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To B, Q, J, whatever I’m calling you at the moment, my twisted tattooed knight in black armor, a memory mixed with fantasy.


Alli makes her way through the front door, instantly noticing the delicious scents coming from the kitchen. She wanders into the living room, flopping down onto a recliner and tugging the headphones out of her ears. Taking a few deep breaths and trying to normalize her breathing after the long run, she pauses the song on her phone and tosses it onto the table next to the recliner. Her legs stretch out in front of her and she slowly raises her arms above her head, stretching her body along the recliner. She tugs her hair free from the ponytail, hands running through her dark hair. The batman t-shirt rides slightly up her stomach, revealing bare flesh between the shirt and the black shorts that hug her thighs. The only other color to be found on her are the bright pink Nikes that remain on her feet. She idly wiggles her feet, listening to the sounds in the kitchen, knowing he’s making something delicious in the kitchen right now. She settles back into the recliner and starts to drift off to sleep, one leg hanging over the arm of the recliner, her legs spread as her body relaxes and sleep overtakes her.

Kyle hears the front door open and close and smiles to himself, knowing she’s just returned home from her run. He turns his attention back to the food in front of him, quickly finishing up the meal he’s prepared and placing the plates in the microwave before heading into the living room. He opens his mouth, about to let Alli know the food is ready when he notices her sleeping on the recliner. Another smile pulls at his lips as he stands there a moment, taking her in.

Her tight shorts showing the definition on her legs perfectly, her legs spread slightly in her relaxed state. The Batman t-shirt has ridden up on her body, exposing her bare tummy as she relaxes into the recliner. Her chest rising and falling softly with her deep breaths, his gaze lingering there a moment before continuing along her body. The long and wavy dark brown locks spill over the recliner and her shoulder, having just been pulled free from the ponytail.

He steps closer, already feeling the effect she has on him, his desire starting to build more and more as he gazes at her. His movements bring him to the side of the recliner, fingers brushing lightly along the arm of the chair. He slowly moves his fingers to her leg, a feather light touch as they slowly slide up her leg. His lips pull up into another smile as he hears the soft sigh from Alli, letting his fingers slowly drag up and down her bare legs.

Kyle moves to the front of the recliner, his gaze never leaving her sleeping form as he kneels down on the floor. He slides his hands slowly up her legs and parts them, taking care not to wake her. He leans in and presses his lips to her calf, leaving a soft trail of kisses along her flesh. Unable to stop himself he nips her flesh lightly, hearing a gasp escape her lips as her body arches up against him. He drags his fingers down her legs, nails teasing lightly as he calls up to Alli.

“Hey Alli, it’s time to wake up, must have been a long run today. I was going to let you know I have everything ready if you’re hungry, but I thought I would see if you needed a massage after that run today first.”

Alli’s green eyes flutter open, a slow, sleepy smile spreading across her lips as she lifts her head slightly, gazing at him down on the floor. His hands are warm, wrapped around her legs as he continues to place soft kisses along her legs, fingers kneading softly into her flesh. She can feel his warm breath brushing her bare flesh.

She stretches along the recliner, feeling his hand glide up her bare leg, moving closer and closer to her shorts. A soft whimper spills from her parted lips as he massages her leg lightly. Her eyes sparkle as she gazes down to canlı bahis him, wiggling her hips into the recliner and capturing her bottom lip between her teeth. She bites down gently before batting her eyelashes and letting her voice take on a soft whine.

“My legs are so sore from the run today, maybe you can give me a little massage before we eat? Just a little massage, I promise! I would be so grateful Kyle.”

He laughs softly, winking up at her as his teeth press lightly into her leg again before he sits up straighter on the floor. His hands glide down her legs, teasing her with soft touches and kisses. A bigger smile spreads across his lips, seeing her respond to him, seeing the desire burning in her eyes. He enjoys the tease though and starts to untie her bright pink shoes, chuckling at the shade, so very fitting of Alli. He pulls one shoe off and tosses it on the floor behind him, quickly following with the other and her socks. His hands slide back up her legs, slowly kneading and massaging her muscles. Every few strokes of his hands are punctuated with soft kisses to her legs, causing her to giggle and wiggle her toes.

