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Giant Toy

Note from Slickman: I hope everyone enjoys this little story about a Preacher gone bad. Never happens? Sure. Take care.

Ann and Tom moved into the small suburb of Plainsfield happy to be away from the rat race of the big city. Tom’s new job allowed him to work out of the home most of the time with periodic trips to the main office in New York City. Their twin children, Tommy and Celeste were both in their late teens and were finding it tough to move while in their high school years. Luckily, their Preacher at the church in their last town referred them to his brother who was a Preacher in Plainsfield because they would at least know somebody.

Ann and Tom were in our mid-forties and have always been pretty happy together. Like most couples their sex life had dwindled somewhat but, when they did have time to spend in the bedroom they enjoyed it to the max. Ann was a virgin on her honeymoon night and had never been involved with anyone except for Tom. Whereas Tom was engaged to another woman and had lived with her for almost a year before they realized it wasn’t working.

The moving van was pulling out of the driveway and Ann was standing in the garage looking for a box of towels when a young man walked up to her.

“Ann Shatner?” The man asked.

“Yes.” Ann answered wondering who knew her name in the new town.

“Hi. I’m Brother Jim Northrup. My brother Jack said you would be arriving today.”

“Oh Hello. Brother Jack did mention your name to us.” Ann said holding out her hand for him to shake. But, instead of shaking her hand the preacher moved his arms around her back and pulled her to him.

Ann was shocked at first to be hugging a preacher like this but; she thought maybe they are more affectionate in the smaller towns. She didn’t miss his handsome face and muscular body as he held her tight against him.

Ann broke the hug and pushed back somewhat embarrassed to be in close personal contact with someone she had just met. And, a man of Faith at that. She noticed he was wearing a wedding ring.

“So, will we be meeting your wife, Jean?” Ann asked remembering the preacher’s wife’s name.

“Oh sure. She was busy today and I wanted to welcome you and let you know I was here and available in case you need something.” His baby blue eyes were melting her resistance and his smile was making her heart flutter.

“Hello!” Tom said as he came out of the house to see Ann standing with a younger good looking man.

“Tom, this is Jim Northrup. I mean Brother Jim Northrup. Brother Jack’s brother.”

“Hello Tom.” Jim said shaking his hand. Tom could felt the strength in his handshake.

“I just wanted to meet you and Ann and to offer my help if you need anything.” Jim said.

“Well, thank you. Actually, I would like for you to meet our children. Tommy and Celeste. They are our 18-year old twins who are kind of upset they had to move during their senior year in high school.”

Tom and Jim moved into the house and up the stairs to meet the twins. Tommy was sitting on his bed listening to his headphones and Celeste was unpacking her clothing boxes. Tom introduced Jim to the twins and walked back downstairs to see if Ann needed him.

Jim introduced himself to Tommy who did not seem too happy to talk to him. Celeste was a lot friendlier.

“So, I guess you had to leave a boyfriend behind somewhere.” Jim said.

“Well, actually we had just broken up before we moved.” Celeste said. She, like Ann, was taken away by his handsome appearance. She guessed he was in his late twenties. “So, I guess you can say I’m a free girl.”

“I don’t think the word girl does you justice.” Jim said looking up and down her young and sexy body.

“Why thank you Brother Jim.” She said with a blush.

“Please call me Jim.” He said looking down at her tan thighs moving up under her loose nylon shorts.

Celeste had seen many teenage boys give her the same look Brother Jim was now giving her. She was somewhat afraid but, at the same time excited that an older man was coming onto her. She knew he was married and was also a preacher so she figured his flirting was harmless. She thought she would play the game as well.

Jim watched as Celeste moved over to a box and pulled out some skimpy underwear. “I hope you don’t mind if I continue to unpack.” She held up her new pair of silky pink thongs before she folded them and put them in the top draw.

“I don’t mind at all.” Jim smiled. “I may learn more about what beautiful women wear now-a-days.”

“Brother Jim.” Celeste said acting surprised. “I didn’t think a preacher thought about those kinds of things.” She held up the matching demi-bra and placed it next to the thongs.

“We are men you know. Not machines. It’s OK to appreciate women. You have heard about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.” He joked.

“I don’t think Eve was wearing anything like these.” Celeste said holding up a pair of pink bikini panties. She glanced down to see a bulge in his black slacks. She was getting to him and it was a lot of bahis firmaları fun.

