responded, flashing a smile. Chad gives the first story of the day. We banter back and forth before Amy sends us to the weather. We take a commercial break and I ask if anyone’s hungry. A few of the crew nod and I send Tim to grab some eggs, bacon, grits, and biscuits to cook. The producer is in my ear trying to figure out what I’m doing. I pull out my earpiece in response. We come back from commercials and swap headline stories, one of which is my hand in the orphanage football game and wildfire support.

When we go off air again Tim is back with several bags of breakfast items I grab an apron and the pans I’ll need and get the biscuits going in the oven. I see Tim was able to grab fixings for tomato gravy and breakfast potatoes. While I’m chopping potatoes we are counted back to live feed.

“Welcome back and good morning to those that are just joining us. It seems our special guest, Mr. Ted Pine, has gone rogue. What are you up to Ted?” Chad asks undoubtedly under the demand of the angry producer in the control room.

“Well Chad, I asked during a commercial break if anyone was hungry and I received a majority response for food. I’m sure the producer is trying to get me out of here by way of security in which case one of three things is going on. Number 1, I’m way off about your producer and I’ll apologize later. Number 2, the security team is just as hungry and are waiting for me to finish cooking before kicking me out. Number 3, which is the most likely, My assistant, Tim is currently showing security and the angry producer lady that I own the station as my grandpa left in his will.”

I finish cutting the potatoes, onions and begin cutting bell peppers. I start the bacon as everyone in the studio finally realizes what I’m saying.

“Wait, did you just say that Kenny owned the station and left it to you in his will?” Amy summarizes for the few that haven’t connected the dots.

“That is exactly what I’m saying, Amy. As far as the cooking is considered I can’t have my employees starving. Consider it a new Saturday morning tradition. This morning I’m serving you the same breakfast I had the first morning of being named heir to the Pines fortune.”

“Well I can’t argue with the boss then can I.” Chad throws in for a chuckle. The anchors go back to telling the news and I reinsert my earpiece. When we cut to another break the producer comes on set still fuming. She begins yelling and screaming at me, I speak in a soft voice in response to her outburst. I never raised my voice and after she said her peace I gave her 2 options: she can either go back to the control room and be a team player, or she can go home.

She chose to go home. We come back to the live feed. Everyone is silent so I do what any person on camera would do.

“Welcome back and good morning to those of you just joining us. It seems we are in need of a new producer. Applications can be dropped off at the station starting the day after Christmas. I’m just about finished with breakfast if yall will catch everyone up on this morning’s headlines.” I say with a smile as Amy picks up on the cue to continue the broadcast.

I start plating the meal motioning to the camera crew to lock in on their shots and come sit to eat the meal. I have Tim grab some plates to take to the control room. Finally, I carry a tray of food to the main anchors’ table and pull the weather guy over to join us. A few of the camera crew are finished and they work the cameras to show a wide-angle of the cast enjoying breakfast.

“Now that breakfast is served, we can do a proper interview. What do you say Chad and Amy?” I ask as I sit down to join the feast.

“Well, I must admit this smells delicious! Where did you learn to cook like this?” Chad ask

“I’ve worked every position in a restaurant that alsancak escort bayan I had no idea my grandfather owned. Kenny was a man of many secrets and surprises.”

“Why are you so easy to talk to?” Amy asks before taking a bite of biscuit covered in tomato gravy.

“I’ll put it this way Amy, I came from nothing. I worked my way through college. I never asked my family for help because I never knew about the wealthy life my grandfather had. In a letter he left for me, he said he wanted me to understand the value of hard work and tough life. Money has a tendency to change people. I’m just trying to stay me. Let’s face it, I could have just had breakfast catered but instead, I cooked because it holds more value that way.”

“That makes sense now that I think about it. You acted similarly at the gala and at the wildfires. You put others first and yourself second. Kenny would be proud.” Chad says, giving me a nod of understanding.

