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It had been longest day of my life! Except the day I gave birth to my daughter via unexpected natural childbirth, when the anesthesiologist failed to show up. This day was even more unpleasant because there seemed to be no sweet reward at the end of it, like a day in the maternity ward would finally yield. Of course I would get to see Stevan again so it would make this horrific day seem worthwhile.

Murphy’s law prevailed and everything that possibly could go wrong in a 24 hour time frame, had. There was no hot water for my shower that morning. The clasps on my luggage jammed. The drive to the airport was during rush hour and I barely made it in time to board the plane and of course, they lost my luggage. It was a scary trip to New York, lots of turbulence and a dark-skinned passenger in the seat next to me that kept fingering something hidden in his jacket pocket was making me more than a little anxious. To say the least my nerves were on edge and my muscles aching with stress.

I hoped this trip to New York would be worth it. Stevan was on a business trip and wanted me to join him. There were a lot a miles between my city and his so we decided it would be best to meet there. He was treating me to a week at a luxury hotel. I was excited to be staying there with Stevan, and relieved to be leaving the high stress of my house for a mini vacation. Stevan would be in business meetings during the day, giving me opportunities to sightsee and shop and then we would spend our evenings together. I was apprehensive about the room arrangements, one suite but there would be a bed and a sofa and I was sure Stevan would never force his attentions on me. Lately I had been feeling so much desire for him, I wondered if he might be the one who would not be safe alone with me!

Stevan and I had met just six months ago but I knew right away he was different from the man I had been married to and all the others I had dated after my divorce. He had this way about him of making me feel like a queen, a goddess. He hung on every word I said and always looked directly into my eyes with those gorgeous brown eyes of his whenever we were in conversation. We talked about almost everything and he always made me feel my opinion was valid and valuable. He was as dependable as the sun and moon and if he told me something I could bank on it. Handsome? Oh yes, he was a beautiful man. Still young enough to be virile but old enough to be wise in the ways of the world and love. Lean and of muscular build with dark hair just beginning to gray at the temples and a goatee sprinkled with silver. I was being cautious but I knew in my soul, someday I was going to strip everything off and recklessly dive into those arms of his.

Finally the plane arrived and as I entered the lobby he was waiting for me. When our eyes met, his eyes locked onto my emeralds in a long welcome embrace, and then his strong arms enfolded me.

“Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here. Have been lonesome for you, Love. You look absolutely good enough to eat” He whispered in my ear, his warm breath tickling my neck and sending little skin shivers down my spine.

His scent was woodsy and manly. It was the same fragrance that always surrounded him and I felt my skin warm with desire as my nipples hardened beneath my clothing and I wondered if he could feel them pressed against his chest. Soon I knew that he must have, for against my thigh I felt his own hard response demanding my attention.

“I’ve missed you too Stevan and it’s been a hard day….no pun intended, I giggled as my hand discreetly slipped in between us, out of view of the crowd milling around us and gave his welcoming committee a tiny squeeze. I felt it harden and push against my hand like a steel rod. That was one thing Stevan said he adored about me, my brazen disregard for what was acceptable in public. I was always discreet but I would touch him however and whenever I wanted to.

“Mmmm,” he sighed, “Would you like to go out to a restaurant to eat, or perhaps the hotel lounge or just what would be your pleasure Fair Lady?”

By now my desire was running ahead of my common sense and I would hate for him to know what pleasure I really wanted from him, and as soon as possible.

“I’m really tired Sweet Man and my muscles are tense and achy. Could we just order something from room service?”

“Sounds perfect, let me just go pick up your luggage and we‘ll get a cab to the hotel.”

“Don’t bother about the bags, Stevan, they lost them at my layover.”

“Oh Donna, I’m so sorry,” He grinned that infectious grin that I adored. “Now you won’t have a thing to wear. What a shame!”

“Don’t worry, Stevan. I’m sure there will be a bathrobe there and I can always wear one of your güvenilir bahis shirts.”

His eyes moved shamelessly up and down my body as that knowing grin once again caught the corners of his sensual lips.

