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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 20

Cynthia’s Tales — Part 1

Cynthia Price had parked her Buick sedan the public parking lot that fronted the beach. It was a reasonably nice mid-May day out, although the heavy clouds that floated high in the sky cast cool shadows on her as she walked. Her afternoon was free and she wanted to spend it walking along the beach and boardwalk. But first, she had an appointment to keep.

Cynthia, as she preferred over the informal “Cindy”, was a very attractive woman, now forty-four years old, with long, curly dish-water blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a slender body. She was by no means tall, though she rarely wore anything other than heeled shoes or boots, giving her that little bit extra when it came to height. She seldom exercised, other than her frequent walks along the many trails that Regal Bay boasted, both along the shore and up into the foot-hills of the near-by Majestic Mountains. Then again, her slim and trim body might also be the result of the many hours she’d spent in the arms of several of Regal Bay’s young men over the recent years.

A block back from the shore front, a few blocks north of downtown Regal Bay, was Paisley Park Beauty Salon, her destination. With long, steady strides, Cynthia made her way along the busy afternoon sidewalk and turned into the vestibule of the salon. She pushed her way inside and called out, “I’m here, Lisa!”

Lisa Hayworth looked up from the job at hand, where she was putting the final touches to Mrs. Reed’s freshly cut grey hair. “Hi, Cynthia. I’ll be with you in just a moment.” She turned her attention to her current client, and with just a few more light brush strokes, she turned the rather portly older woman towards the mirror over the sink.

“Very nicely done, Lisa,” Mrs. Reed nodded. “You really gave it some body, this time. And the color is better, I think as well.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Reed. I’ve enjoyed having you.” Lisa began to put her trade tools away, running warm water over some, as the large woman struggled to climb from the chair. “Here, let me help you,” Lisa offered, but was waved away.

“I can manage, dear,” Mrs. Reed demanded. “I’m in no need of help, not yet anyway.” She managed to rise, but Lisa still took her elbow to steady the woman. “Thank you,” Mrs. Reed said. She took a moment to catch her breath before stepping off, headed for the front desk. Mrs. Reed was nearly seventy, Lisa Knew, and her diabetes had begun to take its toll on her. Mr. Reed had passed on a few years back, and the retired school teacher only had a spinster daughter in town to take care of her. Orchid pulled up in her SUV in that moment, and after taking care of her bill, Lisa held the door for her client. Orchid, a woman some five years Lisa’s senior, stayed behind the wheel of her car as her mother struggled to climb in beside her. Lisa had to feel pity for the old woman as they drove off.

“Where is everyone?” Cynthia asked as Lisa turned he attention to her. She had already settled into the vacated chair, awaiting her turn.

“Sandy’s off today, and Felicity wasn’t feeling great when she came in.” Lisa stepped up to her station and pulled out a fresh cover cloth to drape across Cynthia’s shoulders and chest. “She left after lunch and I had to cancel all of her appointments. And then I’ve had two cancellations as well. You’ll be my last of the day, unless I get a walk up or two.”

“So, take your time then,” Cynthia said. “I’ve got nowhere to be after.” She settled back and closed her eyes as Lisa began her work. Her long hair was pulled up and back, and after laying the chair back, Lisa began to wash it in the sink with warm, soothing water. Cynthia always enjoyed this part, and enjoyed Lisa as well. In the short time Lisa had been in Regal Bay, the two had become friends. They’d even went out for drinks on occasion.

Cynthia was a life-long resident of Regal Bay, having been born and raised there by her fisherman father and accountant mother. Cynthia left long enough to attend college at Alabama, where she met, and then married, Doug Price. Doug had been a football player, but barely made it onto the field under the great “Bear” Bryant in his three years on the team. Out of college, Cynthia wanted to return to Regal Bay, and she convinced Doug to take a job with her father. Their son, David, had been born during Cynthia’s senior year at Alabama, and with Doug’s limited potential in the workforce, they settled in Regal Bay. Two years later, Cynthia managed to land a position in her degree field at the university, while Doug had decided that fishing the deep blue seas wasn’t for him.

Over the next half dozen years, Doug tried to find a steady job, but his only interest was in watching football, drinking, and gambling. It didn’t help when the new casino opened south of the bay. Soon, Doug was unemployed and going through Cynthia’s paycheck faster than she could pay the bills. She divorced him the year their son started school. Doug moved out, kartal escort and the last she or her son saw of him, he was working at the truck stop by the interstate. It was nearly a month before she found out that he’d hopped a ride out of town. She hadn’t heard from him since.