“Any plans for the holidays?” Amy ask

“Just a lot of time with loved ones. I think a small wedding for my fiance and me will happen at midnight on New Year’s. I feel it would be a new chapter for a new life in the new year. With that, I believe we are out of time. On behalf of my family and the Fox 17 crew have a Merry Christmas Nashville and God bless.” I sign us off the air and watch a camera pan across the set while everyone eats.

The crew pitch in to wash up the dishes. Everyone is smiling and having a good time. It’s amazing what a good meal can do. Tim and I fix up some sandwiches for the lunch crew and a crockpot stew for the night crew. We say our goodbyes and Dave drives us home.

Tim and I discuss the business plans for the following month on the way home. I want to spend a week in each country where we have a major business. So far the list contains England, Switzerland, Australia, and Japan. Staying in Europe for two weeks gives me a few days for a honeymoon. So we’ll stay in London first and make our way east, finishing in Japan.

Once home Tim begins to work out details for travel on January 4th. Tim will leave on the 1st in the afternoon to prepare for any last-minute issues that may occur. I only see Tim in passing throughout the remainder of the day. While I’m in my office Morgan sits on the loveseat typing away on her laptop. Even though we are only feet from each other, I receive a direct message from her asking me what time I would like to go with Anthony to pick out a suit for the wedding and if I needed help with picking out the wedding bands.

“Seriously, we’re in the same room, Morgan. Is it really necessary to DM me? Noon on the 27th works for me, and yes I would love your help with the bands. Unless it’s something secret or someone else is in the room just say what you need to know out loud.” I say with a chuckle.

“Ok, I just didn’t want to interrupt your concentration over there by saying it out loud. I’ll let Anthony know about the day and time. Your mother and Izzy will be out the same day looking at dresses. I’ll send Tim with them to offer a guy’s perspective.” Morgan giggles as she realizes how funny it was to send a message to a person 4 feet away.

The rest of the day was spent answering emails and party planning for the wedding on New Year’s Eve. Jon will preside over the wedding as he is a notary of the public. Ms. T is whipping up something special for the wedding cake. Bill will be flying in as well as Chuck.

At 5 o’clock we shut down the office, Morgan takes my laptop up to my room in case I decide to work on some early morning emails tomorrow. Izzy made it clear that I can only work on Christmas morning till 8 am. That was final. Christmas was to be spent with friends and family not looking at a computer screen and answering phone calls all day.

Dinner as always was fantastic. I will definitely miss Ms. T’s cooking next month. We gathered in the living room to open a Christmas Eve gift. It’s a tradition that I’m hoping to start. Everyone received a set of Christmas pajamas, a box of movie snacks, and a mug for cocoa. The Christmas pajamas were identical and were to be worn tomorrow morning for breakfast and family presents. Ms. T poured everyone a cup of hot cocoa while I set up Disney’s Santa Clause for us to watch as a family of mixed-matched misfits. After all, a family doesn’t have to share blood to be a family.

Jon brought us all some pillows and blankets to curl up with. I laid on the floor with Izzy’s head on my chest. Mom curled up on the other side of me. Tim and Morgan laid on the couch with Tim’s arms over his sister’s waist pulling her closer to him. Jon took a recliner opposite Ms.T.

Other members of the staff laid or sat in any open space. The movie was wonderful. Gathered around so many people that became family so quickly just warmed my heart. I could feel grandpa looking down at me at this moment smiling. This is, no doubt, how they treated him on the holidays he couldn’t escort alsancak be with us. Mom must have felt it too because she kissed my forehead and whispered “I know.”

By the ending credits, some were asleep others on the verge of sleep. I woke up Izzy and we made our way to our room for the evening. She decided to give me a present early, in the way of a sloppy blowjob. She pulled out every technique she had gagging, deepthroating, moaning, you name it. I was kept on edge for nearly 20 minutes. My cock red and throbbing in anger was covered in enough DNA to film an episode of Law and Order SVU.

When I finally was let over the edge I shot strand after strand of cum down my sister’s throat. She guzzled it down like a champ. I passed out from fatigue and when I came to Izzy was nursing on my cock like a calf on an udder. I went to sleep a happy and exhausted man.