“Sorry, Darlin, just imagining those legs exposed and that white dress shirt of mine bulging at the buttons with that round beauty bouncing under it.”

“Stevan, you are incorrigible! Let’s go.”

It was freezing outside, mid December with snow on the ground and big lazy flakes falling all around us as we exited the taxi in front of the hotel. The sixteenth floor room had a railed balcony and a view of the city skyline to die for. Warm colors in the décor made it cozy and inviting. There was a fireplace graced with burning gas logs. Looking beyond another door into the bedroom there was a huge four poster bed that seemed to be whispering “Come lie on me.” I could feel my tightly wound nerves beginning to unwind already.

“I bought a bottle of gardenia scented bubble bath for you, I know how we both love that fragrance. Take a long leisurely bath, Donna and I’ll send down for dinner from room service. There’s no robe My Sweet, but here, take this shirt.” he said as he handed me a white dress shirt and kissed me gently on my forehead.

Just the nearness of him caused my body to once again react with desire as I felt the my nipples harden against the lace bra and tingling warmth capturing the feminine flower between my thighs. With a backward glance at him standing before the fire, the telephone receiver pressed to his ear and I knew tonight would be the night; the first of many times we would make love.

I lit the candles Stevan had thoughtfully set out in the bathroom, turned off the lights and drew the water as deeply as the tub would hold and as hot as I could stand it. Amazing what a tub full of hot gardenia-scented, bubbly water can do for a woman’s spirit and body! After a long soak I felt almost human again, muscles still tired and achy but much of the stress had disappeared down the drain with the bubbles.

Standing before the mirror I took stock of my bare body, still youthful and firm with porcelain skin and shoulder length deep auburn hair. It was my eyes that always first drew the attention of anyone who glanced at my face. Light jade-green with almost a transparent glow and a constant gaze that captured the eyes of the beholder and, I had been told, made them feel as though I could see into their soul.

It wasn’t hard to see into Stevan’s soul as I walked out of the bathroom and after moving brazenly up and down my body, his eyes caught mine in a long embrace that was definitely X-rated. It was a lover’s gaze that spoke volumes, whispering, “I love you” and shouting, “I want you… now!” I felt my own desire catch fire from his as once again my pulse raced, skin warmed and nipples pushed hard against the starched shirt to be freed. I had no clean lingerie to wear so I was covered only by the shirt which reached halfway down my thigh. It was obvious Stevan was enjoying the view of bare legs and the shirt front that jiggled when I walked. The light meal of ham sandwiches, fruit and wine was set out beside a blanket he had spread on the floor in front of the inviting fire. He sat cross-legged in the middle of the blanket and motioned for me to join him.

“I’m wearing nothing but your shirt. Do you think I’ll be safe?” I asked as I moved slowly toward him.

“Oh God, I sincerely hope not!” he replied with that mischievous grin catching the corners of his lips once again. “You’re so beautiful Donna. You know, women seem to think they are the most beautiful and sexy wearing a negligee or evening gown, they have no idea what the sight of two shapely legs and braless breasts under an Armani shirt can do to a man. Come sit with me and have some dinner.”

I sat carefully on the blanket pulling the shirt down as far as possible on my legs, if he wanted it, he would have to work at least a little for it. The food was delicious and the several glasses of wine had given me a little buzz. Stevan slowly moved closer to me and slipped his arm around my waist, sending little tingles from the site of his touch all over my body. He was as straight forward and sexually uninhibited as I and not one to mince words about what he felt and needed.

“Like I said earlier, you look good enough to eat,” he whispered in my ear as his hand captured mine. “I just may have to have some sweet dessert.”

Enfolding me in strong arms, he leaned down and our lips met in a kiss so molten it felt as if my heart stopped. My whole body burned as a stream of sweat dripped between my breasts. Gazing deeply into my eyes he took my breath away with his words.

“Pretty Lady, we’ve türkçe bahis been together long enough for me to realize I’m in love with you. I think I could be happy to spend the rest of my life just having fun together but I want to be here for you through the good and bad times. I love you Donna; I’m feeling an urgent need to make love with you all night long. Thing is, do you want me too?”

