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It’s early on a Saturday morning. Everything is ready. Our goal is the country, the mountains, as far away from the city congestion as possible. I’m wearing my black leather pants with matching jacket, boots, and a white tank top. My pants feel so supple. I love the way they mold themselves against my long legs. You whistle as I come out of the bedroom, admiring the tight fit. I love the way your eyes travel up and down my body–letting me know that you love what you see.

You’re already on the bike waiting for me. I adjust my small backpack filled with a few goodies and climb behind you. I signal that I’m ready and the bike roars to life with a thunder all its own. We head out onto the highway and I settle in behind you, pressing my thighs against your hips–scooting up real close. I can feel the warmth and strength of you through my clothes. God, I love sitting behind you like this, my arms around your waist. I trust you completely, feeling totally safe with you in charge of the big powerful bike.

I run my hands leisurely up and down your thighs–caressing your muscular legs. They make me melt inside every time I touch them. I love the way they spread me so wide when you are inside me, the way they flex and move when you pleasure me. I stroke my hands across your crotch and the muscles in your legs tighten up. Your body responds so easily to my touch. It’s the power of your love for me, but one that I’ll never abuse. I squeeze your hips with my thighs again, just to remind you that I’m here. It’s my silent message that my body wants yours, that you excite me beyond any man I’ve ever known, that I need you.

We climb higher up the mountain. The constant throbbing of the steel horse lulls me with such contentment. The rides becomes an erotic dream. I know only you and the wind. Suddenly, you slow the bike and turn onto a narrow trail that leads away from the road. The sun is out, but it’s not overly hot. There is a slight cool breeze blowing my hair around my shoulders. The sun makes shadows throughout the trees, with dappled light on the forest floor. It’s as if we’ve discovered our own private little wonderland that’s a million miles away from everyone and everything.

We pass a small stream and you move the bike slowly to a grassy meadow next to the trickling water. The bike falls silent. The lack of sound is strange after the rumble of its powerful motor.

We climb off the bike, stretching our legs. I can’t wait to get my helmet off. I shake my head and fluff güvenilir bahis up my hair, lifting my arms over my head luxuriously. You are watching me with that sexy smile I love so much,the one that tells me you want me. I smile softly back and set my helmet down. The backpack soon follows. You’re still watching me closely. I want to give you something to look at. Slowly, I let my jacket slide down my arms, catching it on my hands, and casually toss it across the set of the bike. My nipples are peeking through my tank top, puckered and hard. Your eyes are helplessly drawn to them as I take several deep breaths.

I fluff my hair some more. My movements push my breasts out, making them bounce and sway. There is fire in your eyes. Dropping your helmet, you throw your jacket next to mine, and you hold out your hand to me. I reach for it. It easily captures mine, engulfing my smaller one with strength, yet tenderness. You grab the backpack as we pass the bike and I’m guided towards the stream. It is so quiet here, so peaceful. You take a small blanket from the pack and spread it down on the grass. I lay down as you take our canteen from the pack and dunk it into the cold clear to fill it. Silently, I watch your pants hugging your hips, the way your buttocks tighten, the way your muscles flex and move. You lay next to me and we stare at each other. Your hand reaches up to caress my cheek. I tilt my head towards your warmth. I love it when you touch me.

My fingers gently cup your chin. I lift my head, silently offering you my mouth. You lean down and kiss me gently. Your lips are so warm and soft against mine. Your mustache tickles my sensitive skin. My mouth opens to your tongue as they greet each other like the old friends they are. I can never guess how times your tongue has been in my mouth, chasing mine, making it yours. I love kissing you. It makes me feel so close to you–a part of you.

Your hands reach for my tank top, pulling it out of my pants. I gladly lift my arms to help and it slides over my head. My breasts are immediately exposed to the warm air. It feels wonderful. I feel so wicked, lying here in the sunshine, half-naked with your body so close to mine. Wet lips whisper down my chest and suck hard on a nipple. I sigh and lean back, just enjoying your mouth on me. You lean over me and grab the canteen of cold water. I watch, fascinated, as you wet your fingers and trace a dripping path around one of my nipples. It puckers and hardens more, making me suck in my türkçe bahis breath. My back arches, pushing it closer to your hand. You move to the other one. It stands out like the first and then your mouth is once again worshiping them. The contrast of cold water and your hot lips is unbelievable. I tangle my fingers in your hair, pulling you closer, sighing softly as you suckle. At first you’re gentle, but you know what I like. You nip me slightly with your teeth. I groan and my hands grip your shoulders. I can feel you smiling against my flesh. You nip me again. I’m vibrating with need and growing passion. Your body slowly pushes me down onto the blanket until your body half covers mine.

