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And sometimes two people get bored.

In this case, Chelsea and Chris, two engineers at a 3-D printing start-up. They’re single, horny, and being engineers have come up with a game to occupy a dreary Saturday. How this came up in conversation is convoluted and not worth the time to discuss, but needless to say there was after work beer, bourbon, and talk of golden showers and sex.

So, Chelsea used a sub-routine from work to print up some random actions on paper that neither she nor Chris were fully aware of. These were sliced up, folded in half and deposited in a stylish box, with neither of them knowing exactly what was on them.

The rules, thus, were that over the course of seven hours, from noon to seven p.m. they would once an hour pick a piece of paper from the box and do as the paper told them to do. Who would select the action would alternate every hour. Making things perhaps more interesting is that neither Chelsea nor Chris would talk at all during the game. Furthermore, between picking they would each remain isolated in a room in Chelsea’s apartment. Chelsea would stay in her bedroom, and Chris would stay in her small office/guest room. Due to the fetish nature of some of the options, they would remain hydrated between rounds. Iced Tea and bottled water were to be steadily, but reasonably imbibed.

The person to pick first is to be determined by a coin toss at 11:30 A.M.

Chris arrives at 11:25 A.M., nodding a greeting to Chelsea. Chris is dressed in jeans and a pine green polo. He is 6’1″ tall, white, with short brown hair and gray eyes, with an athletic build. Chelsea has on tight grey jeans and a button up plaid shirt with a green, red, and black pattern, the top two buttons undone. She is 5’7″ tall, half black/half white, with tightly curled brown hair that falls to her shoulders a bit chaotically, green eyes, and a thin build with some curves. Chris puts his bag down. It has some toiletries and a few changes of clothing, should they be necessary.

They are ready. The coin toss occurs. Chelsea flips a quarter. Chelsea is heads, Chris is tails. It lands on the white carpet, heads up. Chelsea will pick first. The time is 11:32, not yet noon. Chelsea smiles at Chris, and they retreat to their areas to await noon, as dictated by their smart phones.

12 P.M.: Round 1: Chelsea

This…this is something I think to myself. I’ve never been more nervous, nor more excited. Chris is really cute, and he’s dressed really nicely today. I wasn’t sure if he’d show up, or if I’d have the nerve to go through with this game that we’re playing. But here we are. I hope he thinks that I look as good.

But, no time for that, we both emerge at more or less the same time. He sits on the couch, and makes a go ahead gesture towards the box that sits on my coffee table in my living room. I smile and reach down, showing some cleavage which I notice that he appreciates, and reach in. It’s an oak box with a hole cut out on top and some fabric with a slit cut in it stretched across. No peaking. I root around, feeling the small sheets of paper inside, my hand shaking slightly as I pick one and take it out.

Chris raises his eye brows, and gets up, standing across the coffee table. I slowly unfold the sheet, so that only I can read it at first… Oh, Chris was going to be really happy.

“Give the other person oral sex.”

I widen my eyes comically, and flirtatiously, and show him. He nods in a satisfied manner. Lucky boy. Not that I’m too upset – I certainly love to be pleasured, but I also like to give as well, and I’ve wondered what it would be like to kneel in front of Chris.

I go to him then, and gently shove him back onto the couch, and start to unbuckled his belt. I unbutton his jeans, and he helps me by sliding them down around his ankles along with his boxer shorts in one smooth motion. I look at his dick, and it gets me a bit wet. He’s hard already, and it looks to be about six and a half inches along with some nice girth. Before I wrap my hand around it, I wonder if I’ll feel it inside of me or not by the end of the day.

I gently squeeze with my hand at the bass of his dick, then start to lick around the shaft before I take him in my mouth. He gasps as I start to suck a little bit and move my mouth over his hard cock. I move my head back and forth, and while I’m never going to be a deep throat girl, I do really enjoy having his hardness in my mouth. I continue to pleasure him, and love hearing his gasps of pleasure. My tongue flicks over the head of his penis, and he lets out a low moan, which I guess doesn’t count as talking, but he seems to be having a good time. I look up briefly to see his head thrown back as he breathes heavily. His hands move gently through my hair as I continue to suck and lick I start to gently massage his balls with my hand. I feel him tense up, and he taps me on the head, I guess to let me know he’s about to shoot his load. But that’s ok, I’ll take it in my mouth. And a second later, his come shoots into my mouth while he lets out one last groan. bahis firmaları It’s warm and salty, and slightly alkaline.

