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To summarize: I’m June, and to keep my twin brother Roscoe from getting asked out by a ‘barbie’, I suggested that he start dating one of the girls in our club, The Losers: Sue, or Sulu, a cute, short Chinese gymnast with a flat chest; Bella, a very tall, pretty redhead; and Larissa, a Native American with huge boobs but an acne problem. Roscoe and I are brown-haired and somewhat average, though my ass and his chest have started to fill out. We’re all 18, in case you were wondering.

In trying to convince Roscoe to choose one of them, the three girls, one at a time, did sexy stuff with him, finally resulting in all of them losing their virginities to him and also taking a load of his dangerous sperm inside their unprotected pussies. I saved the day, though, by giving each of them a birth control pill from my Mom’s old stash. None of us really knew how birth control pills worked, so you can see the problem.

As Sue and Bella each swallowed a birth control pill, Larissa asked, “So should Bella or I become Roscoe’s girlfriend now?”

I thought for a moment. “Let’s not decide that now. I have an idea for this weekend.”

Larissa and Sue agreed to alternate days having sex with Roscoe to let Bella ‘catch up’ by fucking my brother every day for the rest of the week. We made sure to put down a towel before Roscoe started fucking her, and the mess was much easier to clean up.

“Huhh…huhh…” Bella moaned as she clutched him to her in the missionary position, his sperm soaking into the tall girl’s depths. It was Thursday, so this was her third day’s insemination in a row.

Larissa watched me rubbing my thighs together in the La-z-boy as my eyes scanned my brother’s lightly muscled form. “June, are you feeling left out? Here we all are, getting fucked every day, but you only get to watch.”

I turned to her, shocked. “He’s my brother, Lariss!”

“I don’t mean him,” she said as she sensually rubbed her tongue along her upper lip.

“Oh! I, um, don’t like women.”

“A tongue’s a tongue. I’ll ataşehir escort bet you can’t even tell a woman’s from a man’s.”

I crossed my arms. “I’ve never had a man’s tongue touch me, so how would I know?”

She got up. “I propose a test.”


She grabbed an extra towel. “We cover your face with this, and then all of us lick your pussy, including Roscoe, and you tell us which one was best. If it isn’t him, then it doesn’t matter who licks you, right?”

My entire body felt hot. “You…I…I can’t…in front of Roscoe…” I looked over at him, but he seemed intrigued.

“C’mon, June!” Sue urged me. “You’ve seen him naked lots of times…fair’s fair.”

“We’ll just take off your pants and undies,” Larissa assured me.

I glanced at Roscoe and was surprised to see that his cock was hard again. Was that because of what we were discussing? “Um…okay…?”

In a flash, Larissa pulled my hips forward on the La-z-boy to remove my jeans and panties as Sue draped the towel across my face. I couldn’t believe that I had agreed to this, but I was so horny…hornier than I remembered ever being before; I needed release! Someone ratcheted the chair back so that I was laying down, though my hips were still on the edge of the cushion, my legs spread, and my pussy vulnerable, available for anyone to do whatever they wanted to it.

I gasped as a mouth touched my vaginal lips and a tongue slid between them. Who was it? I wondered. Did Roscoe jump right in, or was it Larissa or Sue? I didn’t think Bella would do anything homosexual, but at this point I wasn’t sure of anything. The tongue slipped inside me again and undulated about…it felt incredible! Roscoe had been learning how to eat pussy over the past few weeks, so it seemed likely that it was him, but it could also be Larissa, who had shown hidden sexual knowledge just this past week. Unfortunately, my indecision slowed down my own pleasure, and after a few minutes, that mouth moved away. I gave a disappointed ataşehir escort bayan sigh and thrust my hips up, needing more.

Then another mouth was on my pussy and I moaned. Which one was this? This person’s lips were cooler, so it was definitely someone else. They licked at my clitoris instead of going right inside, and I gasped. That felt incredible! After a bit of that, my clit started getting overstimulated, though, and I moaned in frustration. Then that mouth also pulled back.

“No!” Larissa hissed from somewhere near. “She didn’t agree to that.”

I almost pulled the towel off, but then a third mouth clamped itself onto my pussy. This one’s tongue dipped itself between my pussy lips, as the first one had, and it felt incredible. After a bit, they moved to my clit…then back to my pussy…then clit…

“Oh! Ohh!” I moaned and arched my back as whoever was between my legs made me cum. “UHH!”

Then the mouth was gone and I heard Roscoe grunt. A moment later, I felt warm liquid splashing between my legs. Realizing that my brother was shooting his cum onto my defenseless pussy, I cried out as my orgasm intensified and extended. “Uhhuhhuhh!” I couldn’t move, stuck in an orgasmic loop as I felt each spurt of his forbidden sperm hit my most private of places.

After I finished cumming, I pulled the towel off and surveyed the damage. It was a white mess down there, and given my splayed pussy lips, some of my brother’s sperm had definitely slipped inside me!

“Sorry,” Larissa offered, looking sheepish. “I couldn’t help but stroke him off, he was so hard. I shouldn’t have let him shoot it at your puss, but you can take a pill, right?”

I pushed the towel between my legs to wipe away the dangerous substance. “I, uh, gotta go to the bathroom…” I righted the chair and got to my feet, or tried to; my knees gave way and Larissa and Roscoe caught me by the shoulders. Finding my face right next to his dwindling cock, I gulped. They helped me to my feet so escort ataşehir that I could toddle off to the downstairs bathroom.

I sat on the toilet seat and examined the mess. The towel had wiped away most of the semen, but I could see some dripping out. I moved two fingers down to catch it, and gasped as they grazed my sensitive pussy lips. I realized that I was still horny! Well, as Larissa said, I could just take a pill…

I gathered some more of my brother’s sperm onto my finger and slipped it back inside my pussy, moaning. Those tongues had felt good, but they didn’t go as far inside as my fingers could.

Or my brother’s cock, I considered.

My thumb manipulated my clit as I shoved those sperm-covered fingers inside me and came again. “Hnng!” I groaned, not wanting the rest of the group to hear me. “NNNGH!” I could feel my pussy squeeze my fingers, as if my body wanted to suck the sperm off of them and pull it deeper inside my overheated body.

As I came down from my orgasm and pulled my fingers out, I saw that they were clean. My body had indeed sucked my brother’s semen deeper inside, and I shivered at that thought.

When I strolled back into the rumpus room, things were a bit subdued. I think they thought that I would put an end to our fun time. I decided to let them sweat, and pulled my panties back on while asking, “So who made me cum?”

Sulu smiled and raised her hand.

“Really?” My eyes were wide. I never knew that she had it in her. I skipped my jeans and just sat back in the La-z-boy in my t-shirt and panties. I realized that I was actually feeling really good, after weeks of watching my brother fuck my friends and not being able to cum until after they left, if at all.

“I was first,” explained Larissa, “and then Roscoe and Sulu. Bella didn’t want to, and went upstairs.”

I remembered Larissa saying no, that I hadn’t agreed to something, and asked about it.

She looked over at Roscoe, who had redressed. “After his turn it looked like he was gonna stick it in you.”

“I wasn’t!” Roscoe insisted.

“Jury’s still out on that one,” Larissa responded, and then turned to me. “Anyway, so you’re on board now? You couldn’t tell a girl tongue from a boy one, right?”

I threw up my hands. “Yeah, you got me.”


I went up to grab birth control pills for Bella and myself.

To be continued…

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