Gently, you work on the button and zipper of my pants. The sound of my zipper sliding down is so loud in the quiet forest. I can feel my body responding, becoming soft, wet–willing. Your mouth never leaves my breast as your hand slides over my sex. I smile when I see your face light up–surprised that I’m not wearing panties. I try my best to look innocent. You know I did it on purpose just to arouse you. I close my eyes with pleasure as a long finger probes inside me. I’m so hot. So incredibly wet.

You lean down to kiss me, hard and rough; your tongue repeatedly thrusts into my mouth–demanding my response. I oblige, my tongue challenging yours, dueling with it, both of us winning this battle of passion. Our mouths mold themselves to one another as we turn our heads from side to side, trying different angles, tasting each other. The heat intensifies and my heart starts to pound in my chest. It is a familiar explosion of lust, love and passion, all combining to rush through my blood. I feel myself slipping away, becoming lost in your body–feeling only you. One strong hand massages my breasts while the other continues to probe and explore between my legs. I want so much more. My thoughts scatter, my mind overwhelmed with sensation. Your finger burrows deeper inside me before playing with my swollen clit. My hips grind against that magical touch. I moan softly.

Your hand moves away and begins tugging at my leather pants. I wiggle to help you, lifting my hips off the blanket. You slide my boots and socks off in one smooth motion. It feels heavenly being totally naked. The warm sun beats down on my skin and a slight breeze is floating across me like a blanket of desire. I try to pull on your shirt, but you stop me and kneel between my open legs, running your hands up and down my silky inner güvenilir bahis siteleri thighs. Your palms are rough on my tender skin. Goosebumps break out all over me and I shiver.

“Cold?” you ask, with a lifted eyebrow and a grin.

I laugh, “No. NO”

You know exactly what I’m feeling. you’ve driven me to this point countless times. My eyes drift shut as strong hands widen my legs. When your mouth finally touches my flesh, I groan and my hips reach towards you. No matter how many times you do this to me, I can never get enough. It feels so good, so intimate, so personal, your mouth tasting my excitement. You probe inside my soft wet folds, knowing all the wonderful spots that drive me absolutely wild.

Your hands slip under my cheeks, lifting me like a delicious meal. You start to devour me, returning again and again to that magic button that is so swollen with desire for you. Wet delight concentrates there–sucking on it–driving me higher and higher. My legs shake with electricity. I feel as if I’m perched on the edge of a cliff. You’re relentless. Your mouth pushes me over the edge and I fly into space–convulsing over and over. Shuddering with aftermath, I call out your name while you slowly continue to lick me, making me squirm and gasp with glowing pleasure. You know exactly how my body responds, what I need, why we are soul mates…

Warm breath gently blows against my wet center and I start to relax, thinking you are done. But your tongue returns to probe harder and faster until a second orgasm strikes like lightening, ripping through me. My body is quaking like it’s on fire…you continue to lick softly, letting me float gently back to earth. You press soft kisses up to my belly and breasts. When our lips touch I can taste my own passions. I love it when you do that, share that tangy taste with me.

I lay there, limp, spent, feeling wonderfully exhausted. Time passes with the lack of concern that lovers enjoy. When I open my eyes you are standing over me with a hand offered and you pull me to my feet. We hold each other for an eternity before you help me get dressed. I find myself too shaky to accomplish it on my own. You gather up our things and I walk towards the bike. I hear you laugh softly. I turn around, a little puzzled.

“I can always tell when you cum good, baby. You get that real loose hipped sway in your walk.” I realize that you’re right. I can feel it in my hips, feel the difference in my walk. It’s lazier, slower, like a declaration of raw satisfaction.

We put our jackets and helmets on. I don’t worry that this passionate afternoon was just for me. I know what a generous lover you are. And besides, you know I’ll more than make it up to you when we get home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32