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Hi everyone. The long awaited chapter two is here! I hope you all enjoy it. Although my focus has mostly been on my other stories, I have to admit that I’m enjoying this one. I have so many ideas for this story that it’s going to be hard to contain.

Keep an eye out for the next chapter. And if you’re interested, then take a look at my other work.


The Power of Blackmail Ch. 02

I walked back to my room fully satisfied and ready for a shower. I grabbed a towel from the cupboard and prepared to jump under the hot water. I doused my head under the spray and let it wash over my body to relax my muscles. As I cleaned myself down I had time to reflect on what had just transpired. I basically just forced my little sister into a sexual act, and the strange thing was that I didn’t even seem to care. Defiling my own sister was so… invigorating!

The very idea of what I had just done had got me going again. I was ready to kick the door down and face fuck her brains out until I was completely satisfied. I had gone from wanting to see her cleavage at every opportunity to wanting to make her my own personal sex slave.

I wanted everything, I wanted her to be mine whenever and wherever possible, every opportunity I could get. It was crazy, she was just my sister for all of my life. Now she’s going to be my plaything, but I knew I had to start slow. Today was a good start. For the rest of the day I had to build up the suspense for the inevitable conclusion. “Maybe I should make her clean my room in some kind of sexy clothing…”

I finished up in the shower, dried myself off and changed into some clean clothes. It was nearly time for lunch and I was starting to get hungry. I decided to go and make myself a sandwich. I walked through the house like the king that I was, striding around with a spring in my step. It felt amazing knowing I could do what I wanted to Louise. The only downside is possibly being caught, but seeing as everyone was in work for most of the day almost every day, we should be ok. As long as it isn’t taken too far and we start taking unnecessary risks.

I made my way to the kitchen to find Louise with her head in the fridge and her peachy ass pointing right in my direction.

She hadn’t seen me yet. I took the opportunity to silently walked up behind her. I reached my hand up into the air and brought it down on her ass with a loud smack!

“Oww!!!” Shouted Louise as she swiftly stood up and looked over her shoulder. “You fucker! That hurt!”

I looked at her with a glare trying to show my dominance, reminding her that I can do whatever I want.

“I mean…..I’m sorry master. Do you want to do it again?” Her eyes were playful and cute looking.

Without hesitation my hand found its way to her ass once more, this time with a less powerful slap. I grabbed hold of her cheek and squeezed it with all of my strength. It was the first time I actually touched her ass, it was soft like a marshmallow and felt fantastic in my hands.

I was grabbing my sister’s ass like I owned it. She was becoming more my property with every second and better yet, she wasn’t even complaining. I began to wonder how much she was enjoying it. I had heard her moaning my name earlier so maybe she wanted this more than me. That alone was a fantastic thought.

“Do you like my ass master?”

“I do. It’s soft, and right now it’s all mine.” I kneaded her cheek in my palm.

“Yes master.”

Louise was really getting into it, I didn’t even have to try. She must be enjoying it just as much as I was. I let go of her peachy rear and took a seat on the chair by the counter.

“Are you making a sandwich?”

“Mmhmm. Would you like one?” Louise was rummaging around for the ingredients as she spoke, wiggling her ass in my direction.

“Yes please. I’ll have the same as you,” I could feel myself becoming more and more confident with every passing second.

I watched my sister dance about in the tight clothing she always wore, but this time without trying to hide it. Seeing her in a different light didn’t feel wrong anymore. If anything it was hot, hotter than hot. All I could think about was ripping her clothes off and fucking her against the counter, but I still wasn’t sure if she wanted that, and maybe that was taking it too far. I couldn’t be sure.

Louise prepared the sandwich and set it on a plate for me. I was contemplating making her sit on my lap as we ate, but like I said, I wanted to start slow and enjoy myself while I could. We made normal conversation with our lunch, which was a good thing because it showed me that things weren’t going to change between us. I was her owner one minute and her brother the next.

We finished our food and washed up after ourselves. Louise walked over to me once we were done and wrapped her arms around me for a hug. I wasn’t expecting it, she wasn’t really the type to hug, unlike the rest of the family, but it was a welcome moment. I felt her breasts against my chest and if I wasn’t mistaken esat escort then I could feel her nipples too.