“Maybe if she was wearing those Adam wouldn’t have taken the apple.” Jim said as she bent forward to reach into the box. The nylon shorts moved up her ass checks until her pink round flesh poked out at him. He could see most of the bottom of her ass and couldn’t see any panties.

“What’s everyone doing?” Ann asked as she walked into Celeste’s room.

“Just getting acquainted.” Brother Jim said not bothering to hide the tent in his slacks.

“Good. I think you’ve helped us already. Right Celeste?” Ann asked.

“Definitely.” Celeste said winking at her mother.

Tom came upstairs to join the party and the party soon dispersed. Brother Jim left them all unpacking and said he would see them on Sunday.

The rest of the week was uneventful. Tom noticed both Ann and Celeste took a lot of time getting dressed for Church services and also were wearing short skirts which was different than what they normally wore to church. He thought about saying something but they would probably just say he was being old fashioned.

Brother Jim and his wife Jean were welcoming visitors as the family walked up to the main door of the church.

“Well good morning to the Shatners.” Brother Jim said as he held out his hand to shake Tom’s. He only nodded his greetings at Ann, Celeste and Tommy. “This is my wife, Jean.” He announced.

“Hello.” She said. Tom noticed she was very petite but also very beautiful. Her blonde hair was cut short and her dress completely covered her body from her neck down to her ankles. She looked like a real-life Barbie. They all shook hands and the Shiner’s entered the church.

The church services went as expected for the Shatner Family and Ann could see Brother Jim glance her way a few times while he gave his sermon. Celeste also saw him looking their way and thought he was looking at her. Both Ann and Celeste smiled back at the preacher.

Brother Jim was cordial with everyone afterwards and asked Ann if she was interested in joining the choir. He had noticed she sang out loudly during some of the songs.

“I’m not a good singer.” Ann said blushing.

“Sure you are, Mother.” Celeste said. “You were in the choir at our last church.”

“Well, I guess I could give it a try.” Ann said looking at Tom to see if he objected.

“Go for it.” Tom said. “I’ll be busy with my job anyway.”

“Good. I’ll see you here Tuesday evening at 7:00PM.”

Ann was a little nervous after dinner on Tuesday. She knew he was a preacher but the way he looked at her made her skin tingle. She figured she was probably imagining things as she picked out her clothing after the shower. She didn’t think about it as she selected her black lace bikini panties and matching bra. Although it was supposed to be casual she selected a short denim skirt and a tight blouse.

As her car pulled into the large parking lot next to the church she could only see one light on near the back of the office wing attached to the main building. Ann tried the front door and it was locked. She walked around the outside of the building until she found a door near the back. She tried the door and it opened.

“Hello!” She shouted while sticking her face through the doorway.

“Back here!” Brother Jim’s voice came from a room at the back of the long hallway.

Ann cautiously walked towards the back room through the cool and dark hallway. She made it to the lit doorway and peaked inside. Brother Jim was sitting alone at a small desk. “Am I too early?” She asked.

“Oh no. You are right on time. I thought it would be better if I go over the songs with you before we have our regular choir practice on Thursday evening.” Brother Jim said while standing to take her hand and guide her into the room.

Normally Ann would be nervous being alone with a man like this but she kept telling herself he was a preacher and had a beautiful wife at home.

“You don’t mind being here alone with me do you?” He asked.

“Of course not.” She laughed. “If I can’t trust you who can I trust?”

“True.” He laughed along with her.

“Why don’t you sit over here and I’ll get the song book?” He asked.

Ann sat on the small bench and made a point to pull her skirt down to her knees. She watched him as he leaned over a bookcase to pick up a blue book.

“Do you mind if I sit next to you?” He asked as he walked back near her.

“That would be OK.” She said thinking about how they both were making it clear they were only here for choir practice reasons.

Brother Jim moved next to her and because the bench was so small his hip and thigh pushed against hers. Ann thought about moving over but didn’t want to show any concern for his closeness.

“I’m sure you have already sung most of these songs.” He said holding the book open in front of her. His arm brushed against her own. Ann looked at the index he was holding up in front of her body.