Cynthia discovered quickly that she enjoyed being single. She became a regular on the beach during the warm summer days, and when she could talk her mother into watching David, she’d enjoy an evening out with friends. Cynthia discovered that she enjoyed getting picked up, and screwed, in the backseat of cars, the beds of pick-ups, or a sleazy motel room. It was all the same to her. She wanted to have as much sex as she could get, and it didn’t matter much with whom, either. She learned to enjoy making love to women as well, when a married guy with whom she’d fucked on several occasions offered up a three-way with his wife. After the third time she had joined Perry and Natalie Freeman for fun and games, Cynthia learned that Natalie had never wanted to join in in the first place, and filed for divorce from Perry. Cynthia felt bad, and became good friends with Natalie thereafter. Natalie swore off men completely, and to this day Cynthia enjoys spending quality, loving time with her first lesbian lover.

“Can I ask you a question, Cynthia,” Lisa asked, breaking Cynthia’s chain of thought.

“Go ahead,” she said. “Ask away.”

Lisa paused, as if to formulate her question better in her head, before asking, “Have you ever done something that you started to regret, only after doing it a few more times?’

“What did you do?” Cynthia grinned up at her stylist friend.

“I don’t know,” Lisa replied with a shake of her head. “Maybe I shouldn’t talk about it.”

“Please, tell me. I can keep a secret like anyone.” This didn’t calm Lisa much.

“I saw my son and daughter having sex, and didn’t do anything to stop them.” Lisa turned away, as if to wash her hands, but more out of shame.

Cynthia turned and looked at Lisa through the reflection of the mirror. “My god, Lisa! How old are they?”

“Randy’s nineteen, almost twenty now. Alyssa’s eighteen.”

“How long have they been at it?” Cynthia asked.

“I don’t know. I only found out a couple of weeks ago.” Lisa started pulling water from Cynthia’s hair then. As she took a handful of conditioner, she added, “I’m not so much mad as I am jealous.”

“Ha! Jealous of your daughter getting some, when mom isn’t, is that it?” Cynthia laughed as she settled back in the chair for Lisa to work.

After a moment’s pause, Lisa admitted, “It’s not that.”

Cynthia realized after a long pause just what Lisa was actually saying. “Now I’ve got it! You’re not jealous of her getting some. You’re jealous of her getting some from your son!” She opened her eyes and look up into Lisa’s. “I knew it! You’ve got the hots for your son, don’t you?”

“Cynthia, please,” Lisa gasped, but there weren’t any other ears around to hear it said. Lisa took a deep breath and nodded. “Maybe I do, I don’t know.”

“It’s okay if you do, sweetheart,” Cynthia replied. “You’d be surprised at how many of us middle-aged mothers get the hots for their own sons. It’s natural, so I’ve read.”

“What do you mean, that it’s natural?”

Cynthia explained. “Look at it this way. We get into a mid-life grove, where we’re just as horny as we were when we were teenagers, right? I know you feel it just as much as I do. Anyway, guys our age can’t keep up with us. It’s got something to do with their testosterone levels dropping as they get older or something. Anyway, a lot of us end up turning to younger men to fulfill our sexual needs. And for some of us, the very same young, virile, strong men we crave are under our own roofs.” Cynthia looked up to see Lisa looking down at her, and she gave a wink and a flick of her tongue across her lips. It took Lisa a moment to understand.

“Oh! You’re shitting me!” Lisa gasped suddenly. “Oh, no you didn’t!”

Cynthia grinned and nodded. “Yes, I did. In fact, David and I have been lovers since he graduated high school. Almost two years now.”

“I can’t believe it,” Lisa groaned as she fell back to lean against the counter. “Why did you?”

Cynthia sat up and looked at Lisa. “I don’t really know why. I came home from work one day and found him in his bedroom. He only had on a pair of underwear. He had just showered and smelled so good. He might have been jacking off or something, or his cock was just naturally thick. I don’t know. I just went in, hugged him, kissed him, and the next thing I knew, his cock was rock hard and in my hand, and I was on my knees. After that, well, use your imagination.” Cynthia grinned wider, seeing the look on her friend’s face as she told the story, and then she saw something else. Was it familiarity?

“Tell me, Lisa!” Cynthia reached for her friend and took her hands in hers. “Tell me, what did you do?”

Lisa looked into Cynthia’s eyes then and maltepe escort bayan answered, “I’ve already had sex with my son, Cynthia. Several times.”

