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One morning during the summer between high school and college I woke up in a bad mood. As was often the case lately, I was horny and there was nothing I could do about it. I was certain that I was the only 18-year old virgin still around and I hated it. I’d been obsessed by sex as long as I could remember and I needed to learn what it was like, but I didn’t know how. All the magazines and books that I read in secret said that experienced men were to prefer for an inexperienced girl, but I didn’t know how to find an experienced man. I was only allowed to date boys my age and, being the preacher’s daughter, I was deemed off-limits for most men in our hometown.

Andy, my dad’s son from his first marriage, had come to stay with us that summer. He’d just finished his PhD and was enjoying his last summer of freedom before he took up a government position in the fall. Although we’d grown up in the same town, I didn’t feel that I knew Andy very well. He was quite a lot older than me and he’d been brought up in a different church. We’d been getting along better and better in the last month and a half and I was finally starting to feel a connection with him. I knew that he was the only person I could ask for help.

“Andy,” I said and sat down next to him on the couch. “I need your help.”

“Sure, sis. What can I do for you?”

“You have to promise not to tell mom or dad about this because they’ll freak out completely.”

“Are you in some kind of trouble?”

“Well, in a way, yes I am.”

“Tell me all about it.”

“Well… This is difficult to talk about… But the truth is… I’m horny. I can’t satisfy myself with my fingers anymore. I need to fuck a real guy, but I’m like a pariah. None of the boys I’m allowed to date dares lay a finger on me. And I don’t want to fuck a teenager. I want to fuck a real man who knows how to make a virgin cum.”

Andy looked at me pensively. “So you want me to find you a guy to take your virginity.”

I was so relieved that he understood. “Yes. Most of your friends are still single, aren’t they? They don’t go to my church. Surely one of them would like to fuck a virgin pussy a few times and teach her what she needs to know.”

Andy nodded. “I can think of a few guys who wouldn’t mind a tight little cunt. But you know… Real men don’t just want to fuck your cunt. Are you prepared to suck their cock too?”

“Oh yes! I’ve been dreaming of sucking a cock for such a long time. I want to do it all.”

“OK… I think I’ll be able to help you. But first you have to do me a favour. Take your clothes off so that I can see your pussy and your tits. Different men have different tastes in that department so I want to make sure that I get you one who likes what you have to offer.”

I was so excited. I quickly unbuttoned my modest dress and pulled off my cotton undershirt and panties. I was pretty sure that my tits would be attractive to men since they were big and firm c-cups and when I turned 18 I had secretly started shaving my pussy in anticipation of having sex for the first time.

Andy walked around me, cupping my tits to feel how firm they were, running his finger through my wet slit.

“You really are horny, aren’t you little sis?”

“Oh yes. That’s why I’m so desperate. Please go talk with your friends and find someone who’ll fuck me.”

Andy smiled. “Get dressed again. I’ll see what I can do.”

I didn’t have much opportunity to speak with Andy in private over the next couple of days and it was driving me mad. Then one evening when I was lying in bed, horny and wet as always, he slipped inside my room when my parents had gone to bed.

“I’ve got a man for you,” he whispered as he sat down on the side of my bed.

“Really? Who is it?”

“Shhhhhh… Not so loud. I can’t tell you.”


“Because he doesn’t want you to know who he is yet. You just have to trust me that he’ll treat you right and fuck you hard.”

“OK, I trust you. But how do I meet him? Where do I go? Will he come here?”

“He wants you for the night. Listen carefully now. On Friday you have to make up an excuse why you’ll be staying away overnight. Get one of your girlfriends to cover for you, but she cannot know where you’re going. Shortly before lunchtime you’ll find an envelope with a key in the post-box. The key will have a number on it. You are to take that key and nothing else and go to the Holiday Inn, making sure nobody sees you and you have to park your car where nobody can see it. Then you let yourself into the Holiday Inn and go straight to the room that’s on the key, still making sure nobody sees you. Once there you will take off the clothes you arrived in and place them in a plastic bag outside your room. You then have 10 minutes to get into the outfit that will ataşehir escort bayan have been laid out for you on the bed. It will be a slutty outfit to suit your new slutty life. Once you have the outfit on you will tie the blindfold around your eyes and sit on the bed and wait for your lover. Once he arrives you have to do exactly what he wants you to do or he won’t return your clothes once he’s done with you. Is that clear?”