“Yes. Most of them are ones we sang at your brother’s church.” kaçak iddaa She said. “This one is my favorite.” Her arm moved up to point at the song which moved her chest into his arm. Her breast softly pushed against his bicep. Neither of them moved away.

Ann’s heart was beating rapidly as she pointed to two other songs she enjoyed singing. She had never been this close to another man before and felt some sweat forming on her forehead.

“Would you like to sing one with me?” He asked.

“I guess so.” She said nervously. She lowered her arm and turned her body until her breast moved away from his arm.

“You pick.” Brother Jim said handing her the song book.

“This one.” Ann said taking the book in one hand and pointing with the other.

Ann was shy starting so Brother Jim started the song. He did most of the singing and Ann’s voice was low.

“Don’t be shy.” He laughed. “Remember to sing from your diaphragm.” His hand moved over to rest just under her full mounds. He heard and felt her sharp intake of breath as his hand pushed on her upper stomach. He had to look at the book to prevent staring at her hard nipples pushing small indentations out her silky blouse. Her breasts were so much bigger than his own wife’s.

“Go ahead let it out.” He said while keeping his fingers frozen on her front. Ann was having trouble breathing. His touch was making her light headed. She stopped singing when his thumb moved upward and pushed against the bottom of her breast.

“Keep going.” He said.

Ann felt his thumb moving as she finished the first verse. At first it might have been an accident but now his thumb was making small circles higher and higher up her soft mound. Both of them continued to sing the song and pretend he was not touching her breast. His thumb had worked its way to within an inch of her hard nipple.

As they finished the second verse the tip of his thumb brushed against her hard bud. Her voice got higher as his finger moved up to team with his thumb. Her rigid nipple was gently squeezed by his thumb and finger. Ann stopped singing and closed her eyes as he caressed her openly in his office. Suddenly the phone rang and both of them jumped up from the bench.

“Oh!” Ann cried out as she stood straightening her clothing.

Brother Jim quickly answered the phone facing away from Ann. “Hello? Yes. I’ll be home shortly. I have some more paperwork honey. What? I guess I can stop and pick up some things. OK. I’ll be home shortly.” He turned to talk to Ann and noticed she was missing.

Ann heard him talking to his wife and had to leave. Not only was she allowing another man to touch her breast he was a preacher and she was in the church building. She almost ran to her car and sped back to her house. She sat in the car in the garage until she calmed down enough to enter the house. “Oh God. What have I done?” She asked herself as she lay in bed that night.

“So how was choir practice?” Tom asked Ann the next morning at the breakfast table.

“Same songs. Nothing new.” She answered trying to sound bored. She had little sleep thinking about how wickedly wrong it was. She wondered how she could even face him again.

Ann had a lot of work around the house and kept busy so she wouldn’t have time to think about his touch on her nipple. As much as she tried to not think about it the more she did.

Tom was in the garage when the phone rang. “Hello?” She said answering the phone.

“Ann? It’s Jim.” He said softly. “I need to talk to you.”

“I don’t know if I can right now.” She whispered while looking at the garage door.

“I think we need to talk as soon as possible.” He said.

“I guess I could get away for a little while.” She said feeling her body tingling just from hearing his voice.

“Great. No one is in the church office right now. When can you make it?”

“I guess I can come right now.” She said thinking if she waited until later she would chicken out.

“OK. I’ll be here.” He said hanging up the phone.

Ann moved quickly upstairs and changed her clothing. She didn’t have time to take a shower but did spray on some perfume. She again picked out some sexy underwear but kept on her jeans. She wore the same silky blouse she had worn the other night.

“I’ll be back soon. I have to drop off my song book and pick up another one.” She said to Tom who was placing his tools on the pegboard.

“OK. Take your time. You’ve been working too hard today.” He said.

Ann didn’t remember how she had gotten to the church parking lot as she pulled into a parking space closer to the small door. She took a deep breath and walked quickly to the doorway. She glanced around to make sure no one else saw her.

Ann didn’t bother yelling as she opened the door and closed it. She reached down and turned the lock. She didn’t think anything was going to happen but if it did she didn’t want anyone else to walk in on them.

As she walked up the hallway Brother Jim suddenly moved out in front of her. “Ann.” He said with a smile. “Please kaçak bahis come in.”

Ann moved by him and sat down again on the small bench in front of his desk.