Cynthia laughed out loud and then pulled Lisa in for a firm hug. “I’m so proud of you!”

“But I feel like shit, Cynthia,” Lisa gasped. “Mothers shouldn’t feel this way about their sons.”

“Not all of us mothers do, I agree,” Cynthia replied. “But some of us do, and we’re lucky enough to have sons who might feel the same way about us, too. David and I have such a close relationship now that the whole sexual tension that once filled our house is gone. We’re free to express our love for each other in every way.”

“But if people found out? What would they say about me?” Lisa was near tears now.

“Lisa, darling. You’d be surprised if you only knew. I could tell you things, right now, that would blow you out of those sneakers you’re wearing.” Cynthia grinned wide, and then winked again. Lisa didn’t know how to take it. Cynthia added, as she returned to the chair, “If you only knew just how many of the women you know, some that are your clients, that you see every day, are enjoying their middle-ages with men half their age, well, you’d be surprised. And of those women, I’d bet half have spent at least one night in their son’s beds. Grand-sons, even.”

“Stop, Cynthia,” Lisa demand. “This is all just bullshit to make me feel better about what I did.”

“No, it’s not.” Cynthia took her friend’s hand in hers and said, “I can prove it to you, if you’d like. But I don’t need to, because that’s not the issue here. You’re torn about how you feel and you need to feel differently about. You want to feel differently. So, I’ll tell you what I’ll do for you. I want you to come out to my house, tonight, for dinner. We’ll have some wine, talk for a while, and maybe when the night’s over, you’ll have a better idea of what you want now. Is it a date?”

Lisa took her time, contemplating her friend’s offer, but in the end, she agreed. Cynthia was overjoyed, and when her hair was done, she complimented Lisa on her work once again. Cynthia left Lisa with a kiss on the cheek, and headed for her car. Along the way, she pulled her cell phone out and gave her son a call.


Cynthia was waiting for Lisa, lounging on the front porch of her home with a drink in hand. Her home faced West, and nestled in a neighborhood North of the city and alongside a ridgeline, the view from her porch was unobstructed, right down to the ocean’s edge, some four miles away. In the distance, the warm sun was slowly sinking towards the sea. She had made up a pitcher of Margaritas and was on her second glass when Lisa pulled up. She watched as her friend climbed from her five-year-old Trailblazer. Lisa was dressed casually, in off-white Capri pants and a generally blue top with marine-life depicted across the panels. She looked nice, though more for the beach than an evening dinner, Cynthia thought. Not that it mattered, after all.

“You look wonderful, Lisa,” Cynthia complimented as her friend came up the walk and mounted the steps to the porch. “It’s such a beautiful evening, I thought we could sit out here and watch the sun set.” She poured a drink for Lisa, and handed to her as she settled into the lounge chair next to her.

After a sip of her drink, Lisa turned and said, “I really don’t know why I told you that, this afternoon.”

“Don’t be silly! Why not talk about it? Especially with a friend who not only understands what you’re going through, but has travelled that same path herself.” Cynthia raised her glass toward Lisa in toast, and then sipped most it down.

“I didn’t know about you and your son, not until I’d said what I did,” Lisa countered. “How am I even sure that what you told me wasn’t just your way to get me to open up?”

“I would never do that, dear,” Cynthia laughed. “Why would I even make up something like that? No, I didn’t make it up. And if I must prove it to you, I can, you know.”

Lisa looked over at her, with a quizzical expression on her face. Cynthia giggled and replied to Lisa’s look, “I’ve invited my son to dine with us. If you have any question about my sincerity, you are free to ask David anything you like.”

“Cynthia, I’m not real sure I’m comfortable with this,” Lisa admitted.

“Well, Lisa, after tonight I hope you will be.” Cynthia finished up her dink and the two women watched as the sun disappeared into the sea. About that time, a Mustang pulled up in the front and Cynthia’s son stepped out. With a wave, he greeted them. Lisa had never seen David before, and was pleased with what she saw. She could understand looking at Cynthia’s son as he approached them why her friend could take to him.

“David, this is Lisa, my friend and hair-dresser,” Cynthia introduced. “Lisa, my son, David.”

“Good to meet you, finally, Lisa,” he said, taking her hand gently in his. “Mom’s told me so much about you.”

“She has, has she?” Lisa asked and escort pendik gave Cynthia a look. Cynthia grinned, but shook her head, no.

“Let’s retire inside,” Cynthia said. “Dinner should be about ready. I hope Chicken Parmesan is satisfactory?”

