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As always, my characters involved in the sex are all over the age of 18. Since this is my fantasy, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are only mentioned when part of the sex. They also eat when needed; none of my characters go hungry.

If anyone should discover such a ring, I could be convinced to buy it.

Please enjoy, comments are always appreciated and high votes massage my ego.

Taking a slight pause, Mom said, “I love the taste of your cum, son.”

I could only smile.

“Mixed with Sasha’s pussy juices…mmm…mmm.”

I leaned back and smiled. A smile of contentment. I had just fucked both of my mothers and they had loved it. Loved me. The only negative thought I had in my mind was that my knees felt they had been rubbed raw by the carpet.

Note to self, beds are far better than carpets.

Laughter filled my head. The damned djinn. I didn’t even know he was there, I had not heard from him during these sexual interludes.

“You didn’t need my help, bro.”

Mom and I did not make love that night. We had a quiet evening alone watching TV before going to bed. Cuddling up to my mother, I slept the sleep of the dead.

Morning came far too soon. I felt like I could use a few more hours of sleep. Mom was not having any of it though.

“Get up, Ricky. We have to get ready for church.”

“Church? Awww…Mom…I’m too tired…” I tried to whine my way out of it.

“No way, young man, we’re going,” she said in that commanding mother voice.

Within the hour both of us had showered, etc. and gotten dressed for church. I was wearing chinos and a polo shirt. Pretty normal for me.

Mom was dressed much classier though, this being her weekly opportunity to show off to all the neighbourhood women. She was wearing a bright blue dress with a flowered pattern, square cut bodice, and hanging to just above her knees. On her feet were reasonable high heels, not stilettoes, and the dress was tight enough across her ass to highlight her bum.

We were just a few minutes early and we joined the stragglers heading into the sanctuary. Taking our seats, I began my usual activity for this hour and a half weekly of my life.

Simply put, I checked out the women in the congregation. The place was full so I found it difficult to see many of the worshippers. But, there was a difference from last week in my mindset.

Previously I only checked out the younger girls. Girls my age and only slightly older. But, in the last week, my eyes had been opened to the bounties of older women. This gave me an additional source for my voyeuristic leanings.

I saw both Sasha and Maya a few rows ahead of us. As usual they looked hot. I was able, of course, to compare them in the fully clothed flesh to their nudity in my mind’s eye.

I found myself checking out more of the older women than the younger ones. Perhaps it was that the younger ones had always been like eye candy to me and, with my newfound outlook, kind of boring now.

There were a few women who stood out in my eyes. A couple of teachers, one Oriental and one Black. Seeing them from the rear, I was able to discern they both enjoyed great asses. Chelsea wasn’t a member of our church so I couldn’t compare her to them.

Looking further afield I saw mothers of various ages with their children. My eyes lingered on some more than others. I was startled out of my reverie by my mother giving me a nudge in the side with her elbow.

“Eyes front,” she whispered.

Fortunately for me, the service was almost over. Once the final benediction was delivered, Mom and I headed outside for the social gathering. Mom joined a group of other mothers and mature women for a hen session while I joined a group of school mates.

Every week, I would stand with this group of people but offered little in way of conversation. I was more the silent, watching type. The guys mostly talked about sports that I found boring really. I spent my time each Sunday waiting impatiently for my mother and checking out the girls as surreptitiously as possible.

Even with my newfound appreciation of their mothers and older sisters, there were still a number of high school girls worth me checking out. I knew some from class but always thought they were out of my league so I never approached them. In my mind they were much like Jennifer, who didn’t attend our church, in that way. Until recently.

The girl that drew most of my attention today was Tabitha, often called Tab or Tabi. Tabi was a knockout but a real ballbuster. She had dated a basketball forward for a while and was often seen leading him around by his dick. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Although we shared a couple classes, I had not even spoken to her much since she never had a good word for anyone and I treasured my balls far too much to allow her to bust them.

Tabi pendik escort was a tall woman, standing maybe five foot six or seven. She had long flaming red, dyed hair which hung down to her shoulders. Her body was heavenly and well worth admiring. Big, firm tits, long legs, and an outthrust ass.

I was more or less staring at her tits when she turned towards me, catching me in the act. My immediate reaction was to blush. The fricken djinn in my head chortled at my obvious discomfort.