“I’ve not been able to rest after what happened the other night.” He said as he stood by his desk. “I’m so sorry that I can’t express it in words. I have prayed to God for his forgiveness and now yours.”

Ann was not expecting his overly sign of remorse. “I guess things happen sometime that are hard to explain.” She said trying to make him feel better. “I don’t’ feel bad about what happened.” Came out of her mouth before she realized what she had said.

Brother Jim looked at her and smiled. “You don’t feel bad?”

“I know it was wrong but, it was so exciting.” She said looking down at the floor.

Brother Jim moved slowly until he was again sitting next to her on the bench. “I feel the same way.” His arm moved around her shoulder and pulled her to him. Her head rested against his shoulder. “I was afraid you would say something to your husband.”

Ann let him take her hand in his. Neither of them said another word as her hand was pulled into his on top of his leg. She watched as he raised her hand up to his lips. He looked into her eyes as he softly kissed the tip of her finger. Then another and so on down her hand.

“I’ve never felt this way towards a woman.” He said as he head moved towards hers. Ann’s eyes closed as his lips lightly brushed against his. Their lips tasted each other’s nectar until Ann’s mouth opened slightly which gave him the go-ahead to move his tongue forward.

“I’ve never…” She started to say. “Me neither.” He interrupted. Their mouths crushed together and their tongues intermingled.

Ann broke away when she had trouble breathing.

“You are so beautiful.” He whispered in her ear as his hand moved up and down her silky back.

“I’m old and ugly.” She laughed.

Tom finished hanging his tools and moved into the house for a quick drink. The kids had arrived from school and were sitting at the kitchen table having a snack.

“So, how was school?” Tom asked.

“It sucked.” Tommy said visibly upset with his day.

“Not bad actually.” Celeste answered. “I made a couple of new friends.”

“Good. Things will get better.” Tom said looking at Tommy.

“Whatever.” He said as he grabbed his drink and book bag and headed up to his room.

“Where’s mom?” Celeste asked.

“She had to go by the church to swap her song book.” Tom said.

“Was her old one a blue one?” Celeste asked.

“I think so. Why?” Tom asked.

“Because it is sitting on the small table by the sofa.” Celeste answered.

“I guess she forgot it.” Tom said.

“I can run it over to her.” Celeste said with an excited voice. She wanted to see the young handsome preacher again.

“If you have nothing else to do. Go ahead.” Tom said. “I have some more work in the garage.”

Celeste grabbed the book and hurried out to her older car. She started it up and peeled out. “Boy. Won’t mom and Preacher Jim be surprised?” She thought to herself.

Ann had relaxed somewhat as they continued to sit and look at various songs. She could feel the heat radiating from his leg as he leaned closer to look at the song book.

“I got married at a very young age to Jean.” Brother Jim said as they both looked at the book. “She is the only woman I’ve ever really known.”

It was confession time so Ann knew it was her turn. “Tom’s been the one and only for me as well.”

“Have you ever wanted to…. You know?” Brother Jim asked.

“Have sex with another man?” She asked still not looking at him. “I guess I’ve thought about how it would be but, never have been close until the other day.”

“Me neither.” Brother Jim said. His hand moved over to hers which was holding the book out in front of her. “Do you…..” He started to say.

“Do you?” She interrupted.

“I’m nervous.” He said. “I could lose everything.”

“Me too.” Ann replied. His hand moved off hers and to her wrist. Neither said a word as his fingers slid down her forearm to her elbow. Her breathing increased as his fingers moved up her bicep which was touching her breast. His fingers moved between her arm and her soft mound.

“I must.” He said as his fingers pushed into her soft chest and opened to cup her large orb.

“We could just touch.” She said trying to make it seem less than what it was. His fingers slid into the opening of her blouse and caressed the valley between her full treasures.

Celeste parked next to her mother’s car and carried the song book to the door. She wondered where the other cars were. She tried to open the door but it was locked. Strange. She moved around the back of the building next to a large fence and peeked into the row of windows. When she saw someone she could motion for them to let her in. The first four rooms were empty and when she looked into the last room she saw her mother and Brother Jim sitting on a bench facing the other way. Her mom was holding a song book out in front of her. Celeste started to knock on the window when she saw the book suddenly drop to the floor and her mom turn to face the preacher. She gasped when she saw her mom’s blouse open and his hands opening her bra.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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