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You walk into the room and I’m sitting painting a ceramic house that I use every Christmas.

“What are you doing babe,” you ask me as you come in from a day at the office.

“Just trying to finish up these houses for next year. You know how I love to give them away.”

Coming up behind me, you wrap your arms around me and reaching down you cup my breasts in your hands and give them a little squeeze.

“Hmm… wanna do some real fun painting,” you ask me as you reach for and get out 2 small art brushes and then to the fridge for chocolate and strawberry syrup.

I giggle and reply, “It’s more fun with whipped cream though!”

“Mmm…. then let me be your canvas, oh, and I believe we have some of that too”. Stripping down, you lay on the bed as I come toward you with the syrups and brushes.

Not having seen where you’ve gone, I ask, “Ok now where would you like to lie down to do this? “

“How about on our bed?”

“Honey, the bed would make too much of a mess, how about the massage table?”

“Mmm… ok”

“First I’ll prepare the surface to be painted by giving you a nice slow rubdown, with almond oil that’s been warmed by a candle.”


I start by digging my fingers deeply into the muscles at your shouders, squeezing them to release all of the days tension that has built up there, moving my thumbs up each side of your spine.

“Mmm yess feels soooo good”

Moving my thumbs up each side of your spine and down into the taut muscles of your gluteus maximus, down your well muscled thighs..


…… to your defined calf muscles…… to your feet where I rub each toe individually…

“Mmm yessss…”

……. bending to take each one into my mouth and gently bahis firmaları sucking on each one, then back up to those hard calves, onward to your thighs, spending several moments to caress each part of them…

“Mmmmmmmmm ohhhhh…”

Really digging deep on each ass cheek to rid you of the tension that’s holding on there, then up each side of your torso….

“Oohh goddddd….”

Working those shoulders and getting rid of those knots that hide just under your shoulder blades….. turning you over to work on those chest muscles you so love to show off, your upper arms…..

“Oohh yess……..”

Kneading your abs till you feel like you’re melting, going for those stomach muscles you love bragging about… the six pack as I believe you call it. Sliding my well oiled hands toward your groin…


………. and on to the front of your thighs, spreading your legs slightly,

“Oohh god babe……..”

……… to reach the soft inner tissue there….. kneading and kneading them


……….. back down to your feet where I soothe the hot soles of them, easing the worlds cares from every part of your body… gliding up toward where your throbbing manhood awaits my touch …….


……….. slowly, gently I massage your sac and perinium…….


……… working the oils from my hands into your heated flesh, I say, “I don’t think were gonna paint today… looks like a massage day to me!”

“Mmm… I don’t mind, just make it slow and, mmmm…. make it last.”

When I finally reach for your heated cock,


….. it jumps slightly at my touch,

“Oohh yeah…”

I pour more oil into my warm, soft hands and kaçak iddaa apply it to your now throbbing member, I make sure that I don’t miss even one tiny bit of flesh…


….slowly working my hands up and over the head, paying special attention to the area just behind that wonderfully large glans, and then to slide back toward the base, leaving one hand to gently caress your balls…


… as the other continues to stroke you, my thumb rubbing lightly over the head spreading the drop of precum over it, lightly running my fingers down the shaft, swirling my hand around it as it rises up to meet my touch….

“Oohh yeah baby….”

…. throbbing with greater intensity and swelling ever so slightly as my hand engulfs the thickening shaft, I increase the speed of my hand slightly, bending to lick the drops oozing from it, with the tip of my tongue, your cock jerks in response… slowly , maddeningly I take the head into the warm cavern of my mouth… still pumping the shaft and caressing your balls…


I start to suck on your meat as you begin to lift your hips in time to the rhythm of my hand and mouth, you, wanting to grab the back of my head and start furiously fucking my mouth, you grab the edge of the table instead…

“Slow down, babe….”

……. because you know if you lose control like that, I will cease all action and go back to massaging your muscles…

“This is amazing, I want it to last…”

“You gonna cum?”

“Soon,……… just tease me though, don’t let me.”

“But it’s ok babe, I want you to cum all over my tits”…I say, as I lift my shirt over my head and free my breasts to your hungry gaze, “See how excited I am? Look how hard kaçak bahis my nipples are, they’re just aching for your mouth and lips baby…”

“Oh babe, play with them, feel them for me, yeah just like that…”

“Want me to play with them, baby,” bending my neck and holding my left tit up my tongue snakes rapidly out to flick the hardened nub.

“Oh Jesus hon, you’re gonna make me cum if you keep that up.”

“I know babe, that’s the idea here…. to make you spray that man-juice all over them, but if you want, I’ll stop…” once more I reach into the oils and coating my hands placing them both on your quivering member,

“Oohhhh godddd……”

…… your cock starts to involuntarily jump and twitch as I again bend to lightly lick the milky fluid from the tip of it, I swiftly suck the shaft into my mouth and down my throat, where you can feel my throat muscles convulsing around the sensitive head of your cock and my tongue swirls around the massive shaft of your manhood….

“Oh fuck!”

I hear you suck in a deep breath as my hot mouth descends onto your throbbing cock and as I slowly slide my lips back up to the head. I feel you start to shake and quiver so I quicken the pace of my mouth and hands pumping you with renewed vigor as you start to swell in anticipation of cumming….

“Oh babe, here it comes ahhhhhhhhhhh…..aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh… god… oooooooooooooooohhhhhh… yessssssssssssssssssss!”

…I feel you tense up and I slide quickly all the way to the base of your cock. Just as I get there I feel the thick jets of cum hitting the back of my throat, swallowing it as fast as I can but it’s such a large amount that some of it slips out of the corner to run down my chin. I continue to lightly suck on your deflating cock and as it slips from my grasping lips, I run my finger up my chin to catch every drop of your luv juice, while you lay gasping for air… I lean over your body and you pull me down to kiss me passionately.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32