I get up, and spit out his load into a tissue I pluck from the coffee table. I liked having him shoot his load into my mouth, but no way I’m swallowing. He sighs contentedly and smiles. Gives me a thumbs up, and I secretly thrill that I made him feel so good. He grabs a tissue for himself and wipes his dick of, slick with my saliva, before pulling his pants back up. We both return to our respective rooms.

1 P.M.: Round 2: Chris

Holy shit, this is amazing already. I’ve always been attracted to Chelsea and I couldn’t believe that we had worked something like this out. It’s random, but how fucking lucky was I to draw getting my dick sucked first round out? I respect her as a co-worker, but Chelsea is hot as shit, and I’d be lying if I didn’t dream of getting my dick sucked by her in the past. Sue me.

Anyway, we meet in the living room at 1 P.M., exactly and I take in Chelsea, as she sits on her couch, looking super hot. I wonder what’s next, and while I guess there’ll be diminishing returns on my load for the rest of the day, I’m ready to go again if the box dictates. She bounces up and down a bit, and gives me another one of her super-cute smiles as I pick up the box and reach my hand in, and no beating around the bush, grab a piece of paper. I pull it out, and as Chelsea did, unfold it so that only I can read it.

And I laugh out loud before showing it to Chelsea, who’s eyes go wide, but then she starts to laugh also. The paper instructs: “Finger up the other person’s butt.” It’s not quite my thing, but I’m not totally opposed to the idea, although admittedly I’m pretty happy I don’t have to be the one receiving, even from Chelsea. Plus, you know, I get to see Chelsea take her jeans off.

She walks around the coffee table, goes to the kitchen and comes back with a jar of coconut oil. Her meaning taken, I unscrew it, and dip my finger in it, making sure it’s nice and lubed up.

That taken care of, Chelsea turns around and stands about a foot away from me. She starts to undo her belt, and I hear her unbutton and unzip her jeans. She pulls them down slowly, and I admire her slender brown legs and how good her ass looks in the lacy, silky lavender panties that she’s wearing. Soon those are around her ankles too, and I catch a glimpse of her pussy, her sweet pussy. But most of my attention is on her butt. She takes both of her hands and spreads apart her cheeks. Good girl, she’s into the game, I think. Well here goes, and I gently, very gently start to stick my coconut oiled finger inside of her asshole. She gasps as my index finger goes knuckle deep, and I realize that this is kind of hot. My finger is as deep as it’ll go in and I wiggle it a bit which elicits another sharp sigh from Chelsea before I figure we’ve taken this one about as far as it’s going to go. I slowly remove it with a small popping noise, and I can see Chelsea relax a bit. She pulls her jeans and panties back up, and turns to me. We both shrug, then laugh again. The vagaries of the game. Then we return to our rooms.

2 P.M.: Round 3: Chelsea

Hahaha, oh my God, I could have done without that, but Chris was gentle, and it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. I kind of wished there was a way to pre-screen the actions, but we both agreed we’d rather be surprised. And if anyone was going to put their finger up my butt, I was happy it was Chris.

Oh well, things can only go up hill from here. It’s 2 o’clock, and we both emerge, Chris is taking a seat on the couch as I walk towards the box, ready to make my selection. Chris seems to go for a more quick pluck, but I like to root around a bit. Mix the papers up, take my time. These are important selections! And then I grab a piece of paper, and remove it, my fingers wrapped around it. I slowly uncurl them, then unfold the paper, and read it. Chris gets all the luck. I show him the paper, proclaiming that:

“Fondle the other person between their legs for five minutes, with their pants on.”

And I’m ok with that, and Chris seems really happy. I place my phone on the table, set for five minutes. I go to him then as he stands up. I put my hand out and start to touch him. I’ve had it in my mouth already, but I do love his cock, and as I feel him stiffen through his jeans, and we lock eyes sensually, I think to myself again that I hope there’s a possibility that he’ll be inside me today. I get a little wet as I rub him gently, my fingers curling and gently rubbing his balls through the rough denim of his jeans. He closes his eyes in pleasure as I start to rub a bit harder, but still gently, wondering if I can get him to come in his pants. His fingers curl at his sides as I continue to rub,.

And oh God, he was rock hard, and I really, really loved touching him. It took all of my will power to not yank his jeans off and mount him right there, but with thirty seconds left, we just stood there, looking at each other until the clock ran down kaçak iddaa and I reluctantly let go so that we could retreat until 3 P.M., I did notice a small wet spot on his jeans though.