“That’s fine for me,” David replied, his hand still in Lisa’s as they went inside.

“Me, too,” she finally said. Lisa felt her heart beating heavily in her chest as she walked along with David at her side. She wondered what Cynthia had in mind for her.

Over dinner, they talked on a brought range of subjects, from politics to gardening. Cynthia had purchased a few bottles of wine, and after dinner they settled into the back den to taste and compare them. With light music playing, Cynthia could get Lisa to relax a little. Everything was per Cynthia’s plan, and after two of the bottles were emptied, she felt it was time to see how far Lisa was willing to go.

“Lisa, you told me about discovering that your son and daughter have been having sex,” Cynthia stated. Lisa, shocked at the sudden change in direction of their conversation, looked sharply at her, and then to David, who sat quietly listening to his mother.

“Cynthia!” Lisa hissed, shaking he head.

“It’s alright. David knows what you’ve told me. He even had a bit of input.” Cynthia turned and winked at her son before continuing. “You’ve learned that your son has been fucking your daughter, to be blunt, and it not only bothers you, but you are jealous about it. And, you are fearful of confronting him about it, because you’re afraid he’ll more or less dump you.”

“If you put it that way,” Lisa agreed sheepishly. She gulped at her wine, embarrassed that David was now privy to her plight.

“So, would you like to hear a few suggestions?” Cynthia asked. “There are several ways you can take advantage of this situation, or you can just leave everything to chance and see where your son leads you.”

Lisa looked up at her, and then glanced to David, before she said, “You don’t know everything.”

“What do you mean?” Cynthia leaned in. “Tell me. What else happened that I don’t know about?”

Lisa again sipped down some wine, to calm herself before continuing. Finally, she explained, “A couple of days ago, Randy brought a friend home. He’d told me once before that he wanted to see me with another man, but I didn’t think he meant it.” She shook her head. “I guess I was in the right mood or something, but when he brought Johnny Walker home with him…”

“Oh, my god,” Cynthia exclaimed, “You had sex with Johnny Walker!”

Lisa looked at her and asked, “You know Johnny?”

“I know his mother,” she said. “I also know that Johnny’s mother has been seeing a boy her son’s age on the side. Do you know Freddy Killibrew?”

“Is he related to Ursula Killibrew?” Lisa asked.

“That’s his mother!” Cynthia laughed and leaned back in her chair. “Man, this town is getting wild! I’ll bet Johnny’s fucked his own mom by now, and Freddy’s probably headed that way as well.” She leaned forward and asked, “So you and Johnny had sex, did you?”

Lisa nodded in response. “I had both of them, at the same time, in Randy’s room.” Lisa then proceeded to share the details of the first three-way she’d ever had. After, she admitted, “I really enjoyed it, Cynthia. I don’t know why. Just a few months ago, I was worried that I’d seen the last days of fun and sex in my life, and now my own son is my lover, and I’ve begun to crave it more and more.”

Cynthia gave her son a glance, and then asked Lisa, “Are you looking to stay committed to your relationship with your son, or would you be up to expanding your world a bit more?”

Lisa looked to her friend. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, do you want to have sex with other young men, those not your son?”

Lisa began to see where it was beginning to head, and she gave David another, contemplating look. “Are you asking if I’d like to have sex with your son, Cynthia?”

“Yes, darling, I am!” she replied. “I enjoy sharing him with other, like-minded women, and David enjoys tending to our needs, don’t you, lover?”

“I’m your humble servant, Ma’am,” David smiled, with a slight head bow to punctuate.

“This is all so strange, and confusing,” Lisa admitted, but the idea of having sex with Cynthia’s handsome, young son was exciting her. She could feel butterflies in her belly, and her heart beating in her chest. It might have been the wine, but she also wanted nothing more in that moment that to have David take her.

Cynthia stood up and told her son, “Meet us in my room, in five minutes,” and after giving him a brief kiss, she took Lisa’s hands in hers and gently pulled her to her feet. She brushed her hands through Lisa’s hair and looked deeply into her blue eyes. Lisa stood a couple of inches taller than her, and Cynthia had to rise up on her toes to kiss her friend. Lisa accepted her lips and sighed when they parted.

“Come, let’s get comfortable,” Cynthia said, and led her friend through to her bedroom. Once there, Lisa stood transfixed as she turned on the bedside radio to a soft jazz station, turned down all the lights save for a single lamp on the dresser, and pulled her blouse off, laying it on the end of the dresser.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32