Tabi leaned in close to me pushing her mouth close to my ear. I expected her to say something rude and nasty about me checking out her tits.

“It’s okay, Ricky,” she said. “I like looking at them too.”

Say what? Oh, sheesh, the sonuvabitchin djinn again using his magic on her.

I stumbled verbally for a moment before being able to formulate a verbal response.

“They are fantastic, Tabi,” I said.

“You should feel them,” she responded.

This time there was no potential in me for a verbal response. My eyes must have widened though at her declaration.

“They are large C’s, Ricky,” Tabi continued.

The best I could do was nod at her and them.

“Eyes up here, Ricky. I have thick, hard nipples too.”

How could I not keep my eyes on her breasts? This girl teasing me was getting to be too much for me to handle.

“Why don’t I come to your house later so you can see them,” she asked.

There was no way I was going to argue. I gulped out a yes.

“Great, see ya later then.” Just as Tabi turned away, her mother approached us. There was no doubting they were mother and daughter. There was a strong family resemblance.

They both wore their hair the same way, long, wavy and down to their shoulders. The only difference was that Mom had died her hair blonde. Both sported a well developed set of tits. Mrs. Howard overwhelmed her daughter in the tit department though. She must have been sporting a pair of double D’s at least. Both had long, well defined legs and asses that just wouldn’t quit.

Nervously, I said, “Hi, Mrs. Howard.”

Ignoring me, she turned to Tabitha. “We have to leave, honey.”

“Mom, will you drive me to Ricky’s house later,” asked Tabitha.

The busty mother looked me up and down before answering. “We have to have our lunch first and then I have errands to run.”

Tabi and I both looked very disappointed at the decision. Before either of us could say anything though, lightning or something must have struck her mother. The lightning being a djinn, of course.

Mrs. Howard took the two steps between us, ending up within my personal space. She rubbed my arm up and down lightly.

I had told the bloody djinn I did not like surprises. He was laughing his ass off at me. Just my luck I get a genie with a wicked sense of humour.

“Well, I suppose we could just have a quick bite with your father, Honey, and then swing by Rick’s house. I can postpone my errands until tomorrow,” said the pastor’s wife. Did I mention Mrs. Howard was the pastor’s wife?

We all said our goodbyes and the two women walked away with an exaggerated sway to their hips. Oh my gawd, their asses looked so fine.

I went looking for my mother who was still at the gathering of the hens, squawking away with the others. I tugged on her hand to get her attention.

“Mom, let’s go,” I said.

“Shortly, Ricky.”

“No Mom, right now. I have a date in a while.”

Mom looked at the other women and with arched eyebrows said, “My son has a date. I guess I can’t keep him waiting.”

The entire gaggle of hens tittered and chuckled at my obvious embarrassment. Mom let me lead her away by the hand.

“Ricky, slow down. You would think you were going to get laid or something,” Mom said still grinning at me.

“Mom, when we get home can you go upstairs and leave us alone?”

“Certainly,” she said. “Who is coming over? Jennifer? Chelsea?”

“No, Mom, it’s the Howard women.”

“The Howard women? I thought they only had one daughter,” said Mom with a puzzled tone.

“They do. Tabi is bringing her mother with her.”

“Oh my my,” responded my mother. “My little boy is growing up quickly. A mother daughter team. Oh my. And her married too.”

I answered quite proud of myself at Mom’s praise. “Yup.”

“You better make sure Mrs. Howard is in good enough condition to go home to her husband afterwards.”

Soon enough, we were home. After giving me a tongue tangling kiss at her bedroom door, Mom left me alone. I almost ran to my room to change my pants. Already I had learnt it was better to be wearing sweats when the sex started. Much easier to get out of them. LOL.

I was anxiously awaiting them in the livingroom when the doorbell rang announcing their arrival. This was going to be great! I opened the door slowly teasing myself with what was going to be happening very shortly. Already my shaft was hardening in anticipation of this mother daughter duo.

With maltepe escort the door open wide, I was in no way disappointed. The two women were dressed very similarly. I guess they were in clubbing finery. Both had tight bodices hugging and emphasizing their tits and their different sizes.

I made a twirling motion with my fingers and both women turned their backs to me allowing me a good look at their backsides. Their asses were a matching pair. The dresses cleaved to their bums showing no panty lines. They were either pantiless or wearing thongs.