3 P.M.: Round 4: Chris

This, this right here is hot. Chelsea is fucking smoking, and I’ve gotten off twice today. The B.J. was the best! But her rubbing me off wasn’t so bad either. I feel kind of bad that so far all she’s gotten is a finger up her butt, but let’s see what happens.

We enter the living room, and lock eyes, and she sits down as I go to the box. I don’t even pick it up this time, but just reach in and pull out a sheet of paper. I hold it in front of me, unfold it, and…wow.

I show it to Chelsea, and it just simply says, “Intercourse.” And wouldn’t you know it, that girl was on me faster than I ever could have imagined. I kind of sensed that she wanted my dick while she was sucking me off, and rubbing me, but shit. She started to undo my belt and go at my jeans, while I responded pretty quickly myself, unbuttoning her shirt and pulling it off her shoulders, exposing her lacy bra, lavender to match her panties, and she had my jeans and boxers down at that point, while I started to work on getting her jeans off, then her panties while she tore at my shirt, until I was done getting her naked, so that I could raise my arms while she tugged it off. I didn’t know how much I had left after coming twice, but I got hard just looking at Chelsea’s amazing body. Her lovely brown skin, her amazing tits with their slightly darker nipples, her legs, and her shaved pussy.

Next thing I knew we were on the floor, she had rolled a condom on my dick (Not as much fun as going at it uncovered, but you know…) and she was riding me, and oh God, oh God, it felt good. She was so tight…so warm…so wet, just sliding up and down my dick, while she eyed me hungrily. I moved my hands to her tits, and started to play with them, rubbing her hardened nipples, all while she rode me. We moved in sync, our hips gyrating, and pleasure exploding out into my body with every thrust as wet met. We didn’t speak, the rules of course, but we breathed heavily, and we moaned a bit. The pleasure was intense, insane as I continued to run my hands over her amazing body, her smooth stomach, and her curly, lovely hair. And the pleasure kept ramping up until I exploded…and she exploded. With one final thrust, bolts of pure ecstasy shot through my entire body emanating from my dick onward. Chelsea threw her head back and let out a primal scream before rolling off of me, as we lay next to each other on her living room floor, breathing heavily.

We rose unsteadily, gathering our clothes, and Chelsea let out a breath, blowing a loose strand of hair away from her face. Intense.

4 P.M.: Round 5: Chelsea

Oh, there is going to be no topping that. That was one of the most intense lovemaking sessions I have ever had. Having Chris inside of me was everything I had hoped for…his hands running over my body…oh god. But we still had a few more rounds. And we could still enjoy ourselves, perhaps fulfill some of our fetish fantasies. That hadn’t come up yet!

So, I left my room, and Chris left his. He sat down on the couch, and I picked up the box that I now christened the pure pleasure box. What would be next? We eyed each other flirtatiously as I reached into the box, shuffled around the remaining pieces of paper, and slowly withdrew one, unfolded it, and read it. Hhhhmmm. Seems like I was in for some more pleasure. “Masturbate” it said simply, as I showed it to Chris.

Hhhhmmm, this would be fun, and Chris eyed me curiously, perhaps wondering what I would do. I took him by the hand, and led him into my bedroom, and directed him to sit on the bed. I reached into my bedside drawer and took out some scented oil,, while he watched me eagerly. I undid my jeans, sliding them and my panties down in one smooth motion, spreading my legs, letting him get a good look at my shaved pussy, which he took in with a smile and wide eyes. Mmmm, not going to be as good as his cock inside of me, but I rubbed some of the scented oil on my fingers, and began to rub my clit, and finger my pussy. Chris leaned forward slightly, enjoying the show. Ooooh. It did feel good though, I was wet, and I loved that Chris was watching me pleasure myself. I of course thought of our fucking earlier, and thrilled as slow rumblings of pleasure spread from my clit through my belly. I started to toubh myself harder, faster. It felt sooooo good. My eyes closed as I began to get lost in the pleasure of it all; my entire being felt as though it were centered in my pussy as I slowly began to peak, riding wave upon wave of pleasure, breathing heavily, making low keening noises. I was coming, and I wanted to look at Chris while I did it, but alas, my orgasm was powerful enough that my eyes slammed shut in a spasm. I let out a little yelp, and slumped back on my bed, spent from my second mind-blowingly good orgasm of the day. I smiled at Chris as I lay on my bed, and he nodded approvingly, kaçak bahis but we were done for this round, so I made a playful shooing gesture, and he left to gear up for Round 6.