A few moments in an embrace and she let go. Then stood up on tiptoes and kissed me on the cheek before walking towards the doorway just before the living room.

Louise turned around just as my eyes drifted down to her butt. She caught me looking and smiled.

“Is there anything else I can do for you master?” Her voice was sexy and seductive.

My mind went wild with possibilities, but I had a few things in mind that I wanted to do before getting to the good stuff. I’m nothing if not a perfectionist, and this situation caused for a little finesse.

“Yes actually. I want you to take some pictures of yourself. I want some raunchy photos. Ones with cleavage, and that little ass of yours, but no nudity. I want that to come when I say so.”

“Yes master,” Louise smiled at me and started making her way through the living room to her bedroom.

Without even a second thought she had turned around and gone to do as I ask. I thought to myself that I need to stop being surprised by this. She seems to be doing whatever I want. This is quickly becoming less like blackmail and more like seduction.

I intended to go exploring with my camera, but with recent events I found it difficult to concentrate on leaving the house. It had been hours since I heard anything from my sister. I wanted to enjoy the photos she was taking for me before the rest of the family got back, but I had my doubts I would. I wondered if she had forgotten about it.

I couldn’t wait any longer, and with the rush hour of everyone finishing work quickly approaching, I had to see something. So I messaged her with a quick and appropriate message.

“WTF is taking you so long pet?”

A few seconds passed before I received a message back.

“I’m trying to take good ones for you, but I’m not very good at this…..”

“Bring me what you have. Now!”

In a matter of seconds I heard her door open and shut before there was a knock on my door. My heart started to pound in my chest. It felt like forever ago that I had ejaculated on my sister’s face, even though in reality it had only been a few hours ago.

“Come in!”

Louise quietly entered the room and took up her position on the bed. I was sat at my desk and spun around to see her sitting on the edge of the bed looking more nervous than I had ever seen her. She looked like she was attending her very first interview. I noticed she was wearing different clothing from before, that intrigued me.

“Let me see what you’ve got,” I held my hand out..

Louise hesitantly took out her phone, brought up her gallery and handed me the phone.

“I haven’t really done anything like this before. I hope they’re ok,” her face turned a shade of crimson red.

I swiped the phone from her and the first picture that was on the screen was unbelievable. I would have sworn that my eyes popped out of my head like a cartoon character. It was a picture of Louise in a matching red bra and panties that I assumed were the ones she bought with my money. It had to be said that it was money well spent.

She was laid on her bed holding the phone up so I could see a good portion of her body. The picture was borderline nude, save the undergarments, but I couldn’t tare my eyes away so I wasn’t going to complain.

“Fuck Lou….” I looked up to find her shyly looking at me for a response to the picture.

“Is it….is it ok?”

“Ok? That,” I looked back at the picture and then back at her. “is so fucking hot.”

I could feel my cock beginning to twitch with excitement. Seeing my naughty little sister posing for me in lacy red underwear was a sensation that couldn’t be put into words. I could feel myself slipping from the honourable older brother to a lewd obsessed fiend that wanted more than what I was allowed.

I started swiping through the pictures on her phone and each one was just as hot as the last. Different angles and positions that showed off her curvaceous body. It heightened the experience knowing she was with me while I was looking at them.

Most of the pictures were of her laying down on her bed. Either on her front showing me her cleavage and ass is the same shot, or on her back with a seductive smile pressing her tits together. They were perfect. Even with just a quick look, I knew I wanted more. So many more!

“Stand up,” I looked at my sister who was suddenly surprise by my request.

Louise stood up without hesitation and looked at me awaiting my next order.

“Are you still wearing this red set?” I pointed at the phone.

“Umm, yes master.”

“Show me.” I demanded in a deep voice.

Louise looked at the floor and turned a red as bright as the undergarments in the pictures. She stood still for a moment not doing what I asked. Then, just as I was about to speak, Louise started lifting her shirt up from the hem in a slow and mesmerising motion.

My eyes were glued to her body the very second etimesgut escort I saw her pale skin. The shirt was slow to be removed and got caught under her boobs before it popped free and caused them to jiggle slightly. My cock throbbed at the sight of seeing her in a bra.