“Yes Andy!” I was giddy with excitement. The secrecy surrounding this made me even hornier than before.

“Do you have any questions?”

“Will I find out who my lover is? Will he do things that I want to try?”

“If he thinks you deserve to know his identity he will tell you. And you are not to make any demands. You asked me to turn you into a whore and whores satisfy men, not themselves. But if you do exactly as you’re told I can assure you that you will have several orgasms.”

Andy left my room and I stuck my fingers inside my cunt. I pumped myself hard, but despite being hornier than I’d ever been before I couldn’t make myself cum. I was going to have to wait till Friday. It was only 2 days away, but it felt like a lifetime. I spent the next day arranging my cover. My best friend’s parents were out of town and her grandmother was looking after her. Mom agreed to let me stay the night there and I was pretty sure my cover was going to be OK.

Andy was gone by the time I woke up on the Friday morning so I had to rely on my memory for the instructions. At 11.30 I looked in the post-box, but there was nothing there. Fifteen minutes later I found an envelope. I couldn’t figure out who’d left it there since I’d been watching almost the entire time. With trembling fingers I opened the envelope and found a plastic Holiday Inn key card. I’d already showered and shaved that morning so I called out to my mom that I was leaving and then I drove off in the direction of my best friend.

I’d already decided where to park the car. I’d leave it in the school car park between my best friend’s house and the Holiday Inn. I then walked swiftly to the Holiday Inn and snuck in the back way and into the elevator. I pressed the button for the sixth floor and let myself into the room. Andy hadn’t been joking when he said that it would be a slutty outfit. There was a semi-transparent babydoll on the bed with holes for my tits. There was also a pair of crotchless lace panties and a pair of high heel shoes. The entire outfit was a bright red, leaving me in no doubt that by putting it on I was becoming someone’s whore.

I hesitated for a second and then I took off my clothes and put them in the plastic bag that lay next to the slut clothes. I then wriggled my body into the babydoll and the panties that were so minimal that had I not shaved my pussy, they wouldn’t have covered anything. Lastly I stepped into the shoes and tied the blindfold over my eyes. I then sat down and waited for the man who would take my virginity an make me his whore.

The anticipation of what lay ahead made my wait even more difficult. It felt like hours and I could feel my pussy juices forming a puddle in my panties and my nipples were hard like stones. I then heard a door opening and closing, followed by silent steps on the soft carpet. He was there. I longed to speak to him, but decided against it. Andy’s rules were pretty strict and I didn’t dare say anything just in case it was against the rules. I could feel his presence right in front of me when all of a sudden he pinched both my nipples really hard and pulled them in opposite direction. I yelped in pain and all I could hear was a deep, quiet chuckle in response. I tried to place it, but I had no idea whom it belonged to.

I was only just getting over the brutal handling of my nipples when I was pushed backwards on the bed. My legs were parted and a finger penetrated my wet cunt. I gasped with delight, but he didn’t stay there for long. He pulled his finger out again and I could hear him sucking on it. It turned me on even more, if possible, to hear the mystery man sucking my cunt juices off his finger.

Then he took my hand and pulled me up on my feet. I stood before him as he wrapped his lips around my nipple and sucked. He then sucked and bit my other nipple. I was in heaven. He left me alone for a moment and I shivered as I felt the cold air on my wet nipples. I could hear him getting undressed and wondered if I should take my clothes off to, but he didn’t say anything so I assumed he wanted to fuck me while I looked like a slut. The thought was a turn-on for me too.