Overnight light snow has blanketed the yard in a thin layer of white. I roll out of bed, careful not to wake Izzy. Taking stock of a thermos on the coffee table next to my laptop, I cross the room to take a quick shower. I quietly dress in my Christmas pajamas and pour myself a mug of peppermint cocoa. My computer instantly pops up a message from Tim. He must have heard me taking my shower.

“Merry Christmas Ted. I figured you would try to sneak on to do some quick emails. How did you sleep?” Tim’s message glowed in the low light of the room.

“Merry Christmas Tim. Yeah, you caught me. Just wanted to send a few Christmas emails to board members and let them know I would be out of touch till the 28th unless it was an emergency. As for my sleep, I slept like a baby. Izzy treated me well last night. You?” I shoot back a reply.

“I slept for a few hours but had to make some early morning calls to London and Switzerland. The first leg of the trip is set. I put a file on your desk in the office. It should cover everything you need to know. Morgan has a copy as well in case you have any questions. I should have another file on the second half of the trip by the 28th.” Tim responds.

“Thanks, Tim. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow. Don’t forget you only have till 8 am to do any work. My boss’s orders. I’ll leave you to it. See you at breakfast.” I finish the conversation and type a mass email to all of my board members. I wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, let them know of my absence for the next few days. If anything becomes urgent they should call Tim or Morgan immediately.

I send a few personal emails to some employees like Bill, Jeff, Randy, and Chuck. The News team receives an email as well, part of theirs is able to be read on-air for my “neighbors” in Nashville. I close my Laptop down and give Izzy a kiss on the forehead to wake her up before heading down to help with breakfast.

Ms. Tracy has her Christmas pajamas and an elf hat on, dancing around the kitchen to a festive music playlist. Jon is seated at the breakfast nook in similar attire, reading the morning paper and drinking a coffee.

“Merry Christmas yall. Ms. T, would you like some help with breakfast?” I ask grabbing an apron from the hook on the wall.

“Merry Christmas sugar. You bet your tail I’d like some help. I let the others sleep in this morning. Did you enjoy your cocoa this morning?” She replies, flipping some pancakes before handing me the spatula.

Jon had grumbled a “Merry Christmas” at the same time as Ms. T but returned to his paper. “Yes ma’am, that was just what I needed this morning to get the old body working. I hope you’re not planning on going all out for Christmas dinner.” I reply as I’m spooning more batter on the griddle.

“Oh, heavens no child. I’ve already placed an order for pizzas and wings. Thanksgiving is my show-off day. This is the most cooking I do on Christmas.”

With the two of us working we soon have a platter of pancakes, bacon, and sausage. Breakfast is finished just as everyone else makes their way to the table. Seeing my family and friends all dressed in matching Christmas pajamas brings a smile to my face. I feel like a proud dad. Even if I don’t get a single gift, this is enough.

It takes about an hour to open just the family gifts. We will open more later with the employees after dinner. I received a luggage set from Anthony, an apple watch from Tim and Morgan, a gold chain from mom, and a handcrafted maple wood pen from Izzy. Ms. T and Jon got me a culinary knife set and a “kiss the chef” apron as a joke. Jokes on them, I love a good apron.

As the day goes by games are played, laughter is abundant, and stories of grandpa Kenny are swapped. Employees come and go, spending an hour or so before continuing with their own family’s traditions. The once-massive pile of gifts has dwindled down to nothing. The day is coming to a close, but I have one more surprise in store for mom and Izzy.

I call them into the office and lock the door behind them. For the first time since grandpa’s funeral, it’s time to go over the contract. Mom sits across from Izzy and me. A copy of the new contract on the coffee table in front of her. She reads her copy and we go into negotiations. Most of the contract is similar to her’s and grandpa’s. The BDSM contract they had in place prior was well written and obviously discussed thoroughly. The main change was that mom would be the submissive of Izzy.

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