Louise threw the top on the bed and stood in front of me, still wearing trousers and her bra. I quizzically looked at her.

“Well? The rest…..”

Sudden realising what I meant she began fumbling around with the button on her trousers. Again she slowly started removing her trousers before I stopper her.

“Hang on… turn around and take them off.” I demanded as I sat down on the edge of my desk.

“Yes master.”

She looked slightly relieved. Maybe because I couldn’t see her face from the angle I wanted her. She turned around and continued taking her trousers off. Inch by inch they dropped lower, showing me her silky smooth legs and gorgeous ass clad in the small red lacy underwear that were riding between her cheeks. This was so much more than what a sister is meant to show their brother.

I could see her pussy lips through the fabric. While she had bent down to take her trousers off, I was given a view of her puffy lips trying to peak out from her privates to meet me. All I wanted to do was press my face against her peachy ass and bite down on the softness of her cheeks.

“Oh fuck,” I slapped one of her cheeks while she was bent over and was rewarded with a small moan. “That’s a good girl. Now turn back around. I want to see you.”

My cock at this point was pressing against my trousers with a fierce force, begging me to let him out and run amuck.

Louise turned back around holding her arms under her boobs in a comfort hold. Her eyes averted mine as I let myself gaze over her near naked body.

The pictures I had just witnessed were nothing compared to the real thing. Her body was perfect, curves in all the right places, smooth pale skin dying to be touched and her assets looked bigger than what I thought they were. Easily more than a handful, and I was going to enjoy so many moments touching, caressing and sucking on them.

“This is insane!” I stood up straight in front of her. Towering over her like a building. “You’re so fucking hot!”

“Thank you.” Louise responded in a quiet yet grateful tone.

I let my hand run over her arm. Gliding my fingers up the soft skin until I reached her neck. Then I grabbed hold of it, not too hard, but enough to hold her where I wanted her.

“Will you do anything I want?” I ask while moving her head so her green eyes are forced to look into mine.


“Again. Say it again, but with more passion this time.”

“Yes master. I’ll do anything for you.”


Louise’s expression went from a shy half-naked young woman to a wild lustful minx.

“I will do anything for you brother. Anything you want. Please tell me what you want me to do…”

I released my hand from her neck, and in a split second Louise had filled the space between us and stood directly in front of me. Her bare skin touching my clothes. The look in her eye was not of someone in control of their actions. She was completely letting her body do what it wanted.

She was so close to me. I could feel her warmth against my body. In one action I lowered my left hand around her back and onto her ass, while my right hand went up to her neck. Simultaneously, I grabbed her peachy rear while my right hand pulled a chunk of her hair down to the side, revealing her neck to me. I kneaded her ass and brought my lips to her bare neck.

“Oh goddd…” Louise cooed as my mouth took a few soft nibbles along her collar bone, followed by a kiss every inch or so.

I could feel Louise’s body tense up and then relax as my tongue glided over different parts of her body. I wanted nothing more than to make her mine and ensure that only I will ever get to enjoy her gorgeous body. This is moving so much faster than I expected it to.

“Tell me what it is you want Louise,”

“Fuck. I want….. I want you. God I want you!”

That was it. That was all I needed to hear to continue down this path. I inched my lips closer to hers. Louise shut her eyes in anticipation. I could feel the softness of her breath on my neck and chin as I neared the puffiness of her lips.

I couldn’t have been more than a couple of millimetres away when I heard the front door slam shut.

“Fuck! Shit someone’s home early!” I stumbled back against my desk and panicked.

“Oh god what if they come straight upstairs?” Louise was in just as much of a panic as myself.

“Quick! Throw your clothes back on. I’ll go downstairs and stall them, you run to your room.”

Louise quickly turned around to grab her shirt and within record time she had almost completely pulled her clothes on. Luckily I couldn’t hear any footsteps up the stairs so I assumed we’d be safe. Before leaving the room I approached Louise.

“We’ll finish this another time. ankara escort For now, send me those pictures you took.” I couldn’t help but smirk.

“Umm, yes master.”