He soon came back to me and placed his hands on my shoulders. Without saying anything he pressed me down and I got on my knees. His hands then opened my mouth and I soon felt an unfamiliar warm and hard escort kadıöy thing on my lips. He wanted me to suck his cock. He was already hard as I wrapped my lips around his shaft. I didn’t know what to do and he didn’t give me any directions, but I figured I’d better suck him as hard as I could. With my lips closed around the fat cock in my mouth I started sucking and curiously investigating the veins on the meat that was resting against my tongue. I must have done something right because I could hear his breathing getting more laboured. This encouraged me to suck him deeper and harder and I did. I loved the taste of cock. I loved sucking this cock that filled my mouth completely. Soon my sucking wasn’t enough for him. He grabbed a tight hold of my head and started fucking my mouth. Each time he slammed deep into my throat I felt as though I couldn’t breathe, but I loved the feeling of being used so I kept sucking. Then he came. Without warning he shot his cream in my mouth and then he pulled out and shot more all over my face. I kept my mouth open and he hit my tongue again before he stopped cumming. My girlfriends had all said how disgusting cum was, but I loved its salty taste on my tongue. I quickly swallowed and lapped up the spunk that was on my face and smiled.

I was soon pulled up on my feet again and he kissed me deeply. I was sure that he could taste his own cum on my tongue as his tongue invaded my mouth and my tits were pressed against his strong and hairy chest. As he was kissing me his hands wandered down my back until they reached my butt cheeks which he squeezed so tight I was sure I’d get imprints of his hands on them. He then walked me around the bed and gently helped me lie down in the middle. He followed me onto the bed and again started sucking on one of my nipples while manhandling the other. I moaned with pleasure and once again I heard his soft, dark chuckle.

His fingers soon found their way down to my pussy and he parted my thighs slightly to get access to my clit, which he fondled lightly while still sucking on my tits. I was in heaven. I’d always known that having sex would be good with an experienced man, but I’d never imagined how good it would make me feel, and we’d hardly got started yet. This was going to be a night to remember.

Soon his lips followed where his fingers had gone. He moved himself between my legs and his lips kissed my pussy lips. He slowly slid his tongue into my slit and if he hadn’t been holding my thighs in a tight grip I would’ve wriggled away, so intense was the pleasure. He soon grabbed my clit with his teeth and flicked his tongue across it. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I moaned out loud and squeezed my tits hard as the pleasure took control over my body. But there was more. Just as I thought I was going to experience my first orgasm with a man he let go of my clit and slid his tongue inside my fuck hole. I nearly cried with joy as he started lapping up my juices. I wanted that moment to last forever, but soon his tongue was replaced by one finger, then two, then three, narrowly squeezing inside my tight cunt as he started sucking my clit again. His fingers pumped me hard as his lips and tongue gave my engorged clit unbearable pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum,” I panted. “Oh dear Lord, I’m gonna cum now!”

He didn’t say anything, he just continued finger fucking me as I cried out in pleasure. My body shook and my cunt contracted hard around the fingers inside me and I wrapped my legs tight around his face. Only when I stopped shaking and my breathing got less laboured did he pull out and slide up next to me again. He fed me his fingers and I licked the familiar flavour of my cunt off them. Then he kissed me again, sharing my juices between us. It was like magic.

Before I knew it, he was lying on top of me, grinding his crotch against my dripping crotchless panties. He was hard again. I parted my legs wide, wanting him to penetrate me at long last. He continued kissing me and nibbling at my tits. The pleasure heightened the sense of anticipation in my cunt. Then he got on his knees between my legs and caressed my wet pussy. He pulled the panties off, tearing them in the process, and he rested his cock against my throbbing slit.

One by one he put my legs across his shoulders and then he pushed. I gasped at his size as I felt his cock head tearing my tight cunt apart. He stopped briefly and then continued on, deeper inside me until he came to a stop. I felt a quick pressure and then he pulled out again. Once more he ran his cock along my soaking slit before he pressed my legs up against my chest, pulling my ass up off the bed and resting on his hands on either side of my shoulders.