I felt as if I was drowning in the deep brown pools of his eyes as the fire of desire consumed my body. Yes, I loved him and I wanted him as badly as it appeared he wanted me. As his lips trailed fire up and down my neck and his hands moved gently up and down my spine, I was so breathless I could hardly speak.

“Yes, yes Stevan, I love you too and I feel the same urge.”

“I know neither of us are inexperienced in love making but I want tonight to be different from all other nights of love we’ve known. I want you to teach me how to please you. So tell me, My Love, how can I make love with you? Tell me your favorite things, the ones that send you into squeals of ecstasy and make you feel like you can touch the stars. Tell me where to touch, when and how. I want this to be the most pleasurable sexual experience you’ve ever had, a night you’ll always cherish the memory of. Tell me where to start.”

“Oh Stevan, no man has ever asked me this before, I’m not sure even I’m uninhibited enough to just come right out and tell you what to do! It sounds almost clinical, like an anatomy class. We don’t want to make it seem like sex education. Why don’t we just take it a step at a time. I like a man who knows how to take command, who anticipates a woman’s needs and knows how to make me squeal. We’ll enjoy this together, you obey your instincts and I’ll let you know what pleases and what might even be more pleasurable. I want you to enjoy tonight as a special night too.”

“Sounds perfect, Donna. I love the sweet, salty taste of your smooth skin,” He whispered as once again his mouth traveled against the nape of my neck with tiny kisses and nips of fire. He tasted and sucked first one ear lobe then the other.

“Tell me, except for the most obvious places, what part of your body is the most sexually sensitive.”

“You may not want to know, my feet and my eyelids. Touching, kissing, either can almost send me over the edge.”

“Then close those beautiful jade eyes. Trust me, lay down and relax.”

His fingers moved repeatedly, slowly, gently like a feather across my eyelids; soon replaced by his lips and tongue. The pleasure was so exquisitely soft like the touch of an angel. Soon I felt his large hands caressing, massaging first one foot and then the other, his touch lingering in the high arches. Then the softness of his goatee replaced his fingers and his warm kisses fell against the aches of my feet while his fingertips trailed teasingly up and down, first my calves and then my thighs.

“Oh, yes Stevan, yes. I don’t think you need an instructor,” I moaned as his well-trimmed fingernails drew lines and circles up and down my inner thighs almost to the peak of where they joined. His touch stopped just below my lush mound of pleasure, torturing me to long for their continuance closer to my need. I felt the warm wetness seeping between my thighs and lifted my hips up toward him but he sat up and moved away.

“You’re torturing me Sweet Man.”

“Yes, I am, and you love it,” he laughed as our eyes locked and once again his lips closed over mine. Our tongues met in a long, heated, sweet caress, like lovers reunited after a long separation.

“Yes I love it, I love you and every touch you give me, Stevan.”

He had removed the robe he was wearing, revealing the beauty of his muscles and leaving only silk boxers between my hands and his hardness. My hand slowly found its way down below the elastic waistband encircling his thick, hard shaft, caressing, teasing it and the rounded package behind it. He quickly discarded the boxers and my hand moved firmly up and down as my thumb drew light circles on the already wet head. Soft moans began to escape his lips as he nuzzled my bare neck and then the valley between my full breasts still covered by the shirt. I was desperate to strip the white cloth away and feel the warmth of skin against skin. The touch of his hands cradling, massaging my breasts.

“Tell me what you want, Hot Lady. What would you like me to do next?”

“The shirt, get rid of the shirt, need to feel your skin against mine, your hands on my breasts.”