Kyle massages deeper into her legs, working the muscles, getting rid of the knots and tension. Her eyes slip closed as soft sighs of pleasure escape her lips, mixing with her shallow breaths, her rising and falling chest was evidence of that. His hands work higher and higher up her thighs, stroking and teasing her inner thighs as he works up to the bottom of her shorts, letting his fingers dip underneath the fabric for a brief moment. His length hardens further in his pants, making him shift in need, aching to be inside of her but enjoying the tease too much. He takes the fabric in his fingers and tugs lightly, making Alli’s eyes snap open and meet his own. He grins up at her.

“I’ll have to take these off, so I can make sure to massage every muscle. We wouldn’t want you to get sore now would we Alli?”

Alli nods as his hands tug at her shorts, lifting her hips on the recliner and helping him pull her shorts down her thighs. His fingers slip between her thighs, brushing lightly along the fabric of her panties, pressing against her. He growls as he feels the wet fabric against his fingers, tugging her panties down to her shorts and quickly pulling them free from her legs. He wraps his hands around her thighs and tugs her hips to the edge of the recliner, spreading her legs and hooking them over the arms of the recliner.

His hands slide down her thighs, closer and closer to her dripping core as he leans in, his lips and tongue following the path of his fingers, making her whimper and moan with each gasping breath she takes. He gazes back up to Alli, his lips hovering over her core, his breath warm against her wet flesh, just barely out of reach of where she’s aching for him to be.

“Someone’s a little worked up, now aren’t you Alli. You’re so wet for me, so ready for me, what do you need Alli? Tell me what you need.”

She groans low in her throat, her hips wiggling and trying to press up to meet his lips. His hands on her thighs keeping her firmly pinned into the recliner, unable to find any friction against his lips or tongue. Her cheeks burn with a blush, knowing how aroused she is, how evident that is to him, her wet flesh directly under his gaze. She squirms and hesitates a moment before whimpering out.

“Please Kyle. I need you so badly, please fill me. God baby, please take me, I’m so wet for you, fuck Kyle, please.”

He growls at her words and lunges forward between her thighs, closing the gap between himself and her dripping core. His tongue drags along her wet flesh, feeling her shudder underneath his hands, keeping her body firmly against the recliner. He teases his tongue into her, pressing deeper as he laps and sucks at her sensitive flesh. Her fingers press to the back of his shaved head, holding his head firmly against her. Her bahis siteleri moans of pleasure start to fill the room. His cock throbs in his pants, aching for release inside of her as he laps at her dripping pussy. He hungrily pushes her closer and closer to the edge, knowing she’s close already. His fingers dig into her legs as her hips try to buck up against him, her body exploding around his tongue. He eagerly laps and licks up her release, moaning at her taste, so sweet in his mouth. His fingers lightly stroke her trembling flesh as she gasps for breath.

Kyle looks up to her and he slowly rises from the floor, standing in front of her, his cock hard and throbbing against his pants. A grin forms on his lips as he sees her gaze drop down to his length and she subconsciously licks her lips. He leans forward and drags his fingers into her hair, twisting and gripping lightly, tilting her head back and forcing her gaze back up to his eyes. His lips press to hers in a deep kiss, his tongue probing and parting her lips, filling her mouth with her own taste, causing her to moan into his lips. He pulls free from her lips and straightens up again in front of her. Using the light grip in her hair he pulls her face forward towards his aching length. Her fingers eagerly dart out and start working at his pants, quickly unzipping them and tugging them free of his legs, pooling around his feet.

She runs her fingers down the front of his boxers, wrapping around his length and squeezing lightly, her eyes darting up to his as she strokes him through the fabric of his boxers. Her hands slide up to the band and slowly tug down, working them free of his legs and throbbing cock. As his length pops free of his boxers she leans down and drags her tongue along the very tip. Watching his body shudder as she slowly teases him, her tongue dragging and licking along the length of his cock. Parting her lips she takes him into her mouth, licking and sucking as she slowly descends onto his shaft.

He steps free of his boxers and pants, tugging his shirt up and over his head before his fingers sink back into her hair. He grips and pulls her further down onto his cock, working deeper against her throat, making her moan around his length. His eyes gaze down to her, with his cock buried inside her throat. He groans and thrusts his hips slightly as he uses the grip in her hair to drag her along his cock.

Alli whimpers around his hard length, licking and sucking as much as she can as her head is worked up and down. Her eyes dart up to his and he growls down at her, pressing her head further onto his cock, working himself into her throat. She coughs and gags slightly around his cock before swallowing him into her throat, holding as long as she can before pulling her head free and gasping for breath.