5 P.M.: Round 6: Chris

Was it as good as having my brains fucked out by her? No, but it was still really hot to watch Chelsea finger herself and get off. I wondered what would be left, and while everything was mind-blowingly awesome, I hoped maybe we could do something involving our mutually odd fetish.

Well, let’s see what’s coming up. Punctual as always, we both emerged at 5 P.M., both of us positively glowing, and Chelsea hopped onto the couch to watch me bend over slightly and pluck a sheet of paper. Let’s see what we have here…

Nice! I was a bit self-conscious because I think I was running kind of low on jizz, but I showed it to Chelsea and she seemed intrigued. Simply put:

“Titty fuck.”

She gave me a one minute gesture with her finger, and returned carrying some of that scented oil. It would make for some nice lube when I shoved my cock through her pressed together tits. She put it down on the coffee table, and I again unbuttoned her shirt, as my dick stiffened. Chelsea had amazing tits and I didn’t realize how much I needed to do this until I had her bra off and laid back on the couch, her lovely tits flattening out slightly, but still with plenty to engulf my erection. I had my jeans and boxers off in ten seconds, and mounted her carefully so as not to put too much weight on her chest. I looked down and she looked up approvingly. Ok! I pushed her soft, firm amazing tits together over my dick, squirting some oil in between and started to gently thrust as I rubbed her hard nipples with my thumbs. Not as good as being inside of her, but I was definitely getting some friction, and oooh, it actually felt really good. Just the fact that I was holding her tits in my hands and they were engulfing my dick just made me feel good, and I started to speed up a bit, while staring at her beautiful green eyes. She was smiling, enjoying my pleasure, and probably that I was rubbing her nipples gently. Ahh, fuck there it was…oh god, I was coming, ooooooh, that pleasant numbness radiated down my dick and down my legs, as I managed to shoot a respectable, if not huge load onto her chin and her collar bone above her titties. Uhhhhhh, I exhaled as I finished up. I quickly grabbed a tissue and helped her clean up my jizz, although I loved how its stark whiteness showed up on her brown skin. The contrast was almost as beautiful as my pleasure.


6 P.M.: Round 7: Chelsea

I had never been titty fucked before! It was fun! I mean obviously Chris got more pleasure from it, but I loved him taking pleasure in my body, and his rubbing my nipples felt good! Him touching me anywhere feels good really, and I kind of liked having him jizz on me. But let’s see what’s left! It was my last chance to pick, and I took my time. Chris sat on the couch, eagerly awaiting what would come next, while I slowly stirred the reaming sheets. Finally, I picked one, slowly withdrew it, and unfolded it…

Ah ha! There it was. I suppose if anyone reading this isn’t into watersports, this is where to tune out, but I showed it to Chris, and he made a little yes! gesture pumping his fist and arm. Of course the sex, and masturbation, and coming was good, but well, we had hoped to explore our fetishes as well, and here it was:

“Pee on the other person’s chest.”

I had been drinking iced tea and some water throughout the day, so there had always been a low level urge to pee, and now I would finally let go a bit. I was probably at a six out of ten really, as I had drank a little more this time, sure that something had to come up, Chris popped off of the couch, and I laid a hand on his chest, and made a one minute gesture. I ran to my bathroom and grabbed five towels, running back to the living room, and placing them on the floor, overlapping. Chris took the hint, and took his shirt off, and laid down in the center of the pile of towels. I noticed that he was hard as he lay down, and that made me happy, that every part of me turned him on. Even my pee. I smiled to myself, and pulled my jeans and panties down. We smiled at each other, and I squatted over his chest. I was kind of nervous, as I had never done anything like this before.

I squatted over him for maybe thirty seconds, a bit pee shy, trying to loosen up. I made a one minute gesture again, and Chris nodded, understanding. I definitely had to pee! I felt my full bladder, thinking that under any other circumstances, I would have just let go already! I thought of waterfalls, and then…

…finally, I felt it start to come out, and then, I was peeing! Chris watched with rapt attention as my slightly golden stream splashed on his chest, darkening his chest hair slightly as it got wet. A slight acrid tang filled the air as my golden essence continued to stream down and soak his chest. The sound was like a gentle rain, as my piss flowed over him, making a darkened puddle on the towels that he laid on. While I pissed Chris just lay back smiling, enjoying the show, and then finally I was empty. Wow, that was something, and I was pretty turned on. I had always wanted to try that!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32