With that I left my room and went down stairs to see what the hell had interrupted me. On my way downstairs I heard Louise shut my door and hop across the hall into her room. Shortly after that I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket several times. I assumed she had sent me the pictures and it immediately brought a corrupt smile to my face.

I could hear cupboard doors being slammed, as well as stomping footsteps. “Whoever it is, they must be annoyed at something….great.”

By the front door was Isabel’s bag and shoes, which means for some reason she was home early. Me and Louise are only just getting into this, and already someone could have caught us if they were sneaky enough. I made a point to ensure that I was safer from now on, especially when we were in the house.

I made my way to the kitchen where I assumed Isabel would be, only to find her face first in the fridge with her peachy ass pointing out at me just like Louise had done earlier. I probably wouldn’t have even looked at her ass before now, but recently I couldn’t give a fuck. Time to enjoy what I saw.

“Izzy what’s up? Why all the banging?”

Isabel was muttering something under her breath as she stood up and looked in my direction.

“Oh Ryan. Sorry did I wake you up?”

“Umm no. It’s the afternoon….” I stared at her quizzically. “Do you think I sleep all day?”

“What? No.”

There was a moment of awkwardness before I continued my questions.

“Sooo, what’s with all the banging Izzy?”

Isabel slammed the fridge door shut, knocking over whatever was in the fridge in the process, and walked over to the stool.

“That fucking asshole that’s what! He’s treating me like shit again!”

“Asshole being your ex husband?” I asked. I genuinely didn’t have a clue. Isabel was always closed off from me. I never really understood why.

“Yes him! He phoned me while I was in work, and against my better judgement I answered the phone. He started spouting all of this shit about how he misses me and how we shouldn’t have split. The fucking asshole really thinks I’m an idiot.”

“Wait so he…”

“And then he wouldn’t let me get a word out. Started going on about meeting up with him and trying again. Even though he knows damn well that I’ll never allow that shit to happen again. I mean seriously. What is wrong with him?”

“Well it sounds as though…”

“Then I hung up the phone on him and tried getting back to work, but I kept on making mistakes because it’s all I could think about. Then I was sent home because apparently I wasn’t giving it my all during work hours or some such bollocks.”

I was quickly getting annoyed that I wasn’t able to get a word out, but this sort of thing happens quite often with Isabel. If she didn’t have someone to vent on, usually Louise, then she would spiral downwards. And none of us could let that happen again.

“So let me get this…”

“I tell you what I was better off with Kyle from college. At least he had the decency not to phone me after we broke up begging for us to get back together. Shame about him really. Anyway, thanks for listening to me bro. I already feel much better.”

Isabel started walking my way with a much healthier smile on her face.

“Umm no problem I guess.” Isabel approached me and kissed me on the cheek before heading to her room.

The kiss wasn’t something that usually happened, but it was often enough not to feel weird. Isabel was more of the type to show affection than others, but if you catch her in the wrong moment, she will talk your ear off.

“Well, now that she’s sorted, I need to figure out what I’m going to do with Louise….” I thought to myself.

With Isabel now in the house, it was going to be next to impossible to do anything with Louise. So instead I did what any horny male does, masturbate to pictures of my sister. Ok well I guess that isn’t the case for most people, but there was no way I was going to hold myself back. I had the pictures of her on my phone, I had to use them. Right?

After my…deed, I decided to make copies of the pictures of Louise and save them in a secure folder on my computer. Similar to how my other folder was secure, to some degree, I saved them with a password protection this time, as well as saving my other folder with the same. It was all much easier to navigate through now.

I already knew I’d be spending a lot of time in that folder. Just the thought of it was such a rush. A very powerful feeling. I would have never guessed that incest was this…erotic. Something so easy to overlook, so easily described as taboo, yet it was having such an impact on me that I wasn’t able to focus on anything else. All I wanted to do was delve further into this dark area of pleasure with my sister.

I decided not to risk doing anything with Louise. I didn’t want to ever get caught with this, so there was no way I was about risk it for a few minutes of…..pure bliss. Instead I ended up watching a film to try and get out of my own head. I wasn’t one for watching TV all that much, but a film with fantastic CGI and effects really gets me going, in a non erotic way of course.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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