I could not imagine the pastor’s wife wandering around town without panties so they must be thongs. But, for that matter, how did mom and daughter get past the pastor in these outfits in the first place?

The djinn chuckled. I hated him laughing at me.

I let my gaze continue down past their butts to their long, lean, athletic legs to their four inch stilettoes. I have always found my mom wearing this type of footwear tremendously sexy and this case was no different.

Inviting the women in, I stood to the side allowing them entrance. Once in, and the door closed, both women stepped right into my open arms. Each gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. Both lips were soft and inviting.

We three took seats on the couch, me in the middle. I placed my hands on the backrest and they both moved into my arms.

“Ladies, I am so happy you could come by,” I said.

Both women smiled and Mrs. Howard said, “Tabi has been telling me all about you, Ricky. She says you are the quiet and shy type.”

“I guess she is right if we were discussing me of a few weeks ago. Lately though, I have been coming out of my shell.”

“That’s very good. Personal growth is always a good thing.”

Saying that Mrs. Howard placed her hand on my knee. Wordlessly, Tabi copied her mother’s move while smiling at me.

“I know, right,” I said.

Mrs. Howard rubbed my leg from my knee to mid thigh while asking, “What brought you out of your shell, Ricky? What changed you?”

“The biggest change was when I started fucking my mother.”

“Ohmygawd!” exclaimed Tabi. “You’re fucking your mother?”

Mrs. Howard was rubbing closer and closer to my cock stretched down my pant leg.

“Yup, I’m fucking my mother. I have developed a thing for fucking mothers.” Pardon the pun.

Mrs. Howard had my stiff rod firmly in hand at this point. “You have fucked other mothers as well?” she asked.

“Just one more so far. But I did play with another mother too.”

Mrs. Howard was squeezing my dick now. “I’m a mother, Ricky,” she said.

“An extremely sexy mother,” I said.

“An extremely sexy mother that doesn’t get enough sex at home,” she said.

“The pastor doesn’t fuck you?”

“Not frequently,” said Mrs. Howard. “he is far too busy trying to get into the panties of all of Tabi’s friends.”

“Is he successful with them?” I asked.

“He almost did with Tabi but I came home just in time to put a stop to it,” said Mrs. Howard.

“Please take your dresses off, ladies,” I said. “Tabi, did you want to have sex with your father?”

Both women had taken to their feet in order to disrobe. They took their time, revealing themselves to me slowly and seductively. Tabi’s boobs were a generous C cup just as she had promised me. Wearing a sky blue push up bra only made them look even larger.

Her mom had the biggest boobs I had ever seen in the flesh. Must have been double D’s. They lacked the firmness her daughter’s boobs possessed. They seemed to wobble when she moved. Except that they were sitting on a turquoise shelf bra, with matching panties, I suspect they would have been dangling. Not that they were unattractive in their setting.

Sitting back down, Mrs. Howard’s hand went right back to my cock. I took the opportunity to fondle her big boobs. Of course, I was in immediate lust, caressing them, and moulding them. Her areolae were large and slightly off center, her nipples thick like pencil ends and, thanks to the bra, pointing right at me.

Tabi answered my question. “I don’t know if I really wanted to have sex with my dad. I had been at a party that night and came home drunk. Daddy was punishing me for being bad by spanking my bare ass. He had just put a finger in my pussy when Mom came in.”

Wordlessly I tore my eyes from Mrs. Howards tits to look in her eyes.

“Needless to say,” she said, “none of us got laid that night. And, the bastard was lucky I didn’t throw his ass out on the street. Can we take your pants off, Ricky? I want to see your hard dick.”

The sudden change of thought caught me quite unaware. Before I could formulate an answer, Tabi was pulling at the waistband of my sweats. I lifted my ass up a bit so she could get my pants right off.

“You have a nice cock, Ricky,” said Mrs. Howard wrapping her hand around it again.

“I’m anxious to feel it inside me,” she said.

“Ricky,” began Tabi, “are you going to fuck my mother?” kartal escort

“I most certainly want to,” I confirmed.

“Does that mean you won’t fuck me too?” asked Tabi who was now squeezing her lovely tits through her bra.

Mrs. Howard slid to her knees between my legs in order to give my little head a kiss.

“Tabi, I will definitely fuck you too,” I said.