He grins down at her and steps back from the recliner. Using one hand on her arm and the other in her hair he tugs her up into a standing position and turns her away from him, the front of her hips pressing against the arm of the recliner. Stepping up behind her, his tall frame dwarfing her much smaller body, pressing her hips more firmly into the recliner he lets his hand wrap around her tummy and slide up her batman shirt, teasing the bottom band of her black sports bra as he growls into her ear.

“I think it’s time for you to show me just how much you like my cock Alli, just how badly you need me inside of you. I need to feel that tight little pussy squeezing around me.”

He bends her forward slightly over the recliner, her back instinctively arching as her thighs part, feeling his throbbing cock pressed against her thigh, hot and heavy against her leg as she squirms and wiggles back against him. Her whimpering and soft moans only encouraging him, kicking her legs further apart, his hand wrapping around his hard length, dragging the very tip through her dripping folds and coating himself in her arousal.

Alli bahis şirketleri tries to press back onto him, to work him deeper inside of her but he holds her firmly in his grasp. He keeps her body still, teasing her before pressing his hips forward, starting to sink inside of her. He groans as he feels her body part for him, stretching to fit his hard cock, his hips working back and forth, pressing deeper inside of her. Her arousal coats every inch of his length, easing his way into her tight pussy. She squeezes around him, shudders of pleasure running through her body, her hips pinned against the recliner, lips parting in a loud moan as he sinks fully inside of her. Her eyes flutter closed as she savors the feeling of his cock filling her so completely, her hips grinding as he leaves her impaled on his length.

He drops his head forward, his lips finding her exposed neck and he drags his tongue along her neck before nipping at her flesh. His hips slowly pull back, leaving her almost completely empty before thrusting forward again, filling her with another low moan from both of their lips. His teeth tease her neck, pressing lightly into her flesh and he grins against her as he hears the whimpers of pleasure. His hips pull back again slowly and thrust forward to suddenly fill her, his hips slapping against her firm ass as his teeth sink into her neck. She cries out in pain and pleasure, knowing a faint mark will be left on her neck. The shudders run through her body as he starts to fuck her against the recliner, his hard cock stretching her as his tongue drags along the mark left from his teeth. His groans and growls rumble in her ears as their bodies crash to meet the other, each lost in their pleasure, savoring the feeling of their bodies pressing so tightly together.

Her head falls back in pleasure and his fingers tighten in her hair as his free hand slides up her shirt, tugging her sports bra up so her breasts bounce free. His hand cups and kneads her sensitive flesh under the shirt, his fingers capturing and pinching her nipples. She moans louder as his fingers tease and she arches her back, pressing more firmly to his touch. His thrusts driving her crazy, filling her dripping pussy again and again, her heated flesh sliding along his. She hears the growls and grunts of pleasure behind her, feeling the increased pace and knowing he’s close. Her body instinctively squeezing and milking him, desperate to feel him explode deep inside her, to coat her pussy in his cum.

Their loud moans fill the room, each rapidly approaching their release, the sounds of the other only pushing them to new heights. They desperately slam back to meet each other, his hips thrust harder into her, pushing himself deeper into her dripping pussy. He growls as he fills her so completely, his body hovering on the edge of release as his hand drops down between her thighs. His hips thrust back and forth just barely as his fingers find her clit, teasing and rubbing her until she explodes. Her body squeezes hard around him, coating him in her release as she cries out in pleasure. Waves of pleasure crash through her body, overwhelming her as she shudders in his arms. His teeth sink into her shoulder, growling into her flesh as he thrusts as deeply inside of her as he can before he starts to cum, shooting jet after jet deep inside her core, coating her as they both shudder in release.

Her body slumps slightly against the recliner, whimpering and moaning with each gasping breath. His hand slowly slides through her hair before wrapping his arms around her and pulling her back against his chest. He cups her chin with one hand and tilts her head back towards him, pressing a long, deep kiss to her lips. A smile spreads on his lips as he pulls back slightly, slipping free from Alli and hearing her sigh softly in disappointment. He quickly slips onto the recliner and tugs her down with him, her body resting on top of his as his arms wrap around her. He gives her another slow kiss before smiling down at her and murmuring.

“Now that I’ve gotten you nice and hungry, let’s go have some supper. How does pulled pork sound?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32