As we sat facing each other his hands entangled in my hair as we kissed deeply. Placing both hands around my waist he moved them slowly up until the palms grazed each covered breast causing the nipples to harden like rocks güvenilir bahis siteleri as my back arched and pressed the fullness deeper into his palms. Each button he unbuttoned revealed a little more skin, that was tasted and nipped by his hot lips. Finally the last button yielded and he pulled the shirt away from my body. I peeled the arms off and dropped it to the floor. Then, he simply stared, his eyes of lustful appreciation causing my breasts to swell until it felt like they would burst with longing for his lips and tongue. The top of my thighs warmed with wetness in anticipation of his touch. He pulled me to him and our bodies melded together, chest against breast as we rocked back in forth in a tight embrace.

“This good? You like this?”

“Yes I whispered, it’s good, mmmm sooo good.”

“How about this?” he asked as he moved away and covered each breast with a hand squeezing firmly before his fingers found the nipples and began to roll and pinch them.”

“Oh yes, I like it, harder, pinch harder. Now your mouth; need your mouth over them.”

His hands cradled my breasts. His mouth captured as much of the fullness as it could of first one then the other as he suckled and caressed the aching nipple with his tongue and nipped gently with his teeth, sending me into near Nirvana. Oh he smelled and tasted so good. He was a slow and deliberate lover, the kind a woman could get attached to and never let go of.

Pushing me gently back to lie on the blanket his tongue continued to tease first one nipple then the other as his hands moved lightly up and down my trembling thighs that opened wide to his gentle persuasion. His lips traveled downward, kissing nibbling, his tongue dipping into the goblet in the center of my flat belly. So close….so close to where I needed it to be that it took my breath away as I gasped in pleasure.

“Now, what do you need, want me to touch you here?” He murmured as his fingers entangled in the red silk between my thighs and my hips lifted to meet them.

“Yes, there, and lower, deeper.”

I felt the rush of blood to the delicate orchid that swelled and opened to his exploring fingertips. Grasping his hair with both hands I pushed his head lower until I felt the probing of his tongue between the velvet lips moving up one side down the other and back to where they joined until it discovered the hardened jewel between them. His tongue moved slowly deliberately back and fourth and in delicious circles against the hard pebble of passion while his fingers continued to pleasure nipples so hard they felt like they would burst. I felt the heat of love’s wine flowing as his tongue dipped in and out and then reclaimed it’s pearl again and again. His breath was warm against me as he whispered between licks.

“Oh Baby, you smell so sweet, taste so delicious. Is this good, like this, Baby?”

I tried to answer but with just one more touch of his tongue, the waves of pleasure crashed over me. It felt like a river released from the flood gates onto his tongue and all I could do was go with the tremors and convulsions of a climax such as I’d never experienced before. I screamed so loud I was sure they must have heard it on the next floor and I could care less if they did.

“What do you want now?” he asked in a gasp.

“I want you in me, deep in me, now.”

“Now how do you want it Hot Lady, wanna be on top, bottom, front, back? Your wish is my command.”

“I don’t care Stevan, just do it, now! Fill me up Sweet Man. I need to feel you deep inside.”

He sat up and pulled me onto his lap. Skin wet with love beads, slipping against each other. Feminine legs wrapped tightly around his waist as his hardness pushed suddenly and deeply within me. We moved in unison, the whole time gazing into each other’s eyes and watching for the impending flashes of lightening. It was slow and easy at first building in intensity until the storm broke and we both were lost at sea in the undertow of heart-pounding pleasure until we both moaned out in release.

Stevan was no more rushed in our after glow than he had been in foreplay, he rolled us over, our bodies still joined until we lay side by side. He held me quietly and tenderly for what seemed like a long time until our eyes became heavy with sleep. Just as I was about to drift off in his arms I had a disturbing thought and whispered.

“Stevan what if we go to sleep and the maids come in here and find us this way in the morning? Did you put the do not disturb sign on the door?”

“Yes, Darlin, I think I did, but even if I forgot, I doubt anyone will venture to disturb the wild animals locked in this room!”

He always knew how to make me laugh and I doubted we would become bored with each other for a whole lifetime.

“Good night then, Sweet Prince. Thank you for tonight and tomorrow night you’ll have to teach me how to make love with you.”

“Believe me, Pretty Lady, it has been, and will always be, my pleasure!”

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