Before I knew it he’d buried his cock deep inside my cunt and I screamed out in pain as maltepe escort he ripped through my protective barrier. I could feel the blood gushing out and I twisted and turned, wanting an end to the torture. But he wouldn’t let me go. He lay there on top of me, his cock buried deep inside my aching cunt and his body stopping me from moving at all. Then the miracle happened. The pain slowly ebbed away and I was horny again. I was hornier than before. Finally I could feel, for the first time, the pleasure of having a thick cock shoved right up my tight cunt. It filled me completely and I absolutely loved having it there.

As I started moaning with pleasure again he started pulling out. He almost pulled out completely before he shoved himself back inside my hungry cunt. He repeated this action over and over, making me pant louder and louder, bouncing my tits and making my clit throb like never before from the friction of his pubic bone grinding itself into me. His hairy crotch against my smooth one teased and tickled me in a way that added even more to the sensation I was already enjoying.

The room was quiet except for the sounds of our heavy breathing and the wet noise of the fat cock fucking my dripping wet cunt. Much as I was pinned down, I tried to move my hips in unison with his, trying to meet his thrusts halfway, inviting him deeper inside me. The result was sensational. I wanted so badly to hold back, but I was inexperienced and I was being fucked by a master. I couldn’t help it. I started whimpering and moaning and before I knew what had happened my body was convulsing and my cunt was squeezing his cock as tight as it could. I cried out as the waves of orgasm possessed me and yet through this whole process he didn’t stop fucking me.

He kept up the pace until my orgasm subsided and then he pulled out. He briskly turned me over on my hands and knees and shoved his big cock back inside my cunt. I could feel my juices pouring down the insides of my thighs and within three or four thrusts it was as if I’d never cum. I was hungry for more fucking and he was giving it to me. This was the mystery man of my dreams. This man was the reason I’d still been a virgin until a short while ago. No man could’ve taught me to fuck better than this man.

He ran a finger through the juices that had escaped me and shoved it into my ass. I cried out at first and then I learnt how pleasurable it was to have something in my asshole while being fucked from behind. Then he grabbed me by one tit and pulled me up against him. He kissed and bit my neck and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before we both came.

“Pull your blindfold off, baby,” he whispered with a coarse and tense voice that I still didn’t recognise.

I did as I was told, but the room was dark apart from a small lamp behind us, casting the shadows of our fucking onto the wall in front of me. I still couldn’t see him. He pulled his finger out of my ass and started massaging my clit. Once more I had to surrender to the pleasure and as soon as my cunt started gripping his cock tight he let out a roar and started shooting his cum straight up my cunt that was milking every last drop from his shaft.

When he finished cumming he pulled himself out of me and took me in his arms as he collapsed on the bed. He took my hand and led it to my cunt were we both dipped our fingers in our combined juices and licked them off. He turned me around and I looked into his face.

“Andy!” I exclaimed in shock at seeing my brother.


“How could you? This is wrong!”

“So it would have been better for me to send a stranger to fuck my virgin little sister? Did you not enjoy what we just did?”

“Yes.” I couldn’t lie.

“Then I’m not going to apologise for not making you another man’s whore. I wanted to make your first time special. We now have a special bond.”

He kissed me deeply again and I forgot that he was my brother. I had to wake his cock up with my mouth and then he taught me to ride him. We spent the night fucking in every position known to man and we were both so sore we could hardly walk afterwards, but extremely satisfied. The problem now was that once I’d fucked I couldn’t go without it. For the next few weeks we snuck around as well as we could, fucking when mom and dad were out, fucking each other late at night, driving out into the country and fucking in Andy’s car. But all good things come to an end. One afternoon dad came home early and unexpected. Our fucking had been so loud that we hadn’t heard his car pull up. He found us on the living room floor, me riding my brother’s fat cock. He gave us an hour to pack and the strange thing was that neither of us minded. Andy had an apartment ready and I decided to take a year off before starting college so that I could come to Andy’s work at lunchtime for a quick fuck. I never did go to college. I opened a lingerie shop and started a website for virgins who wanted to find real men to deflower them. It’s now six years later and I’m 8 months pregnant with Andy’s child and we still fuck every day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32