Mrs. Howard was fully engrossed by my cock and balls. Cupping the family jewels in one hand and the other wrapped around my hardened shaft, she was continuing to kiss the tip with open lips.

“Ladies, in order to get us all ready for this, would you put on a show for me?”

“What kind of show, Rick? Do you want me to masturbate while you watch like my daddy does?” asked Tabi.

“Maybe in a while, Baby. I watch a lot of porn and my favourite stuff to watch is lesbian porn. Can you put on that kind of show for me?”

Tabi looked perplexed. “But, I’m not into girls, Rick,” she said.

Mrs. Howard gave my dick one last kiss before climbing to her feet. “Of course we will.”

She held out her hand to her daughter. Reluctantly, Tabi took to her feet as well. Momma pulled her little girl into a tight embrace. Tabi’s reluctance was still plain to see. Yet she stayed still, not trying to break away from her mother’s arms.

The mother’s and daughter’s tits were mashed against each other. Mrs. Howard leaned forward the small distance needed in order to press her lips against her daughter’s lips.

The kissing started off slowly, Mrs. Howard oozing sexual desire from all her pores, Tabi much more hesitant. But Mrs. Howard either wanted to make love to her daughter or simply put on a good pornographic show for me. Either way, I would be the winner.

Gradually, the kisses became longer and more passionate. With lips open and their tongues moving from mouth to mouth, I could see their jaws clenching and relaxing with each and every kiss.

As their kisses progressed to deep, passionate soul kisses, Tabi relaxed in her mother’s arms. She lifted her own arms to her mother’s shoulders as the kissing continued.

Mrs. Howard’s arms and hands went in the other direction. She slid her way down until she had her hands rubbing her daughter’s ass. Now that was a sight. Momma let her palms roam everywhere on the girl’s but. Caresses progressed to the mother clutching handfuls of the daughter’s butt cheeks, squeezing hard.

The pair moved like they were dancing in a ballet. Mrs. Howard continued their butt play. Tabi gradually let her hands drift down between their two bodies. In moments, she had her mum’s tits in her hands.

This was much better than any porn I had ever seen. Granted the conversational track had been no better but the two models, mother and daughter, were simply fantastic. A drastic improvement over the actresses on screen who portrayed being relatives.

Also, there was genuine passion here. Even if it was with the help of my djinn. The women were loving, caring, and had no inhibitions about making out with one another, caressing each other, fondling each other in front of a virtual stranger.

Everyone should have a djinn of their own. Raucous laughter filled my head. What an ass.

I wanted them to make themselves comfortable. With that thought, the two women moved back towards the couch. I left them all the room and dragged an armchair over so I could still be close and comfortable.

Tabi was lying on top of her mother. They had resumed making out. They were so incredibly sexy and alluring. Not hot in the traditional sense because of the gentleness involved but erotic to an extreme.

Breaking off their French kisses, Tabi began to lick and nibble her mother’s jaw and neck. She was working her way slowly down Momma’s body to the mammoth tits Tabi had her hands on. Mrs. Howard had her hands on her daughter’s head, trying to crush her face against her own body.

Finally! Tabi had her mouth on her mother’s breasts. I was leaning as far forward as I could in the chair that I was at risk of falling off the edge of the seat. With the growing heat in their activities, my cock was in its favourite position, rock hard and standing straight up. I wrapped my hand around it and squeezed myself hard over and over again.

Tabi was hunched over on her knees. Her hands were on her mother’s tits caressing them, squeezing them, moulding them. Before taking her mom’s nipples between her teeth, she unhunched to give her mother a deep, passionate kiss.

With nipples engaged, Tabi nipped them and tugged on them. Mrs. Howard was clearly enjoying this as evidenced by her moans of pleasure. Tabi maintained the tit work for minutes before moving on to another erogenous zone.

Still hunched over, Tabi put her hands on Mrs. Howard’s thighs, licking her way down her mother’s body. I loved how slowly Tabi was caressing and licking momma. Definite love as well as passion there.

I had thought Tabi would go straight for her mom’s pussy once her lips were in range. But, nope, she didn’t. She kissed her mother’s thighs and rained more kisses all around the pussy. Mrs. Howard’s legs were lifted and bent at the knees. Tabi’s hands slid smoothly up and down her legs from the knees to just about the ankle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32